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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Tales from the Rod 3 part 2

The second story from Tales from the Rod 3
In the next episode (separately released as Paddling Classified): actor John North with actress Minnie Champ, who has given up her blond Hollywood bimbo hairstyle for a mousy gray shag. And she has had a breast enhancement, since we saw these two actors in Mutual Agreement and College Classics.
North has advertised for girls who want to be spanked; two — both Minnie and Harriett, young, cute, adventurous, and willing to accept the challenge. While North interviews Harriett (‘I thought it would be nice if I was spanked.’), he suggests Minnie ‘disrobe.’ We watch her remove her black top and toreador pants, clinging to her. Stunning, she stands there in silk panties.
Harriett is sent downstairs, where North will give her attention later. ‘Take all your clothes off, bend over the dining room table, and wait for me.’
First, it will be Minnie’s turn, OTK for North on the couch. It is a sweet struggle with this glorious body. ‘It hurts, sir.’ When he tugs her little pants down, we notice two bruises. Where did she get them? We missed this film. Her bottom soars in his lap — you will not find a greater depiction. North demands ‘virginal white bottoms unmarked.’ Minnie melts us with occasional eye contact. He finishes and leaves her standing naked against the wall — a vision.
Downstairs, Harriett squirms over the table, waiting, having thoughtfully left her panties on for a theatrical moment to come. North works her with a paddle and more handspanking, her face flat to the polished wood, then ‘Let’s have these little things down, shall we?’ Fondling, closeups, fuzzy glimpses between her legs, then North massages her coccyx, with a sort of circular drilling fingertip, as he did with Minnie. In the midst of this, Minnie appears in the room, diminutive, cute, jaybird naked, she soon parks her bare bottom beside Harriett over the table, her bruises almost at your fingertips. Minnie’s new figure is quite an eyeful bent over in this posture.  Both receive a paddling.
The girls are finished for now and dress. They have placed North’s fee in their clothing for him to pluck, and they make an appointment for next week.
Part 1:
Part 2:

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  1. Bob here.
    Probably just me,but the chap in this film reminds me of Bill Nighy.
    Both of the young ladies are very cute but if I had to choose one,I would select the lovely Minnie.
    Such a sweet face and body.