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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Ragged Edge (encore)

Since the cover of Whispers 1 has been voted the favourite magazine cover by readers of this blog I thought it would be good to re-run the cover story from that issue with a full set of pictures this time. You can find additional pictures from this set in the story Games in a Playsuit. What a lovely girl and what a lovely outfit.
Lucy had, at last, been ‘captured’. She thought of it as being ‘found out’ but he, Mr White, definitely saw it as part of a campaign, with a strategy, objectives and tactics.
He had captured Lucy, one of his ‘objectives’ — others of his objectives tended to be blonde, like Lucy, and pretty in varying degrees, with a tendency to plumpness around the bottom — and he had achieved his capture with ‘tactics’ (pretending he wouldn’t be on dormitory duty this evening, thus offering those of the girls who were high-spirited a chance to break the rules, and affording himself an opportunity to catch them at it when he did his nine o’clock rounds after all).
Strictly speaking he should have referred the matter of Lucy’s skylarking to the Headmaster, who in turn should pass on the responsibility of seeing that Lucy was suitably punished to the senior mistress; it was an ill-disguised secret, however, that the Headmaster tended not to pass on this responsibility, preferring to punish the miscreants himself whenever possible.
Rumour had it that he considered humiliation to be an important aspect worthy of consideration when the chastisement of girls was concerned, and felt that this object could best be achieved by the discipline being administered by a man — and who better than himself. Other members of staff, naturally no less enthused by the prospect of bare-bum caning a teenaged girl, had taken to imitating the headmaster’s example, well aware that there would be little that gentleman could say against it in the circumstances.
Miss Wallis, the senior mistress, lodged frequent protests when word of clandestine ‘knickers-down’ punishments reached her, but the Headmaster usually invoked the ‘strike while the iron is hot’ excuse — in other words, that girls should be punished there and then, if caught in some breach of school rules — an argument which Miss Wallis treated with suspicion but didn’t quite dare to distain.
The hours after classes, then, when Miss Wallis would not normally be on hand when there was any ‘striking hot iron’ to be done, were much preferred by those members of staff, including the Headmaster, who wished to catch a girl ‘up to something’, for prowling the dormitory corridors on the lookout for a likely candidate. Miss Wallis’s irritating habit of locking the punishment room door after school and taking the key with her had led to an unauthorised but common use of the juniors’ changing rooms for most illicit punishments, the building being sufficiently distant from all others as to minimise the likelihood of noise ‘giving the game away’.
The changing room then, though staff members avoided speaking of it in connection with the use to which it was frequently put ‘after hours’, was understood to be the place to which misbehaving girls were taken on most nights of the week. It was in this changing room, therefore, that the ‘captured’ Lucy had been suffering the consequences of her high-spiritedness for the past fifteen minutes, at the hands of the scheming Mr White. With fifteen of the eighteen strokes she’d been promised glowing across her chubby, up-tilted bottom, Lucy was somewhat more than a little tearful.
‘Learning your lesson, Lucy?’  intoned the beady-eyed Mr White, his cane waggling menacingly a foot or so behind the girl’s flinching buttocks as he picked his spot for the next stroke.
