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Friday, 6 September 2019

Poll result: favourite magazine cover

Well it wasn't a huge turnout  78 people cast a total of 119 votes  but it was closely fought. And the winner, by a small but significant margin of 2 clear votes over its rivals, is the cover of Whispers 1. Got to love that playsuit.

Runner-up was Janus 39 showing the enduring popularity of the lovely Wendy East.

In joint third place were Blushes 8 (schoolgirl navy-blues), Janus 26 (tight high-waisted jeans and Moral Welfare), Janus 139 (schoolgirl Tara Duncan), and Roué 6 (bare bottom OTK).

Thanks to all who voted. I just hope my own expressed preference didn't influence the result, given how closely it matched. The full results are below. The rest of the covers can be found here.


  1. Not surprising really. For those of us of a certain age that particular young lady was something of an obsession following her appearance in Girl Training 1998. I am sure that many of us knew females of her type in real life and the hostility towards them that we secretly bore were directed towards this model. To see her so comprehensively humiliated was therefore particularly delicious.

    1. Well put Harold. Directing the hostility to the Blushes models a great accompaniment to being hostile to the young women we know in person - inside and out. When a young lady is sent to me for reform I always put her first in the waiting room where there is a good stack of Blushes magazines on the table right in front of her

  2. Bob here.
    Thank you,Fleas63,for this great cover poll.Although my personal favourite cover (Janus 39 ) didn't win,it did come in as runner up,which is great and
    does indeed indicate,as you say,the enduring popularity of the gorgeous
    Wendy East.Such a stunningly gorgeous
    young lady.A real case of once seen,never forgotten.
    The other winning covers were all great
    too.That photo on the cover of Janus 26
    is another one I have long admired.
    Always thought it would have looked great as a framed and classy poster in
    the reception area of a moral welfare
    Centre,as described in the story,or any other kind of establishment for the
    correction / training of young ladies,for that matter.

    1. Yes I love shots where the cane is a 'silent partner', it's role implied and the direction of travel clear. At the beginning of Reorientation Weekend the blond girl, Nicola Haydon, waits kneeling naked on her bed in the classic hands on head position. In the foreground we see a swishy cane and a stingy strap. In the background we see her friend Sophie being soundly dealt with over her Teacher's knee. It is both simple and enjoyable for the reader to 'join the dots'. Pretty 'under the thumb' girl, cane, bed, I think we all know where Nicola's evening will end...

  3. Yours was a good choice Fleas63.
    Maybe you should re-run the full set of pictures which go with the cover. The ones where she is having her clothes ‘altered’ with scissors

  4. 78 is an excellent turnout. Quite a community as I’m sure many people didn’t vote & others know your site and return regularly without leaving a mark

  5. I'm surprised how even the polling was. Supplement 8 deserves a few votes; the scene was great, but maybe the choice of attire didn't match it; bare foot and a few scanty rags may have looked better.

    1. Yes in the full coal cellar sequence we do see her get pretty well covered in coal dust and the clothes come off.

  6. Bob here.
    I to am a big fan of those 'silent partner' photos,Inspector Rudkin,as you
    may recall from some of my previous comments here.I think 'silent partner'
    is a great phrase to describe those sort of almost..dare one say..artistic
    shots.Not to say one doesn't enjoy thr raunchier 'action'photos as well,of course.

    1. Yes indeed Bob and raunchier action photos with Nicola on her back waving her shapely legs in the air is exactly where we end up. I'd like to imagine the little bitch got properly seen to after her well deserved strapping.

  7. Fleas 78 people! That's not a bad sized community mate.

    1. Yes, it's a decent turnout, but with the blog getting 10,000+ pageviews a day I expected a few more. A lot of "lurkers" out there ;)

  8. Bob here.
    I agree with with Michael that 78 was not too bad a turnout.I do,of course see your point too.Don't be discouraged.The notion of running polls
    here is still pretty new and some folks
    will and some folks won't participate,but we need to allow some time for the idea of doing polls to catch on.
    In the meantime,we should all continue to encourage the lurkers that this superb blog is a warm,intelligent,witty,fun,inclusive and ever growing community of diverse and fascinating opinions...and,as we all know,thanks to your efforts,a fantastic resource of most of the greatest spanking fiction,art and articles that were ever printed and published anywhere in the world.
    So let us all continue to do our best to support this blog and encourage all
    lurkers to join in and participate in our fabulous,insightful and above all,welcoming community.