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Sunday, 20 October 2019


A photo-story from Blushes 3
The quiet swhitt! of a cane in a curtained front room as evening draws on, the self-conscious attempts of a girl to keep the involuntary twitches and tweaks of her unfortunate bottom as much in control as she can, knowing that that is what is expected of her, acutely conscious that the little thrusts and jerks of her hips as the cane stings her again and again around those really tender parts of her cheeks are probably exciting him just as much as they are humiliating her!
Kneeling up — gingerly — and doesn’t that little bum push itself out nicely!
One can imagine the girl’s embarrassment; half naked for a caning at her age! And how old is she? Seventeen, perhaps? Younger? Can’t you just feel the bounce of that cane patting against those firm young bottom-cheeks until she’s got her bum into just the right position.
Just the right height, and the perfect position to get the cane up under the sitting-down bits of her bottom where the skin is pulled tight and smooth.
Now he’s had her knickers right down. A prelude to some indelicate, though interesting, positioning for the rest of her punishment.
And how indelicate! Take away that rather whimsical candle and one might almost — ! Well, perhaps not; you’d bark your shins on the front of the chair, wouldn’t you, if you did that.
The exercise in self-control goes on, although if ‘not crying’ is something to do with self-control she’s already failed. Tears roll down her cheeks, and still her body can’t help making those rude, embarrassing little movements, just as though she were being — Ooooogh!
She doesn’t want to think about that. She has this vague idea that if she did her thoughts would somehow communicate themselves to him — he always seems to know when she’s been up to something — but she can’t help it, because she knows, although she wasn’t actually told so when she was sent here, that if she hadn’t been so prim and proper about being — Oooooh!
Well, then she wouldn’t have had to come back here and have her bum caned like she used to when she was younger. She whispers herself a promise that next time it’s a question of getting her knickers down she will — before she has to get them down for more of this!


  1. The position in the final picture is superb.

  2. Just a very pretty model. Excellent photo story.

  3. Bob here.
    Great photo story and a gorgeous girl.
    Loved it!

  4. The model's name is Liza Lane, or she went by that name, appearing in some British mainstream mens mags like I think Raider. She modelled a fair bit for House of Blushes


    1. I very much enjoyed seeing her being caned in Sally's First Lesson. Girls who flaunt themselves in the brazen manner that this one was given to doing are certainly deserving of such treatment.

  5. Wonderful early Blushes. A girl’s bare bottom assumes perfect caning positions when she is concentrating on something else - and that if she gets the task wrong she’ll get extra strokes. The second picture down is perfect proof of this

    Thanks Fleas63

  6. Bob here.
    Seems to me that most girls like to flaunt themselves these days and usually accompany such actions by wearing as little as possible.
    A good caning would be most beneficial
    for them and since few girls seem to complete tasks without errors,refusals,obstinance or swearing,then we can take comfort in the fact that extra strokes of the rattan cane are quite inevitable.

    1. A most egregious modern day example is that of young ladies traipsing around in jeans and leggings which have purposely been ripped open at the legs and knees. A good cure for this form of sartorial atrocity is to administer a fierce bare bottom spanking, perhaps using a hairbrush or some other implement, before then overlaying the fiery, smarting results with several hard, painful strokes of the rattan cane. The unhappy miscreant can then be instructed to publicly parade around town in ripped clothing again, only this time her jeans will not just be torn open at the leg and knee but at the backside also, so that her blazing and heavily welted bare buttocks can be displayed for the admiration and approval of all and sundry. Then the whole world will be able to see what happens to pretty young women who choose to deport themselves in the manner of unkempt tramps.

    2. Hear, hear. All girls wearing ripped jeans should be rounded up for such treatment, then made to parade the backside outcome with bare bums displayed through torn apart denim.

  7. The story says she’s 17 maybe younger. Could be her 16th birthday hence the candle. If she can keep it in place through a 12-stroke caning she can have a nice party

    1. A party at which all the guests are elderly and middle aged men.

    2. And of course she doesn’t keep the candle in place. Eleven strokes in & all is well & she thinks of the jelly & ice cream birthday party she had as a fifteen year old the previous year.

      The 12th stroke (we knew this all along) is the one across the thighs that always makes a girl jerk involuntarily. The candle falls to the floor.
      The only thing that gets blown out is her virginity. 16 today. Age of consent. Just not hers. For jelly & ice cream read she feels like jelly & the only cream is that of unwanted intercourse.

  8. Bob here.
    "Blahhh" is not particularly enlightening as comments go,schoolgirl
    amanda, you naughty scamp.

    1. Damned insolence from where I'm standing.

  9. Yes. I dare say she will get her knickers off for the other 'reason' - and a deal more swiftly - next time it comes to it! Not that I expect that it will save her bottom another stinging encounter with the stick or perhaps the strap - I should hope.

    "We'll soon have you properly trained my girl! And if not I know just the lady to bring you into line! A week with her will have you properly obedient. Now, let's have you touching your toes...legs nice a wide girl..."

  10. Bob here.
    Well said,Anonymous.A nice touch of the
    stinging stick or a scorching strap is exactly what every little opinionated young madam needs these days.
    Sore rumps all round for the naughty scamps,I say!

  11. Bob here.
    Re:"Schoolgirl amanda".
    Her remark (if it can even be thus described) was indeed "damned insolence",as you say.She is obviously
    a very bratty,cheeky young lady in dire
    need of the sort of lesson that is best
    taught by frequent applications of the
    rattan cane to her (hopefully) chubby,
    cheeky,bare arse!
    "Blahhh" indeed! Disgraceful!
    I can at present think of no better advert for the return of corporal punishment than the less than literary
    efforts of "schoolgirl amanda".
    I need to lie down now...

  12. What an excellent idea. I am sure I am not alone in noticing that the young ladies of today have postures almost as terrible as their wicked behaviour, slouching around with their big tits sagging and their backs crooked. A bit of training is what they need and the story above provides some excellent ideas. Of course the final posture she will need to adopt will be either on her back or on her tummy as she obediently accepts the disciplinarian's kind offering.

  13. Hey I did NOT do anything to deserve a spanking like that! Anyway, that school uniform is stupid.