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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Punishment Series 3 — Deborah

From Janus 40
The Huntswoman And The Debutante which appeared in Janus 33 proved to be an extremely popular photo-fantasy. Largely this was due to the delectable girl who played the part of Deborah. Seldom have we seen such a superb assembly of feminine attributes and our readers have told us so — in numerous letters! Naturally we couldn’t ignore public opinion, so we commanded her return. Here is the result: a few more photographs and an interview which in many ways… is different!
JANUS: How old are you?
JANUS: And unlike the ‘English rose’ role in which we cast you, you are in fact German?
DEBORAH: That’s right.
JANUS: What did you feel like as you prepared for the photographic session for Janus 33? Were you nervous, apprehensive?
DEBORAH: Neither of those. I was excited.
JANUS: Excited in what way?
DEBORAH: About doing something different. Because I had never worked for a magazine like this where it involved some spanking and things like that. I didn’t feel frightened or nervous.
JANUS: Had you been spanked before?
DEBORAH: Yes, but not in such a way as in Janus.
JANUS: You have been spanked in an erotic way?
JANUS: Were the clothes you wore for the session the sort you would normally wear? Did you enjoy wearing the clothes you wore for the session?
DEBORAH: I did enjoy wearing the clothes. I wear those clothes in the summer, yes.
JANUS: Did you tell any of your girlfriends that you were going to work for Janus and what was their reaction?
DEBORAH: I didn’t tell them.
JANUS: Did you tell your boyfriend?
DEBORAH: Yes, I told my boyfriend and he was very excited about it. And after the session, he was just waiting for the magazine to come out!
JANUS: You say he was excited, but was he excited because it was a chance to see you in the magazine or because you were going to have an experience of modelling that he felt might turn you on and he would benefit from it?
DEBORAH: He was excited at seeing me in the magazine. It did turn him on! But it was more of a sexual excitement at seeing me nude in a magazine rather than about the subject.
JANUS: How did you find the cropping you received? Painful? Sexy? Horrible?
DEBORAH: Partly, when we were doing it, it felt sexy, partly painful. I didn’t think it was horrible at all.
JANUS: In what way was it sexual?
DEBORAH: The thought behind it, and being surrounded by other people.
JANUS: How did you feel about being made to pose in such humiliating positions?
DEBORAH: I didn’t really think about it as humiliating — it was quite exciting. The whole thing was exciting.
JANUS: When you were made to kneel on the stool being humiliated by ‘Alice Fitzherbert’ how did you feel?
DEBORAH: I didn’t really feel that humiliated. It was a photo session so I didn’t really mind kneeling on that stool.
JANUS: How would you have felt if it was happening in real life?
DEBORAH: If it had happened in real life, I wouldn’t have allowed it to happen.
JANUS: What if you were in a situation where you had no choice?
DEBORAH: If I had no choice I would have gone through with it but I would have felt humiliated.
JANUS: Do you think it could be erotic to be humiliated? Could it be sexy?
DEBORAH: From my point of view, no!
JANUS: Were you ever punished at school?
DEBORAH: No, never.
JANUS: Were you ever punished for any reason other than sexual?
DEBORAH: I have been punished sexually. Mostly domination, but no pain involved.
JANUS: Just foreplay really?
DEBORAH: Yes, that’s right.
JANUS: This experience you have had presumably was with your current boyfriend?
DEBORAH: Yes, that’s correct. He tells me to do things in bed. He orders me to do sexual things.
JANUS: What about the actual punishing? How does that come into it?
DEBORAH: He slaps me.
JANUS: Does he ever strap you or cane you?
DEBORAH: No, it’s always his hand.
JANUS: When he is dominating you in this way is there ever a time when you are nude and he is dressed?
JANUS: He’s always nude as well?
JANUS: So it’s always in the context of sex itself?
JANUS: So the domination is mainly sexual domination: him telling you to do things in bed etc?
JANUS: How do you feel about being order-ed to do things? Do you like it?
DEBORAH: I like it. I feel it is more sexual. I like it from him.
JANUS: Do you like it generally or just from him?
DEBORAH: Not generally. It doesn’t happen all that often but it is nice when it happens and when we’re both in the mood for it. Or if, say, I’ve done something wrong and by 8 o’clock we’re both feeling horny he will say ‘I will punish you for so and so’ —whatever I’ve done that day. And he does. He spanks my bottom.
