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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Letters — Make Them Suffer, Lesley In Limbo & Punishment By The Book

From Janus 32
Make Them Suffer
Thank you for publishing my letter in issue No. 26. It is great to see that you are striving to improve Janus with every new issue. Sometimes Janus can be almost perfect: for instance, the story Self-Reliance And Discipline by Simon Banks in issue 28 was excellent, also the illustration on page 16 was great.
My only small criticism of the story would be that there should only have been one girl and not two undergoing training and discipline. I am of the opinion that it is more shaming and humiliating for a girl to suffer alone, preferably with two or more people to witness her punishments rather than have the humiliation halved by having it shared.
There are hundreds of methods of disciplining a disobedient young lady apart from simple spanking or caning, tawsing or whatever. As there are hundreds of methods of disciplining girls, so there are also hundreds of ways of having them dressed or partly dressed, and this I believe is where the real punishing part comes into it — in the humiliation. 30 or more hard blows on a naked bottom must be very painful, but I’d imagine that most girls would rather accept this painful, though pretty normal punishment, than be made to don a pair of ballet shoes, knee-length black leg-warmers, an extremely short wrap-around mini skirt and white blouse with half the buttons undone and then be paraded and marched through city streets or perhaps be taken on a little jogging excursion in some quiet suburb.
Janus is still the finest magazine available. All that Janus is lacking, personally speaking, is a bit more nudity, more bare-footism (as I seem to have a bit of foot-fetishism in me) and a better, wider, more humiliating variety of punishment outfits.
One photograph which could be quite easy to arrange, yet so exciting, would be to have a girl wearing just a vest and knee-length leg-warmers; she would stand on tiptoe on one foot, her other leg flexed with knee raised almost to chest level with her toes pointed downwards, hands clasped to hips with a tearful but obedient look in her eyes. Beside her a strict-looking gentleman with a severe, cruel expression on his face would stand flexing a cane.
A photo like this in Janus would be so exciting and I would probably buy two issues so that I could cut out and frame such a picture for my wall.
Please Janus, no plump and plain girls (not that a lot of them have been). Make them all youngish and highly attractive and make them suffer.
A moot mathematical question: When two girls are punished together, is their humiliation halved or doubled? We receive about an equal number of letters asking for more nudity and less, in favour of slim girls and plump girls, and for more variety and more uniformity in costumes. We’re left with no option but to back our own judgement in each particular case, taking all circumstances and communicated whims into consideration. So, yes, it is worthwhile letting us know what you would like to see. We’re listening — Ed.

Lesley In Limbo
Even a sceptical Scot has to be convinced by the truth and sincerity of your interview with your most attractive and persuasive illustrator, Miss Paula Meadows, in Janus 29. Every answer rings true, far removed from the fantasies of most publications. Your series of interviews with such young ladies must count as one of the very best things in Janus’s long history.
In this case, the subject is closely connected with the ‘Lesley’ stories of Richard Manton, which Paula illustrated as a photographic model. Fans of that spoilt and arrogant young wife, Lesley, must be wondering whatever happened to her. We gather that this 28-year-old libber with her pudding-basin crop and sulky manner has been packed off to a reformatory institution. A long queue of readers waits patiently at the keyhole of the punishment-room! L.F. in Janus 28 reveals that the sentence is a five-year detention with a statutory whipping every two months. R.W. in Janus 17 ‘especially approves’ of such discipline for her ‘crime’ of walking out on her marriage and children in order to screw around.
R.W. would ‘horse’ Lesley for bare-bottom punishment with his ‘braided pony-lash’. One anticipates her lying astride a vaulting-buck, wrists against the wooden forelegs, ankles against the rear supports. The imagination simmers at the image of the firmly mature cheeks of Lesley’s bottom presented in this way. R.W.’s plea for greater severity in the case of a mature young wife than for a younger girl is understandable, and I second his view wholeheartedly.
So, Lesley is alive and well. But what is the little madam up to?
Lochalshe, W.Ross
All will be revealed soon. — Ed.

