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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Nicola & Priscilla — An Epilogue

From Janus 46
The real-life characters of the two models in our photo story Nicola and Priscilla are hardly any different to the roles that they act out for us. Truly, they are incorrigible and at times very naughty. The following sequence, which was spontaneous, clearly illustrates this aspect of two delightful young girls.
This is what happened…
At the conclusion of the shooting of our main story, Nicola complained (in between giggles) that it was monstrously unfair that only she had received punishment. She insisted that ‘Prissy’ take her turn. To our astonished delight, Priscilla agreed to this completely unplanned chastisement.
Naturally, we recorded what happened and on the next few pages you will see every frame that was shot — including the inevitable giggles from Nicola!