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Friday, 6 September 2019

Letters — Training Credos & Femininity Training

At the end of R.T. Mason’s classic Behind High Walls is the following tribute: “The author acknowledges as his source of inspiration for this story the reader’s letter ‘Femininity Training’ in Janus 41.”
Here is that letter and, in turn, the letter that inspired it.
Femininity Training (from Janus 41)
I must agree with N.F. of London, Janus 33, [see below] that the young ladies of today are way out of step with their correct feminine roles and attitudes in our society, and this must be stopped — not just with young ladies but with all ladies. All ladies require constant discipline to maintain obedience and should receive regular punishment to maintain this. All this smoking, driving cars, the wearing of jeans and cross-dressing in general are things of female liberation and must be stopped. As N.F. rightly points out, society is changing for the worse and if we lose the feminine and very disciplined women we have lost everything.
‘The Campaign For The Feminine Woman’ seems to be going in the right direction to counter this trend of free-thinking and do-as-I-please attitude, though not knowing anything of their organisation I cannot do much to help them. It is a known fact that all men, if they are men, wish to dominate and master a female or females, and I am sure this so-called ‘Women’s Liberation’ can be stopped if they are shown the way, guided, persuaded — forced if necessary. But it must be done.
If domestic discipline is to flourish and it must, the female must be put and kept in the right state of mind, and to do this we must first restrict her movements to the appropriate ones. It is well known that the foundation garment is the most important garment of the female dress, and a corset to maintain discipline is an absolute must. A correspondent in Janus 30 elucidates the benefits of corsetry so I will not go into detail but would wish to point out that corsets can be obtained from good ladies’ underwear shops and corsetieres throughout the country. Good, strong, well boned and laced corsets are the best for maximum discipline with ample lacings, back fastenings and sturdy broad strap suspenders.
I can already hear the little lady’s pleas — ‘I’m not wearing those old-fashioned things!’ — but wear them she must and after a few months she will begin to accept them as all part of her new way of life. The bra must have the same discipline characteristics as the corsets with a deep waistline and adjustable shoulder straps, at least for the first few months.
Stockings must always be worn, never should tights be allowed. A 15-30 or even a 60 denier seamed stocking should always be the order of the day. A nice everyday tan shade is required, not black seamed stockings. What we need to create is a feminine lady who thinks feminine, acts feminine and is truly feminine. The reason for the seamed stockings is to ‘keep her on her toes’ as one might say, because if she does not keep it in her mind to check her seams at regular intervals, say after being seated and crossing her legs, she is not going to look very tidy and any untidiness leads to punishment. Being conscious of her stockings will make her conscious of her whole appearance. The seamed stockings are an intrinsic part of her discipline, besides making her look properly feminine.
Tight-fitting briefs are definitely out. Cotton, cotton interlock, Celanese or nylon, all with loose legs, are to be recommended, whichever is the choice of her husband or master, but all must be loose-fitting.
Her outer everyday clothes must all be very feminine.
The best thing for ‘female feminine tuition’ would be establishments, organisations, societies (and I would certainly contribute to the upkeep of such) specially designed to cater for two, three or five ladies at any one time, in the teaching of ‘proper feminine behaviour’. By keeping the numbers low it can be done in a more friendly atmosphere. The young ladies would learn sitting, standing, walking, dress sense, how to dress, how to undress, how to bath and powder, good manners, how to make up and do their hair, but above all it would be instilled in their minds (as in the film The Stepford Wives) to obey their husbands or masters without question.
Each pupil would be taught to understand that her whole role in life is to be a truly feminine and disciplined submissive woman. To understand that she must receive punitive correction for her own good, and to learn to benefit from it. To understand that she will receive punitive correction on a regular basis. To understand that her husband is the master and that without his permission, the world outside the home does not exist.
This course should last for about three months and when she returns back to her husband or master, she will be a truly beautiful woman from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, not a hair out of place. Yes, a truly feminine and very disciplined and submissive woman.
Keighley, W. Yorks.
Training Credos (from Janus 41)
I believe that rebellious girls must be reformed for the good of society, and for their own future good. I do not hesitate to recommend strong methods where weak ones have so palpably, and predictably, failed. I believe that such girls — I envisage them being mainly in their late teens —should be sent for short spells to special institutes for intensive training.
Girls undergoing training would necessarily be naked throughout the brief period of institutionalization. They would not suffer from cold, for I would keep them securely indoors with room temperature regulated accordingly. But they would certainly feel defenceless and embarrassed, whilst being constantly aware that they were being detained for punishment. Clothes are a barrier that must go, along with the falsely aligned ego which has created the need for reformation. When a girl is naked, and not out of choice, before uniformed male strangers she can be guaranteed to be much more receptive to what she is told.