Punishment By The Book
For about six years now I have been living in Luxembourg where I moved to some time after my retirement from the Belgian Civil Service in the Federal Republic of Germany. As you will know, there are still Belgian soldiers over there and I served the back-up organisation. Due to my position in my active time I could not write a letter like this, talking rather freely about my experience with corporal punishment.
It all began in 1946 when I was just 23 and sent for my first position into Germany, to a small town at the edge of the ‘Bergisches Land’. I had been billeted into the house of a Frau L who was a wife of a German officer who was killed at the Russian front in the last days of the war.
Frau L had three girls: Bertha at the age of 18, Amalie, age 17, and Christa, age 16, and as I soon found out, Mrs L ran a very strict house. All three girls were extremely polite; for instance, they stood up whenever I entered and waited until I sat down and allowed them to do so too; and they all three greeted me with a kiss when I came back from work in the evening. And, of course, my clothes were always impeccably clean, my shoes polished, my shirts ironed marvellously and so on. And I felt perfectly pleased with this.
All three girls were also extremely obedient, so that once, when I did not find my shoes in the morning, I said teasingly to Bertha that she had to stand in the corner for that — and she did so. She went into the corner and actually waited until I came back to my room after breakfast and I was utterly surprised to find her still standing there.
It was only after several weeks that I first caught Bertha in an act of disobedience. She came back from town — the house of the L’s was situated in a small park near the wood outside the small town centre — she came back from town too late. She was not allowed to stay out later than nine o’clock without special permission, which was a sensible rule to make in those days. I thought that it would be better to report it to her mother, who came in later.
Frau L became very angry, she knew of the dangers waiting in the streets and said that the girl needed a real lesson. She was about to proceed with it, when she thought better of it and said that since I was the only man in her home and was about to stay a while with her family, why not include me into her family and then, why not transfer some of the responsibilities of her late husband onto me. In particular she thought of those responsibilities related to the education of her daughters.
And it was only ten minutes later that I attended a family meeting where her daughters were informed of my new position and I was informed of my new duties, which were in principle very simple. All the girls’ wrongdoings were noted by their mother and every third evening were dealt with according to the ‘Rules’. The Rules were a collection of every sort of wrongdoing and their according punishments, which had come down to Frau L through her grandmother and mother. Flipping through its pages, I was genuinely surprised at the severity of those punishments. But then Frau L told me that most German girls were used to this sort of severity in punishments, it was an integral part of their usual education, they ‘needed’ it so to say, to be brought up properly. Complete obedience to their father, husband or any guardian was, at the time, the first principle of a German girl’s or wife’s education, as I learned from Frau L, and that justified even the strictest measures. And then Frau L introduced me to her collection of straps, canes and whips which were kept in her bedroom for the correction of her daughters, and there were frightful examples of every specimen.
And so it happened that from that day on I had all three of Frau L’s girls in the sitting-room every third evening for their necessary correction. At first this was a surprising novelty to me, for my own upbringing and my position as a Belgian bachelor had not prepared me for such a role. But it needed only a few remarks from Frau L, encouraging me not to spare the girls, and then only a few more weeks before Frau L complimented me on my strictness and capability to deal with her daughters.
I have to admit that in fact I did not have to be forced to carry out my new task; instead, I let no opportunity pass to show my three pupils who was their new master. There was rarely an occasion every three days when at least one of my pupils did not have to prepare herself for the appropriate severe dose of strap, cane or whip, the way it was prescribed by the inherited book of Rules. The sight of the bare rear end of Bertha, Amalie or Christa bending over table, chair or stool, was soon as familiar to me as the sight of their pretty faces. There was no decency allowed for them under my punishment; on the contrary, extreme humiliation was to be achieved with these extremely severe punishments. And it was not unusual that a new punishment had to be given when the bottom of a girl was still heavily marked with the remains of her last punishment; only when it was absolutely necessary did the Rules allow for another way. Frau L then always insisted on my giving the necessary punishment on the front part of the girls’ upper thighs, a measure which mostly had my consent. When on very rare occasions she also considered other parts of the girls’ bodies fit for punishment, I always hesitated. I was then especially aware of our cultural differences, for in my own native land corporal punishment was used far less extensively than in Germany.
Since I fulfilled my duties with respect to her girls so very much like her husband had done, Frau L one evening suggested that I might extend my educational tasks and include her person also, as it had been when she was under the control of the Rules in the time when her husband still lived. She somehow missed his strong hand, she found it often extremely difficult to be head of the family and therefore I should take over completely the responsibilities. Of course, she in response would also do her duty as an obedient woman does to her master, which meant, explicitly spoken, that she was ready for me every fourth evening, much the same as she had been for her husband: bent over the desk in the study, frocks neatly folded up, knickers/panties off and absolutely ready for me to enter her from the rear after she had brought my penis into the right state orally beforehand.
That simply was the whole arrangement! Her punishments took place always after those of the girls, with the girls out of the way, crying in their shared bedroom. And when she bent over the desk again after a punishment session had taken place, she did so with a lot of fresh marks from either strap, cane or whip on her broad behind.
In those early years after the war it was rather difficult for the ordinary German people to get more than necessary to eat and so it had also been for Frau L and her daughters; they were all rather thin when I first met them. In return for my accommodation I would supply them with enough additional food, which they preferred instead of a usual rent, that in a very short time they had all four got a much more pleasant shape. And I could observe that all three girls tended to the same type of figure that their mother had so splendidly: buxom, with a nice, not too narrow waist, magnificent hips with full buttocks and thighs and fairly long shapely legs. And since they were only allowed to wear so-called womanly garments, they presented always an extremely pleasant sight.
With their swelling hips and buttocks, I had always a large area for use with the required strap, cane or whip. I always gave exactly the number of strokes with any of these punishment instruments that the Rules laid down. As I have mentioned before, these Rules were very strict, as was to be expected since they originated in their eldest part from around 1900. Over the years rules had been erased, if only a few, and others had been added, and the strictness showed variations which reflected the changes in morals and standards of German life. All in all, the Rules had constantly been completed to cover every possible aspect of a German girl’s or woman’s life. The latest changes were from the late Herr L and showed a general tendency to increase the strictness again. I would have been afraid to vary the punishments myself since, as a newcomer to such procedures, it was enough for me to follow faithfully in the footsteps of those with greater expertise.
I must say that I had soon adapted myself to this sort of strict German discipline and I had learned that it was absolutely the best way to raise completely obedient girls and to turn them later into equally obedient brides and wives. For the sake of the quality of family life it is certainly not too much to sacrifice those few hours every few days for the education of one’s women folk. This effort pays itself off so very soon and efficiently — in no time I became a clearly dedicated advocate of this sort of German thoroughness. Although aspects of their national character can appear simply boring or sometimes even dangerous, it is in this respect, i.e. the education of girls and women, only to be appreciated and greatly recommended.
Over the following months and then years, my extensive use of the Rules helped me very much to maintain in Frau L the almost perfect housekeeper, hostess and mother she had already been under her husband and it helped equally to develop Bertha from a teenager into a fine young lady and her sisters to follow her in that development. This meant, of course, a lot of tears to be shed meanwhile, a lot of bottom-baring and a lot of weals from strap, cane and whip and also a lot of cries, howls and yells ringing through the house, but it was all refunded by their excellent development, girls and mother, too.
If one may be of the opinion that the Germans have not brought so very much good to European culture the last 50 years, I would say that their traditional forms of discipline for girls and women is positively one of the advantages they can reclaim, and after my own so very positive experiences I can wholeheartedly recommend their sort of discipline to every father and husband who wants to live happily with his family. Thank you for your attention and patience.
E. de C.,
We would be fascinated if, despite the passage of time, you could attempt to reconstruct the book of Rules for us from memory. — Ed.


