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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Punishment Series 6 — Nicola & Priscilla

From Janus 48
The Janus interviews have already proved one of our most popular recurring features — probably because they are all completely authentic. So-called ‘interviews’ in many other magazines are commonly invented, often very obviously so; but ours genuinely explore the motivations and sensations of girls who love — or loathe — CP. Nothing is fabricated, altered or distorted… what you have here is the whole, insightful truth.
The two friends who modelled the roles of Nicola Redway and Priscilla Waters for Janus 23 & 46 are beautiful, charming and above all, intelligent and very natural girls who had had no experience of corporal punishment, or the powerful ethos in which it occurs, until they worked for us. Yet the fan mail they provoked was extraordinary. Readers paid tribute to their prettiness and sweetness, to their pre-eminent ‘spankability’ and the convincing realism of the scene they enacted. We cannot imagine a single reader who did not long to spank their lovely bottoms. It seemed that everyone was fascinated with them.
The obverse side of this fascination is our models’ curiosity about the impressions they make upon readers — those who write in to comment, and also the silent majority whom they imagine looking at their pictures. Like many others, Nicola and Priscilla wanted to read everything that readers wrote about them. Nicola admits in this interview that she was ‘aroused’ by a letter from an infatuated admirer, published in Janus 27, and that picturing herself in the punishment scenario he had dreamed for her was ‘exciting’. She had also imagined him
In this in-depth conversation with the Editor, Nicola and Priscilla openly reveal the effect that being introduced to CP by Janus over two years ago has so far had on their lives, sexually and otherwise.
JANUS: What I’d like to know first of all is something about your background — what sort of schools you went to, what sort of homes you come from. Did you go to school together?
NICOLA: Not to begin with. I started off going to a public school, as a day girl, and after I was expelled I went to school with Priscilla.
JANUS: Are you prepared to say why you were expelled?
NICOLA: Oh, it was stupid really, I just didn’t stick to uniform. I was reported for taking my tie off after school on the way home, and when it was in fashion to tie your shirt up and have your stomach showing, I did that with my friend and we got reported. I wore a bikini to a swimming gala instead of regulation costume; I was really told off for that, and then I was asked to leave, so I did. It was all to do with school uniform.
JANUS: How old were you both when you met? You actually met at school, didn’t you?
NICOLA: It was half way through senior school, we were fourteen.
JANUS: And what kind of a school was that?
NICOLA: It was a comprehensive. It was such an awful school… the girls were very disobedient. I wasn’t because I wanted to get on, but the other girls would shout all the time and tease the teachers.
PRISCILLA: We had extra lessons after school, just so that we could do O-levels.
NICOLA: They needed corporal punishment there. The teachers felt threatened by the girls. There was one girl called Grutti in our class, and if the teacher said anything to her, she’d stand up to the teacher and she would have hit her.
JANUS: At school during your education, or at home, did you ever receive corporal punishment?
NICOLA: Well, at home, I had been slapped. But it wasn’t what you’d call corporal punishment.
JANUS: How about you, Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: No, I didn’t get slapped.
JANUS: What happened when you met? Was it a great discovery of friendship, were you drawn to each other?
NICOLA: No, we had separate groups of friends; it wasn’t until we went to college together that we became good friends. We started doing A-levels together as we were doing the same subjects, Biology and Chemistry.
JANUS: I always associate you both with lots of laughter and giggling was that so then?
NICOLA: No, not really — not until we got to know each other at college.
JANUS: That was when you got really close?
JANUS: How old were you?
NICOLA: Sixteen.
JANUS: And what kind of college was it?
NICOLA: A technical college where we were both studying A-level equivalent of science.
JANUS: When you became close friends at college did you spend a lot of time together?
NICOLA: We spent all our time together, just the two of us.
JANUS: Why was that?
NICOLA: We both had boyfriends, but we still spent time together because we got on so well.
JANUS: It seems you’re much closer than most friends.
NICOLA: We’re on the same wavelength; each usually knows what the other is thinking. It has always been this way. We don’t live in the same house but I don’t go out with any other girls than Priscilla, that’s enough.