For minor, first offences sentences could be as short as a week, a period in which much good work could be done. In this way she would stand no risk of losing her job, if she had one, for her brief stay at the training centre could be counted by her employer as a holiday.
I believe that the regime should contain no softness or privileges whatever: obviously, no smoking, no sweets, no talking except in direct answer to a question from a member of staff, and no distractions such as radios, books or magazines. At induction all the trainee’s possessions would be removed from her, together with her clothes, and all itemized and put into sealed plastic bags to be returned to her upon 6her release. The regime would be spartan in the extreme: a girl would address all male members of staff as ‘Sir’, all female staff members as ‘Madam’, regardless of their ages and status; she would be required to take cold showers twice daily, and to eat up every scrap of the rather unpleasant food provided at mealtimes.
I believe that intensive training should be carried out individually in special training rooms, under the personal direction of a qualified, uniformed male trainer and his uniformed assistant; women officers could be present as nurses/witnesses/training assistants to intensify the trainee’s humiliation, at the same time ensuring propriety. The fact that the girl is naked and alone under complete control in a bare-stripped cell under the watchful eye of three or four officers who compete with each other to give her orders which must be instantly obeyed will soon reduce her to very pliant putty — the ideal state to learn a new outlook and behaviour. For when she disobeys an order she immediately receives a thorough thrashing (as also when she hesitates) — with stick, strap or whip, upon whichever part or parts of her body the trainer responsible decrees — and then at once her obedience training recommences without a second’s delay. Obviously, psychological advantage could be gained by the training staff tactically taking different approaches — i.e. fierce and cruel, conciliatory and insinuating, perhaps even tender and pitying at times — winning her over with the carrot and the stick, as it were, but disturbingly switching roles to create crises.
At first the very process of being made to obey orders in the nude — to bend, to kneel, to stretch, to perform arduous PT exercises, to scrub the floor, to sing nursery rhymes, etc etc —would be a searing ordeal for her. But as she became more proficient at obeying, under threat of a painful beating, the orders would be delivered at an ever-faster rate, cruelly mocking her ‘slowness’ and ‘laziness’ but graduating in the end to an automatic split-second response to an unbroken staccato sequence of shouted commands, including almost simultaneous contradictory commands from different officers. Her body movements would be strenuous, exhausting and demeaning, but the fear of punishment for disobedience, once she had received a few beatings, would quickly render her perfectly responsive to any order given. I imagine considerable daily progress would be made, especially once the girl realised that those training her were determined enough to prolong a session to any duration to get the results they wanted — which would be her going through a barrier and seeing herself quite differently.
I do not envisage CP being applied as an end in itself, only as a punishment for specific inappropriate reactions whilst undergoing training. However, there would be so many potential opportunities for corporal punishment to be applied to her body, for an ever-higher standard of obedience and submission would be required as her training developed, all the trainers in fact being absolute perfectionists. A balance of activities clearly has to be found, if the experience is to be comprehensive and well-rounded. I believe that at intervals during this highly active obedience training the trainer should order her to stand stock still, stretching upright with every limb precisely positioned, feet well apart and her fingertips just brushing together above her head. In a very loud voice the trainer should then berate her for all her faults which have caused her to be sent for training; he should outline and explain correct and prescribed attitudes and forms of behaviour, and he should ask many questions to determine her psychological learning progress. Again, any inappropriate verbal responses from her, the slightest trace of resentment or insubordination, would immediately draw one or more burning cuts of the cane across her arse from the assistant trainer.
I am thoroughly convinced that if this remedy were available to young ladies in their late teens and early twenties society would vastly improve. And let’s face it, we are in a deteriorating situation where something urgently has to be done. Not only is British society steadily losing its traditional values and turning into an anti-society of selfish anarchy but girls in their late teens and twenties especially are way out of step with the right values and natural and correct feminine roles and attitudes. And this I sincerely believe.
By the way, I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly on your latest video, the two-part Moral Welfare. I find this a very inspired, erotic and above all intelligent approach to the subject of institutional discipline for girls, a very powerful video that comes closest of any so far to my line of thinking.
London SW13


  1. Very nice indeed. A certain young lady of my previous acquaintance would have benefited hugely from both regimes. I must confess to favouring the former although I would hope a Mrs Blackett type character would also be involved, perhaps this is a role that our very own Milady could fulfill?