  1. I for one would like to read the Lesley stories again!

  2. Bob here.
    The Lesley material was great,Milady de Larmes.Pala Meadows was a super model and artist.A very talented lady.

  3. With regard to JC's letter "make them suffer" I agree with him entirely. One girl with 2+ people there to bully her is in my opinion the ideal. I'm not sure why; maybe she simply appears incredibly vulnerable in such a situation, being the sole target and focus of everyone's (including our) attention, or as JC suggested it's because she has nobody to share her suffering or sympathise with her. It could also tie in the humiliation nightmare of being the only one naked. Sadly it was a scenario which was rarely presented for our enjoyment.
    I seem to recall other entertaining letters from JC. He was, and hopefully still is, a man after my own heart. And leg warmers... they are kind of sexy.

  4. 4 people (with one being another older female) is ideal. The other woman can be used both as 'bait' to get our young lady into the room and as a source of persuasion, cajoling and occasional comforting. Ritual phrases such as 'come on, we all go through it', ' I was under the cane well before this sweetheart', and the old die-hard 'its for your own good and you know it' may all be usefully employed. Ensuring the 'session' is recorded is a must, both for simple pleasure and to give a bargaining chip.
    Ensure the session is long enough to really push the lesson home, Friday night to Monday morning is ideal with the girl in a state of readiness and 'undress' the entire time. Of course it is to be expected that her nakedness is enhanced in whatever way her hosts choose.

  5. Excellent scenario. I also like a variant on that with the lady as the instigator, inviting several gentlemen to enjoy her young ward's ordeals. Jealous of the girl's youth and beauty she maliciously delights in the poor girl's anguish. Imagine her desperate attempts to please her guardian and guests under threat of a severe caning. There are supervised exhausting chores during the day, nude, even when outdoors, despite the cold weather. The guests cars all need washed for starters, and at speed, no dilly dallying! Then her evening "performance". How abjectly will she have to debase herself each evening? How inventive will her guardian be for her guests amusement. All recorded of course; and likely she is forced to watch her previous degrading show, just so they can critique her efforts with liberal use of the cane.
    And don't think these weekends will be infrequent affairs; they're far too much fun for that... just enough time to allow her to recover a little.