JANUS: Do you find that boyfriends draw you apart?
NICOLA: No, because our boyfriends are friends of each other now, so we go out in a foursome.
JANUS: So even now you see a lot of each other?
NICOLA: We usually see each other once a day.
JANUS: I’d like you to tell us why you came along to the original modelling interview.
NICOLA: Well, we felt like doing something a bit outrageous. It was our first year at university and we’d finally left home, and we were living together at college. Priscilla saw the advertisement and we just decided to ring up.
JANUS: Did you go to other people, or just us?
BOTH: Just you.
NICOLA: We spent ages walking about outside before we plucked up the courage to come in. We were really hesitant… we went in and didn’t have any idea what was to happen. We were quite nervous.
JANUS: How did it compare with what you had imagined?
NICOLA: Really different You gave us a magazine to look at first and I can remember when we first came through the door, a little picture on the table of a girl being smacked, and I thought nothing of it, then I opened the magazine, and I thought, aargh, it’s all of it!
JANUS: Priscilla, you said before that it was a shock and a surprise. In what way?
PRISCILLA: I didn’t think things like spanking existed. I didn’t think there were magazines like that.
JANUS: What was your feeling on discovering that such things do exist?
PRISCILLA: I was really surprised, taken aback.
JANUS: But you decided to work with us anyway.
PRISCILLA: Yes. I was a bit unsure at first, but it seemed fun.
JANUS: The modelling, the spanking or what?
PRISCILLA: Because there was a story attached to it.
JANUS: When it came to the first session, what did you feel? Were you apprehensive?
NICOLA: Yes, because although we knew what we were in for, we were unsure about just how it would actually turn out. Especially when we stepped into the taxi to go on location — we’d come to the point of no return.
JANUS: A bit like a schoolgirl going to see the Headmaster! Did you realise that you were going to be spanked?
PRISCILLA: Yes, you’d told us that.
JANUS: And how did you feel about that, was it worrying?
NICOLA: A bit, because we didn’t know how hard it was going to be.
JANUS: Priscilla, how did you feel about it?
PRISCILLA: I was a bit worried, but you’d said we weren’t going to be caned, only spanked, so I wasn’t quite so worried.
JANUS: Was it also exciting that you were going to be spanked — that this whole thing was going to happen? Was that an erotic thought?
PRISCILLA: It was really good fun, really nice, a good day out!
JANUS: In what way?
NICOLA: Because we could just be ourselves — we didn’t have to try to be anything. It was also a fantasy situation. It reminded me very much of being at school, very realistic, but then it had the side which didn’t happen to me at school… the actual corporal punishment.
JANUS: Did it interest you at all?
JANUS: And you, Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: Well, I’ve never been spanked like that before.
JANUS: What do you mean ‘like that’? How would you describe it when it came to being spanked?
PRISCILLA: It was quite different.
JANUS: Did you feel that you’d like to try it again later, with a boyfriend or in any other way?
PRISCILLA: No, not really.
JANUS: It was just a nice thing that you’d done?
NICOLA: Yes, we couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards.
JANUS: How was that?
NICOLA: We went back to the halls of residence and it was just as if we’d done something really peculiar.
JANUS: Your guilty secret! Was it a good feeling thinking about what you’d done —dressing up as schoolgirls, and being spanked?
NICOLA: Well, it was obvious that a lot of people would be interested by it.
JANUS: You both liked the idea that it would be exciting to people?
JANUS: That was an erotic feeling?
JANUS: Was it good to know that you were going to be turning people on seeing this magazine?
NICOLA: Yes, that was the main feeling.
JANUS: Did you ever act it out together, or wear the clothes, and carry on being in that world together, without it being photographed?
NICOLA: Not really, but we used to look at the magazine that we were in together. We did that often.
JANUS: What would you do? What sort of things would you say?
NICOLA: We’d just say things like: ‘Do you remember this?’ and ‘Do you remember that?’
JANUS: Did you show the magazine — Janus 23 — to boyfriends?
PRISCILLA: I showed it to friends, mainly men friends. I also showed it to my Mum and Dad.
JANUS: What did they think?