    1. I often imagined myself as Mrs Blackett over the years. The Balcombe Manor series was a classic - the sense of femininity was delicious.

  2. I'm sure you would be a great success. If I was still with the young lady in question I would get a very perverse thrill from leaving her in your charge, I'm sure you would lay the cane on very hard indeed. One of my personal failings was an inability to get tears out of her, I'm sure you would have managed very well.

  3. Bob here.
    I can only echo what the good Inspector Rudkin says: you would have made a great Mrs Blackett, Milady de Larmes...
    and I think it highly likely that you
    would have every success in coaxing tears out of any young ladies in your charge.

  4. Endlessly ‘berated’ & always naked ‘not out of choice’. The fundamentals are solid. Quite clear there is no intention the girls should at any point derive any pleasure from it. Punishment not foreplay.

    1. Neither punishment nor discipline is ever foreplay. The pleasure one forces a girl to experience - despite her distress - should be completely against her will or desire. It should shock and shame her but she should no less find herself surrendering to pleasure through the pain.

    2. That doesn’t make any sense.

    3. It certainly does in my experience.

    4. To be honest I loath stories where the spanking is a turn on for the recipient, or worse, in any way consensual. I don't want my spanking fiction to mirror what can be achieved in real life. I want it be edgy, brutal and to explore the impossible. I don't even see the point of adding sex to a spanking scene. Perhaps if it was portrayed as being deeply unpleasant, painful or brutal; a form of punishment in itself, but it rarely is in these stories...presumably the editors had to veer away from any explicit suggestion of rape, so they let the issue of consent and the act itself remain vague and just so blah.

    5. I’m with you Allan & that’s why the best Blushes stories are the ones where sexual intercourse is unwanted by the female recipient as it clearly is say in the case of Valerie in Blushes 7 where the photos of her discomfort when being penetrated show how effective deeply unpleasant sex is as a part of the punishment. Similarly the photos of the girl in Blushes 15 (repeated UG 53) trying desperately to stop the disciplinarian from stripping her are among the best. There is a picture of her with her hand on her knickers trying to keep them on as his hand tugs them down - as happens in enforced sex. It would be great if every cp photo sequence had these story lines. The reason you cite for their infrequency is correct rather than some namby-pamby idea that we want the girls to enjoy intimacy. That can be catered for by a different genre as it has no connection with punishment

    6. I agree with your sentiments Allan. Punishment should never be pleasurable for the recipient. I want to see a pretty girl's face curl up in pain and disgust and preferably tears should stream down her face. I do believe that sexual intercourse provided that it is conducted with the proper decorum is an important part of a girl's training. At the end of it she should feel dirty and ashamed knowing that despite all the silly ideas she might have about herself she is nothing more than an object intended to serve and please her betters.

    7. Sorry guys but I deeply disagree. At least Allan has had the honesty to use the word rape rather than the ridiculously contrived 'unwanted intercourse' but the sentiment remains. Discipline, whether that be physical chastisement, dress, deportment or humiliation should be designed to push a young lady to a place where she gets pleasure despite herself and gives herself up to the situation she finds herself in. I cannot conceive of a situation where having sex with an unwilling partner could be pleasurable in any way. It's a broad church, and there is a place for most fantasy but I do draw the line at this one. Enough said I'll move on.

    8. Yup, we're all different, with our own boundaries. Being a sweet guy I naturally draw the line at serious or permanent injury, or maybe I'm just squeamish. Anyway, given the paucity of stories which involve consenting partners (thank God, how dull would that be!) I think it's fair to say that everyone visiting this blog qualifies as a fully fledged sexual sadist. The reluctant intercourse is rape and the discipline and humiliation is torture. But I say embrace your sexuality, there's no joy to be had in denying it, might even do you harm. What's important is we know it's sexual fantasy. What would be worrying is if we started to actually believe the notion that beating a young woman could be justified or would actually do her any good.

    9. Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no Brexit. A fair response Allan, let's move on.

