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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Punishment Series 7 — Andrea

Interview from Janus 54. I have to say her boyfriend sounds like a total arse.
Andrea appeared in Command Performance (Janus 35). In real life she submits to regular discipline from her current boyfriend. Unlike most of the CP-friendly young ladies profiled in this series, Andrea accepts punishment not for her own pleasure — it gives her none — but purely to gratify her lover’s desires. Along with new photographs of her much-praised bottom are Andrea’s own true thoughts on a hot subject…
‘I was born in Stratford in the East End of London. I went to one of the toughest comprehensive schools in Essex, then I went to college for a year and started work. I work as a temporary, not secretarial, but in the computer and business machine side of things. I do a lot of input work and the odd bit of programming.’
‘When I came into the office and started talking to you about modelling work, I suddenly found out by looking around the room that I was in the office of Janus magazine and I thought I’d have to show you what I was made of! I was intrigued a bit but I saw it more as something I could use, not against my boyfriend but really to show him that I’m just as good as anyone else. You see, it’s a magazine he gets sometimes, and he has a lot of copies of it. I was going to surprise him.’
‘I couldn’t quite work out my feelings on that session. I think I hit her too hard. I am quite a soft person normally and I thought, oh, I hope she doesn’t hit me that hard. But I knew she was likely to. I don’t think she whacked me as hard as I did her. I must admit I quite enjoyed that aspect, giving her bottom a caning.’
‘No, it wasn’t unpleasant when I got it. I tried to drift my mind off somewhere else, which I do at difficult moments. I tried to concentrate on the room and what was in front of me and not to take too much notice of what was going on behind me. A couple of the strokes hurt and I remember flinching quite a bit.’
‘I had hoped that my boyfriend was actually going to buy the magazine I was in, but he tends to get them months later than they come out. There was this awful wait after it was out before he saw it, and I hadn’t told him that I’d done it. In the end, it was on Mile End station, I gave him a little folder. Well, I didn’t actually give it to him, he asked for it. He said, ‘I’m not going any further until I have that, because I know what it is.’ He could see the top of it peeping out.
‘He was amazed to see me in Janus. After that, I ended up on the receiving end of something I couldn’t imagine would ever get worse. Until then he’d only ever spanked me with his hand a few times. He kept asking me questions about the session: Did that hurt? Would you let me do that? etc I said, ‘Really this was to prove to you that I’m just as good as anybody else, and it wasn’t meant to stoke up the fire, or put the flames up a little bit higher!’ But it did put me on the receiving end of quite a few bouts.’
‘There’s no pattern to the reasons for punishment. Sometimes it’s things I’ve done wrong during the day. At one time it was a points system and if I got over those five points, that was it, it was bum smacked tonight. I know he enjoys it because when he says I’m going to get my bum smacked, I can see the pleasure on his face, and I know that there is no getting out of it. There really isn’t unless you go and lock yourself in the loo. When he’s beating me I tend to struggle quite a lot, unless I’m absolutely resigned to the fact that this is going to happen and there’s nothing on earth I can do to stop him.’
‘That first time after he’d seen me in the magazine, he wanted me to act out the whole thing exactly as I had on the session. It wasn’t possible because I didn’t have another girl with me, but he wouldn’t go any further without making me do this. So I had to put a school uniform on again! Then he spanked me with his hand, on my bare bottom, and it was very severe. He pinioned me over his lap and just kept spanking me about as hard as he possibly could for at least ten minutes. He must have given me literally hundreds of spanks. It hurt awfully and I struggled and yelled, but he would not stop. It upset me quite a lot. I couldn’t imagine that this could be happening. I could never have imagined the severity of it. I cried — I couldn’t help it… My bottom was very red and the marks were still there the next day. It was very difficult to get in the bath or put clothes on and that sort of thing.’
‘When I read the letters in Janus I couldn’t quite believe how some people saw me. I don’t see myself as a very attractive woman. You see so many attractive women walking about on the street, and I know he does, because it got to the stage once when he was looking at every woman passing and not ever looking at me. It gave me pleasure that people were looking at me intimately who didn’t even know me. Their reaction was very exciting to me.’
‘Most of the time he spanks me with his hand. It’s always on the bare bottom. A few times it’s been with the ruler and the belt. I must admit that the ruler is very painful. It stings! I tend to feel pain right from the first slap! He holds me down while he spanks me, so that I can’t move. Occasionally, it might be just a couple of slaps but just those two or three slaps are more than enough because they are fantastically hard. I think I’m very sensitive to pain. But usually he goes on smacking or belting me for a long time. I don’t count the strokes, I just realise that minutes are slipping by. I think that deep down inside he wants to really hurt me, but sometimes he holds back. I think the times when he’s hit me really hard and almost gone over the top are often when something has happened to spark him off and I’m the only one available to take it out on. It’s a way he has of letting off tension. He finds this very erotic — far more than I do!’
‘I don’t get anything out of our CP interludes though I’m sure he thinks I do, but I don’t. I put up with it really just to please him. I suppose it might also be a case of anything for a quiet life. I don’t find it erotic, it just hurts, but it turns him on something rotten. I’m willing to suffer for the sake of our relationship, because he really gets off on punishing me.’


  1. Bob here.
    This is one of those times when a post might leave one feeling uncomfortable;even concerned.
    I realise this interview is from many,many years ago,so I can only hope Andrea is in a less one sided
    Obviously,we are all into spanking,or we wouldn't be posting here and we all have our fantasies,some light and some dark..and all of that is fine,as,of course,is real life play when it is
    consensual and safely practiced/slashed managed.
    Anyway,hope I am not over reacting too much and that,where ever she is
    these days,life is treating Andrea well.

    1. I take your point Bob but I wonder both what made her remain in such a relationship and what made her submit to being disciplined, and not even just once, in Janus, if it was so alien, and unerotic for her. I'm not suggesting that she actively enjoyed it but that she must have found something in it.

  2. Bob here.

    Well reasoned points.I guess it is nigh on impossible (well,improbable anyway)
    to know or fully guess at the true thoughts or motivations at the heart of
    any individual's psyche,why definitively they do what they do,even
    if that includes contradictive behaviour in their actions,even if one
    knew said person in the here and now,let alone a model one has never met
    (let alone known well) in an interview
    from decades ago.
    I guess we simply will never know for sure from this distance of time etc.
    The psychology behind the thoughts and
    actions of all spankers/ spankees is endlessly fascinating though.It is as
    wide and varied as is our interest in the implementation of the physical act
    of spanking or being spanked itself.

    1. Yes - agreed - but what I can say is that was glorious strapping.

  3. Bob here.
    Quite so,Anonymous.Glorious strapping