PRISCILLA: They thought it was quite nice. Dad was a bit worried at first, he was worried about what might happen to me, he said: ‘You can never tell with these things.’
JANUS: So, what did he feel when he actually saw the magazine?
PRISCILLA: He thought it was nice. He’s an art lecturer and in the college they often have different magazines like that lying around for the students to have a look at and use for drawing and things. They’ve had Janus lying around.
JANUS: That’s wonderful! Now can I ask you about the other men. You said you showed it to someone you share a flat with… what happened there?
PRISCILLA: Well, if I do something to upset Andy, my boyfriend, my flatmate John always suggests that Andy should smack me.
JANUS: So John suggests to Andy that you should get a spanking what happens then?
PRISCILLA: He just laughs, he doesn’t do it just because John suggested it.
JANUS: Has he ever spanked you in front of John?
PRISCILLA: Yes, mucking about, a sort of slap.
JANUS: Not bare-bottomed?
JANUS: Priscilla, are John and Andy the only guys you have shown it to?
PRISCILLA: No, I showed it to Andy’s brother, he’s a policeman, and a few other friends.
JANUS: Is it a bit of a thrill, showing it to people?
PRISCILLA: Oh yes, I like it.
JANUS: What’s the feeling when you show it to them?
PRISCILLA: It’s difficult to say, I think it’s the fact that I’ve done something like that, and that it’s quite a ‘different’ magazine.
JANUS: Nicola, can you tell me about the people you’ve shown it to?
NICOLA: Well, my boyfriend, obviously. He thinks it’s quite a turn-on and says the pictures are really nice. I’ve also shown it to a casual boyfriend I had who thought it was great, but he was very surprised, a bit shocked I think!
JANUS: Has it given your boyfriend an interest in the subject that he didn’t have before?
NICOLA: Before he saw the magazine, I don’t think he thought about it at all, but since then he smacks me sometimes. We’ve got a rubber plant in the bedroom, and it’s got a cane in it to hold it up, and sometimes he gets that out and when I’m lying on the bed, he smacks me with it. It’s usually when I’m going to bed. I’m nude.
JANUS: How often, every night?
NICOLA: No, about once or twice a week.
JANUS: When he hits you with this cane, is it hard? Are there lots of strokes?
NICOLA: Usually he just does one stroke, fairly hard, ‘cos then I say ‘Don’t do it!’ So then he hand-smacks me.
JANUS: And do you enjoy that?
NICOLA: Well, yes; he likes doing it, so I like it.
JANUS: So your enjoyment is partly to do with the fact that he enjoys it?
NICOLA: Mainly because he enjoys it.
JANUS: And do you like the fact that it turns him on?
JANUS: Does he spank you quite hard?
NICOLA: Fairly hard; I don’t think he means to but sometimes it hurts.
JANUS: Do you get any pleasure from actually being spanked?
NICOLA: Not when it’s very hard; I like it when it’s just a bit tingly.
JANUS: What do you like about it?
NICOLA: I like the fact that he’s doing it, sort of being dominated I suppose.
JANUS: Does he also dominate you verbally, does he tell you to do anything?
NICOLA: Well, yes, sort of half-jokingly, he calls me ‘little girl’ and ‘naughty girl’ — things like that.
JANUS: Do you dress up at all?
NICOLA: No, I haven’t got a school uniform any more.
JANUS: Are you usually nude?
NICOLA: Yes, nude or just my knickers on or something.
JANUS: And what does he wear, is he dressed?
NICOLA: No, he’s nude as well.
JANUS: Does he tell you to do anything in particular?
NICOLA: Sometimes he tells me to bend over a chair, but usually I’m lying face downwards on the bed.
JANUS: And would he ever give you more than one stroke with this cane from the rubber plant?
NICOLA: Occasionally, but not often because it hurts a bit.
JANUS: Do you like that feeling at all, the feeling of being hit with that?
NICOLA: Mmm not really, I prefer hand spanking.
JANUS: But it does tingle?
JANUS: Isn’t there a certain thrill in that?
NICOLA: Yes, it can be exciting; sometimes he ties my hands behind my back, I quite like that.