‘S-sir — sir. Yessir — ooo-hooo!’ sobbed Lucy, groping frantically for where the last stroke had been whisked up under the plump underside of her cheeks. Her tucked under knees — tucked under the old, rickety desk which someone had conveniently arranged to be left there — squeezed fervently together and her bare toes curled under against the floor. Her pyjama pants draggled around one ankle though they’d only been taken down to mid thigh when she’d first been put over desk, and the upside-downness of the top half of her body when she’d been made to wriggle further and further across the uncomfortable desk top, had allowed her pyjama top to slip up round her shoulders and leave her full young breasts quite uncovered.
‘Put your hands in the middle of your back then.’ said Mr White, and Lucy reluctantly desisted from squeezing at her bottom and folded her hands up out of the way of the cane.
Her last three strokes were administered with meticulous wickedness to exactly the bits of her bottom that she would have to sit on in assembly next morning — Mr White ensuring that he would have something to amuse him during that most boring part of the school day, when he would be able to watch the girl easing her bottom this way and that on her chair as she tried to find a bit to sit on that didn’t remind her of her caning the previous evening.
While she wriggled still from these last strokes Mr White paced pompously up and down the narrow aisle between rows of clothes hooks, then when her sobbing had quietened sufficiently — and Mr White had adequately enjoyed the spectacle of his most recently attained ‘objective’ blubbering and rubbing ruefully at her caned bum — he allowed her to get to her feet, which she did with an unhappy pout and wide, wet-rimmed eyes.
‘Perhaps you’ll be in bed before lights out, if you hurry,’ said the Housemaster. Lucy licked tears from her lips and brushed at her cheeks with the back of a hand, her tear-filled eyes still on his, then she squatted uncertainly, not sure if she was being dismissed, and scooped up her pink-flowered pants.  She stood up again, half at attention, her young breasts pushing forward under her pyjama top and her thighs pressing close against each other. Childishly she swallowed — gulped really — and waited for confirmation that she could indeed go — pyjama trousers clutched in one hand while the other sneaked round to her bottom and squeezed convulsively at her hot-wealed bum-cheeks.
‘Run along,’ said the Housemaster and Lucy whispered ‘thank you sir,’ and stepped sideways, dubiously, to the door. The door handled turned, seemingly of its own accord, and Mr Folley, the Headmaster, bustled in.
‘Goodness!’ he said, eyebrows raised and glance swooping down to pubic level in time to catch a glimpse of honey-blonde hair at the base of Lucy’s belly before she snatched the hand holding her pyjamas across in front of her nakedness.
‘Oooh —’ bleated Lucy, cheeks flushing crimson at this fresh humiliation; the Headmaster turned to Mr White with a look of surprised contrition on his face.
‘Do beg your pardon, Mr White. ‘Fraid I hadn’t realised…’ he tailed off and followed the tender-looking glow of Lucy’s bum as she scuttled through the door and scampered along the corridor, her bottom waggling bouncily behind.
‘Just finished, Headmaster,’ said Mr White, his tone a little defensive… ’Did you want to…?’
The answer to his uncompleted question stood behind Mr Folley, one of the sixth form girls dressed in a distinctly non-uniform way in a pink one-piece blouse and shorts outfit, and that none too generously cut.
‘Er… yes. If that’s alright —?’
The Headmaster too seemed slightly on the defensive; he slipped the scissors, which he had in one hand, into the pocket of his jacket.
‘Of course,’ said Mr White, and stepped aside. The Hheadmaster took over occupancy of the room with less than his usual panache.
Biting her lip and with eyes averted, the girl followed, hovering just inside the doorway while Mr Folley said a rather embarrassed ‘Thank you’ and Mr White his eyebrows now raised in their turn, pulled the door shut behind him.


