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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Nanny’s Folly

Moonglow video featuring Elena
MF/2f; time: 42 minutes
Blond actress Elena plays a nanny, Dusty Sweet, who is caught smoking marijuana by her family employer. Mr Edwards, the grandfatherly patriarch of the clan around  the generation when spanking girls was sport, gives her a lecture and shows her his cane. Next time, ‘this will be laid across your bare bottom.’
Dusty is entranced about being spanked. In the dream, Mr Edwards has her bent over a stool in front of the fireplace and is delivering a mild handspanking, not potent enough in the dream for her. ‘Is that it, then? Why do you keep stopping?’ He switches to a large spatula-shaped leather paddle and lowers her panties ‘just for the final bit,’ but it doesn’t create any sting.
Another dream sequence: Dusty is over the stool again, this time for the cane, a few strokes on her skirt, a dozen on her black pants, then 10 more on the bare. Edwards then makes her count down from six but gives her 8, then ‘three more’ becomes 4 or 5.
More dreaming, in her little white undies curled up on the bed. Edwards’ daughter-in-law catches her sleeping and takes her OTK right here in her bedroom. Her bottom is unmarked, because the spankings above have been dreams. She is to report to the fireplace mantel immediately.
‘You’re going to get caned… very hard. I want you to count them one by one.’ Over the arm of a wing chair, ‘Keep your legs straight.’ About 15 strokes, sounds of flesh, but we don’t see all the hits. ‘Take your panties down.’ Five more.
Edward pops in — he’s the spanker’s father-in-law, and furious. This daughter-in-law has caned a nanny before and the family had some legal trouble and she was told — guess who gets the cane if it ever happens again.
The girl goes OTK,  skirt off, white knickers quickly down. She has a sexy, unusually muscular bottom — the muscles relaxing and contracting during the spanking. Edwards: ‘My hand is not enough. We should move to something else.’ Over the chair, ‘legs apart,’ for the big paddle. ‘You may have a little rub, You know what it’s getting ready for, don’t you?’ ‘…the cane…’ Hard paddling. She touches toes, way over. ‘Very good. Not many girls can do that.’
Four of the cane bent over, then 20 more over the arm of the chair. Very snappy, lusty strokes, you have to admire this actress. She does delicious little flinches when Edwards teases her with wooshes. She has had her lesson.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Bob here.
    What a wonderful film.Crisp,whippy strokes of a rattan cane,striping the
    bottoms of naughty young women.
    Quite delightful.

    1. Really? I stopped watching it. The sight of a young woman being spanked and caned and complaining that it's not hard enough and/or enjoying it just didn't work for me. It completely destroyed the erotic power dynamic for me. Now I'm not saying that in real life women can't or shouldn't enjoy being on the receiving end of CP (although what constitutes 'enjoyment' in this context is a separate discussion) - in fact they need to enjoy it in some way otherwise I wouldn't be interested - but I certainly don't enjoy it in a fictional spanking narrative.