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Monday, 7 October 2019

Letters — Flaming Cane Strokes - Then An Icy Blast

From Janus 44
Flaming Cane Strokes — Then An Icy Blast
I must communicate how enthralled I am by your airing of the theme of cold showers for girls, introduced in Cold Showers And Canings in Janus 38. I was also very interested to see a reader’s letter in another recent issue which dealt with the notion of using extremes of heat and cold as a highly effective form of physical punishment for young ladies. To me this makes a great deal of sense, for is not the sensation of cane strokes often enough described in your masterly publication as being ‘burning’, ‘scorching’, ‘fiery’ and ‘blazing’? The actual sting of the cane can equally well be considered as a flame of agony or pain. It is definitely experienced as hot, and the weals themselves feel hot to the touch of the hand.
Intense heat and cold are equally as unpleasant, but beatings always induce a sensation of heat. (In milder love-spankings this may be just warmth.) It seems to me absolutely marvellous that in cold showers we have another effective form of bodily punishment — literally at the turn of a tap! There are many appealing aspects but the convenience of the almost universal availability of bathroom showers is an obvious advantage. Even in households that do not enjoy the facility of a shower there is the charming alternative of immersing the naughty girl up to her neck in a tubful of stone-cold water. Even, say, three minutes in a cold bath would probably work wonders — at the very least as a demonstration of your power and authority over her.
I know for a fact that cold showers are a commonplace Public School punishment administered by prefects who watch their victims taking their cold showers in the nude, ensuring that they stay under the icy jets and timing their ordeals. This traditional but still modern punishment does not require the usual seeking of permission, attendance of a witness and written record-keeping that a Public School house caning always entails. It is quick, informal, off-the-record; instant justice if you like. Of course it also enables a prefect to have a legitimate stare at a junior boy’s nude body. No wonder that at the boarding school I went to in the mid-60s, the prettier boys were far more often awarded this form of punishment than others. It was certainly less dreaded than the cane, perhaps partly because of the ritual associated with a caning.
I would like to advocate what I term the ‘two-shower’ caning. When presenting herself for punishment the young lady is told to go into the bathroom and take a hot shower, leaving the bathroom door unlocked. After a minute I would go in to check that the water is warm enough for my purpose, and also make sure that she soaps herself thoroughly. The very act of intruding upon her privacy whilst she is carrying out these ablutions must unnerve her, but then to be treated like a young child whose bathing requires supervision and checking must have double the effect. I do not propose punishing her with a shower that is unbearably hot, however. It must be hot enough to open her pores, cleanse and sensitize her skin and give it a healthy red flush, but that is all. After the shower she must groom herself exquisitely, scent herself and brush her hair, then put on just a pair of high-heeled strap sandals and present herself, otherwise entirely nude, in my living room for a strict telling-off, a little drill and then a fiery six strokes from my slender rattan on her bottom whilst she bends forward over a stool, desk or chair.
Immediately following this bum-thrashing, while her marks are still throbbing and glowing and stinging to high heaven, I frogmarch her back to the bathroom and turn on the tap of the shower. Yes, you guessed it. FULL ON, ICE COLD.
Imagine what she would feel as the bitingly cold water hit all of her body at high pressure. It would be a second powerful physical shock to her system following hard on the heels of her burning bottom-caning, but just the opposite unpleasant sensation. She would gasp and shiver and probably protest and plead, but you would stand watching her stopwatch in hand, determined to be utterly fair. Six strokes followed by five minutes under the cold shower. You won’t keep her in the shower after five minutes are up, but neither will you ‘let her off’ any of that time. Her punishment must be exact, pre-planned and spelt out clearly to her, one step at a time.
Not only will you be able to spend five solid minutes unashamedly staring at your nude correctee, whilst legitimately being free to order her to turn around, move this way or that, etc. You will also know that she will never have felt so completely controlled in all her life. For the hurtfully cold water does not touch merely her bottom — the extremely localised area for the cane’s treatment — but literally flows over the whole of her body, head included. There isn’t a single inch of her that can escape your discipline or your control, and that fact will be brought home to her extremely sharply. I find this really the most delicious prospect.
Of course there is one final benefit to be derived from combining caning with cold showers: the effect of the smartingly cold water jetting on to her sore, inflamed cane welts. These hot ridges could certainly do with some cooling balm. But is freezing water, particularly in the depths of winter, really the kind of cooling she would prefer? I am absolutely sure that the answer is negative.
I would be very, very interested to learn whether any readers of Janus have experienced this ‘cold-upon-heat’ corporal punishment, and if so, whether there are words in the language that can describe the feeling. If only I could meet a naturally ‘really naughty’, 20-22-year-old, pretty, willing guinea piglette!
London SW4


  1. What a fantastic letter.Really enjoyed reading that a lot.
    Thank you for another superb post,fleas63.

  2. Again, I am put in mind of a reader's suggestion in the letters page of one of the Blushes publications. His idea was that girls with big heavy hanging tits should be made to simultaneously dip one in a bucket of piping hot water and the other in one of freezing cold water. Sounds an interesting experiment. Of course, I wouldn't have the hot bucket so hot that it caused any damage. But I'm sure it could be safely done and still be bloody excruciating.

  3. If you haven't seen them already,check out the comments and fictional threads
    under the "piano discipline" thread,anonymous.

    1. Yes, I think the venerable Harold was referring to a post originally submitted by myself with regard to the bucket treatment. Oh well, if an idea's good it bears repeating!

  4. Bathing a girl does indeed nicely infantilise her. Concentrating the soaping on her breasts, bottom & between her legs of course. Then the icy water should get her nipples nicely stiffened for tweaking and flicking