JANUS: Again, the feeling of being dominated. But spanking isn’t something you find amazingly thrilling in itself is it… or do you?
NICOLA: Occasionally I like it, but most of the time it’s just something that’s fun or just a bit different
JANUS: Does he spank you over his lap, or just lying on the bed?
NICOLA: Sometimes over his lap.
JANUS: And is that a nice feeling?
NICOLA: Yes, that’s quite nice.
JANUS: Priscilla, can you tell me how it is for you. As a result of being in the magazine have you got into any form of CP in your private life?
PRISCILLA: Yes, mainly after the second shoot, though. Andy’s quite violent and he likes to hit harder. He usually smacks me with his hand, or with a cloth — sort of a whipping action. A dry cloth. If I’m bending over when I’m getting undressed and he’s taken his shirt off, he’ll sort of flick it at my bottom.
JANUS: Do you like that? Is it enjoyable?
PRISCILLA: If he doesn’t do it too hard, yes.
JANUS: Are you nude at the time?
JANUS: And are you over his lap, or lying on the bed like Nicola?
PRISCILLA: It depends. Sometimes I’ll be just bending over and he does it without warning; sometimes I’ll be lying on the bed — no fixed position.
JANUS: Apart from his hand or the cloth, does he use anything else… a stick, belt, cane, or whip?
PRISCILLA: No, but he shot me in the bottom.
JANUS: We’d better have the full story on that!
PRISCILLA: Well, I was changing in the bedroom and I had my back to him. He told me to bend over so I did, and he had the air rifle and some screwed-up paper pellets, and I suppose he thought I looked quite a nice thing to aim at so he shot at my bottom!
JANUS: And he didn’t miss?
PRISCILLA: No, he got me square on the bottom. That really hurt!
JANUS: Did you like the feeling?
PRISCILLA: No, I was really angry at first; I got a big bruise, it went numb.
JANUS: Not something you’d like to get into?
JANUS: Are you pleased you’ve done it?
PRISCILLA: I suppose so, at least I can say I’ve been shot on the bottom!
JANUS: Have you fantasised about being punished with a cane or any other instrument of correction?
PRISCILLA: Yes, but I think if he were to use a cane it would be too hard because he’s very rough.
JANUS: So when he hand-spanks you, it’s quite hard? How many spanks do you get?
PRISCILLA: About four or five normally.
JANUS: And does this lead to sex?
JANUS: Is that the same with you, Nicola?
JANUS: What’s sexually exciting about it?
PRISCILLA: Because he’s doing it, and the mood we’re in, and what it’s leading up to.
JANUS: Do such things make sex more exciting?
JANUS: Does he also dominate you verbally?
PRISCILLA: Not so much, no.
JANUS: You did mention that, unlike Nicola, you also got into it the other way round.
PRISCILLA: I prefer to spank him, yes.
JANUS: Was this a direct result of doing the second shoot, for Janus 46?
JANUS: Did you discover anything about yourself in the course of the second shoot?
PRISCILLA: Nothing that I actually thought about, but when I got home I just did it — I spanked him. I’d never done it before.
JANUS: What you did in the shoot, actually punishing Nicola in a variety of ways, did that activate something in you?
PRISCILLA: I think it must have done, yes.
JANUS: Do you find the idea of spanking or caning someone, girl or boy, exciting? Is it something you could fantasise about?
PRISCILLA: Not to anyone else, only to my boyfriend.
JANUS: So what happened when it came to dominating your boyfriend? It started that night, did it, after the session?
PRISCILLA: Yes. I wanted to see what it was like and I wanted to see if he would do what I say and if he’d let me do it. Take charge of him. And he did, he sort of acted like a little boy. If I said ‘Bend over’ he’d do it. He was obedient. It was nice, he was very vulnerable.
JANUS: Was he nude while this was going on?
PRISCILLA: Yes, it was just as we were going to bed.
JANUS: Were you nude?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I was.
JANUS: Have you dominated him verbally since? Have you ordered him around in any way?