  1. Thanks so much Fleas. One of the many great things about your blog is that it makes me look for much much longer at girls who may not previously have got my priority attention.
    Here is just such a girl.
    I think her outfit is indeed lovely - especially after it has been trimmed close to her intimate parts which I would pay lots of personal attention to during punishments.

  2. She’s an undeniably pretty girl and the cutting of her clothes is undeniably erotic but where is the description? The narrative?

    Instead we get a description of Lucy’s caning - but, frustratingly again, no pictures of course!

    But more than that even without the narrative, where is the evidence of this as a caning? The girl is entirely unmoved and her buttocks unblemished. Where are the scorching stripes and the tears that would enhance her bottom and her pretty features so perfectly?

    Another example of Blushes being unable to deliver on its undeniably erotic ideas.

    1. Fortunately there are things you like on this blog Mdtears - Blushes more aimed at men of a certain disposition & you’re not a bloke - are you?

    2. Perhaps that's a fair point. Though I am surprised that anyone thinks that the absence of any evidence of actual payment isn't a let down.

    3. You can always save the pic and photo shop it to your hearts content if you have an artistic talent for that. For me the tragic look on her face and her young body is enough. The clothes cutting is a little silly I think; why not just get her to undress?

    4. Yes, I quite agree. I would have had the elderly disciplinarian gentleman gradually undressing her and feeling her up in preparation for the cane. If I'm not mistaken that very fetching 'playsuit' number is designed for ease of access to a pretty young female wearer's charms.

    5. Well the great advantage of certain one piece outfits is that the young woman, whilst baring her bottom properly for punishment, must shamefully expose far more of herself than she would ever want to.

  3. Bob here.
    As you say,she is a pretty girl,Milady
    de Larmes and I do like many of the photos of her in the post above,but I do find myself in full agreement with your comments.

  4. Hello both.
    Thought I might reignite another little fire under the charming Hilary Marsden in 'Visit from the Inspector' (September 18). It might not be to your tastes but I value your views Bob and Milady.

  5. This is yet another excellent story from the Whispers stable.
    Does anyone out there know who actually wrote it?

  6. I don't actually think that much of the story but the photos on the other hand...For my money, this was the most beautiful girl who ever appeared in a Blushes publication, not just pretty and with a great body but also with that wonderful, haunted, 'resigned to punishment' look about her. These pictures are fabulous. I don't really need to see much overt evidence of a caning as such. The girl, the mood, the clothing and the fantastic kneeling on a stool, with arms folded behind back posture says it all for me. Of course, it also helps that this girl for me will always be the lovely Joanna from 'Girl Training 1998' just as the chap she appears with in these pictures will always be the redoubtable George Canford from the same superb story.

  7. As someone once mentioned to me in a private conversation also, you can't help wondering where this delightful young lady is now. Also what does she now look like? I can't help thinking she's probably a very well-preserved and still sexy looking mature lady. I wonder if she's aware of how iconic these long ago pictures of her have now become in certain circles? Maybe just another modelling job at the time without much thought to posterity but here she is now in the age of the internet living on in ways she probably could never have imagined. The thought comes to me also, however - she's still not too old for discipline.

  8. Bob here.
    Well said,Inspector Rudkin.It is great
    that we can value different opinions
    and preferences and perspectives,etc.
    Even if a mag is not one's personal
    favourite,it does not mean you cannot
    find things in a certain issue or story
    that don't still grab you.I think the
    photos are really good in this post and
    the girl is gorgeous.I agree with most
    of what Milady de Larmes said about this post in terms of the text but that
    doesn't mean I can't enjoy the highly
    erotic photography.
    My own "mag of preferred choice ",so to speak is Janus,but I for one would never assume that a great story,photo,cover or article can only be great or worthwhile if it is from Janus.The world is full of great cp material from lots of sources.
    And let's face it;regardless of our individual faves,every single cp mag ever printed was/still is way more fun and engaging than Vogue,Hello,and plenty
    of other periodicals.
    Cp mags are fantastic erotic entertainment,whichever one/s we might prefer.

  9. I just think that she is so appealing because she seems ripe for impregnation.

    1. Thanks for getting straight to the point as ever Michael. I assume that to always be a central part of punishment as a sure means of compounding their discomfort

    2. Quite so Michael. One of the most delicious Blushes girls so ripe for both a well deserved thrashing and a punitive screwing. As to impregnation there was one particularly memorable Blushes story set in a future society where young females were sent away to be trained. One high official had a particular thing for 'putting buns in their ovens'.

    3. Subject for a Survey part 1 and 2. One of my favourite girls too. Screaming for both cane and after treatment.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yes a very pretty, and therefore very deserving, young lady. I liked the way that many Blushes stories made it clear that the gentlemen wouldn't bother using any kind of protection. So not only does she have to face the ignominy of being screwed by an unappealing older chap she has to also worry about the aftermath. Imagine what it must be like for her with his heavy body on top of her grunting and heaving as she frantically counts back the days to her last period. I dare say that she would be much less likely to engage in illicit intercourse with a good looking younger fellow after such an experience.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Yes Sophie, as she was here, was 'fortunate' enough to appear in a number of Blushes stories. She looked particularly caneable in Green Gables 3, filling out a pair of stockings very prettily as Elaine and put smartly through her paces by Mr Abbott. Very good use for a Sony Walkman for those who remember such a thing!

