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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Tales from the Rod 1 part 1

The first story from the first of three Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar compilation videos that had two separate unrelated stories in each volume.
2M/f; time: 28 minutes
One of the earliest of this series of films. At his estate, a young lord is furious when his beautiful blond wife Juliette flirts with the gardening staff, and she is going to get spanked for it. He flourishes a book, a history of the Rod, and she is to experience a few of the techniques described therein. There follows a delicious little struggle, as she protests, but he gets her OTK and her skirt up for an ineffectual handspanking on black panties. She is in all black — garter belt, stockings, panties, and high heels, and apparently doesn’t go to their stables very often. He works her panties down, and we see mild lines from a caning — we think this scene was filmed after what follows below, but we are not fussy. Lovely lady, lovely bottom, and one of the sexiest struggles we have seen.
The lord can’t make an impression on Juliette, so he hires a professional disciplinarian. The expert confronts Ms Juliette, his considerable implements arrayed before him on the desk. He brandishes the cane: ‘I am an expert in disciplining women like you.’ She is amused. He explains his punishment will be in ‘two phases,’ then he describes three, ‘a good strapping, a good caning, and a good handspanking.’ Two phases, three phases, sounds good to us when you take a look at this lady.
The expert positions a chair with some pomp and Juliette is over his lap for a small strap, then skirt up and panties bunched for some harder strokes. When her pants come down: ‘That’s enough, sir.’ Hardly, my dear. He positions her reddening bottom very carefully, for the purpose of maximizing our view. She leans over a chair, pants at her ankles, for a very large menacing tawse. ‘Oww, sir, it hurts,’ but the strokes are moderate. He asks her to select a favourite implement, but she wisely declines and we have learned that’s good for us.
He gives her successive tastes of a floppy strap, a large tongue-shaped paddle, and about 10 loud cracks with a 24″ ruler. There is an awkward segue here — maybe Juliette called for a break. She has pulled up her panties and is leaning over the desk, straight-legged, in perfect position for more of the strap. The expert pulls her panties down again, slowly, and fondles his work. She is strapped with two other leather varieties. Another awkward scene change — she is grabbing her ankles bare-bottom for the cane. She receives six moderate strokes. These in fact are the lines we saw in the opening. She is finished. ‘Face me.’ A sweet little frontal glimpse. She has managed to keep her top on throughout. ‘I won’t be naughty to my husband anymore.’ One of the most genteel ladies you’ll see assume the position. Period clothing. Realistic mansion setting.
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Part 2:
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  1. Bob here.
    Nice movie.The girl is lovely and I love the way she holds her position
    when she takes her well deserved six of the best with dignity,respect and
    Truly a gentlewoman.

  2. She's certainly attractive but indeed like to have seen more of her face and a few tears. And the disciplinarian seemed to bumble and lacked any conviction or a real sense of authority.

  3. Bob here.
    Agree with you there,Anonymous.
    I love her proud,stoic behaviour,but a few more gasps and squeals (and tears)
    would have been welcome.
    And although not the worst disciplinarian I have ever seen in a movie,this chap is not going great and
    does indeed lack conviction.

  4. Not tough enough on her. She should have been made to kneel and kiss the cane - amongst other things- at the end. Pretty girl , deserved a harder time.

  5. Bob here.
    I do agree with you,Inspector Rudkin.
    She should have received a harder punishment,and a girl should always have to kiss every implement,both before and after it is used on her: hand,cane,tawse,etc.