PRISCILLA: Yes, like in the shower this morning. He was having a shower and I was cleaning my teeth. He was standing facing me and the water was splashing all over me, so I told him to turn round and face the wall. He did and then I spanked him on the bottom. A wet bottom.
JANUS: Was it nice spanking a wet bottom?
JANUS: So has this become a regular thing?
PRISCILLA: I spank him quite a lot in fun, but it doesn’t happen quite as often as an actual sexual thing.
JANUS: You said for fun: does it lead to sex or, as when you yourself get spanked, is it a form of foreplay?
JANUS: Is it something that excites you both directly?
JANUS: Is it only with your hand or have you ever thought of using anything else? A stick or a belt perhaps?
PRISCILLA: No, I haven’t. I could try!
JANUS: Well, it’s the next logical step isn’t it. Could you imagine punishing — I use the word punish — your boyfriend in a more severe way with some kind of implement… could you imagine that being exciting?
JANUS: Could you also imagine yourself being more dominant towards him in any way?
PRISCILLA: You mean ordering him around more. I don’t know — I’d like to be more bossy and dominant, but I think I’d have to take it slowly.
JANUS: Because of him? Do you think he couldn’t cope with such a sudden transformation?
PRISCILLA: No, I don’t think he could.
JANUS: But it’s in you, the desire?
JANUS: Could you and Priscilla ever get into CP together? I mean, you’ve both had it now; you both relate to this subject Could you — or do you — do it together?
NICOLA: No, we don’t. My boyfriend and I went round to Priscilla’s house, and after a few drinks and things they asked us what we’d been up to and we told them. They asked us to show them. So Priscilla smacked me, that was just with knickers on.
JANUS: This question is going right back to your college days. What things have you done together, gymnastics, swimming or games, or what experiences did you have together? Did you go out looking for boyfriends together, and were you ever jealous of each other’s boyfriends?
NICOLA: No, I don’t think so. We went everywhere together, we went to lots of parties together. Everyone associated us with each other. At parties we tended to meet boyfriends who were friends, didn’t we? We’d dance together and get everyone going.
JANUS: You both have an exhibitionistic streak clearly. In the first session when you got spanked, what was that feeling like?
NICOLA: I liked it. When we first met ‘Mr Harvey’ I wondered what it was going to be like, but when he started it was quite nice. I liked having to go over somebody’s knee, someone who I’d never met before, him taking my knickers off and things like that.
PRISCILLA: Having to show yourself, bare yourself in front of a stranger.
NICOLA: And I couldn’t really say no because we’d agreed to do it.
JANUS: It’s all submitting to domination, being controlled in a way. That is something exciting?
NICOLA: Yes, I like that. Not all the time, but quite often I like it.
JANUS: The sensation of being spanked by ‘Mr Harvey’ — what was that like? Was it hard or soft?
NICOLA: Soft, well medium.
JANUS: Did you wish it could have been any harder?
NICOLA: No, not really, I liked it as it was.
JANUS: What sort of a feeling was that? Was it a stinging feeling?
NICOLA: Quite tingly, nice.
JANUS: What about the second session where you were caned. Did that hurt?
NICOLA: Sometimes, because Priscilla did it quite hard. It was a shock feeling, stingy, then it would calm down, then sting again.
JANUS: Do you like them both?
NICOLA: I like hand-spanking the best. Occasionally my boyfriend hits me with his guitar strap. I quite like that, it doesn’t hurt so much. I’d be on the bed or kneeling over a chair.
JANUS: Is that something that’s directly enjoyable in itself?
NICOLA: As long as it’s not too hard it’s quite enjoyable, yes. As long as I’m in the right mood.
JANUS: Priscilla, do you enjoy it harder than Nicola, do you find that being spanked quite hard is enjoyable?
PRISCILLA: I think I could probably be hit harder than Nicola. Andy hasn’t caned me but I wouldn’t mind much. I think I could probably enjoy it!
JANUS: If you knew you were going to be caned, how would you feel about that —would there be an element of fear?
PRISCILLA: I suppose so, yes. It would depend on who it was going to be. If it were someone I didn’t know I’d be far more scared.
JANUS: Would you enjoy the fear?