    8. Yes Anonymous, I remember 'Sophie' well as she had more than a passing resemblance to a girl I was sweet on at the time. I did not make much headway with her so as you can imagine I got quite a bit of vicarious pleasure seeing her fantasy counterpart being put through her paces.

    9. Marco I am surprised, given how much of a burden unmarried mothers are on the exchequer, that some forward thinking politician has not had the vision to propose a scheme like this. Females of that age are at the mercy of their hormones and thus of handsome young sweet talkers. A couple of sessions with a portly older gentleman utterly unconcerned with their pleasure would certainly keep them on the straight and narrow. Perhaps once we are free from the shackles of Brussels and all this tosh about 'human rights' we might see some developments along those lines?

    10. Yes Harold, it was always a pleasure to imagine overly arrogant young ladies of your own acquaintance (or indeed as suggested on this site young lady 'celebrities') under the care and guidance of Green Gables or St Angela's. A few weeks there would have knocked any hoity toity ideas out of them. Difficult to be overly snooty when you're dancing round the room holding a scorched backside with tears rolling down your pretty face isn't it young lady?

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. I am very much struck by the fact that since the demise of Blushes and Bunbeatingfun the number of young ladies with big ideas has seemed to grow exponentially. Without the calming influence of older gentlemen willing to make the necessary effort to take them in hand their arrogance and vanity becomes quite unbearable. To that end I have been making my own little contribution in the form of a blog over on bdsmlr. (I hope Fleas doesn't mind my little plug and I would greatly appreciate his feedback) The main one Total Control ( is devoted to the principles of corporal punishment and male domination while the other one New Moral Order ( details a future utopia, very much modeled on some Blushes themes in which we have regained the whip hand and female wickedness is appropriately dealt with.

  10. Bob here.
    Re: the "where are they now" element,as mentioned by Anonymous.
    I too frequently ponder over this point.Most of these women would now be
    in their fifties,but still pretty glamorous,I expect.Some may remember their modelling days with affection and a giggle,others might not have thought
    about those times for many,many years.
    Wouldn't it be lovely if any of those
    wonderful women would at least grant the odd online interview or article and
    talk about her life and career past and present.As far as I can tell,only a few
    girls ever have.Obviously,the lovely Paula Meadows has offered us some thoughts and reflections,also,I think,Pandora Blake,Adele Haze and Nikki Flynn.
    I don't think that there have ever been
    any comments or memories from the likes of Antonia Du Bois,Wendy East,or Nicola
    Redway,alas--at least not as far as I am aware of.Guess most of these ladies
    Will remain frozen in time for us fans
    in the glorious photosets of the past.
    At all events,their contributions to the world of spanking will always ours to admire and enjoy and wherever they are and whatever they are doing these
    days,I hope they are well and happy.

    1. I'd very much like to see something like this - though obviously I'd like to see them shoot one last spanking scene!

    2. Janus did feature fascinating interviews with both Antonia Du Bois and Nicola Redway as well as a number of others (sadly not Wendy East though) which will appear in future posts here.

    3. The Interview Series - later The Janus Interview I think. Sometimes highly erotic others rather dull. But always accompanied by a good spanking!

  11. Bob here.
    What a scene that might make indeed,Anonymous.

    Step forward,Antonia.You too,Wendy.
    Be parient,Nicola.Soon be your turn.
    That's right,ladies.Here at the "50+ but fit for punishment club" we firmly
    believe that being "a big girl now " is no excuse for being exempt from strict
    discipline.I feel sure that you will all benefit from the experience.

    Oh well...we can but dream,eh ?

  12. Bob here.
    Thanks fleas63 for filling us all in regarding
    interviews with Antonia Du Bois,etc.
    Really looking forward to seeing them.