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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Tales from the Rod 2 part 2

The second story from Tales from the Rod 2
The second segment was released as Mrs Armstong, which we will review [can’t find it if they did]. It features the actress Sarah Jane Hamilton. We hope you share our view that this maddeningly erotic actress should be spanked each and every day, by somebody, anybody, by a machine.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. Lovely girl. But sadly, rather 'under-whalloped' if you were to ask me.

  2. The domme was in a previous movie fleas ...

  3. Bob here.
    Agree with you,Milady de Larmes.She is a fantastic girl but her punishment was
    inadequate.Not sure that the chap "doing his duty" was really all that convincing,to be honest.
    I thought the other woman was rather attractive,too.Perhaps she would have made the girl's caning more memorable
    than this fellow did.Guess we will never know.

  4. Don't recall seeing this video. Thanks for posting it.

    Did a google on Sarah Jane Smith, she was talking to fans on this page I found It's a bit old but what the hey.

    The other woman was in College classics 5. She takes a lovely OTK also in it along with a good leather paddling and bent over caning near the end of the video.