PRISCILLA: I’d probably enjoy the fear a lot more than the actual caning. It’s the fear that has a more sexual effect… more arousing.
JANUS: Can you elaborate on that?
PRISCILLA: Fear is kind of thrilling, isn’t it?
JANUS: The fear of being dominated, or the fear of pain?
PRISCILLA: The fear of the whole thing.
JANUS: Suppose you were going to be caned. Do you think the actual feeling of being caned is something you’d look forward to with excitement, or is the idea of being caned more exciting?
PRISCILLA: It depends on why you’re being caned.
JANUS: What if it were a formal punishment?
PRISCILLA: No, that wouldn’t be so exciting.
JANUS: What if it were simply something between you and your boyfriend?
PRISCILLA: That would be more exciting, but the fear wouldn’t be as great.
JANUS: What if it were either a stranger, or someone outside your relationship: an independent third party who was going to cane you for whatever reason?
PRISCILLA: That would be more interesting because it’s someone you don’t know. It’s more naughty, the fact that someone else is going to do it to you.
JANUS: Almost like a kind of unfaithfulness. Do you feel that with your boyfriend, you can’t be spanked by anybody else?
PRISCILLA: Well I wouldn’t want to be because I want to stay with him.
JANUS: Would you consider spanking and CP to be part of faithfulness?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I think so.
JANUS: What about when you came here last time and got caned by us, and when you did the other session?
PRISCILLA: That was different.
JANUS: Are you saying that Janus is no conflict?
PRISCILLA: He’d agreed. He knows I’m doing a magazine, but it’s not as if I’m doing it with another boy. It’s more of a dispassionate, professional thing.
JANUS: I like the fact that you find the fear of being caned a thrill.
PRISCILLA: I should think that with most people it’s the fear rather than the actual act of being caned.
JANUS: Could you get into that Nicola, the fear?
NICOLA:  Well, I know exactly what she means, the fear of the unexpected. And you can fantasise about what’s going to happen to you. There’s nothing you can do about it.
JANUS: That somebody else is going to be controlling the situation. You’re on a knife-edge really, aren’t you?
NICOLA: It’s also frightening. As long as you know you’re safe. We knew that with Janus — well we hoped! It gets the adrenalin flowing.
JANUS: I’m interested in the difference between your reactions to receiving CP.
NICOLA: I think I’m more of a coward when it comes to pain.
JANUS: Yes, I think so, and I also think that Priscilla has more desire for CP than you. Because you’re so close and you know each other’s boyfriends, when you go out in a foursome do you feel like it’s the four of you together or are you always quite separate when it comes to anything sexual?
NICOLA: Well, once we both went to bed with one boy, didn’t we? I think he was a bit overwhelmed!
JANUS: Would you repeat that with your present boyfriends?
NICOLA: No. He was just a casual boyfriend and we both knew that. With our present boyfriends it wouldn’t really work.
JANUS: So at the moment that sort of thing is ruled out. Can you imagine being in a CP situation with someone, both of you, like in a Janus shoot, where you were both being spanked and dominated by one guy? Could that be enjoyable, the two of you together in that situation?
NICOLA: I think so. I like it, I think that’s quite exciting. I preferred the first shoot, because we were both together, and somebody else was doing it to both of us.
JANUS: And you, Priscilla, which photo session did you like more?
PRISCILLA: The second one. Because I was spanking and caning.
JANUS: Did you find it exciting, doing that to Nicola?
PRISCILLA: With Nicola it was different. It was strange spanking my friend.
JANUS: Was it enjoyable?
PRISCILLA: Well, not sexually arousing, but yes, it was nice.
NICOLA: An experience!
JANUS: So working for Janus has actually changed your lives, hasn’t it? In the sense that you have incorporated the kind of fantasies Janus deals with into your lives —something that wasn’t there before.
NICOLA: Yes, because before we worked for Janus we had no idea about the spanking side of life, so it made us more aware. Things developed from it which wouldn’t have if we hadn’t worked with Janus.
JANUS: Can you imagine other things happening to you in the world of spanking? Do you ever dream about it?
