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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Double Trouble

From New Blushes 2.12
‘Do we accept?’ Jenny wanted to know.
‘Do you think we have any alternative?’ Sandy answered with another question and she did not bother to disguise the steely bitterness in her voice.
It reflected the manner of her mood.
Both blonde, and both very attractive with shapely, tapering limbs and each sharing her own thoughts of the mess they were in.
‘They were very explicit,’ Jenny reminded her friend.
‘Yes,’ once again the tone was a steely anguish.
‘All that talk about being very obedient and to prepare for a really good thrashing on our bottoms.’ Jenny felt that by expressing her own anguish she could help to lessen the fearful emotions that were flooding through her.
‘And having to pose au natural,’ Sandy revealed her anger as she clenched her teeth to make her point. Damn you Jenny, she thought. Please do not continue to remind me of what had been threatened to their persons.
‘Yes, that too. I can’t imagine that I will accept that “willingly” and without protest.’
‘You’d better get used to the idea then.’ Sandy was in no mood to listen to compromising rubbish. ‘Because if you upset them to a point whereby they change their mind and do not accept the alternative, so help me I shall never ever speak to you again. I could not stand the shame of exposure.’
‘Oh neither could I, Sandy… but to have to pose to please them and knowing that they can do whatever they like and demand whatever they like… without us actually feeling that we would rather they did not do these things.’
‘Jen,’ Sandy was exasperated, ‘please… please do not keep thinking about it. What is going to happen to us is… well, we deserve it don’t we? So do you think we might at least accept with dignity.’
‘Dignity???’ Jenny laughed derisively. ‘You don’t think you will have any dignity after these two scheming bastards are finished with us do you? They will know every little crack and cranny of our bodies. We are going to have to pose for them in any and every way they demand… there will be no room for dignity,’ she was the one who was expressing a tetchy attitude now.
‘It’s the thought of having to present my bottom for a thrashing. caning or spanking….’ Sandy gave a sighing shudder.
The fact that the two beauties were into “keep-fit” was obvious by the excellent picture of health and form that they presented. One would be hard put to it to find a more natural pair of lovelies, and the manner of their deportment and also in the way they even walked showed a decided addiction to the gymnastic brigade. Not an inch in measurement, not an ounce in weight could be found to exceed the perfect formula of bodies dedicated to keeping fit.
It was this fact that also weighted heavily on their minds. All their labours to turn out an attractive torso were now to be used to cause their mentors, or tormentors, whichever view one took of the situation, a source of devilish delight and pleasure. Both girls were aware of the precarious situation they were in. Neither of them could afford one false move. They were of the opinion that the two men would rather report their naughtiness than have them to play with! Neither Jenny nor Sandy could be aware that Mark and Steven were just itching to get them into the state whereby they were to be the puppets of the two men.
The very idea of being able to have the two girls helplessly postured to a term of obedience was something that both men found very, very pleasurable. The deed that had been committed by the girls and had been stumbled on by the guys was an accident of natural causes! It was a case of being in the wrong place at the right time! As they had outlined their terms, both men had kept a serious profile and had managed to enact a state of not being interested in the girls accepting and they would much prefer the females to refuse to accept their terms. It was utter rubbish of course and, as the girls had nodded their acceptance of each clause as it had been outlined, so the men had become more outrageous, enjoying the helpless mannerisms of Jenny and Sandy.
‘You accept that you will be stripped,’ Mark had said his face serious. Both girls looking at each other and then nodding.
‘Verbal acceptance please,’ Steven had insisted.
‘We accept that we shall both be stripped,’ they blushed furiously as first one and then the other had agreed.
And that you will have to obediently respond to being punished with the cane and tawse strap.’
‘Yes,’ they half whispered.
‘Full admission of acceptance.’
‘Yes… we accept that we shall be punished with the cane and tawse on our bottoms.’ The red-faced beauties were nearly whispering as shuddering torment helped their defences to crumble.
‘Very well. Full gym kit if you don’t mind. White gym shoes and the rest of the paraphernalia,’ Mark emphasised.
Then just to add that last little touch of what they might expect…
‘By the way… I suppose you are both on the pill?’
Sandy and Jenny felt the full shock spear through them!! That could only mean one thing.
‘Yes,’ their mouths expressed the admission in a reply full of misery.
