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Thursday, 3 October 2019

The Punishment Series 4 — Elizabeth

From Janus 43
Mrs Elizabeth Davenport was the name we gave to the remarkable lady who modelled in a chastising role in Exactly So and Even More Exactly So (Janus 29, 30) but showed her true submissive nature as a recipient of pain-for-pleasure in Older Woman, Younger Man (Janus 36). A 40-year-old real-life housewife and mother, she is radiantly married to that notorious chastiser of erring females’ behinds, Arthur Jardine (Janus 23, 39) — also a pseudonym. Yet, as she poignantly reveals in this authentic interview, she and her husband had been married nine years before he popped the question upper-most in all our minds…
JANUS: Can you tell us briefly of your background?
ELIZABETH: I was born in Cheshire. I lived there for 14 years, then came down here. I wouldn’t want to go back there at all, I do like the south. There was no CP as such at school although I did manage to get roped in by the boys to do certain things for the simple reason that girls didn’t get caned!
JANUS: So the cane was used at your school?
ELIZABETH: Oh yes, they had the cane and slipper. I was a sort of member of this boys’ gang, there were about six boys in it and me! They used to get caned but I got off because I was a girl!
JANUS: Did you have any feelings about CP at school?
ELIZABETH: I must admit that I didn’t relish the prospect of it ever happening to me. I could see that it was a real ordeal for the boys who got the cane.
JANUS: You actually saw boys get it then? Under what circumstances?
ELIZABETH: I was sent to the Headmaster’s study with a boy. This particular boy and I had got into some trouble. The Headmaster dealt with us together because it was something that we’d both done. He bent the boy over his desk and gave him six strokes of the cane across the seat of his shorts. The boy was very good and didn’t cry out once, but I could tell that it really hurt him. At the time it didn’t make any great impression on me except one of sympathy. for the boy. Being a girl I couldn’t be caned and I was just given a severe telling off and a few evenings’ detention. It certainly didn’t excite me to see the caning.
JANUS: When was your first contact with CP after leaving school?
ELIZABETH: Oh, it was several years later, in my twenties, before I got married. I had a boyfriend who worked on a local paper in Cheshire, he was a photographer and he had a lovely little darkroom. There was a particular occasion when I ended up over the table. He was on top of me on the table and I remember him picking up this ruler, and then he proceeded to spank my bottom with it! I found it very enjoyable.
JANUS: Did he say anything when he picked up the ruler?
ELIZABETH: No, it just happened. No words were spoken, it was just done and it was almost as though it was part of it.
JANUS: Part of what?
ELIZABETH: Well, sex.
JANUS: Did he use the ruler?
ELIZABETH: Oh yes, it was hard!
JANUS: Did he do it more to hurt you or to stimulate you, do you think?
JANUS: Was this over the knickers or bare?
ELIZABETH: Oh, bare.
JANUS: Did you feel aroused by it?
ELIZABETH: Yes. Definitely.
JANUS: Did this boyfriend spank you on other occasions after that?
ELIZABETH: No, only that one time. Then I had nothing more to do with CP for a very long time. In fact until six years ago, when I was 34 and married to ‘Arthur’. We had sort of discussed it, but I had no idea that my husband was so into it after being married for so long and not realising it.
JANUS: How long were you married before you found out?
ELIZABETH: Nine years and I had three children. You see, he hadn’t been able to bring himself to ‘confess’ his secret to me.
JANUS: And how did you find out?
ELIZABETH: Well, we came down to London to meet a friend of my husband who was in his late thirties. It was a really hot day and we set off about 5 am and arrived in London around 9 am. We had arranged to meet this man and have lunch with him at his house. Arthur had told me certain things about him, that he made videos and that he was into this scene and that I would like him, because I’ve got a thing about men with beards, I really like men with beards. So I had a navy-blue nylon dress on, no bra, just stockings as it was such a hot day. When we arrived at his small semi-detached house this dark-haired, bearded man answered the door and I found him very attractive on sight. We went in and had drinks and talked. We had a lovely lunch which he made and more drinks, and we watched some of his videos. Suddenly Arthur said, ‘I think it’s time you showed Elizabeth your little room.’ I didn’t know what to expect but he got up, came towards me and took hold of my hand very gently and said, ‘Come with me,’ and led me upstairs. Arthur followed. We went into one room at the top of the stairs which was entirely red. The carpet, the walls, everything was red and it was fantastic to see all the whips and chains, everything was laid out in that room and it was a bit mind-boggling to say the least. He led me to the wall and secured my hands on the wall. He then proceeded to undo the two shoulder straps of my dress, revealing my nipples, and the dress just slowly slipped to the floor. I remember because Arthur said afterwards that it looked as though it was something that had been scripted, although it just happened that way. After that I remember feeling very faint and asking for a glass of water. It was deadly hot and I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen. It was a mixture of feelings but mostly excitement I think. He gave me a drink of water and afterwards I felt much better and he started to play with my nipples. I was very excited because I had never experienced anything like this, it was something I had read about but never experienced. He let me go from that position and ordered me to go across a table which he laid a very soft pillow over. He ordered me to lie on this table with my legs well apart, whereupon I was duly whipped and caned. He gave me about six to eight strokes with each instrument. It was fantastic — a mixture of intense pain and erotic pleasure.
