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Friday, 13 September 2019

Piano Discipline

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.06
Monica’s new piano teacher, Mr Andrew Shalbert, had been very highly recommended by one of her mother’s friends. Apparently he had studied the piano at the Paris Conservatoire, and was now an exceptional teacher. Monica was already quite good and was keen to reach as high a level as possible. And she had the time to pursue it now. She and Edward had married nine months ago and Edward had a good job, he was an accountant, so Monica didn’t need to work and wasn’t planning to. She wanted to concentrate on the piano.
Sarah Malving, her mother’s friend, said the only thing was that Mr Shalbert was a bit of a disciplinarian. ‘Well, something of a martinet one could say,’ she added. Sarah Malving’s eyes had widened expressively. ‘You have to do what he wants. He can be very… ah… forceful.’
Monica didn’t enquire further about this. About this so-called forcefulness. Maybe she should have? But she didn’t foresee any problem. She assumed she would be happy to do whatever Mr Shalbert wanted.
But Monica hadn’t met Mr Shalbert yet.
When she did she immediately had some idea of what her mother’s friend had meant. Mr Shalbert was a well-built man with handsome grey hair, in his late fifties probably, with rather piercing blue-grey eyes. It was those eyes especially that struck you, or certainly struck Monica. They seemed to go right through her. Right through her light summer dress certainly. As if they could strip everything away and leave her helpless… and nude….
She found herself blushing under his frank and unwavering gaze. He had conducted her through into this splendid drawing room which had a concert piano to one side. His house, set in spacious grounds, was on the edge of the village and quite isolated. Monica had driven over from the nearby town where she and Edward were buying a small new house and her car was parked outside on the wide gravel turning area. Now standing in here with Mr Shalbert she had a panicky feeling of wanting to be back in her own house, or at least in the security of her little Peugeot. It was silly of course…
She forced herself to concentrate. He was asking about her piano work, in a cultured, urbane voice with just the trace of a European accent. Her answers weren’t coming out very articulately, and she realised her own voice sounded stilted and strained. It was ridiculous. She was just being stupid.
He smiled and turned, to go over to the piano. Sitting down he began effortlessly to play some Chopin. Then he abruptly stopped. Without turning round to her he said, ‘Lift up your skirt, Mrs Daltry. I’m sure you have very lovely legs. Lift it right up, round your waist.’
She was stunned. Standing there several paces behind him, Monica was unable to believe her ears.
Still not turning he said, ‘It’s a test. Of discipline, and also obedience. Because if I am going to work with you I shall require complete co-operation and obedience. So I am testing you. I repeat: lift your skirt up round your waist.’
Now he was turning on the piano stool, to face her. Monica could feel her cheeks burning, and her legs had a rubbery feeling. Trying to keep calm she made herself do it. Her hands numbly going to the hem of her pastel-coloured cotton dress and lifting it. As she did so she recalled that she hadn’t worn a slip, as it was a warm afternoon. So there was not much underneath. Just a black suspender belt fastening her white stockings, and a pair of very brief pale blue knickers.
‘Keep going,’ Mr Shalbert observed. ‘Right up round your waist….’
Face scarlet, she did it. Holding the dress high up round her waist. Mr Shalbert’s steely eyes were unwavering, focused it seemed on the bulge of her pussy in the tight little knickers. Somehow Monica forced herself to stand still…
‘Very good,’ he said after what seemed like an eternity. ‘That’s good. You can drop your skirt. Now come here and play something for me.’
She stumbled forward and clumsily sat on the stool. She was in no shape to play even the simplest thing.
‘Was that a big effort, Mrs Daltry? Monica…’
She stuttered out a heartfelt yes.
He laughed lightly. ‘You have lovely legs. In fact you’re a very lovely young woman altogether.’
Mr Shalbert’s hands came down softly on her shoulders.
The hands on her shoulders squeezed slightly. ‘But in need of discipline I am sure…’
It left her all on edge afterwards. Unsettled and unable to concentrate, scarcely able to think straight.
When Edward got home he asked how it had gone and she said, ‘OK. Very good!’ Trying to sound upbeat and pleased but she wasn’t feeling that at all. Partly she was annoyed with herself for meekly doing what Mr Shalbert told her. Lifting her skirt like that. She should have refused, said it was a ridiculous request. But Monica had been quite incapable of that. Not when facing Mr Shalbert’s eyes. They had been almost hypnotic…
He hadn’t done anything else, or made any other embarrassing requests. But… what might he demand the next time? Monica felt herself almost trembling at the thought.
And so she was very edgy throughout the evening. Several times snapping at Edward for no reason. But things got better when it was time for bed. She realised she wanted sex. A good screwing. No doubt it was partly to reduce the tension. But as well as that… had Mr Shalbert got her a little bit aroused? By making her show herself like that. Because, well, it was almost like a sexual submission. Having to stand meekly in front of him and do his bidding…
Monica’s next visit was the next afternoon…
She almost wanted to phone with some excuse to say she couldn’t come. It was ridiculous of course, she should be looking forward to her first proper lesson. But now she had this awful thing in her mind. What if he made the same request — or instruction? Could she refuse? Did she have the strength of will? Monica thought of those eyes… and felt weak.
She thought, well, at least she could wear something else under her dress. A slip or petticoat. But it wouldn’t make any difference if he was simply going to tell her to lift it up. And anyway wasn’t that negative thinking, when she was going to refuse any such request. Or she was trying to tell herself she would. So… as it was hot again she wore the same as before. Just a dress over her knickers and bra, with high heels and stockings and suspender belt again.
It started off alright. Or as well as she could expect. Mr Shalbert was courteous and charming. Ushering her in and then discussing pieces she knew. Then he asked her to play. He went over to sit at the table to listen. And of course Monica was very nervous…
She was aware of it affecting her playing. She could hear it. She was missing notes, and her phrasing was awful. She stopped for a moment and offered an embarrassed apology. Mr Shalbert didn’t answer. She began again…
After some minutes he asked her to stop. He was coming over, to stand behind her. He asked her to stand.
Getting up she felt it: a rising tingle of panic. He was going to bawl her out or something. Instead…
His two hands cupped her bottom. Intimately cupping under each ripe cheek with just her thin cotton dress and brief knickers between his hands and her bare flesh.
As she gasped he said, ‘Have you ever had it caned, Monica? This very shapely bottom. Or been given some other form of physical discipline? Because I think that is what you need….’
She spluttered something, and lurched away. He told her sharply to stand still.
‘You are in need of discipline, Monica. When I tell you to stand I expect just that. That you stand still. Yes, I fear you may have a complete lack of self-discipline. Which no doubt is a major contributor to that quite awful performance a few minutes ago.’
The hands were still holding her bottom. They jiggled the cheeks. ‘I think I shall have to treat you like a young schoolgirl, Monica. Do you understand me?’
It was dreadful. Worse than last time. He hadn’t yet made her lift her skirt but he was threatening much worse. Caning her bottom! And the fact was that a helpless young schoolgirl was just what she felt like. Up before some authoritarian headmaster, who could do just what he liked with her. And would
‘Shall we have your dress off then? And have you bending over the table?’
It was impossible! He was proposing to actually do it! This couldn’t be happening. But if it was… she should tell him not to be silly. She wasn’t a helpless schoolgirl, she was a married woman. And she wasn’t possibly going to do such a thing…
With a final squeeze Mr Shalbert let go of her bottom. In that quiet but firmly authoritarian voice he told her to go over the table. Monica meekly complied, on legs that didn’t seem to belong to her. She felt like crying. He shouldn’t be ordering her around like this, but she was meekly doing whatever he said. Letting him squeeze and fondle her bottom. And now…
‘Alright, Monica. Shall we have the dress off please?’
Holding onto the table for support, as if her legs were going to collapse at any second, Monica did find her tongue.
‘No! I ca…can’t do that. I just want the p…piano lessons. Not…not…’
‘Look at me,’ he ordered quietly but firmly. ‘What I am going to do is entirely for your own good. To advance you need to improve greatly your self-discipline. Control is everything with the instrument. Receiving a little corporal punishment will give you the necessary training. Can you understand that?’
Monica weakly shook her head. But now it wasn’t just that imperious voice, she now had to face those magnetic eyes, looking right into her. She couldn’t face that gaze and despairingly looked away.
‘I told you to look at me, Monica? Do you find that so difficult?’
‘Ye…yessss…’ She was close to tears. Close to becoming a blubbing schoolgirl.
‘Well it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Control. You have no control. And that is what we are going to work on. Yes? So take your dress off, And do it now.’
She was doing it. Because she didn’t have any choice, any free will. There was just the feeling of being completely in the control of Mr Shalbert. Almost as if he had hypnotised her. All those thoughts she had had of what she was going to do and not do, they had come to nothing at all. Because here she was taking her dress off. Her pretty summer dress. Not just lifting it up round her waist like last time but taking it right off. So that Mr Shalbert could cane her. He was going to cane her bottom. It was  unthinkable… but it was happening. She was letting it happen. Like a helpless schoolgirl.
She got the dress off. Clumsily, her hands and fingers not working properly, undoing the buttons, then stepping out of it. Underneath she was very scantily clad of course. She had worn white stockings again, with a narrow black suspender belt. A white lacy see-through bra, and very brief matching knickers. That was all. Monica had the desperate urge to cover herself, with her hands and arms, but Mr Shalbert told her to stand up straight.
Those eyes were frankly appraising her body. Her full tits in the skimpy bra, with her ripe nipples clear to see. And the bulge of her pussy in the tight and scanty pants.
‘Good. And I think we’ll have the knickers off too…’
Her hands were meekly obeying. The little knickers were coming down. To expose her completely. Her bottom and pussy anyway. Her bottom… which was going to be caned. And her pussy… her hand was covering it again but Mr Shalbert told her to take it away. Stand up straight. He was coming in close.
‘Another thing we will have to talk about is sex, Monica. Your sexual activity. Fucking. You are a married woman and your husband no doubt has his demands. And I expect you have your own need for it too.’
She shuddered. His hand was at her pussy. His fingers sliding in between her legs. In along the lips with their protection of soft furry hair.
‘Everything is inter-related of course. Artistic performance and physical needs. And with a healthy young woman her sexual activity… the fact that she is getting fucked regularly… and how often… it is all very relevant.’
His hand which had got her gasping came away. ‘But we won’t go into those details now, my dear. Now we need the cane. Your first taste of it I imagine. Can you bend over the table. Lie yourself across the top.’
The caning was dreadful. Worse than you could ever imagine. Not that Monica had had any time to think about it, when she had come out this afternoon she had had no idea… No conception that in no time at all she would be here. Spread over this table. With the fierce THWATTTT… of that whippy bamboo slicing into her bottom. Her nude bottom which was over the table’s edge, involuntarily thrust out, a ripe offering…
The pain of it, a red-hot stinging… she was yelling out. Because it was unbearable.
But it wasn’t just the pain, there was the whole thing. The mortification. Humiliation. Having abjectly to submit like this. Lying virtually naked across the polished table. Her legs squirming and jerking. And with nothing on, no knickers, she was displaying everything as she jerked and writhed. Monica’s sex. Her cunt. Completely on show for those eager, piercing eyes.
She had a long soak in the bath when she got home. Just lying there, her mind floating. Feeling dead. Whacked out. How was she going to face Edward? What was she going to tell him? And Mr Shalbert… he wanted her round there tomorrow afternoon. For more of the same no doubt. She couldn’t go…
Somehow Monica did manage to face Edward. Without just breaking down and blurting it all out. Somehow she managed to say yes, she had had a very good lesson, and Mr Shalbert was quite pleased with her.
That part was almost true. Mr Shalbert had said he was pleased. But he hadn’t meant her playing. He had meant the way she had submitted on the table. That cane. Which had got even worse later. He had changed her position to an even more awful one. Getting her up on the table on her back. With her legs up above her. A position that really displayed everything…
Monica did go again the next afternoon, though part of her wanted to phone and say she was ill. Or even maybe say she thought she couldn’t continue any more. Actually she didn’t really consider that option, just thought of the possibility. Well for one thing she was telling Edward that everything was fine and she was doing very well. And another thing was… had part of her actually got a little thrill from it?
Could that be possible? The thought might seem fantastic but was it possible, that a little part of her had! She might have got an actual turn-on at having to submit to Mr Andrew Shalbert! This older, sophisticated man who was cultured and charming but at the same time a tyrannical disciplinarian. Was it conceivable?
What he had done was quite impossible and utterly hateful — but could Monica also have got a thrill from it! No, it wasn’t conceivable. Was it?
So anyway Monica went again the next afternoon, which was Wednesday. Trembling and rather panicky again, but doing her best to keep control. And actually it wasn’t so bad, in one way at least. Although in another it was pretty awful.
He didn’t try to cane her again, or even make her display herself. She had been expecting, and fearing, something of that — and trying to tell herself she would refuse to co-operate this time. But anyway it didn’t happen. But there was something else, in its own way just as bad.
Questions. Awful embarrassing questions that he forced her to answer. About sex. Continuing that theme he had touched on last time, about artistic performance and physical needs being strongly related. Now he wanted details…
Standing behind her as she sat at the piano and with those big male hands on her shoulders. Mr Shalbert asked how often she and Edward did it. How often they fucked.
‘I need a straightforward and completely frank answer, Monica. That is another thing of course, you must be completely frank, completely honest…’
It was again impossible that he could insist on answers to such questions — but she was haltingly answering. Three or four times a week…
‘That is quite a high rate, Monica. And do you respond fully each time? Do you always have an orgasm? Do you come?’
She was answering that too. ‘U…usually… yes…’
‘So you are quite highly sexed, would you say? And what about last night. You had sex…?’
Yes they had.
‘Mmmm… I wonder, Monica. Were you possibly more responsive than usual? After being caned. That can heighten a young woman’s response of course. Having her bottom caned can make her extra responsive…’
He made her reply to that. And the fact was that she had been extra responsive with Edward. Had it been a result of being caned? Or the general agitation and emotion which her visit to Mr Shalbert had generated.
Monica was agitated now. It wasn’t only this awful questioning. Mr Shalbert’s hands had now moved down from her shoulders. Onto her breasts. His hands were mounding and squeezing her tits…
There was another visit the next afternoon, Thursday. Monica had been every afternoon this week. That friend of her mother who had recommended Mr Shalbert, Sarah Malving, had phoned the previous evening asking how things were going. And when Monica said a carefully controlled, ‘Very well thank you,’ had asked, ‘He’s not being too much of a tyrant?’
Did Mrs Malving have direct experience of Mr Shalbert’s methods? Could she guess what Monica was undergoing?
Monica had forced a nervous laugh. ‘No… No…’
On Wednesday just before she left he had said that for this next session he wanted her in a more formal dress. Something she might wear for a recital. He wanted to hear her play something in a more formal setting.
That was enough to make Monica doubly nervous of course. She chose her full-length shimmery blue dress which had an off-the-shoulder top. With black stockings and black patent leather high heels. Matching black underwear…
Mr Shalbert was complimentary when in his drawing room she apprehensively removed her coat.
‘A beautiful dress! You look lovely!’
And then he said, ‘And I would like your knickers off too. I assume you are wearing them. It is to give you the sense of being controlled. The feeling of being ready to receive chastisement if it is deemed necessary.’
Monica briefly met those steely eyes and looked away. She could feel colour flooding to her cheeks. But she was obeying. Pulling up the skirt of her dress. And sliding down her knickers.
Mr Shalbert took the black silk knickers from her…
Monica sat down and began to play, but it was impossible to concentrate. For one thing she was ultra-conscious of having nothing on under her skirt. And Mr Shalbert’s remark about being ready to receive chastisement. He hadn’t caned her yesterday but he was going to today. She just knew he was! That was why he had her knickers off…
It was quite impossible to concentrate on her playing when all she could think about was that.
After not too long Mr Shalbert told her to stop. Despairingly she said, ‘I’m sorry…’
‘Your mind’s not on it.’
‘No. No…oooo’ she admitted.
‘Why is that?’
Monica hesitated — and then stammeringly told him. She had that awful sense of being completely in his control so that if he asked something she had no option but to tell him. She said she was thinking about being caned…
‘Well in that case I’d better give you something,’ he said.
He took her through into the other room which had a long divan seat under the window. He said he wasn’t going to cane her this time. He was going to spank her bare bottom…
Mr Shalbert had taken off his jacket and was sitting down on the divan. He told Monica to pull her dress up round her waist. And then get over his lap.
It didn’t hurt like the cane of course but in some ways it was just as bad. His big hand intimately cracking down on her bare bottom!
Just like the caning it was devastating. Her poor bottom being plundered by his ravaging hand! Moans and yelps were erupting from her slack mouth. Her hips were writhing uncontrollably.
When the hard spanks at last stopped Mr Shalbert put his hand in between her legs. Taking hold of Monica’s cunt.
‘From what we learnt yesterday, my dear… you have a strong sexual appetite…’
His fingers were manipulating her cunt. Monica shuddered…
Some minutes later she was standing on trembly legs, and taking off her dress…. And then her bra… Standing now in just the suspender belt and stockings and her high heels.
A little while later she had nothing on at all. She was lying on the divan now. Completely nude…
And a little bit later, or Monica thought it was just a little bit later, she was kneeling on the carpet. She was completely nude still. Mr Shalbert was sitting on the divan now. He was clothed but his smart grey trousers were unzipped.
Monica was kneeling between his spread thighs. She was sucking his large erect penis…