‘Good. Would not like any nasty aftermaths…’ Mark smiled with a really wide grin. ‘Now off you go, and we will arrange a suitable time for our appointment or should we say assignation.’
Jenny and Sandy felt the palm slapping their bottom as they passed the two men and it was a foretaste of what was to come. They made the mistake of hurrying forward when they felt a palm stroking down in light slaps on to their bottoms. That would not be tolerated when the time came to make repayment for their naughtiness.
‘I am going to enjoy watching those bottoms squirm,’ Mark said to Steven once the girls had gone.
‘I am going to enjoy every damn thing I am going to do to them… and make them do,’ Steven added.
‘Two stuck up prissy bitches… I look forward to stripping them down and making them pose… full taut titties and all… I’ll bet I can get them all steamed up… I’d love to hear them beg for the cane across their arse,’ Mark vowed.
We could pretend that we have changed our minds… and then watch them squirm… they will beg alright.’
‘Good idea… when shall we set the date for?’
It was just after lunch on the following Saturday afternoon. The small house was set in its own grounds and was a five bedroom residence. One of the upper rooms had been fitted out as a personal gymnasium. In the room Sandy and Jenny waited. They had dressed as they had been instructed. White shorts helped to expose the full tapering thighs and were pulled in tight to the gussets. Adjustments had been made to the uniforms. The white tops had been cut away to expose themselves and had been removed so that the shapely bottoms were exposed to view with the centre strip of cloth pulling into the clefts of the girls’ buttocks. This seemed to frame the nates in an emphasised expression of nakedness. Now Jenny and Sandy were standing and waiting with obvious anxiety. They were very aware of the manner in which their breasts were openly on view and also how the cheeks of their bottoms were blatantly open to scrutiny should Mark or Stephen wish them to posture themselves so that their backs were towards their inquisitors.
‘Now, let it be understood,’ Mark was telling them, ‘we are quite prepared to accept that you would rather not go through with this and if you prefer we can forget the arrangement we have made, you go home and await the authorities.’
‘No!’ Both Jenny and Sandy exploded their horror together. It was unthinkable as far as they were concerned. ‘Please…’ Sandy was the spokeswoman now… ‘Please… we are both prepared to do whatever you want us to… please,’ she emphasised the begging attitude.
‘And you?’ Steven was holding a thin, wicked-looking cane which he pointed at Sandy.
‘I agree with Jenny… I would be prepared to go along with whatever you suggested… please,’ she inwardly squirmed.
‘Right. First of all you will place your hands on your heads.’ It was truly a delightful scene as the shapely belles reached up albeit there was some obvious reluctance, but eventually, they were told to get their shoulders right back… the flaps of the cloth that had once covered their breasts sagged down to reveal the bared breasts beautifully. Four breasts, four nipples already beginning to peep out from the islands of the aureoles…
There were two audible gasps of confused reaction as they felt hands stroking up and then onto their titties… the fingers caused different reactions in both girls… each of them felt the shock of contact at first but immediately Jenny responded to the fruity feeling of hotness start to kindle inside her firm breasts. With Sandy it took just seconds longer and then, like her friend, sweet thrills began to ripple along the tautened skin of each of her breasts.
When they were left, they were very red-faced but there was a state of real confusion in each of their minds.
As they were given one or two instructions to stretch first to one side and then the other, the girls recognised these movements as everyday gymnastic exercises. Then Jenny was told to mount the exercise bicycle and start to pedal not to sit on the saddle. This caused her rounded buttocks to alternate from roundness to stretched tautness as her ankles used the pedals… she was watching Sandy who had been given the instruction to lay across the trestle… her legs stretched out to one side as her upper torso stretched the other side… her behind was perfectly placed for the cane.
‘Aaahhhh… owww….’ Jenny had not expected the searing line of hotness as the cane whipped down across her nates… and then Sandy was voicing her response as a cane whistled down onto her backside as she posed across the trestle…
‘Yeeeooow… oh please… please,’ she choked out as she felt that a hot thin bar had been placed on the skin of her bottom.
The caning lasted for some twelve strokes and various positions were attained without any instructions being given. Jenny seemed to want to pedal faster and faster and Sandy felt her bottom wriggling about without any actual message from her mind!!
The positions were changed and now it was Sandy who was riding the machine. This time the cane had been exchanged for something much more menacing. Two strapped tawses were being applied.