JANUS: How did you feel when you were waiting for the first stroke? Can you remember?
ELIZABETH: Terribly excited.
JANUS: That you were going to get caned?
ELIZABETH: Yes, I was very excited about it.
JANUS: Did you feel as excited after the first stroke fell? What did you feel then?
ELIZABETH: I felt pain, real pain but at the same time I was still excited wondering what else was going to happen to me, and it seemed that I wanted to know what each different instrument felt like. I wanted to try out the sensations from all of them. He used one after another of them on my bottom and I remember the different feelings that came from each of them, but the warmth that went through me from the first blow onwards was fantastic. Even afterwards as we all sat down, Arthur and I were in another world because he’d introduced me to my first taste of CP and it was a wonderful feeling.
JANUS: Were you very conscious that Arthur was watching you being ‘punished’ by his friend, and how did his witnessing it affect you?
ELIZABETH: The same then as now. For me it really added something extra. It is an essential part of the ritual because neither of us would practise CP without the other being present, apart from our Janus sessions of course. When Arthur watches me taking CP from another man it always gives the experience another dimension, which couldn’t be there without him. I love to be watched and I consciously become more exhibitionistic. It excites me to know that I am turning Arthur on, and I respond more and more to the beating. Even on that first occasion I felt myself being deliberately provocative.
JANUS: On that first occasion did anything of a sexual nature happen, apart from having your nipples played with and your bottom whacked?
ELIZABETH: No, nothing. Afterwards I just basked in the glow, which was more like an inferno!
JANUS: Was that a sexual stimulant for you?
ELIZABETH: Very much so, but it was really too much of a good thing because I had to wait to get all the way to Manchester and it’s an awful long way! We managed to control ourselves though I don’t know how!
JANUS: You relieved that frustration once you got home?
JANUS: At this stage did you feel at all guilty?
ELIZABETH: Yes, I experienced different feelings on the way home. Disbelief at myself for letting it happen — I wouldn’t have imagined I could have done it. I was excited again at the idea that I had done it, and it was a funny mixture of feelings and also a feeling of ‘Oh my god, should I have done that sort of thing?!’ All this together, but Arthur told me that it was normal and that if I enjoyed it it was right!
JANUS: So how did the second occasion occur?
ELIZABETH: Well, with Arthur. After finding that it was the right thing to do and that it was a turn-on, it became part of our life. So it was an immediate buying of a cane. The cane came into the house and it has stayed there ever since. Arthur caned me, and he has been caning me regularly since that very first time — and I love it! I’ve also been to other places and had it there. We went to a party in Kent once, where I was slightly initiated.
JANUS: What is your basic feeling when you are being caned by Arthur? Do you use CP as a prelude to sex, a substitute for it or as a moral thing?
ELIZABETH: A prelude to sex. It is an erotic thing. There is nothing else in it for me apart from the erotic aspect.
JANUS: Would you say the same feelings apply to your husband?
ELIZABETH: I would say so, yes.
JANUS: So after a late start, and nine years of your marriage passing before your husband introduced you to a third party, you have now had a number of experiences of CP and they have all really been on an erotic level?
ELIZABETH: Yes, definitely.
JANUS: Are there any unusual experiences that stand out in your mind? You are now a seasoned CP devotee and you have developed a circle of friends and had a number of CP relationships with like-minded people. Can you tell which was the best of them?