  1. Good looking young lady, very trim in her stockings and heels. Like the silent menace of the whippy cane on the shiny table as she strips. One of my favourite girls and often to be found in, and out of, uniform.

  2. Bob here.
    Certainly a most attractive young lady.Agree with Anonymous about liking
    "the silent Menace of the whippy cane.."in some of the photos.

  3. At her best naked so everything can be fully got at

  4. Yes, the silent menace indeed. That's why it's important that the first time one canes a girl one does so properly. That way the mere sight of it is generally enough to ensure her co-operation. Not that that should stop one from using it afterwards of course!

    1. Yes, Harold, but it is important that on occasion one doesn't use it also. Just so she can be given that sliver of a hope that if she is 'a very, very good girl' she might be spared the cane's agonies afterwards, a hope which, more often than not, can then be quite devastatingly denied. Always keep them guessing.

    2. I quite agree. The main point is to keep their tiny little minds in a constant state of anxiety. That way they don't ge full of silly ideas and opinions.

    3. Quite so, Harold. There's nothing more offensive to me than a little lady with far too much to say for herself. They need that hoity-toityness ruthlessly drained out of them, and we all know the means by which this is done. That haunted, frightened look we saw so often in the pages of Blushes publications is so very appealing.

    4. Too true especially when those silly ideas and opinions include nonsense about 'rights' and 'choice'. Too many young ladies these days have had their heads filled with this sort of rot with consequences that are plain for all to see. No, young lady, you will take down those knickers whenever I decide and for whatever purpose or you'll be sorry!

    5. Too true Harold. Any nonsense about 'rights' is quickly removed when their pretty posteriors feel the white hot kiss of a dozen strokes with 3' of stingy rattan. The post punishment should reinforce the 'Big ideas don't make big girls' with publicly and ruthlessly enforced 'bringing down a peg or two'. Corner time, lines and 'hands on head' are all good for this, as are the imposition of uniform wearing, early bedtimes and dunces hats. Under the thumb from morning to night should be the regime.

    6. Talk persuasively and regularly to your young lady about the cane, tell her it is something all girls of her age should have. If available get an older female friend or relative involved in building up the pressure, phrases like 'we all have to have it', 'it did me no harm', and 'don't be awkward dear' all help. Young ladys should have the cane on a regular basis and if she hasn’t had it at all you will need to give it to her quite hard. But she must remember that it is for her own good. Has she got that, make her repeat it several times.
      First of all she is going to have it with her knickers on. In a little while she will have to take her knickers down and have it on her bare bottom but first of all it will be over her knickers. That will allow her bottom to be acclimatised to a certain extent before she gets it on the bare. Has she got that too? Again make her repeat that, no 'silent sufferers', a girl must be pushed to acknowledge her reluctant acquiescence to events.
      At that point most young lady's can only nod dumbly, not good enough, make her talk. Take the cane from the bed, tell her to lift her skirt up round her waist and bend over. With her hands on her knees. Sticking her bottom nicely out. Yes it is like a dream… but then the dreamlike sensation is abruptly broken as the cane zips into her bottom.
      Oh Christ! She will feel like a red-hot poker has been applied to her tender rear. As her slightly bent knees almost buckle with the shock sharply tell her to keep still. The cane whips in again, tears before bedtime, perfect.

