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Monday, 23 September 2019

Things to Come

The finale of a four-part story, from Blushes 4
Dishevelled, knickerless, one shoe strap broken and her sequined necktie awry, Amanda is back in the comparative privacy of the bedroom after the public exhibition spanking she has been obliged to endure downstairs in front of the guests. Henry has popped in to say how jolly well she’d done. Amanda putting a brave face on it and pretending she wasn’t crying, and now she is collecting her own clothes together, hoping that she’ll be allowed to go home. A knock-knock at the door has her clutching her dress in front of her nakedness, and then the door opens and a girl whom she recognises from downstairs pops her head round the door.
‘Hello, I’m Christine — I thought you might need a bit of company.’
‘Oh — er, well, yes, if you like.’
‘Want a drink?’ Christine offers a glass. It might be gin, or perhaps vodka, but Amanda wouldn’t know the difference anyway.
‘I saw you getting it down there. You alright?’
‘I think so. My bum’s so sore though!’
‘I know the feeling —’ The other girl turns her own bottom so that Amanda can see.
‘Christ! What’d they do to you?’
‘Caned me,’ she smiles, ‘You got off lightly.’
Amanda sips her drink and splutters as it bites at the back of her throat.
‘Still, it’s over now,’ she says ruefully. ‘I don’t think I’ll let myself get talked into any more of these parties — they’re too painful!’
Christine pulls a wry face though she seems cheerful enough.
‘I’m afraid I don’t have much choice.’ She smiles, almost apologetically. ‘I live here.’
‘Do you?’ Amanda can’t resist asking the obvious question. ‘And — and does this kind of thing go on all the time?’
‘Sort of — for me it does, anyway. My mum thinks I’m here as some kind of English au-pair to the man whose house this is; my uncle — well, kind of uncle.’
‘Your uncle?’
‘Well, ‘friend of the family’ I suppose. This is my mum’s idea of a summer holiday job. She insisted I should do it.’
‘You mean she made you come here?’
‘But why don’t you tell her? Tell her what goes on here — surely she wouldn’t make you come then!’
‘I doubt if she’d care.’ Christine smiles ruefully again. ‘It’s all a bit complicated, but Uncle Thomas has told mum that when I’m twenty-one he’ll settle some money on me — he’s got loads — and my mother’s determined that he won’t have any reason to change his mind. So every holiday I come here and I pretend Tom’s my favourite uncle and — well, the rest you can guess.’
Amanda nods, then shakes her head, having ‘guessed’. A rattle of the door handle and the two girls look over their shoulders to find a short, inebriated-looking man in the doorway: Uncle Thomas.
‘There you are! Well come along now Chrissy — the party’s not over yet!’
A parting whisper, ‘Bye’, and Christine is gone, a smacking sound and a squeal as she is shooed out of the room leaving little doubt as to what she’s in for now.
Amanda is dressed by the time Henry returns.
In the car on the way home Amanda mentions Christine. Henry chuckles enigmatically, puts his hand on her knee and pretends to be surprised at the time.
‘Goodness — didn’t realise it was so late.’ He grins. ‘Can’t see you getting home tonight, my girl.’ Amanda’s dress is slipped up her thighs. ‘‘Fraid you’ll have to come back to my place. Eh? What d’you say?’
Amanda, whose knickers are already being slipped down from under her bottom, doesn’t feel brave enough after the events of the evening to say anything.
Amanda — her first day as Christine’s part-time replacement


  1. All perfectly wicked. I love the fact that Christine's mum is happy to sell her daughter out for a few quid. I'd make her come to these little gathering and watch ad her darling daughter is put through her paces. As for Amanda well she will be having a busy and educational time in the next few nights. I'm sure Henry will have her wriggling on her knees and on her back.

  2. Bob here.
    Very nice indeed.Some great photos again,too.Like the shot of the girl serving drinks bare breasted.
    Lovely Jubblies, so to speak.

  3. Kind of disappointing although interesting in a way how these four linked pieces leave so much to the imagination. For instance I was pretty sure that this piece would be about Amanda's ordeal at the 'party' for we left her in the third part descending the stairs to rejoin the gathering below. Seeing as we'd been told, although again were never actually shown, she'd already received a spanking I was pretty sure it was the cane for her next, and this time we would see. But no, this part continues with her ordeal over and once again the scene at the party is left to the readers' imaginations. Frustrating but then again there's something to be said for it, as for the enigmatic caption on the final photograph - 'Amanda - her first day as Christine's part-time replacement'. 'Things to come' indeed! But again left to our imaginations. Nice picture though. Are those pretty teenage tears I see on the glass before me? I do hope so!

    1. Further to my own thoughts on this matter – there is something about the way these gaps in the narrative interspersed with the series of tantalising glimpses we are offered into this private, clandestine world of older male disciplinarians (though others are free to suppose their own preferred gender balances) and their softly susceptible young female charges really allows the reader's imagination to breathe. In my view, the overall picture built up in the mind of the individual reader is very much more powerful than that achieved by just giving him or her everything on a plate.

      I am also intrigued by the final photograph in this piece. As far as I can see this is a different girl to that featured elsewhere across the four sections. I can't help wondering if this photo is one of another set. If so, I would very much like to see the other pictures. The girl involved for one thing is quite enchanting in appearance and the fraught expression on her face looks to be that of a young lady authentically under sentence of painful justice. Having her laid across what look like a glass table with her knickers down and her top pulled up so as to expose at least one of her tits and then photographing her in this state from below is quite inspired, the squashed and distorted effect upon her naked young charms being a particular delight. Not to mention the hint of pretty tears upon the glass. Though the precise nature of her ordeal is unclear it is quite easy to imagine that it is indeed the cane which that familiar old Blushes stalwart is bringing down upon her.

  4. The girl over the glass table looks to be the same blonde model who graced the pages of Blushes #1 and the Blushes video, 'What Bottoms Are For'. My own private nickname for her was always Babs as she reminds me a little of a young, Carry On-era Barbara Windsor. Yes, this one pic of her must surely come from a different shoot to the main one for the linked sets here.

    The main model with the dramatic red hair also appeared in the video 'Half-Term Punishments'. She gave a memorably meek, submissive performance, coyly holding up bed sheets to cover herself when Alan Bell entered her room to tell her he'd be back to deal with her later. Good to his word, he returned to smack her bottom and cane her over the bed. She tried to cope with the pain with hissing intakes of breath.

    1. Good call, I think you're right there. Just looks slightly different in this photo. A most intriguing picture though all the same with regard to this being one of what I presume to be an as yet unseen set. I think it's a really great picture though, very well conceived and ticks a lot of boxes with me.

      I think the other girl you refer to is Eileen Daly. Seems to have had a relatively illustrious career in low budget horror and exploitation film and video making. Strangely however her wikipedia entry makes no mention of Half Term Punishments even though it sees fit to mention her involvement with Ben Dover and also films made by the Color Climax Corporation.

  5. It's something of a revelation to me that the bedroom red-head of Half Term Punishments, a Blushes girl I've periodically lusted over for decades, is none other than Eileen Daly, whose work I'd enjoyed in the quite other context of watching low-budget, cult video features like 'Razor Blade Smile', oblivious to the connection.