    10. The ‘Oh look, she enjoyed it in the end’ line may salve some misgivings as perhaps do the ‘she enjoyed it despite herself’ get-outs some of you deploy. However you are of course kidding yourselves that distress and naked humiliation are not the central themes, with physical pain in sexually attractive area especially the bare bottom.
      Blushes wouldn’t have sold many copies if it said ‘inside - girls who get turned on by being hit’ because 99.9% of the pictures depict girls not liking it one bit. The Inspector and others constantly have to imagine long-winded stories which they write up on this blog. That’s because those sort of the-girl-got-turned-on-in-the-end-but-wishes-she-hadn’t yarns are not the stock-in-trade of Blushes at all.
      I’m with Harold.

    11. They may not be the stock-in-trade of Blushes - but then Blushes, with all its failings and poor quality, is not the only producer of spanking erotica. More than that though I for one find the idea of the 'the-girl-got-turned-on-in-the-end-but-wishes-she-hadn’t' as you put it, the most intense and exquisite variation on our theme.

      I am unclear why you feel the need ti denigrate it.

    12. At the end of the day we are talking abut *fantasies* here. In real life I would also consider myself a sweet guy and spend a lot of time considering the wishes and pleasure of the women I am with but in my nasty fantasy life I get turned on by things I wouldn't want to see actually happening, let alone enact. Lots of women I know also get off on fantasies of being raped and of course that doesn't mean they actually want to be raped.

    13. Glad that we all agree this is just fantasy! Personally I very much find the mental submission/domination aspects of this literature the most interesting and erotic. It is notable that pretty much all the stories (even Blushes) are written from the perspective of the punishee usually with great empathy. If hatred of women is what turns you on I don't think you'll find it in these stories - quite the opposite.

    14. Hi I’m Grace,
      Probably one of the lurkers in the 10,000 +

      I am 19 now & sent by my mum for summer school with my ‘uncle’ the last 3 years. The problem was that boys found me very pretty and wanted to have sex with me from 16. I was becoming distracted by the idea of it and often making myself come instead of revising. Mum said I should be taught a lesson about my naked body turning the boys on and me & that it could jeopardise Oxford. Uncle caned me and mum agreed that he should also put me off sex for a while by associating it with him doing it. I didn’t want it because he is much older and not at all attractive in that way. Plus he was heavy on me and the bed springs squeaked and I was very tight down there at first. It was unwanted to use a word you put here. But it worked as I prioritised my studies and got in as I thought of uncle prodding and poking. So in a way I know the canings and what happened in that little bedroom did the trick. I’m glad I don’t have to go back and I ask for boys to cane me now - even when they don’t want to and even though it really hurts my bottom

    15. Good response Fleas.
      The quote below is from the much favoured Girl Training 1998;
      Joanna underneath him is moaning with pleasure. Yes a very responsive girl. And she’s not faking it. An experienced man can tell if they’re faking it, and sometimes they will, to make themselves seem more well-trained, submissive, responsive to their master. But Joanna isn’t doing that, it’s clearly genuine.
      Seems to reinforce the point.
      Fantastic blog, thanks.

    16. Thank you for your fascinating post, Grace. For some reason it escaped my attention until now. Therefore, what I'm about to say is a bit late in coming and so I'm not sure you're going to read it. I only hope you still might do so.

      It was great reading you have been subject to the practices you describe. I'd like to imagine they're more commonplace than many realise. Being beaten and fucked by a man much older than your teenage self and to whom you quite naturally feel no physical attraction is very good training. The lesson all pretty young ladies must learn is that they exist for the use and pleasure of men and not to become nasty, manipulative, little cock teasers. What better way for them to learn this than from men who they find physically repulsive but who have a very great sexual interest in them?

      Pretty young ladies deserve to suffer for the dark passions they arouse in men. It's nature's way. You gave 'uncle' his rightful pleasure. That's something very important. The concept of 'rape' does not apply as that pre-supposes you had a right not to have it done to you. I commend your mother's actions in packing you off to him. She was just taking care of you really, stopping you from running wild, not to mention the foul crime of self abuse. Pretty young women need controlling. I am thinking that your mum too was properly dealt with when she was young? If so, it's good to think of these traditions being handed down and that there also may be strong, hidden networks in which they continue to prevail. I'm wondering if your mum is still being seen to? Maybe uncle himself occasionally visits? Even if no fucking takes place, the cane is still needed. Haggard old women even are still in need of the cane.