JANUS: When you get into those fantasy situations does he act in a different way than he normally does?
DEBORAH: He gets a deep voice. He is more nasty than he is normally.
JANUS: Does he become a different person?
DEBORAH: Sometimes he does, yes. I think it is not Peter anymore, but someone else.
JANUS: Do you ever imagine that he is not Peter but someone else, like it is some kind of role that he is acting out?
DEBORAH: I don’t think that he actually acts out a role. He acts more masculine and stronger than he actually is.
JANUS: Does he treat you differently?
DEBORAH: He calls me ‘the little girl’.
JANUS: When you were doing the Janus session, you were punished by a woman. How much had that figured in your fantasies, or had it?
DEBORAH: I have had experience with other women. Not as strong a domination as that but there has been domination and I did enjoy that. It’s a nice alternative.
JANUS: Does it always involve another woman dominating you or do you sometimes reverse the role?
DEBORAH: I reverse the roles sometimes. I like to dominate sometimes.
JANUS: What sort of things do you do when you are dominating another girl?
DEBORAH: It is mostly verbal, not so much physical. Maybe a bit of spanking.
JANUS: Do you enjoy doing that?
DEBORAH: I do enjoy that, yes.
JANUS: What is it about it that you enjoy?
DEBORAH: The power and the physical act. It gives me pleasure, the feeling of spanking them, and if they do it as well.
JANUS: Do you like to do it to younger girls or more feminine girls?
DEBORAH: More feminine girls.
JANUS: Could you do that to a woman who was older than you? Would you feel right?
DEBORAH: Oh yes. I have done so.
JANUS: Do you also dominate your boyfriend in the way that you have other females?
DEBORAH: Yes, I have tried.
JANUS: Does it work well for you?
DEBORAH: Not really. He tries to take over, reverse the roles.
JANUS: And you allow him to do that?
DEBORAH: Most of the time. He does it better than I do!
JANUS: Have you had any experience of dominating other men?
JANUS: Do you have other fantasies related to the subject of corporal punishment?
DEBORAH: Not really.
JANUS: Is that because you are more interested in sex?
DEBORAH: Yes. I would rather have nice, erotic sex than a domination/punishment session.
JANUS: Is the sex act always prefaced by a game of any sort?
DEBORAH: Just occasionally.
JANUS: When you are being spanked do you get any pleasure from the actual moment of impact or is it the psychological aspect? What does it do to you?
DEBORAH: I think that it’s the idea of being spanked that turns me on. When I am actually being spanked I take the pain because I know it is not going to last that long. But I think it is the domination side of it that I like.
JANUS: What about the tingling sensation from being spanked?
DEBORAH: The physical aspect does not excite me at all. It’s the mental side. I had a session once, it was a group scene where I was in a room with about ten women and five men and in one corner there was a girl being spanked and she loved it and everybody was going round in a queue and spanking her and that was something tremendous to sit and look at.
JANUS: Did you take part?
DEBORAH: No, I just sat in a chair and watched it.
JANUS: What turned you on about that? Was it the girl’s humiliation or punishment, or just the fact that you were able to observe something?
DEBORAH: There was just something incredible about sitting down and looking at a woman being spanked by all these different people.
JANUS: Voyeurism?
DEBORAH: Oh yes. It was amazing just sitting there watching all these different people spanking this girl. She cried out loud but she loved it really.
JANUS: What happened to her afterwards?
DEBORAH: She had sex.
JANUS: To come back to your session for Janus 33, what did you feel on your way home afterwards? Were you relieved that it was over or were you looking forward to another opportunity to be caned or cropped?
DEBORAH: When I was going home I was quite relieved but I looked forward to being at home to tell Peter, and I did look forward to the next session.
JANUS: You were intrigued by it all really?
JANUS: What did you think of the actual photographs that were published? Were you embarrassed or excited by them?
DEBORAH: They turned me on. I like them.
JANUS: Do you like them because you think you came across well or because of the sexual implications?
DEBORAH: Because I came across well.
JANUS: You did!


  1. Bob here.
    Another interesting interview with a
    Sweet looking young lady.Once again,some nice photos The first two
    of the final three shots would have made nice posters.Quite arty,in their way.
    Thanks for another interesting interview,fleas63.

  2. Gorgeous model. Has she done anything else ?