  5. Bob here.
    You should indeed always keep a girl guessing as it sharpens them up splendidly.Will they get the cane,or will they not ? That will be all the more the focal point for their thoughts
    if you allow them such a privilege as to think that sometimes..just sometimes...they might escape a hot,stinging bottom for the odd day or night.Or how about this: allow the little wench to choose her owe fate.
    Place six identical envelopes in front of her.They each contain a punishment slip bar one,which has a (very) small
    reward slip (a promise of a single chocolate,say + exemption from punishment for one or two days.The length of exemption is for you to decide,of course) sealed inside.
    The girl must choose one envelope.She
    will only have one chance in six at avoiding severe punishment,as the other envelopes will all contain whatever selection of implement and quantity of strokes you have decided for her.
    You could play this game with her once
    or twice a week or month.That is all up to you.If the girl refuses to pick an envelope,you pick one for her,explaining that the punishment it contains is doubled (or halved if it happens to be a reward slip).
    The girl will be on edge every time you make her choose.Inevitably,she may'win'
    sometimes and you should honour this.
    It is,after all,only a very small victory for the girl,and you can store
    up your own disappointment by punishing
    her all the more vigorously the next time she picks an envelope that contains a punishment slip.

    Oh the anxiety! Oh the fear! Which envelope should she choose ?
    Which ?!!
    Decisions, decisions...

    1. An interesting idea, Bob. Yes, that could be done on most days of the week depending on how many 'rewards' the young lady in question wins. Of course, there's nothing to stop we chaps surreptitiously removing the 'reward' slip from its envelope whenever it pleases us to do so. That would certainly amuse me, knowing that despite her thoughts to the contrary she has no chance of avoiding punishment. Of course, she may very well know that there is a chance that the 'reward' slip has been removed but she can never know for sure. On the other hand, there may be occasions when she is deserving of punishment independent of this system. In such cases I do not think a 'reward slip' can be allowed to take precedence.

    2. Quite right. False hope is a terrific way to get a girl in line. I also think random punishments for no specific reason are a good idea. If she begs to know why you are punishing her then simply tell her that you know that if she hasn't already misbehaved she will soon so you are just getting the punishment in first.

    3. All good ideas and play to the point that psychology rather than physical threat is the key driver here. A young lady should be kept constantly 'on her toes' through the imposition of ever changing rules on dress, deportment, manners and behaviour with the threat of a sound caning or strapping always in the background and often in the foreground. She should expect no explanation as to the frequency or severity of her punishments with a curt 'because you need it' sufficient. The key to success is to maximise the humiliation, thus punishments in front of others (particularly friends or family) are so much more powerful. Almost as good is 'persuading' her to describe her disciplinary regime to others or telling her loudly, and in a public place, what she is due on her return home..

    4. Absolutely. The rules in question should have no rational basis and be as arbitrary and capricious as possible so she can't help breaking them. Eschewing the actual physical punishment from time to time is oddly enough a way of demonstrating the power you have over her. It leads to a touchingly pathetic gratitude on her part which is useful for increasing her submission to your will. You should of course make sure that the next time you actually punish her you do so severely just so she doesn't think you are getting soft.

  6. Exactly this Harold. The litmus test is that the young lady should winge and pout and utter the immortal line 'It's not fair..'. 'It's not supposed to be fair Natalie, and whining gets you a double dose. Now skirt up, knickers down and over the sofa back please'.

  7. Bob here.
    All excellent points,Harold and Anonymous.
    The psychological aspects of spanking are tremendously powerful tools when
    applied in the ways here discussed.

  8. Hi Bob and thus pre and post are equally as important as the caning itself. The young lady should be told to present herself at a certain time dressed in a certain way. Heels, seamed stockings, short skirt and see thru blouse with no bra. Heavy make up and freshly washed hair in a neat ponytail. Always keep an element of surprise, when she arrives it might be to find you alone or accompanied. If accompanied you might ask your companion (s) to assist in preparing the girl for her chastisement by peeling down her knickers, flipping up her skirts and unbuttoned her blouse. This is particularly excruciating for the girl if your companion is well known to her, a boy of her own age for example. After the caning you may add to the young lady's humiliation by sending her straight to bed. To further 'rub salt' ask the boy to go with her to 'tuck her in', accompanied by a leering wink and an instruction to the girl to 'behave yourself young lady and perform as an Obedient girl should.'

    1. I like the last point which reinforces the fact that she is under complete discipline, will be put to whoever you wish (male or female) and will be judged on her performance and responsiveness in the bedroom and caned again if this is viewed to be unacceptable. The look on our little poppets face when, despite having witnessed your pleasure and moaned and tossed through a series of her own orgasms she is despatched to get the tawse to 'sharpen her up' is most satisfying.

    2. Monica's a stunner alright.This young lady was in some early Blushes and would have made the perfect candidate for Green Gables or St Angelas. I imagine if Mr Evans had got his hands on her the knicker elastic her bottom tight knickers would have been worn out! Quite clearly a young lady who would benefit from the attentions of a strict master.
      Cane and cock would have been the mantra for pretty just married Monica. The masters at St Angela's would have been all over her with absolutely no respite for our young heroine. She would think she spent more of her life out of her regulation navyblues than in them, with them spending more time warming her ankles than cuddling round that peachy little
      posterior. Mr Evans seems intent on reducing her to floods of tears every night, the Head seems determined that she meets every single one of the Governors and demonstrating all her wriggly hipped charm to them under the 'stick' and the Matron, she's the worst of the lot.
      'Yes Monica just lie back on the couch and relax dear,open those thighs and now put your tongue out, good girl,
      Oh God and she's got photos, photos. 'Well Monica that you should keep you from being a silly girl and making all sorts of awkward fuss shouldn't it. In future you'll come to see me after supper and learn a few tricks with that pretty tongue of yours. You won't get your homework finished and I'm sure that'll result in a dozen with the tawse in the morning but hey ho, not my problem.
      Now if you could deliver up your friend Natalie into my clutches I might see fit to give the photos back...'

      8.30 the following morning finds an unwilling Monica being guided, by a set of Mr Evans bony fingers grasping her ear, towards Room 2d. To her utter embarrassment her grey skirt has already been pinned shoulder high and her knickers are in the bends of her knees causing a shuffled attempt at a walk.
      'Yes miss, come along'grits Evans, ' a good session with my Mr Whippy in room 2d and you won't be late with your homework again.' Then horror of horrors, two boys from her class, Kevin and James, ' is she going to be caned sir? Any chance we could watch sir?' 'I don't see why not boys, come with us.'
      On reaching the room Mr Evans firmly locks the door on the inside. 'Now lads, Monica is about the most recalcitrant young lady in the whole school and she needs to be taught a proper lesson. I intend to ensure that she'll remember today for a very long time. To make a start let's have her stripped stark naked please, 'God, no..' Monica squealed as the two boys advanced on her. Despite her frantic struggles Monica was soon naked down to her socks and shoes, tears starting into her eyes at the blush making thought that Kevin and James had both managed to insert inquisitive fingers right up her during her undressing.
      'Good lads, now one arm each and hold her down over the desk. She's getting 24 so I'm sure they'll be a bit of caterwauling but it's for our young lady's own good. Ready'...swish, 'noo, no, ouchhh!

    3. Lovely idea. There can't be much worse for a young lady than being stripped by two horny young ladies who have probably spent the last few months ogling her in frustration. She no doubt thinks that she is 'out of their league' and has had no compunction in letting them know that. To be stripped in front of a brutal and lecherous older man only adds insult to injury.

    4. Absolutely this. Young lady's have to realise that any fine ideas they might have around choice are for the birds. They are here to receive discipline and provide pleasure, over arrogant young misses will be put right through the wringer to drive the lesson home. I hope, in a future society, this will be formalised with older men having the power to nominate pretty girls of their acquaintance for a course of 'treatment'.

    5. Quite so. Older gentleman would be in an excellent position to perform such a valuable community service having had the bitter experience of living through a crazy time where girls had the upper hand. They will be able to identify which girls are likely to go off the rails. In this future society there will be no place for females who think that anyone is concerned with their pleasure. No, duty, service and obedience are the operative words and the rehabilitation centres and Domestic Service are there to instill those values.

    6. National Domestic Service would be in operation for all eligible females between 18-30 as nominated by registered older males. Naturally certain young lady's will offer inducements to avoid this but that tends to end badly for them. Previous enthusiasm from young women to go on reality shows, become pop poppets or soap starlets has very much waned as young lady's in these areas were 'offered up' early and often.
      To avoid inconvenience to employers NDS operates Friday evening to Monday morning and young lady's are allocated out by app on Thursday, a 'trip advisor' type review system means everyone knows what to expect and the best reviewed prettiest girls are snapped up first.
      The weekend is unpleasant, spent in household work of the most menial nature, rote learning and serving and entertaining of the householder and guests. Many amusing games are played (although not many of the lady's are seen smiling) and a girl can expect to be thoroughly 'put through her paces'. Both Thursday night, when girls learn their fate, and Monday morning, when they have to describe their experiences at work or college, are blush makingly , tear jerkingly embarrassing. Being made to acknowledge that it was 'all for my own good' and thanking her NDS 'host' are interestingly two of the elements girls detest the most.

    7. Are you familiar with my little blog which attempts to graphically depict precisely such an ideal state? If not, check it out and I am always happy to share ideas via the chat window.

    8. Yes I am Harold, very good. As I develop some ideas happy to share, although for now this blog is proving a fruitful source of stimulation. Applying these ideas to girls on this blog and developing under some particularly resonant photo shots is all good clean fun! As is applying the fantasies to ladies from my past and ladies in the public eye.

  9. The caning complete and with a bawling, wriggling, desperate Monica slumped over the desk Mr Evans ushers the two boys out into the corridor. 'Wait there lads, I just need to lecture Monica on her shortcomings for a moment or two and then you can help her to straighten herself up.' Outside the boys can hear faint protests and mutterings followed by what sounds like a kiss, a somewhat rhythmic creaking of the desk and some odd low moans from Monica followed by what sounds like the cry of a cat.
    As Mr Evans, looking slightly sweaty and furtive, exits and ushers them back into the room they see Monica slumped on her back on the desk, legs akimbo, eyes closed. 'Get her dressed and tidied up and back in class in one hour. Take your time lads, a proper lesson remember,' grins Mr Evans handing Kevin his favourite stingy tawse.
    We'll draw a discrete veil over what followed. Suffice to say that a young lady who has just received two dozen with the cane will often be both inventive and compliant in order to avoid getting a tawse laid across her already blazing backside. Both Kevin and James returned to class with big grins on their faces and Monica was a very well exercised young lady indeed by the time her hour was up...

    1. Lucky lads! I do hope the tawse was employed to good use regardless. A valuable lesson to the young trollop that she can find herself subject to sharp, summary, harsh discipline at any moment regardless of how obedient and inventive she is. She needs to learn that there's no trade here. It's not a case of sexual favors for lighter discipline! There is only obedience and discipline and she has no control over either.