NICOLA: I had a dream about it the other night, actually. You know how dreams are so disjointed — I really enjoyed it and all I wanted to do was to be spanked all the time, it was so realistic.
JANUS: Perhaps it’s a guide.
NICOLA: Maybe. I woke and I thought, I’m just having a dream.
JANUS: Quite an erotic dream?
NICOLA: It was. Perhaps that’s what’s going to happen…
JANUS: I can certainly see you both have a lot of potential to go further into it, because that second shoot coming after two years seems to have reawakened something in each of you.
NICOLA: Yes, and we both wanted to do it, didn’t we?
JANUS: Priscilla, I think there is a lot that you haven’t done that you could do, there’s an awful lot of potential there.
PRISCILLA: I think things will change eventually… things might happen.
NICOLA: We’ve both talked about meeting a reader in the street, and being recognised. It would be really fascinating to meet someone who’d seen our pictures and got into them and couldn’t really do anything about it.
JANUS: Would you imagine it would be purely a meeting?
NICOLA: I think so, to begin with perhaps.
JANUS: And what about you Priscilla, have you ever had that thought?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I’d like to meet people who’d seen the magazine, but I also find that since I’ve done the shoot, when I’m walking around, or when I’m at work, I look at the men I’m working with and I wonder if they ever enjoy spanking or anything like that. I find it fascinating, thinking about that
JANUS: Why do you think it is that you’ve developed that, almost obsession?
PRISCILLA: I think it’s because I’ve worked for the magazine and I just wonder what people are like. I see people working and I wonder what they’re like when they go home.
JANUS: Do you find the idea that they might practise corporal punishment fascinating?
JANUS: What is it that interests you about the idea that some men love to spank girls’ bottoms?
PRISCILLA: The fact that they may have seen the magazine, and they may be thinking: That’s Priscilla!
JANUS: It’s not just a general idea that they might be into spanking?
PRISCILLA: That as well, definitely.
JANUS: Do you ever fantasise that they might spank you? For instance, someone you might be working with, somebody who recognises you, and asks you if you are ‘this girl’ and would presumably have fantasies about spanking you — do you find that exciting?
PRISCILLA: I suppose so, yes.
JANUS: Could you ever imagine that actually leading to him spanking you?
PRISCILLA: That would depend on who the person was.
JANUS: Obviously a potent area. Nicola, do you also have this feeling that you might accidentally meet someone who has seen you in Janus?
NICOLA: Yes. I’d quite like to run into somebody who’s read it, and I’d like to see their reactions on recognising us.
JANUS: Would you take it as a compliment if he wanted to spank you?
NICOLA: Yes, I think I’d quite like it if a situation cropped up where I couldn’t say no, and I had to be spanked. That’d be fascinating, that it wouldn’t be my fault, I’d have an excuse.
JANUS: Do you have that sort of thought, Priscilla?
PRISCILLA: Yes, I think so.
JANUS: What would really be better is that you shouldn’t be asked if you want to be caned; you should be told that it’s going to happen. That would really be far better, wouldn’t it? If any reader should happen to meet you, that really is the advice we should give him, isn’t it?
NICOLA: Yes, we plan to go into the Janus shop soon! We’ll let you know what happens.
JANUS: After you’d done the first shoot you said part of the excitement was that people were going to be seeing these pictures of you, people you’d never met. You did stress that. Has that featured in your thoughts?
NICOLA: I like the thought of people seeing the magazine and being aroused by it, having that power, and I really enjoyed reading the letters about us, especially that one from the man in Paris (Janus 27 — Ed.)
JANUS: What effect did that have on you?
NICOLA: I was certainly aroused by it and I imagined the situation that he conjured up; I went through it in my mind and it was quite exciting.
JANUS: Did you imagine him at all? What he might look like?
NICOLA: Well, I imagined him in his late forties, probably with a moustache, fairly stern I suppose — but not dangerous!
JANUS: ‘Stern but not dangerous’ — a classic schoolmaster! Priscilla, has that excited you, the thought that you’re doing something very exhibitionistic, in front of this unseen audience of thousands?
PRISCILLA: Not so much, no.