ELIZABETH: I think I would say that my best experience was the first. The man I told you about is one of those who have managed to turn me on, maybe because he was the first person who gave it to me. We have had very good ‘do’s at his house and he has a very strong, sometimes over-powering personality, and I love to do what he orders me to do. He has me doing all sorts of things. For instance he will ask me to do a simple thing for him such as pour him a whisky. I’ll pour him a whisky and I may put ice in it and I’ll get chastised for it. I’ll bring it to him and he will say he didn’t ask for ice. He will tell me to get over his knee. I never know — if I didn’t put ice in his drink it could equally be wrong, so I’ll get chastised either way. I love the excitement of not knowing what he’s got up his sleeve. All three of us have fun together. He will put me against a wall and cane me, he will whip my tits and make them stand out like cherries, but it is all part of the eroticism and I find it really exciting. Then the two men, Arthur and this man, will move the settee and put me over it. I’m well over the settee, my arms and head down and my bottom up and my legs well apart and one of them, I never know which of the two, will cane me. Sometimes they make me guess and sometimes they make me say before I’m caned how many strokes I’m to have and all sorts of different things: It brings you up to a level and a height that I can’t describe to anybody. It’s mind-boggling.
JANUS: So you like and need the strength of male dominance?
ELIZABETH: Oh yes, I adore it.
JANUS: You’re not in favour of Women’s Lib then?
ELIZABETH: Certainly not. Give me a man any time!
JANUS: What do you think of CP as a punishment? Would you advocate it as a punishment in schools, for instance?
ELIZABETH: Yes, I would. I see no harm in it at all.
JANUS: Would you feel happy as a mother to have your daughter caned by a teacher at school?
ELIZABETH: In front of me only. If I considered what she had done and I was in agreement with the school, I would say yes.
JANUS: Do you find it necessary over a period of time to seek out this male domination?
ELIZABETH: I think I am becoming addicted. It is something that is growing.
JANUS: Does the pleasure last only as long as the CP and domination or does it carry on afterwards? Is there an after-effect?
ELIZABETH: There is an after-effect, yes, which lasts for a good couple of days. It is in your mind and on your bottom. But it is your mind, your memory, and it can still give you a high.
JANUS: Do you find it wipes away all those little everyday worries and tensions?
ELIZABETH: Yes, it does help to get all that frustration out. It is amazing how frustrated a housewife can get.
JANUS: What are your favourite punishment instruments?
ELIZABETH: We have a long black whip which I really like. Also a number of canes, fairly fine ones, and a small tawse. And I find a hairbrush quite stimulating!
JANUS: What is the difference between the instruments?
ELIZABETH: They have different levels of pain. If you start off on certain ones and work your way up, you warm to it and you can take more. For instance the tawse is stinging but warming. The cane is very deliberate pain in a definite area which makes you twist and turn. That’s a different type of pain, the after-effect of which is a lovely warmth, a tremendous glow and heightened excitement.
JANUS: What about the hairbrush?
ELIZABETH: Very fascinating, very nice!
JANUS: You find it appealing?
ELIZABETH: Yes, partly I think because of the way Arthur uses it on me. Not in a violent way — gentle but firm and deliberate. Very controlled. He knows what he’s doing, and what effect he’s having on me.
JANUS: What is the role of your husband from a punishment angle?
ELIZABETH: My husband works very long hours and I never really know when he’ll be home. I tend to get a little lonely and frustrated and take it out on him, and because of this there’s a good enough reason for him to chastise me regularly. I love winding him up, and I really encourage him to take it out on me by expressing whatever negative feelings I have. Of course there is no better release of these tensions than CP for either of us! Though we do have problems with three children in the house, and we have to choose our time very carefully. Mostly it happens in the bedroom when we have the house to ourselves.
JANUS: Do you deliberately give him a reason to chastise you?
ELIZABETH: Sometimes I do, yes.
JANUS: Does he occasionally surprise you by suggesting you be punished for something you may not have realised you have done wrong? A trumped-up charge even?
ELIZABETH: Not very often. He is usually good in that way, although I have known him to look for an excuse to thrash me. He just may do one of those ‘You forgot to put ice in’ or ‘I didn’t ask for ice’ things on me.
JANUS: Do you ever act out dramas, or assume roles of any sort?
ELIZABETH: No, we never do that. The one thing about CP is that it puts us at ease with each other. It has mentally freed us so that we have no secrets and conceal nothing. We are ourselves and we have no hang-ups. That’s rather nice, isn’t it?
JANUS: It certainly is. Mrs Davenport, thank you very much.


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