      Now - knickers at your ankles girl - and bend. Arse nice and high and open your mouth - let's see what you've learned while I cane your arse for you.

    2. Of course, naturally it was used after Monica thought her 'services' had got her off the hook. After all with the wares she's happy to display in the shots above the young lads would have been unable to resist. They're only human after all.

    3. Indeed a lot of young ladies think they can 'trade' for all manner of things and there are a lot of silly young men out there only too willing to play their games on the promise of a bit of access. That's why it takes older gentleman with the appropriate character to properly administer discipline.

    4. Yes many of the young ladies on this site would have thought the very same thing before they fell into Blushes clutches. There are a number of stories which make absolutely clear that fairness is a total misnomer. Pretty girls have been given pretty looks to please others, pretty girls have been given attractive 'sit upons ' to enhance the pleasure of caning them, pretty faces look ten times more attractive with tears on them and sobbing, wriggling, squirming girls are both easier to saddle and more appealing to exercise. Thus the girl in my avatar, Hilary, is caned on her Inspectors visit because he enjoys it. The fact that she has done nothing adds to the enjoyment, although not for her, and means that she has no control on when or if it happens again. A girl like Hilary will be keen to other her services to avoid the cane, and looking at this young Miss I'd be happy to avail myself....and then cane her anyway.

    5. Hilary is indeed a very attractive young lady and therefore very much the sort to get ideas above her station. The sort of treatment you describe is precisely what she needs to keep her on the straight and narrow. It's all for her own good really. Left to her own devices she might well fall for the charms of some young ruffian and find herself 'up the duff' needless to say we taxpayers would be expected to deal with it. Of course one might suggest that regularly satisfying older gentlemen may have a similar outcome in the end, especially since it would be rude to expect them to use protection. Nevertheless, we would have the ways and means to deal with that discreetly and effectively without unnecessarily burdening the taxpayers.

    6. I'm glad you agree Harold. In my view Hilary is the most attractive girl on the whole blog. That's why (as my name and avatar suggest) I've decided she should be brought into 'care' under my stewardship. Her parents objected of course, particularly as they will be paying me handsomely for their daughter's education, but under the new regime who you know is key.
      Hilarys 'care' began yesterday with a welcome party of myself and a few friends. If I have many more parties like that I think Hilarys navy blue knicker elastic will get quite worn through. Our young heroine was introduced to most rooms in the house and will have particularly strong memories of both carpet and ceiling in each. She also made acquaintance with both my cane, my tawse and the high back of the leather arm chair in the lounge. A friend of mine has suggested we buy a full sized rocking horse for Hilarys room to keep her up to scratch with her riding but we shall see.
      Today finds our young lady subdued, apprehensive, a little tearful and wondering what the evening will bring.
      Incidentally the same model is Nicola in Reorientation Weekend where she is appropriately stripped completely naked and on her back.

    7. Incidentally Harold I've put Hilary straight on the pill as part of my Guardianship role. I certainly will not be asking my visitors to take precautions and Hilary will be spending long weekends entertaining at parties so we certainly want to avoid any little accidents.

    8. Harold, where do you stand on the principal of proactive preventative custody whereby a young lady is detained for what she might do rather than what she has actually done. This could be used to support the argument that pretty young ladies are more likely to get into trouble and therefore should be taken straight to a Training Centre on their 18th birthday. The offered alternative would be to move in with a designated state Guardian who would have total control over the young lady in question, as Hilary obviously.

    9. HG, sounds like you are making splendid progress, Hilary, or at least her future husband will eventually be very grateful for all the effort you are putting in. It's good to know that you are taking sensible precautions though I do believe there are some chaps out there who rather like the idea of putting a bun in the oven of a nubile young female and forcing her to take it to term. The offspring then becomes a ward of the state and is donated to a deserving well-connected family. It's a salutory lesson and may make her think twice about 'falling pregnant' willingly. Be that as it may, the main thing is that Hilary gets no say in the matter.

    10. Some further thoughts on the issue of Hilary's knicker elastic. While blue standard knickers are the default you as her guardian are free to dress her as you please. She is probably not that used to wearing lingerie and forcing her to put on some sexy underwear and parade around for the entertainment of an audience would be very humiliating for her and also re-inforce the lesson that her body is there for the delight of men not her own selfish pleasure.

    11. As to preventative custody well it certainly wouldn't please the 'human rights' mob but then again they are hardly going to be keen on the whole New Moral Order anyway. As far as I am concerned the risks to society, and to the young ladies themselves, of letting a young female run wild vastly outweigh any risks. Vigilant community members could identify potential miscreants before they offend- girl with a skirt slightly shorter or tighter than the official limit or one who makes suggestive comments- and they must present themselves to a board of concerned citizens for investigations. If they fail the examination, then it's off to the centre for them! Of course, there is potential for abuse in this system but as I said we have already seen the horrible consequences of letting girls run wild and the social harmony that this system will generate will make most people accept it, except perhaps the young ladies themselves but as we all know young ladies are seldom the best judges of their own interests

    12. I think many of the pictures in this link show us why the arrival of the 'New Moral Order' cannot come too soon.

    13. My goodness the shamelessness of these young doxies quite takes my breath away. The consoling thought is that when the New Moral Order comes it will come as quite a shock to them. One moment they will be wandering around the streets somewhere dressed like that, getting drunk and doing goodness knows what else and the next they will be sitting shell-shocked and tearful in the back of a van being taken to the reform centre for a good sorting out. And it will make no difference whether they howl and protest about their rights or try to use their charms: their fate will be the same!

    14. Yes indeed, Harold. The natural order of life must be fully restored.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. Hear hear my friend. I long for the day when our city streets long longer resound to the noise of their drunken antics while the sound of the suburbs becomes that of heavy male palms, leather or rattan cracking against soft female flesh and the sweet melody of their pleas for mercy and forgiveness!

    17. All good points Harold for which many thanks. On the subject of lingerie my friends and I had cause to take Hilary to a Strip Club last night. It was a cause of some mirth as she was in full uniform but she learnt some interesting 'moves' and I was quite flattered when the audience demanded she showed them off! We had some whining and tears of course but the threat of a bare bottomed belting on the stage seemed to bring Hilary into line. I have to say her performance was very well received to the extent that three gentlemen took her into a booth for a more private session. I noticed her navy blues were very sticky when she got home.
      As a result of all the fun I took Hilary into town this morning to equip her with a full set of sexy lingerie including a brief waist corset and 5' heels. To get her used to her new outfit I've sent her out to get a pint of milk, I expect those rough lads on the corner will tease her a bit but it will do her no harm. You are right stocking suit those long legs of hers very well.
      On the subject of 'falling pregnant' I have been giving some thought to the options currently available at the end of Hilarys term as my 'ward'. As you may be aware three are currently available under the New Order. Hilary is married off to a suitable young man (one well able to keep her 'under the thumb'), she is exported to an Arab brothel -good for the balance of payments, or she is entered into a forced 'breeding programme'. More on all three later I think..
      By the way Harold, any chance we could introduce Hilary to your blog readers? I'm sure they would enjoy her!

    18. Thought I'd change the Avatar. A much bigger version of this is in a frame in my front room. I had Hilary put it there this morning, Oh the fuss, she's in the corner now, hands on head and squirming her scorched rear much to my pleasure. Think she'll be seeing her bedroom ceiling again shortly if she insists on wriggling like that. Provocative little bitch!

    19. Music to my ears, Harold. Not to mention the agonised screeching and wailing as leather and rattan slices into soft, naked girlflesh. Nor the sounds of cherries popping as their lustful elderly masters take of their rightful pleasures.

    20. Anonymous, that is the main reason not to gag a girl when you are punishing her. Yes, you do have to put up with her silly whines and protests at the start but that is more than made up for by the shrieks and yells that come later once you get work on her

    21. HG that is a splendid idea! I am sure that the gentlemen (and occasional open minded lady) who follow my blog will have some excellent advice. For Hilary's introduction, I would need a few images, either from Blushes or perhaps some similar looking females from the web. If you want to discuss this further I am always available at thenewharoldframley[at]gmail{dot}com

    22. I'm sure a few images can be arranged to whet the appetites of your blog followers, I'll see what I can do. HG

    23. I'd hope, if she keeps wriggling her bottom at you like that, that you'll have her on her knees, nipples and nose on the carpet, back arched and arse nice and high and presented for cane and strap and in position to be used hard immediately after.

  10. Sorry all, couldn't resist a little tale at the lovely young Monica's expense, ooouch!

  11. A very fitting ending for a hoity toity young minx!

  12. Thanks Harold. She'll be a lot less hoity toity after her Headmaster calls her out to the front in assembly, stands her on a chair and plays the video of her exploits with Kevin and James to the assembled multitude. How she blushes as the volume of excited chatter increases, how she winces as she hears the ribald comments, 'little bitch look how she's pumping her hips', 'two at a time, shameless little slut', 'a natural candidate for a spell in a rehabilitation centre', 'my I'd be pleased to have her for National Service'.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Well yes, once a girl reaches a certain age, (I'd say young Monica is around 17 or 18) their bodies are full of hormones but their little brains have yet to catch up, so she while may say she doesn't want it, her body says another thing altogether, especially when in the presence of appropriately domineering males (hence the hip pumping) It's for that reason that the future new moral order will rigorously police young females through things such as the rehabilitation centres and National Domestic Service. Young ladies need to be strictly dealt with if they are to turn into appropriately dutiful wives rather than the wanton little harlots currently polluting our city centres.

    1. Indeed. Let us consider the case of Natalie R, a 29 year old professional woman found guilty of conducting an affair with a married man. She has been sentenced to a six month spell in a Rehabilitation Centre, if she behaves herself she will then be released on condition she spends her weekends doing National Domestic Service for local gentlemen.
      To save the state time and money recalcitrant young lady's are instructed to make their own way to the Centre wearing their new uniforms (heels, seamed stocking, pleated short skirt, translucent blouse and tie). Thus Natalie is clearly identified as a target and soon attracts a crowd of leering younger men. Under the recently passed 'asking for it' legislation Natalie will be held responsible for all that follows as she is dragged into a local bar and fully exercised by around a dozen of the young ruffians. Oh well, boys will be boys.
      Naturally the fact that she will now report both late and having behaved in a sluggish manner won't bode well for her backside!

    2. "An affair with a married man" you say? Outrageous! My heart is with the young man she has led astray and her punishment is clearly well deserved. You are quite right about the normal manner of traveling to the centre though for serious offenders (feminists and suchlike) the Chinese manner is preferred: the recalcitrants are stripped, have their heads and pussies shaved and are driven there in an open top van. Locals jeer and throw rotten fruit and vegetables at the criminals. The only ones not so enthusiastic are the young females who may find themselves on the van but are forced to watch nonetheless.

