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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Tales from the Rod 1 part 2

The second story from Tales from the Rod 1
MF/2f; time: 19 minutes
Early Calstar, the actor Michael Dawes, thin, and still with a full head of curly hair (kempt!) and here, just a spanker and not yet the meticulous disciplinarian we admire him for when he became ubiquitous in Calstar films. This video feels like incomplete filler made with models who wouldn’t go all the way, CP-style. Dawes plays a photographer shooting two tarty girls, who he persuades to do some spanking poses for an extra £50. The two, a blonde and a redhead, spank each other OTK, pants in various stages of removal. Dawes takes over and spanks the blonde a lot harder, but both girls giggle. A strap appears which they use on each other. Dawes snaps away, is satisfied and hires them for an additional £300 to make a video.
Later, on the same photographer’s set, in the same outfits, with their bottoms still red from the still shots, a sleek brunette in a latex outfit joins the cast and spanks both girls. They are recording on film now, so they squawk appropriately.
The brunette domme says: ‘Are you ready for something bigger now?’ We would think the answer to that question would always be ‘yes,’ but in this case she is referring to a larger tawse. The tawse and a strap make some impressive marks on pretty flesh. The brunette is good at this.
The two dollies turn on their brunette disciplinarian, get her dress up and white pants down quickly for a brief and not memorable handspanking, and that’s where we end, unfulfilled.
Part 1:
Part 2:

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