First Sandy and then Jenny made their voices heard as the straps landed on each of their bare-skinned buttocks… the chastisement had brought them to a higher appreciation of obedience…. because of the stinging heat on the buttocks, the girls had a subconscious mind to do whatever was demanded of them. There was no thought of not being obedient… only the scaring sensations that underlined the need to respond to the men’s instructions.
They found themselves once again standing, hands on head as they regained their natural breathing state… but the burning skin reminded them that there was no room for laziness to attention and detail. They only felt the added shame of blushing as they were stripped of their tops and were naked from the waist up. Then added indignity as the flies of the shorts were slowly, almost with relish too good to rush, released. Then further misery as they felt their shorts being pulled down these shapely legs. Jenny and Sandy were virtually naked. When one has nothing on above the knees, one does not consider socks and gym shoes as adequate covering. Nude and posed in the favourite position of a naughty pair of girls, hands still on their heads, they stood knowing that Mark and Steven were openly studying the nakedness of their pubic area…
‘Do you know where I am going to touch you now?’ Mark asked the shapely Jenny.
She shook her head afraid to speak.
‘Do you know where I am going to touch you?’ he addressed Sandy.
‘I… I don’t know,’ she was blushing furiously.
‘Kneel on the floor… adopt the position that a runner adopts before a race,’ she was told.
They were both in the same attitude facing opposite directions but side by side… Mark brought the cane down onto Jenny’s bottom and then Sandy knew why she had screamed out because at that same moment she was experiencing the same sensations herself… a cane had been brought down at the same moment almost that Jenny half felt the renewed pain…
‘Ohhh… oh… no…. please… please… please asssshhheer… owerch,’ they simultaneously responded.
Three and then four hard strokes were given and then, once again they were posed….
They stood unashamedly legs apart and their waists squirming in terrible response to burning lines having rekindled the fire on their nates. Both men waited until the squirming had ceased.
‘Now I shall ask you again… do you know where I am going to touch you now.’
‘I… I think so,’ Sandy blushed.
This was worse than awful. Her dignity had long ago fled. Her shame and utter humiliation had filled her with a degradation that she never thought existed.
‘And you?… Do you know?’
‘Yes… I think I do,’ Jenny replied.
Her reaction had been almost the same as her friend’s and she could not understand the mysterious sensations of passion heat that continued to build up inside her. Certainly she had responded to shame, and also the sheer heat of humiliation, but there had been something about this venture that had enhanced a state of randomness inside her very soul… she discovered that if it was not for the pain and anguish of the cane and tawse, she would probably enjoy this state of servitude… of having to be the plaything… she would thoroughly revolve in a state of having to be absolutely obedient and do whatever the men asked her… anything so long as they did not thrash her so hard!!!
There was in Jenny’s mind a delicious quality of being mauled and told how to present her nakedness… to have to stand so utterly helpless in her defencelessness and have to stay like that as her titties were played with… even to having their hands stroking her bottom… even now as she was aware that they were going to play with her pussy… she knew that the fact that she could do nothing to stop them, so also she responded to a surging reaction of pure randy fruitiness.
Jenny gasped out loud… a hand had stroked up her inner thigh and then was feeling the soft furrow of her cunt.
‘Ooooh… please… please,’ she moaned sexily.
Mark was nobody’s fool… he recognised the acquiescent attitude of the girl as he felt the furrow and then the full-lipped area of her pussy… his middle finger gently sought out the firm muscle of her clitoris and as he touched the throbbing sex muscles so he saw how Jenny responded… she was actually easing her slim waist forward so that her pelvis was thrusting towards his caressing fingers…
‘Feeling randy are we?’ Mark sneered.
‘Yessssss… oh yes… very randy,’ Jenny assured him in her sexually excited tone.
‘Tell Sandy where my finger is.’
‘Inside my cunt… all the way up and inside my cunt,’ she could not help herself… it was true… her tight orifice was sucking his middle finger deep into the aperture of her sex…
Sandy was only breathing in short gasping sounds… she was confused and was not sure why her body was actually enjoying the titillating fingers on her randy arse.