    3. Yes her punishment will be suitably demeaning and painful. Putting a young lady to work providing oral relief for dozens of faceless guys is a very good way of 'bringing them down a peg or two' especially if accompanied by a salutary caning.
      I agree it is important that as many punishments, trials and tribulations as possible are witnessed by the majority of ladies to keep them on their toes and eager to please.
      As per more enlightened times adulterous women should be branded as such during their time in the Centre.

    4. Particularly if the chaps being relieved are not of the sort the young ladies would ordinarily choose. I agree also that the oral relief should be randomly interspersed with canings and other punishments. Too many girls think they can use their wiles to wriggle out of their just desserts. This an effective way of reminding them how little power they have.

  15. Naturally they have no choice but are expected to respond and perform 'with a smile on their face'. To reinforce the point the Centre have some lifelike Latex masks with heavily made up, grinning wide eyed faces. It can be amusing to make our young heroines wear these knowing the tears are streaming down inside the mask.

    1. Oh absolutely while genuine smiles or looks of pleasure are strictly forbidden (not that they are very likely except as a result of nervous tension) forced smiles can be very degrading. In fact they can convince the young lady that she is actually enjoying it at some level, enhancing her shame.

    2. One of the specialist classes at the RoC will be deportment. Learning how to manage facial expressions will be a core part of the course with girls forced to hold a suggested expression in a mirror whilst being caned. Looks of 'pleasure' will also be tutored and marked during 'exercising' by an older female 'companion'.

  16. Bob here.
    Here is a new fantasy girl for you all
    to meet and get to grips with.
    Her name is Michaela Jane Cosgrove.
    She has long,tangled,jet black hair (with an equally jet black bush to match),hazel eyes,a small snub nose,and
    a peach of an arse,of course.
    She is 18 years old and devastatingly good looking.She is five foot six inches of luscious teenage sensuality,and is a bright and intelligent girl.
    Unfortunately,she is also a very,very naughty brat of the highest order.
    Her guardian is at his wits end with her and knowing and approving of my methods (he is himself,by his own admission,clueless about cp) he has sent the girl to me for an indefinite
    stay.She only arrived here at my place
    just over an hour ago and I can already
    see what an almighty effort it is going
    to take to turn this girl around.
    What follows is a brief account of my
    first (none too good) impressions of Michaela Jane.
    She arrived,as I said,just over an hour
    ago.There was not one polite ring at my
    doorbell,but several in rapid succession,plus rapid,impatient rapping
    of my letterbox and what sounded like a
    kick at my door too,for good measure in her mind,no doubt.
    This did not bode well.
    I opened the door to reveal the cheekiest and most impudent little scamp you could ever imagine.She wore a torn,soiled t shirt,badly scuffed trainers,and cut off denim shorts so ragged and torn that they left nothing to the imagination whatever.The naked
    undercurves of her buttocks were plainly visible as she pushed past me with her suitcase and a rucksack.She was chewing bubblegum.She blew a large bubble that promptly burst almost in my
    face.'Blimey! What took you so long to
    answer the door? This case is well bleeding heavy.'As if to emphasise the point,she dumped her baggage in a heap
    in the hallway.
    I wanted to explode at her with rage but I held my temper in check as I was
    already forming an idea which you good
    folk in our little community might enjoy indulging in.

    'You must be Michaela Jane',I ventured
    with as much cool detachment as possible.

    'You catch on quick,dontcha!',she replied,treating me to a huge,saucy wink and a grin,' and you must be Bob',
    the urchin force of nature concluded,with a brief rub of her button nose.

    'Uncle Bob to you,young lady.You are going to be staying here with me for quite a while and...'

    'Yeah,yeah,I know,'said Michaela Jane,rudely interrupting me,'my guardian has told me all about you and
    your stupid,fussy old methods.'

    'Methods ',I corrected her.

    'Whatever!'she snapped,rolling her eyes.'Iv'e bin told all about you and your..your silly old cor..corpt..spankin'..whatever!'

    I nodded gravely at her.'Yes indeed.
    You shall be subject to severe corporal
    punishment during your stay here with me,so you had better be on your best behaviour,or else..'
    '..Or else what ? You gonna spank me ?
    Cane me ? Strap me ? Is that it ?'

    'That's right,'I said,'and I have lots of friends in the spanking community who will,I am sure,have lots of advice
    on how to deal with a naughty,sassy little minx like you.'

    'Ooh! I'm so scared..yeah,right! I bet
    Your silly old stick won'hurt me,or nuffin! See if I care! I am only here,cut my guardian sez I won' get no
    money left to me when he pops off if an'I din't. So there!',she finished,stamping her foot and sticking
    her tongue out at me.She then stuck her
    thumbs to her head and wiggled her fingers at me,chanting:'Uncle Bob is a silly old sod! Uncle Bob is a silly old sod!',before sticking out her tongue.

    So,I turn to you,my fellow community commentators.What is an appropriate "welcome night" session for this most
    naughty and defiant girl ?!
    Whatever you all decide,she shall receive,and every last bit will be richly deserved.
    Do not spare her,ladies and gentlemen.
    Spare the rod,and all that..

    1. The story Katie from Blushes 3 might give you some handy hints Bob. She was brought to heel very effectively.

  17. Well just for starters such open insolence (not to mention crimes against the Queen's English) should be met with a couple of forceful slaps to the face. Let her know you are serious from the get go.

  18. Bob here.
    Hi,Harold.Thank you for responding to
    my request for community help in dealing with my new fantasy girl,Michaela Jane Cosgrove.In case I did not make it clear enough to the rest of our community,Michaela Jane is
    a fictional construct,so please feel free to join in the fun,if you wish to.
    Hope you will,as I think this game has
    lots of potential to let our imaginations (and implements etc) run wild on Michaela Jane.

    Well Harold,following your excellent suggestion,I summoned young Michaela downstairs.She dawdled down the stairs,pausing briefly to gaze at me in
    a sort of "I'm a tough girl" sort of way.She removed her chewing gum and with slow,simmering sensuality, removed
    the gum and stuck it on the bannister.
    The raven haired rebel,continued down the stairs.She stood before me,looking
    messy but cute.
    Without warning,I delivered two sharp slaps to her face,left and right.
    I could see she was surprised but she recovered from the shock very quickly.
    'What wuz that for?',inquired the scamp.

    'You have not got off to a very good start here,Michaela Jane,and me and my
    community friends are going to endeavour to correct your behaviour,by whatever means necessary.You have turned up here in filthy,torn and most
    inappropriate attire chewing gum.You have been cheeky and provoking.You have
    even sung a rude,tuneless dittie in my face to insult me.As for your use of the English language,I am beyond dismayed.I can see why your guardian is
    in such despair about you.
    Well,have you anything to say,young lady?'

    She rubbed her smarting cheeks and glared murderously at me.
    ' It didn't hurt one little bit,wot you
    Jus' wen 'n' did.Not a their ain'the nuffink wrong wiv 'ow I speak,so there!'
    Thus saying,she turned on her heel,ran back up stairs,slammed the door,and began to throw her bedroom furniture about.
    I stared at the chewing gum still stuck
    on the stairs.I could see I/we were going to have a tough time breaking in
    Michaela Jane Cosgrove.
    What should my/our next move be?!

  19. It sounds as if you need some assistance. Perhaps if I or one of the other chaps on here were to pop around we could strip Miss Cosgrove and give than insolent bottom of hers a proper going over with the strap and cane. I suspect she'll take a different tone once she's had a spot of the tawse. Afterwards we can take it in turns with her in the bedroom to see how obedient she has become though I suspect with a girl like that it will take several sessions.

    1. Certainly you should have her stripped immediately - though you may want to have her in uniform later. But first things first - get her naked and then conduct a thorough and uncomfortably intimate inspection. If she resists - snack her legs as well as her face and get her off balance. Once you've got a few tears in her eyes you can get her overt your knee for her first spanking. Make it very clear to her that once you've finished spanking her she's going straight over the back of the chair for a lengthy strapping before you test her obedience again.

      If after that, if she isn't fully compliant and biddable, it'll have to be the cane.

      Of course if she is compliant then it'll be the.cane anyway.

  20. Bob here.
    Thank you,Milady and Harold for your feedback/suggestions.
    The obedience training aspect is a good
    notion, and I adore the thought of smacking her legs.The puppets hate that.Have you both ever targeted the back of a girl's knees with your hand or a switch,perhaps ? Bet that would sting.
    Anyway,here is what happened next.
    I calmly ascended the stairs and entered the room.I was carrying a medium weight tawse with me.
    The room resembled a battle field.She had overturned a desk and two chairs.
    She appeared to have flung the duvet and a couple of cushions off her bed as well.
    I looked at her with disgust.'Your behaviour is quite unacceptable,Michaela Jane,'I said.
    Once again,she poked her tongue out at me and shrugged.'SO ?! So what ? I don'
    care.You ain'the boss of me.'There was yet another one of her already almost trademark foot stomps to add to her growing collection.

    'Girls who don't care are made to care,'I uttered.I stepped forward and without warning or ceremony,I lashed the front of her thighs with the tawse.
    This certainly shocked her and caused her to lose her balance.She fell onto the bed squealing,eyes wide with shock.
    I lashed at her thighs,front and back at least a dozen times.She was whimpering and yelling,but her hazel eyes blazed with fury.Next,I sat on the
    bed,hauled her smallish frame across my
    lap,and proceeded to use my hand to smack the back of her legs long and hard until her thighs turned fiery red.
    She was sobbing,and clearly smarting,but stil glared at me with fury,her eyes and button nose all wrinkled up and red.
    'Now get undressed and get to bed;and no,I don't care if it is only five-thirty, miss.'
    I left the room.Before I had taken more than a few steps down the stairs,I heard two things: a bellowing roar of rage and the sound of breaking glass.
    I stormed back into the room.
    It was my turn to be shocked.
    Her bedroom window was completely shattered,as was a large heavy vase,the broken fragments lying scattered on the
    ground immediately outside of the house.
    She smiled at me like the sexy young she-demon she was.
    Arms folded,cheeks wet,and once more softly singing,in her impudent,off key way: 'Uncle Bob is a silly old sod..'
    Blimey! What a wicked scamp!
    What should I do next,folks ?
    Is it too soon for her bottom to feel the kiss of her first ever caning ?!
    She is a tough little cookie.I can only
    hope we can.break her in...eventually!!