JANUS: It’s more you, Nicola. Do you think about them a lot, all these people out there whom you have excited?
NICOLA: Sometimes we go past the Janus shop and we see people walking in there, and I think, they probably go in there and see ‘our’ magazine, and yet we’ve just walked past there and they didn’t see us.
JANUS: Is it something that gives you a ‘glow’?
NICOLA: Yes, sometimes. I’m really nervous about going in there, well, I’ve only ever been in there once.
PRISCILLA: I’ve been in there a few times and no-one seems to recognise me. I’ve actually picked up the magazine we’re in, but I’ve looked different each time I suppose, with different hairstyles.
NICOLA: I like it that in Janus you have younger girls, older men.
JANUS: Do you feel that, Priscilla? Do you find it preferable in a situation where you are being dominated, not dominant, that the man be older than you?
PRISCILLA: Yes, more exciting.
JANUS: What would be your ideal age?
PRISCILLA: Mid-thirties, around there.
JANUS: And you, Nicola?
NICOLA: I prefer someone in their late forties. I’ve got a mental picture of a Janus reader and I was thinking of late forties, a bit like the man in The Disciplinarian.
JANUS: You’ve seen the video?
NICOLA: No, we’ve seen pictures of him. Or like a Headmaster.
JANUS: Strict and cold… could that be sexually exciting the thought that you were going to be punished in this cold way?
NICOLA: The thought of it can be arousing, but actually doing it — I think I’d be a bit scared.
JANUS: How do you, Priscilla, feel about this older man — when what is happening to you is not a part of sex but a controlling ritual punishment? Could it be an exciting thought that you could be trapped in that kind of a situation where you have to submit to his discipline?
PRISCILLA: It would be frightening, but the fear would be exciting.
JANUS: Is that particular fear more exciting than the idea of normal sex, do you think?
PRISCILLA: Well, I haven’t experienced that situation yet, so I don’t really know.
JANUS: You’ve only been able to imagine that fear? You see, the problem would be how this fear could actually come about, because in normal life people can’t impose their will on you — it’s got to be with your consent, hasn’t it?
NICOLA: Yes, unfortunately!
JANUS: The ideal fantasy or situation would be where you literally do lose control for a while. For instance being kidnapped and put in a harem or something, would that be an arousing thought?
NICOLA: I suppose it might be, yes, as long as I knew I wasn’t going to be there for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want the punishment to be too severe though.
JANUS: Priscilla, would you prefer it to be more severe?
PRISCILLA: I think so, yes. It’s more exciting if it’s more severe.
NICOLA: We both thought we’d like to do something for the Privilege Club. We’ve thought a lot about that. We’ve thought about the Michaelmas School Dinner (a Privilege Club event held shortly before Christmas 1982 — Ed.)
NICOLA: It’s quite a turn-on I think; when you were explaining about it, the fun and the apprehension, it would be in front of lots of men who were very into the subject.
JANUS: Would you like to star in a Privilege Club event? You know what that entails!
PRISCILLA: I think I could take it.
JANUS: Yes I think so, and I think you’d also love the situation where you couldn’t escape from your punishment: you’d be duty bound by your word of honour.
PRISCILLA: I’d like it — I’d love it!
JANUS: Priscilla, you said you’d love it, but you also said that your desire to be dominant is stronger than your desire to be dominated.
PRISCILLA: I think with my boyfriend my desire is to be dominant, but in a situation like that I’d like to be dominated.
JANUS: You get that extra electricity if you’re unknown to each other. What would be the most exciting way in which that could happen? Would it be a schoolgirl situation?
NICOLA: Well, I think something like the Michaelmas Dinner, because before you even told us about it, I was thinking about something like that. That would be really exciting to me and I suppose I’d just have to put up with it.
JANUS: What do you feel about the idea that once such an event is underway you know that, before it’s finished, you are going to get quite severely spanked and caned; would you find that arousing the idea that you’ve just got to submit to it all?
NICOLA: Yes, I would, I’d be very nervous.
JANUS: Would you like being so nervous?
NICOLA: Yes, yes I would.
JANUS: Both of you? That’s beautiful, almost like a bottom line…


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