There was no denying the fact… her cunt was filled with delicious sensations as Steven stroked the full lips into a state of hungry randiness. The fire in the cheeks of her bottom seemed to be cooling down as was the state of Jenny’s but it seemed that Jenny was more easily attuned to this sort of punishment and behaviour pattern…
Sandy was aware of the hungry pleading in Jenny’s tone as she responded to Mark and she could see how her randy friend was thrusting herself towards the fingers employed in stroking her vulva area…
Mark led Jenny to the trestle and told her to bend right over the frame… Jenny obeyed the demeaning command and then her bottom was placed in a perfectly arched pose as her hands reached right down and her ankles stayed spread the other side… this arched her shapely body so that her bared buttocks were well and truly placed on top of the bar itself…
Jenny felt the cane as it rested on the cheeks… she held her breath and then the addition of another stroke struck her backside… but she was aware and was surprised that the cane had not whipped down harshly… it stung, but not as the preceding punishment had stung… again and again the cane rose and fell, and now Jenny knew that the sting she was receiving was nowhere near the angry burn that she had previously received… she felt that she could take this brand of strength all day… the slight stinging appeared to caress rather than correct her!
All three spectators noticed how she gradually thrust her bottom up higher and higher… rounder and rounder, not seeming to care that the cheeks were spreading ever wider with each thrust of her shapely bum.
When he replaced the cane and started to stroke the palms of her hands all over the tightly thrusting cheeks, they heard the soft pleading moans that emitted from Jenny’s mouth… the moans were begging sounds of wanting more and more and this is exactly what Mark gave her. From his vantage point he was able to see the wide open crotch and the soft-lipped cunt so that by its very exposure it was easily accessible… his fingers proved to Jenny just how open she was at the back view…
‘Ooooohhh… please… please… don’t stop,’ she gasped out unashamedly…
Sandy was getting into a strange similar state herself… all the time that Jenny had been lightly caned and now being played with, so Steven had kept up the stroking of her own cunt… the caressing finger had not ceased playing and now she was getting into the same state of exciting sexuality that Jenny was suffering… but she would not appreciate a caning as Jenny had done… that was a most peculiar thing!
As Jenny continued to moan and plead, so Sandy grew more and more into a highly randy hotness… her cunt felt the searing pleasure of fruity passion and now she was moaning… this just could not be! Yet as Steven brought her hardened clitoris more and more to the required state of orgasm, so Sandy discovered herself choking out even louder than her friend.
‘Nice… isn’t it nice,’ Steven was determined to break this prissy toffee-nosed woman.
‘Yes it is nice… it is very nice,’ she capitulated.
‘Playing with your randy cunt… tell me… expressly…
‘It is… ohhhh please… I feel so randy… my cunt… my cunt feels so randy,’ she choked helplessly.
‘That’s better… I’ll break down those toffee-nosed barriers of yours,’ he snapped.
His hands had played with her aching breasts and now, one hand taking full control of her cunt, he reached up and began the full play of her throbbing breasts… it was the last point of resistance. Sandy surrendered to the sheer delight of sexuality that was unlocked with his clever hands…
‘Tell me Sandy… let Jenny hear you tell me that you love it… your titties… your cunt… even your arse… you would love me to play with your arse…’
‘Yes… anything… oh please… don’t stop… I love it… my cunt… my titties… my arse… stroke my arse… over your knees… spank me… like a naughty girl… please give my naughty bottom a really good spanking… let Jenny see how I am prepared to be spanked on my naughty bottom… oh…. please…’
Sandy, for the first time in her life, realised and accepted that there was something more in sex than laying beneath a man and letting him screw her.
Although Jenny had realised and even accepted that there was something really very delightful in feeling a tingling sensation of pain on her bottom, she was totally surprised to hear the pleading tones of Sandy as the other woman surrendered to the sheer electric responses of her sexuality.
Sandy was only aware now of the heated passion fire filling the whole of her vulva area, communicating the sheer erotic fruitiness of sex and she wanted it to go on for a long, long time. Nothing else seemed to matter now, only the forceful build up to an explosive orgasm could douse the fire inside her womb. Neither of the girls had ever felt anything like this and they were at that moment prepared to suffer the full term of humiliation and shame and to be dragged to the lowest dregs of degradation.
‘Over the trestle,’ Mark was half sneering at the swift capitulation of the shapely Sandy.
She seemed eager to please him now, as she draped and even seemed to thrust herself over the top bar so that her perfectly rounded backside was presented in the ideal setting for the strap. She appeared to thrust back just as Jenny had done when Mark’s hand caressed freely over the full moons of her arse… something inside her was aching to feel the sheer agony of the stinging strapping… then she heard the whoosh of the leather as it swept through the air towards the target of her bum.