    1. Well Bob far be it for me to try to teach an old dog new tricks but I would say you should never hesitate about introducing a girl to the cane, particularly one as disobedient as young Miss Cosgrove. Firstly though a little preparation is in order. You should tell her that you are removing both food and clothing privileges until further notice. Then having stripped the young hussy you tell her that you are going to make her do some PT. This involves lot of running on the spot and star jumps. She'll protest of course. The young ladies of today are real slatterns when it comes to a bit of proper exercise preferring such things as yoga. You did not mention what her body was like but I imagine she has rather large breasts. Without the support of a bra, these will wobble while she attempts to do the exercises. This is both uncomfortable and deeply embarrassing. She will be glistening with sweat by now, panting and desperately trying to keep up the pace. Eventually you express your exasperation. "You are not even trying young lady. I think we need something to buck your ideas up" It is at this point you show her the cane. I suspect she will treat it with scorn."You wouldn't dare use that bloody thing on me you old codger" she says.
      "I fully intend to use it on you. I am going to start you off with a dozen strokes on that chubby arse of yours. Bend over and stick it out properly."
      Michaela protests of course so you grab her roughly round the waist, force her over and give her six swift strokes on her bottom.
      "These are penalty strokes. They don't count as part of the dozen"
      "Ow that bloody hurt you bastard"
      "It's supposed to hurt. Naughty girls need to be hurt and you young lady are a very naughty girl, now bend over and grab your ankles or I really will give you what for"
      The sullen minx slow bends over and thrusts her insolent backside out.

  21. Bob here.
    An excellent continuation,Harold..and yes,Michaela does have large,bouncy books and a round,meaty bottom.
    Let's continue the fun...

    As the sweat drenched naughty nymph bent over,I swished the cane noisily through the air a couple of times,and took delight at her sharp intakes of breath.She was clearly apprehensive now.
    'This is going to be excruciatingly painful for you,Michaela,but I have no sympathy for you.This punishment is richly deserved and clearly long overdue.Prepare to suffer.'I tapped her
    plump,twitching bottom a couple of times before lashing the cane down good and hard.
    She screeched with sheer disbelief and
    leapt up out of position,clutching at her buttocks and hopping up and down like some crazed Jack-in-the-box.
    'You bastard! You sodding old git! That
    bloody well din' half hurt!'

    'It is going to hurt a lot,lot more yet,Michaela Jane,I promise you',I grimly informed her.' Right bend over and we shall begin again.'

    'Wot d'you mean,begin again ? That was
    the first stroke an' I took it,dint' I ?'
    I nodded.'Yes,but then you jumped up out of position, without permission,so
    I am afraid that that stroke will not count.'

    She glared at me with her usual fiery defiance.'That ain't bloody fair,'she spat out.

    'Was it fair that you trashed this room
    in my house ? Was it fair that you broke one of my windows ?',I enquired,flexing the cane in front of her.'So,once again,bend over and touch your toes,girl.The worst is yet to come.'

    'Not fair',she muttered once more,but more quietly this time.Slowly and sullenly,she resumed her position.
    I laid the next three strokes on at a little under medium force,so as to allow her the false hope that perhaps a
    caning wasn'the so hard to endure after all.She gasped and whimpered a fair bit but stayed in position.From the fourth stroke,I began to increase the intensity.She still stayed down but her breathing was a little more ragged.She let out a low,despairing groan at the fifth stroke,and again at the sixth.
    The ever building,white hot,stinging heat was really starting to get to her.
    It was time to play my trump card.Taking careful aim,I whipped the seventh stroke right into the sweet spot of her crease as hard as I could.
    The result was both inevitable and deeply pleasing to me.
    Michaela Jane Cosgrove broke position and jumped up,screaming and wailing like a banshee.'Aaaarrrgggghh! Oh my God! My arse! My arse!!.'

    I shook my head and tutted.'Oh dear,oh dear! And you were doing so well,Michaela,you really were',I said,chitting her under her chin.

    'I..I did try.I..I am tryin'',she wailed.

    I nodded.'You certainly are,my dear.
    Right then! Let us start over.Twelve strokes of the senior schoolgirl cane.
    Bend over and prepare for your first stroke,Michaela.'
    The expression on her red,wet,tear streaked face was beyond priceless.

    What happens next,folks ?!

  22. Well for a start I'd be adding strokes to her tally every time she insults you or uses any form of profanity at all as well as, rightly, starting again every time she moves from her position - making it by my reckoning a current total of 16 - though I'm sure it will continue to rise!

    You should also have her counting them and thanking you for every one - with every slip earning her an extra.

    Soon enough you should have her up to 20-30 strokes having already taken a dozen or so that you've discounted. By then she'll be completely confused and off balance and beginning to despair as things get worse with every lick of the cane.

  23. All excellent proposals.
    This young lady needs an absolute scorching with the cane, one where she won't know which end is up and will be dancing around the room, tears streaming down her face, pleading for forgiveness. Respond by taking a firm grip of her hair, slapping her face and dragging her outside. Ask her if she wants the neighbours invited around to see phase 2. She will say no, they always do, invite them around anyway. Bend her over the back of a high arm chair, give her two dozen with the tawse and make her ask the whole room to have her. Any more nonsense send her to me, I've brought Hilary to heel and I'm sure I can do the same with this insolent little bitch.

  24. Bob here.
    Thank you,Milady and HG for your feedback.Consider all your points as implemented into our little narrative.
    So,let's continue...

    It was early morning on Michaela's second day with me.I called her down for breakfast.She was,of course,still
    stark naked,as all clothing and other privileges were currently denied to her
    as another punitive aspect for her shocking behaviour thus far.
    She eyed me warily as she drank a cup of tea and ate some toast and cereal.

    'I trust you slept well on your bed last night,following your little introduction to the tawse and cane,Michaela Jane ?'

    ' 'Ow could I ? Me arse would on fire,an'the room bein'all cold an'that ?',grumbled the pint-sized poppet.

    I smiled and nodded.'True enough,but your room is only cold because you broke the window,and your arse is only
    hot because of how you behaved.'

    'I din't do nuffin wrong.Yer jus'a mean
    old man,Uncle Bob'.
    This was the first time since arriving
    at my place from the home of her exasperated guardian,that she had bothered to at least be civil enough to call me Uncle Bob.It was only a small
    victory in what I knew would be a very lengthy programme of discipline training and punishment in the months ahead.Still,it was a start of sorts.

    'We have a long way to go,my dear.Such a very long and..painful way to go',I said.She swallowed hard.I couldn't see any butterflies dancing in her tummy,but I suspected they were..or soon would be.
    Suddenly the doorbell rang.'Ah,that will be the next door neighbours,Mr and Mrs Stryker and their good friend Mr Lomax who lives next door to them.
    Wait here',I said.I went and opened the door and ushered my guests into the front room. I returned to the kitchen,grabbed Michaela by the ear and
    half dragged the protesting and mortified stark baked.teenager into the
    adjoining room to meet my neighbours.
    Having got the basic formal introductions out of the way,I ordered
    the scarlet faced teen to stand in the
    middle of the room with her hands on her head.'No! Don'wanna!' she squeaked.
    'Oh,but I insist',I declared,delivering
    a sharp swipe to the front of her thighs,still red and blotchy of course
    from the events of last night.
    Slowly and with clear resentment,she put her hands on her head and stood before us all with her densely thatched
    raven bush exposed to our collective gaze.
    'So,this is the girl you were telling us all about on the phone last night Bob, eh ?',ventured Mr Stryker.The Stryker's had a nineteen year old daughter.Mr Lomax also had a daughter who was currently away at university.
    All three of them were very firm advocates of corporal punishment.
    'Yes indeed,this is her and we have not got off to a very good start,as you can
    see by the blotches and welts on her buttocks and thighs.She is staying with me for an indefinite period of time at the request of her guardian.

    'She looks like a troublemaker',said Mrs Stryker.

    'Aye,she does at that',agreed Mr Lomax in a low Scottish burr.

    'Oh yes.I expect no end of trouble from
    this little madam.Still,not to worry.I am sure that between us we can sharpen her up splendidly in the long months ahead.Shall we make a start now ?,'I asked politely.The question was purely rhetorical,of course.
    Over the course of the next couple of hours,Michaela Jane Cosgrove was slapped,pinched,tawsed,caned and spanked with such relentless zeal and vigour she ended up barely aware of what planet she was on any longer.How she yelled and how she wept.And yet still,even through her tears and choking sobs,her eyes still blazed with
    furious contempt for us all.
    'I 'ate you! I'ate you all,you bleedin'old bastards!',roared the raven
    haired rebel.There was an audible gasp
    from my guests.'I think we need to shift things up a gear or two',opined Mr Stryker,grimly. I wondered exactly what he had in mind ?

    What do you think,folks ?!...

  25. Well Bob, it seems like Michaela is now in good hands- several of them including the readers of this blog. Some excellent ideas above. You have confirmed my suspicion about the young lady's breasts. I have noticed that many younger females these days do indeed have big tits- probably a combination of fast food and the contraceptive pill. See the thing is they are both a source of unwarranted pride but also often an embarrassment. Girls bask in the attention they generate both from the kind of young men they would like to attract and also the envious stares of other females. At the same time they can often be a source of discomfort and even shame when they draw the attention of some seedy bloke on public transport. It is therefore a good idea to exploit that ambivalence.
    I know that this is a controversial opinion in our community but I personally don't believe a girl's breasts should be immune to punishment. True, they are rather delicate and one wouldn't want to do them long term damage so the more severe implements are out of the question but there's nothing wrong with a good hand slapping and even the light application of the riding crop. I also remember an excellent idea proposed by a Blushes reader some time back. Titty dipping. It involves two buckets of water one hot and one icy cold. The hot one should obviously not be hot enough to scald but the cold one can be as cold as you like (perhaps add some ice). It's the contrasting sensations that do the work. Order Michaela to dip her tits in each bucket in turn- first the hot one then the cold. Perhaps time how long she is able to keep her tits in the icy one and use that as a way of determining how many strokes of the cane or strap she will eventually receive. I am sure that a spot of this treatment will have her well on the way to becoming a nice respectable and obedient girl.

  26. Nice points Harold. Another option is to make the young lady sit on a portable electric heater, bare bottomed and hands on head. The heat can then be gradually increased until her squirming and wriggling gets quite anguished and tears are beginning to start. You can then give her the option to dismount provided she asks you, politely and respectfully, to cane her. Works well in front of an audience...