      I was very turned on by your descriptions of uncle's visits to your little room - the creak of the bed springs, his heaviness upon you, the "prodding and poking" and your initial difficulties in accommodating his penis inside you. I take it from this that he was the first? It's very nice to think he was and that mum got you to him in the nick of time. Nice also to read that sexual pleasure and the experience of pain are now deeply entwined within you. That is how it should be. Nevertheless, your mention of boys concerns me. At 19 you are still young and I do not think you should be going about doing it with whoever takes your fancy even if you ask them to cane you. That they don't seem to want to tells you of their unsuitability. You need men who don't need to be asked, men like uncle. Though you say you're 'glad you don't have to go back' I think you need to. If not to uncle, who perhaps is now busy with other young women, then to other similarly disposed old men. Maybe uncle could introduce you to groups of old men who could enjoy you over weekends, perhaps in the company of other young women? Lots of caning as well as fucking of course. That being said, I'm not against you eventually being married off to a boy of your own age, just that he be vetted and approved for suitability by uncle or whoever else might have an interest. The right young man will not only take a strong line with you but will also understand the need for continued external interventions.

      In closing, Grace, I must say that though I congratulate you on getting to Oxford, I don't hold with young ladies stuffing their pretty little heads with big and complicated ideas. The science of man pleasing is the only discipline to which they need apply themselves. On the other hand, your mum knew that a stay at uncle's was what was needed to help you focus on academic achievement (and not gallivanting with boys). It shows the efficacy of such treatment even if I prefer it to be directed towards different ends.

      My very best wishes to you.

    17. "To be honest I loath stories where the spanking is a turn on for the recipient, or worse, in any way consensual. I don't want my spanking fiction to mirror what can be achieved in real life."

      That is exactly right, Allan. Though I'm perfectly tolerant of the tastes of others, I dislike the implication that because some of us don't like consent in spanking fiction (and certainly many of my own posts on this blog - but not this one - should be considered as spanking fiction) we don't believe in it in real life. A consensual role play of non consent in real life on the other hand is perfectly acceptable.

  5. Loved the training credos letter (and the pic). Never sure if 100% nude is the way to go. There must be something to be said for being able to order a girl to divest herself of her one permitted item of scanty attire. Periods of nudity could of course be an extra punishment.

    1. The most important thing from my point of view is that the girl has no control over whether she is nude or what she wears. Their silly little heads are full of thoughts about fashion so much of the time. Forcing her to wear demeaning or inappropriately sexy attire is a good way of enforcing discipline.

    2. Well on that we certainly agree. A girl should indeed have no control. Not on what she wears - if anything; not on whether or how or when she is disciplined or worked; not on when or, again where or how - or with whom - she is required to serve sexually; nor on her pleasure or her orgasm. Those are for her mistresses or masters to decide and control. She must at all times feel helpless; trapped and vulnerable and completely at one's mercy.

      It is the only way she will learn complete submission - not some voluntary, temporary surrender but true, lasting and total servitude drin which she can never be freed.

    3. Exactly why institutional settings like Balcombe Manor or Green Gables work so well. The young lady is entangled in a world where uniform, ritual humiliation, physical punishment and sexual service appear to have been normalised and her peers appear to follow these rules with some reluctance but little real protest. As the stories say at St Angela's subservience and obedience were everything. Thus she slowly finds herself drawn into an environment where her views on anything (dress, behaviour, sexual partner, gender of sexual partner) are totally discounted. Through time she grudgingly accepts this, clearly regular sessions with cane and strap help persuade her, and emerges into a world of complete unquestioning obedience. 'It's for your own good young lady' is the mantra, 'Obedience, performance, pleasure' the goal.

    4. Well, reading all the above - it certainly takes in all sorts of fantasies and realities

  6. Bob here.
    Very true,Marco.We all have diverse and
    fascinating fantasies and viewpoints.
    That is what helps to make our community here on this blog so engaging
    and wonderful.It is a bit like sharing
    a cp wonderland of the imagination,opinions and superb creativity of us all.

  7. Bob here.
    Welcome to the community,Grace and thanks for sharing your anecdote with us all.
    I hope I speak for all of us here when I say that we are a friendly and welcoming bunch here on fleas63's blog.
    It sounds as if you have developed quite a taste for corporal punishment.
    Hope you will continue to comment and join in with our varied opinions on the
    great vintage fiction,art,photos and. general spanking subject matters that
    we all mull over here.