‘Yeeeoooo!!!!’ The response was immediate and automatic… she was gripping the lower bar of the trestle otherwise she would surely have catapulted up. Resolutely she remained bending and only her bottom moved. In fast side to side, hip-jerking movements, her backside thrust in reaction to the further sharp anger now covering the cheeks again… and yet again, the strap swished through the air to land with a resounding thwack onto her ripe nates… she emitted a sound each time, and the resulting jerking shriek from her wide open mouth was different at each stroke.
‘Please… oh please,’ she begged for what she did not know.
And after six she was almost turning over onto her back refusing to release her grip on the lower bar… Jenny stood wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the stoicism of her best friend. There was something so awe-inspiring as far as she was concerned at the manner in which Sandy’s bottom remained so attractively rounded and she felt that the tawse strap was not striking as hard as it might! She was of course right. Mark was certainly bringing the tawse down in a moderately hard stroking action, but he was not beating hell out of the positioned beauty.
As Sandy stood upright, her hands rubbing briskly across her heated cheeks, she was given the view of Jenny replacing her on the trestle…
She had the distinct impression that Jenny was truly enjoying this and her thoughts emphasised the feeling she had earlier. She was sure that Jenny was thrusting unnecessarily into a very tautened posture and the cheeks were well and truly upthrust with the nates not being as closed as they might be!
Then as Steven brought the tawse down, like Mark, he ensured that there was a certain strength in the strokes, but he was not beating the living daylights out of the proffered balloons.
She too took the six striping strokes with the same fortitude as Sandy, but she certainly derived more from the thrashing that was put across and on her bare arse…
Then, after a suitable break, the girls were once again paraded nude. Hands on head whilst their sexuality was enhanced as Mark and Steven addressed their fingers to the girls’ bodies…
As they felt hands between their well-parted thighs each of the girls. because of the treatment they had suffered throughout the afternoon. rose very rapidly to a pinnacle of sheer sexual lava heat.
‘Want some prick do you?’ Mark asked cruelly.
‘Yes… oh yes, please,’ Sandy moaned.
‘How about you?’ Steven sneered as he thrust two fingers deep into Jenny’s excited orifice.
‘Yes please… lots and lots of prick… please… ohhh… please,’ she choked out as the searing tension of erotic sexuality speared fiercely into her body.
‘First though… you have something to do to prepare us for the ultimate pleasure.’ Mark grinned and both girls watched as two flies were undone.
‘On your knees… you know what to do.’
Sandy looked at Jenny and they were gazing at each other… then both girls faced the semi-hardened muscles before them. Jenny acted first by reaching up and holding the purposeful rod… as she gently stroked it, the thing became very alive and stiffened appreciably… then she was kissing the end just before opening her mouth wide… from the corner of her eyes she saw Sandy doing exactly the same…
‘Mmmm,’ Jenny’s moan was admitting how nice this all was turning out.
‘Mmmmmm…’ Sandy’s moan was admitting exactly the same thing!!!


  1. Two lovely girls. And a great story too

  2. Brought to a true understanding of submission and obedience they have learned who their true sexual selves are. Servitude awaits.

  3. Bob here.
    I agree.A great story and a very pretty pair of girls.
    I love that second to last photo, where they are standing almost fully nude with their hands on their heads.
    I always think that is the loveliest position for a naughty girl at both the start and end of a punishment session.
    There is just something so hot and submissive about a girl when she assumes that particular stance,I think.

  4. Yes those hands on top of the head pictures - the girls with pussy & tits exposed also offer great opportunities for prolonged compare & contrast insults of those intimate parts, in humiliation. One would take care not to compliment them of course - simply belittle the breasts & berate the bushes. Good embarrassment when they can both hear a chap saying they are simply not up to scratch. Sharing the mockery out loud as if in a private discussion while they have to hear it, not knowing where to put themselves - which is precisely why they are told exactly where to put themselves. And then:
    ‘right you pathetic specimens, a mess inside & out, let’s see if we can at least beat your bare bottoms into some sort of shape, & we can grope your tits and pussies to see if that improves matters; still you stupid girls are all the same when it comes to penetration. Which it will’

  5. Such hot commentary...the girls will always submit to the filthiest of commands in hopes of being deemed pretty and desirable....all the while those abusing them lust after them so immensely for their perfect bodies as to cum with each caning!