  27. Incidentally Harold seedy, ribald and leering behaviour from older men towards a young lady 'in training' is to be encouraged. This can be done through dress, having a young lady in her early twenties wear full school uniform is clearly for her humiliation and our gratification. Conversation, discuss her previous or forthcoming encounters with tawse and cane loudly on the bus or in the shops. Behaviour, make her address all her male elders as 'sir' and curtsey as she meets your acquaintances out and about. Young lady's must be kept at heel at all times, ensure their actions demonstrate this.

  28. Yes an electric heater or a hot water bottle are both equally effective on the delicate bottom of a young woman. She can't help but disobey your order to keep still and stop squirming but when she does you give her something to really complain about and this is even better in front of an audience, preferably of lecherous older chaps.

  29. Yes, making sure she sees to the relief of the older chaps is also important. If the young lady in question does not show enough care or enthusiasm in this task a spell as a Social Counsellor should be arranged

  30. From what Bob has told us I am sure that, once properly broken in, Michaela would make an excellent Social Counsellor! I am sure lots of the gentlemen on here (and some of the ladies) would be keen to pay her a visit

  31. Yes indeed. I have Hilary doing a spell of social counselling at the moment. I make her bring her clients back here, so much more humiliating for her to have to use her little single bed upstairs and it ensures she is constantly reminded of her sins. Naturally her gentlemen callers ask why she has a cane hanging from a hook on the back of the door and some are keen to try the implement out. Afterwards Hilary must stand hands on head in the lounge and describe the encounter in some detail, often I have filmed it - with her clients permission of course - and we slomo through it together critiquing Hilarys levels of enthusiasm and competence. It all usually ends up with my tawse being applied to our young heroines posterior.

    1. Public discussions of her recent and upcoming disciplinary experiences are a very salutary form of public humiliation - as indeed, are discussions of her sexual activities be they masturbatory or involving other/multiple partners - especially those of a homosexual nature with specific attention paid to her orgasms. At all times her humiliation, embarrassment and shame should be of uppermost concern.

      Whilst of course it is most enjoyable to engage strangers in these conversations it is when you involve her friends, colleagues and family that it is most effective. I particularly like the sight of both her and her mother squirming with discomfort when discussing the state of her bottom the morning after a severe caning, or the strapping that awaits her once we return home, or how we plan to bring to life her most recent, lesbian, masturbatory fantasy.

      'Yes, we have just the lady in mind to put you through your paces, don't we dear? And I'm sure she she'll have you skipping once she takes her strap to your behind before she beds you! Yes, won't that be nice sweetheart?'

      Later, when she is on her back with her legs open, I like to then discuss the reaction of her friend or colleague and especially her mother, musing on whether her friend might have been excited by hearing of her ordeals or whether her colleague might like to have a go at thrashing her bare arse, or whether her mother had ever been spanked - and whether she ought to also be put back in uniform to be turned over for a walloping.

      The distress on her face as you make her squeeze on your cock while you paint the picture is delightful.

  32. Having Hilary and her mother (Susan Marsden) forced to discuss both disciplinary and sexual matters is utterly blush making for both of them. I have found it particularly salutary to have Susan demonstrate oral sex techniques on a dildo and then watch and critique Hilary while she indulges me with the real thing. Quizzing Hilary constantly about her sexuality, asking her to reveal the top 10 famous women she would like to be caned by and forcing her to post her spanking fantasies on her social media page are all good development for her.

    1. I'd be very interested to read the young doxy's sapphic selections - obviously with her reasons. Perhaps she could be obliged to post them on here?

    2. Dear Milady,
      The Inspector has asked me to do caned with as well as caned by and I'm not arguing with him after the roasting he just gave me with his strap.
      Caned with;
      1. Jenna Coleman and Tina O'Brien. Both saw fit to don full school uniform well into their 20's and appear on our screens in it, asking for it is the Inspector's view. I would like them here so someone else gets a turn!
      3. Lucy Fallon, very cute, also an overage uniform wearer and I think she and I would look very pretty comforting each other after a hard knickers down spanking.
      4. Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, looked like butter wouldn't melt. I think we would look lovely bent over hip to hip for the tawse.
      5.Georgia May Foote, loves to post bikini photos, would look better with cane marks. I would quite like to hold her down for her afters!
      Caned by;
      Gabby Logan, Melanie Brown, Claire King, Mrs Mildale and Matron from St Angela's, just ooouch (not all at the same time obviously).
      Respectfully yours,

    3. Excellent.

      I suggest, that, with your guardian,
      the Inspector's approval, you write to each of those ladies, politely inviting them to assist with your discipline by putting you under whatever form of corporal punishment they might deem appropriate for you before furthering your bedroom training.

      Whilst you are about it I'd also suggest that you invite then to deal also with your mother. It will be instructive for you to observe your dear mama demonstrate all those skills she first learned when she was your age and first under discipline.

      I would also suggest that you might write to Sophie Rayworth, Angela Griffin, Fiona Bruce and Amanda Mealing evo may also enjoy having you stripped, strapped and ready to ride!

    4. After that of course I hope that the Inspector will send you round to me so that I can provide some finishing schooling. I assure you I'll have you out of your knickers and your bottom ablaze before you can say 'Please Ma'am!' But soon enough you'll be begging to be between my thighs.

    5. Gabby was standing there. She had the cane in her hand. It would have been easy to hide. I realised that then. I was stricken. My hand went to my mouth the way you never think it will in real life.

      "Come on," she said very, very quietly and walked over to me like a panther. "Gabby, no!" I said. It came out like a squeak. I mean in FRONT of him! Then she laughed and said to him, "You see – she didn't believe me." I suppose even then – even then – I believed it was a joke. I wanted to jump up. I couldn't. My legs were jelly. She moved forward more and stood over me. "Darling, get up – please," she murmured. I knew it was true then. I saw him get up and take his tie off.

      "No," I said, "oh no! No, Gabby-Gabby, don't!" – "YES, Hilary," Gabby said. Her eyes weren't bleak – they were kind – almost laughing. Then it was him – coming over. They pulled me up between them. I could feel myself flopping, crying, twisting, pulling. "Hilary, don't cry – it won't be hard, I promise you it won't be hard," Gabby was saying. I screamed, and my skirt was up. They were so bloody efficient between them – making me ready for it. He was... he was.... he was t...taking my knickers down! I kicked, I cried more. Over the arm of the sofa where they put me, Gabby sat and held my shoulders.

      "No-woh-woh-woh!" was all I could hear myself sobbing. My bottom was naked, my skirt right up. She had to hold me tighter then, pressing my face down into the cushions. "It's all right, it's all right," she kept saying, "Hilary, you want it." – " YA-AH-AAAAAH!" came my screech then. He'd stepped back and sort of nipped me with it, just gently at first. "You... you... you cah-ah-an't!" I screamed and then SWEEE-ISSSSH! WHOOOOO! Gabby was laughing, laughing! "Hilary, wriggle it – come on!" she was saying. SWEEEE-ISSSSSH! "NO-OW!" came my shrieks, on and on and on. It bit me, bit me, bit me, stung me. I writhed and wriggled, held by her. My stockinged legs twisted this way and that. I didn't care any longer what he could see.

      Oh god, it was an eternity – yet it was only eight, Gabby told me afterwards. When they let me up I was like a rag doll, squeezing my blasted cheeks, tears rolling down my cheeks, flopping down on the sofa, on my hip, on my tummy – every which way. Gabby was on her knees by the side of me, an arm around my shoulders, murmuring, comforting, whispering, like she'd done the night before in my room. She began to finger me. Down there. In front of him! I tried to stop her. "No, no," I sobbed. I was trying to push her hand away. I rolled over on my tummy again, hiding my hot face in a cushion. She laughed and gave me a little smack, wouldn't let me pull my skirt down.

      "OH-WOH-WOH!" I kept sobbing. "She's ready for it," I heard her say softly, "I know she is. Go on." Then came my final cry – my long piercing one, my hips lifted, and the big swollen plum of his prick oozing up under me, into me, parting the lips, sinking up until my squirming bottom was rammed into his belly.

      "Just hold her like that," Gabby said. The words came like a quiet command. She had got up. Even through my choking, disbelieving moans I somehow knew she was stripping off. The bitch. Another few throbs of his big cock in me and she knew I was going to want it – 'making it better'...

    6. I think between us Milady Hilary and the other nominees can be put through a thorough programme which will thoroughly broaden their thinking whilst warming their pretty little rears. Look forward to it.

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  33. Having them hip to hip in uniform over the sofa back is quite a sight. I occasionally fasten Susan's right ankle to Hilarys left one so when the strap scorches across one plump posterior they kick very prettily in unison. A dozen across each of our ladies rears gives me enough time to contemplate who is going to be 'accomodating' me on this occasion. On Hilarys first time I made Susan put me into her and then hold her daughter's wildly wriggling hips while offering coaxing and encouragement. She looked a little disconcerted as I wrung out one screaming orgasm after another from her darling daughter. Naturally both were caned afterwards for their immodest behaviour.

    1. I'd like to have Hilary watch and assimilate her upcoming fate as Susan is first put under the cane and then put on her back to be used hard by another woman. After that Hilary will not only have seen her mother's surrender but also have a very clear idea of what awaits her.

    2. The thought of a uniformed Hilary, skirt pinned up, navy blues at her knees and hands on head watching her mother being used by one of the very celebrities she had fantasised about is a very savoury dish. Are those tears we can see slipping down our young lady's face, I hope so.

    3. "Be quiet and keep UP on your toes. Miss!", Angela barked while Hilary blushed, sniffled and felt her fleshy-firm bottom held the tighter from beneath and urged up another inch. "Let me warn you, Hilary, that you are going to be caned again after dinner. Whether it will be a sixer or a dozen will depend on your responses to me NOW, and your total obedience. Listen carefully. It will bode well for your future. Being so positioned, and entirely of her own volition, Susan gripped the forward edge of the seat beneath her and waited for the first bite of the cane. I know that she did, for I was secretly present, and watching".

      "At the first hissing sweep of the cane, she uttered a little bleat, but no more than that. Her hips rolled once and then were still. Her adorable nether cheeks twitched and tightened, as one expects them to. High-slung as she was – and as you have just been – one could see the very pretty peeping of her lovelips, all hazed with curls. Ten seconds passed and then the cane hissed up right under her cleft globe. That time, a long sob escaped her and she rolled her hips more violently on top of the chairback, but then at last mastered herself. She was almost in profile to me, in my hiding place. I watched her lips part almost in wonderment and a slightly strained look come over her pretty face as she commanded herself to remain over.

      "Oh, I admired her for that! My training held, you see. Deep within herself she desired the discipline to which she was being put in every way. The silence was quite awesome. I adored her for her submissive attitude – she who but eight months before that had fought like a little she-cat when she was to be spanked. She was displaying herself in all her naughtiness. It did not need to be spoken of. I saw how hard her nipples became when the cane swished in again. She screwed up her eyes and uttered a little animal-like cry. I could almost feel the stinging, demanding heat in her tight cheeks. She knew what she was going to have at last, after the last searing stroke took her bulb. As you will – tonight – with the Inspector . I'm not jealous, Hilary, you see''.

      "WHOOO!", quivered Hilary, for at that Angela moved to the side of her and cupped her pubic bush fully. Her eyes rolled, her head flopped sideways onto Angela's shoulder.

      "I am going to smack your bottom now, darling. As I do, rub your lovelips on my palm", Hilary heard and then uttered a sound midway between a moan and a squeal as SMACK! came sharply to her bulbing, hot cheeks causing her quim to squirm and rub its pouting lips over Angela's palm. Half swooning, caught between the wicked stinging and a delirium of desire, she caught only a few of her tutor's words as their mouths hovered close together.

      "Afterwards.... carried her upstairs, legs limp, her bottom rolling on his palm.... Her creamy tits bobbed, her nipples like thorns. I heard her moaning no, but it was a no that meant yes. I heard a bedroom door kicked open and the bedsprings sing. For a moment she grappled beneath him, rolling her bottom tempestuously, but then the big knob of his cock slipped up into her, and I could hear only her moans of pleasure and..."

      "Mmmmmm....!, whimpered Hilary. She was falling, falling, and Angela was falling with her until the carpet received them and she was blindly groping up under Angela's skirt. "I want to!", Hilary heard herself whimpering helplessly. Angela soothed her hot forehead, mashing her lips into hers. – "I know you do, darling, and tonight is just a start. After you've taken the Inspector's cock, there's another cane waiting for you and it'll be a real biter".

      "I know, I know", Hilary moaned, her fingers under the crotch of Angela's knickers. It was going to sting and burn her like mad, but it would serve her right for being so naughty afterwards...

  34. Bob here.
    Some great "food for thought",Harold and Inspector Ruskin,regarding some new
    "treats" for Michaela Jane.
    The fantasy fun continues...

    'Do you happen to have a couple of buckets and some ice in your freezer,Bob ?',asked Mr Stryker.

    I nodded,'Yes indeed.You have an idea in mind ?'

    'Most certainly.Oh,nearly forgot to ask;do you also have a small,sturdy portable heater ?'

    I wasn't sure what Mr Stryker had in mind yet but it all sounded most intriguing.

    While the Strykers' explained to me what they had in mind,Mr Lomax kindly
    volunteered to keep Michaela Jane occupied by hauling the 18 year old imp
    across his lap for a bit of spanking.
    Michaela struggled and screamed but to
    no avail,for Mr James Duncan Lomax was
    a large,strong fellow.He held her tight,his big,hard,calloused hand raining down on her buttocks and thighs
    with rhythmic precision.


    'WAAAH! Lemme go! Lemme go! EEEEK!'

    'Wail away all ye want,lassie,but James
    Lomax is no a man that ever let's a naughty lass off lightly.'
    He spanked her hard and soundly for ten minutes solid,finishing her off with six strokes of the tawse across her legs as an additional punishment for refusing to be compliant.
    By now we were ready for the next stage
    of Michaela's punishment.Two buckets of water were brought into the room.One contained fairly hot (though not scalding) water;the other bucket was full of cold water and lots of ice cubes.Between us all,we got her down on
    her knees and encouraged her to stay in
    position by liberal application of three martinets to her flanks,shoulders and breasts.For the next several minutes,she was made to alternate dipping her breasts into first the hot water,then the icy water.How she squeaked and squealed.After several minutes of this,we generously but roughly dried her ample tits off for her by a process of slapping,kneading and generally mauling them until dry.
    For the grand finale,Michaela had to sit on the portable heater.At first the
    temperature was set at minimum. By the time it was at level five,she was struggling and begging to be allowed off of it.
    'Please, arse is on fire! OWWWW!
    Lemne gerrup! AAH! EEEYOW!'

    Certainly you can get up...just as soon as you agree to a severe pre-bedtime caning,of course.',I said.


    Suffice to say,we let her up off the heater,bent her over a chair and took it in turns to administer a sizzling 36
    stroke caning to the rebel without pause or leniency.
    It was one sore and sorry girl who staggered off up to bed early.
    'Sleep well,Michaela.Tomorrow we shall
    begin your new life as an adult school girl,'I said.

    What subjects should we teach her,folks ?...

    1. Well Bob I strongly believe that, since we don't want their silly little heads full of big ideas, the only subjects a well brought up young lady needs to know are those that are required to please and serve her menfolk. I am sure that several chaps on her would be keen to give her an oral examination on those. But from everything you say it seems that Michaela is the sort of girl who slouches and therefore does not always have her best assets on display as it were, so definitely a bit of deportment training, nude, pile of books on her head. Also while at the moment she sounds as if she is pleasingly chubby but we wouldn't want her getting fat so lots of PT once again nude and preferably outside where there is always the possibility of an audience.

  35. Bob here.
    I do hope and trust that you will ensure that both Hilary and Susan are
    treated to a most exemplary caning,with
    plenty of lashes applied to their oh so tender sit spots.

  36. An absolute scorcher Bob, culminating in Hilary sobbing in her Mother's arms before I take them both to bed.

    1. I hope you had a very pleasantly enjoyable night with then both giving exemplary service.

    2. Very pleasant Milady although I would never describe anything as exemplary. I thought Hilary could do with her responses sharpening up actually so she's sitting on a Sybian shaking and squealing. Hope you enjoyed her fantasy list, any views?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Well if they fell short of the demanding standards you expect there can only be one course of action - hand and slipper; paddle, tawse and cane for both - at length and applied vigorously and forcefully.

  38. Bob here.
    I second the course of action as prescribed by Milady de Larmes,Inspector Ruskin.I also love the notion of Hilary being caned along with
    Jenna Coleman and Tina O'Brien.
    I think that there should be a law that states that any 18+ woman (famous or not) caught wearing full or even partial school uniform should be sentenced to attend an adult schoolgirl
    training centre for anywhere between one and six months,with the option to increase their sentrnces at a later review,if it is felt they have been uncooperative during their stay.
    There training schools should be spartan and severe,of course.
    Endless lessons,rote learning,lines,nourishing but bland and repetitive meals,Strenuous physical education and,of course,the cane.
    Oh yes,always the cane.For most minor
    offences,a standard senior schoolgirl cane can be employed on their naughty
    ramps. But if Hilary,Jenna,Tina,Karen etc are extra naughty,then perhaps you,Inspector,Milady,Harold etc would agree with me that a reformatory rod might well be in order ?
    Or perhaps a nice,dark brown,wickedly whippy and thudding victorian governess
    Such implements have quite a reputation,I believe.

  39. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Ruskin.Loved your sequence
    above with Hilary.
    I can only hope that,in time,my Michaela Jane will turn out half as well disciplined under the rod as your Hilary.

  40. Bob here.
    A brief account of day one of the adult
    Schoolgirl adventures of Michaela Jane

    It was just after breakfast the next day that I told Michaela I had something for her.Still stark naked and
    sore,the tangle-haired teen eyed me with deep suspicion.
    'Wot..wot is it ?,'she asked cautiously.

    'Come with me and i'll show you',I replied.She followed me into the front room.On a couple of hangers on the inside of the door was a smart,new school uniform,complete with a striped tie.A pair of sensible,flat black shoes
    Were on the carpet,and several pairs of white socks and navy blue schoolgirl knickers were piled up on the coffee table.
    Michaela gingerly picked up a pair of the knickers.'They look a bit small,Uncle Bob.An'' why 'Ave I gotta wear school uniform fer anyway ?
    I'm 18,not 8.'

    'Would you rather wear nothing still,then?,'I asked.

    'Nah. .no,but..'

    'No buts,Michaela Jane.These will be your sole clothes from now on.I told you last night that today would be your first day as an adult Schoolgirl, did I not ?',I said.
    Michaela nodded slowly.'Well,yeah but..
    why can'I jus'wear me own stuff ?'

    'Because I got rid of that "stuff",as you put it,early on this morning while you were still asleep.It was all most unsuitable.All torn tops and ripped shorts and micro skirts.You are not going to be wearing anymore of that sort of garbage while you are staying here with me,is that clear ?
    Michaela was clearly unhappy about this
    and almost said as much before opting instead for a simple nod of agreement.
    She began to put the knickers on.

    'What do you think you're doing,young lady ?'She frowned and looked at me with genuine bafflement dancing all over her face.

    'Puttin' on me new uniform,of course,'
    she said.
    I shook my head.'Not so fast,young lady.First you have to earn the right
    to wear it..and that may take at least an hour or two'.Pausing only to collect
    my tawse,I propelled a quickly protesting and naked Michaela outside
    into the front garden.
    It was a very warm morning,and thus the sweat was soon pouring off the girl as
    I put her through a full programme of exercises,encouraging the embarrassed and shell-shocked teen with frequent lashes from my tawse.
    The postman walked past,grinning with obvious approval as Michaela completed
    her star jumps.A few minutes later,Mr Lomax came along the road.'It'seems a grand job you're doing there',he commented.

    'I am making her earn the right to wear
    her new adult school uniform',I explained.

    'Aye,well,make sure she has to work hard for it.Don't go too soft on the lass,'

    I promised I would indeed work her hard..and I did.
    Eventually I led the exhausted,sweat soaked teen back indoors.
    After a shower,I finally allowed her to put on her new uniform.She looked quite lovely in it.Such an improvement from how she had looked on the afternoon when she first arrived.

    'And now it is time for your first lesson,Michaela Jane.Giving oral pleasure to a gentleman.'

    Her hazel eyes went wide with utter disbelief.'Wot ?!! No! No way!'

    I smiled at her with grim determination.I fully intend to cane you at the end of today's lesson no matter what.You can get down on your knees,perform as instructed,and receive
    a mere six of the best,or refuse to participate in this useful course of study and receive an exemplary 24 stroke thrashing for your bad attitude.
    Well,girl ? Which shall it be ?'

    She got down on her knees...

  41. Sir, I just stumbled across your blog, and as part of my own spanking fetish, "The Piano Lesson Based Spankings have always been a big, intriguing slice of my own boyhood experience and my abiding adult spanking fetish. I should mention that while the piano lesson spanking is a great part of my art and life, my focus is about the mature, matronly piano teacher spanking the young male pupil, (adult), specifically emphasizing, fortissimo and cadence. I would love to share some of my art on this subject with you, and if you should so judge appropriate with your readers. Bottoms up!!