  6. Here is an idea for when our various
    young ladies are about.It is a little
    trick that will forever keep them on the edge of nervous anticipation and is
    for use at random moments as and when you feel like it.This is not during a
    Session but at all other times.
    Most of us (perhaps all of us ?)agree on ideas such as having a cane hanging
    on her bedroom door and a tawse on her
    pillow each night,right ? Well,we could
    perhaps extend her sense of dread further by having at least one cane clearly on view to her in every room of
    your home that she uses..even the bathroom and kitchen.
    Now here is the thing.Never announce to
    the girl when she is going to be caned
    other than by swishing the cane noisily
    through the air before confronting her,but without her seeing you,only hearing it being swishedeveloped, then confront her and punishment her as normal.However,at random,varied times,swish one of the canes through the air,even though at THAT moment,you do NOT intend to cane her.This can be at at any time you wish and whenever you wishave, day and night.Since she has no idea when she is about to be caned other than when she hears you swish a rod,she will never know if a session is imminent or not until you either do or do not appear in front of her flexing and swishing the implement.
    This tactic will keep any naughty girl in constant,icy dread of the cane at all times.Everywhere she looks she sees
    a cane.At any given moment;she may hear one being swished...and never quite knowing if she is about to be punished or not.Only YOU will know for sure.
    Just imagine her fear and agitation as
    she waits and wonders at the sound of every swishing cut through the air you make.

    1. One to keep her right on her toes I agree. The cane in every room idea is a splendid one along with a punishment book which should be offered to any visitors for perusal or comment. I imagine most visitors will have plenty of squirm making comments to make, ' a dozen, I bet that made you wriggle your hips young lady', 'a belting, I would love to have seen that'. To add to her humiliation caning the girl upstairs while visitors are in the house and then sending her down to offer refreshments is always amusing.

    2. Yes - it's an excellent idea to have the little doxy serving refreshments - in her school uniform or maid's uniform - or even in just an apron and her underwear, with tears still in her eyes and knowing that everyone had just heard her being scolded and thrashed.

    3. The likelihood here of course is that in her disshevelled and distressed state she will make mistakes and spill drinks. The chances of this happening is hugely increased by the guests berating, scolding and gooseing her constantly. Naturally when it does she'll be back over one or more of the guests knees toute suite. It is also instructive to use her as a prop, for example if the wine is not at room temperature she can be instructed to hold it between her thighs until it is, of course the corked end of the bottle will intrude maddeningly between her lips. She can also act as an occasional table..

    4. There are more intimately intrusive but effective ways a girl might raise the temperature of a bottle - especially if it had been...over-chilled, shall we say?

      It might be something of a 'stretch' for her but no doubt she could be encouraged to accommodate it.

    5. Oh there are plenty of possibilities. A young lady should be encouraged to serve chocolate eclairs held steady between her lips for the guests to munch, trifle and whipped cream can be served directly on a young lady's body and champagne bottles should be vigorously shaken and popped in such a way that the fizz hoses our young heroines plump puss.

  7. Bob here.
    Thanks,Inspector Rudkin.Glad you like
    my idea.Your notion of having her punishment book on display for visitors
    to view and comment on is also a great idea.
    Just had another idea for keeping cp constantly on a girl's mind. In every
    room,aim to have at least two or three
    framed signs containing classic text book phrases;you know: "A girl learns best through her bottom"," It's the cane for you,my girl",etc,etc.
    So wherever she looks in the house, she will see an implement,or a framed cp phrases, or indeed,various combinations
    There will be no respite for the naughty girl.

  8. Good proposal, of course our young lady should embroider these signs herself. 'Display and present' and 'up on your toes miss' are also good ones as they require an element of explanation. Oh yes, our young lady will be under the disciplinary thumb 24/7.

    1. Others:'A bottom is not just for sitting on'; 'the cane teaches the best lessons'; 'a girl should be spanked every day'; 'discipline, obedience, submission'; 'a strapping a day keeps a girl on her toes'; 'naughty girls must be spanked'; 'a dozen on the bare for naughty girls'; 'knickers down, bottom out, ready for the cane'

  9. Her guardian's invention will know no bounds. A particular favourite will be to blindfold and ear muff our young lady so she has no awareness of where she is or who she is with. She can then be put over the back of a high arm chair and very slowly given two dozen with the cane. She has no indication of when the strokes will fall and consequently is in floods of tears the whole time - even for the lengthy intervals where she is not caned at all. Naturally all the gentlemen then have her without her even knowing who they are. 'Just imagine young lady, half the guys at your office might have been up you and you don't even know which half'.

  10. Bob here.
    Love theach embroidery idea and the ear
    muffs and blindfold idea is inspired,Inspector Rudkin.
    I also think (even when not blindfolded)that a girl's chastiser should often swish the cane at random
    moments,both leading up to and again between strokes,as again,the naughty wench will never be quite sure when the
    next hot kiss of the cane will land.

  11. Bob here.
    Well done,Anonymous.A great further selection of phrases for our put upon
    young lady to embroider.We shall get her to begin her (hopefully) never ending embroidery work just as soon as we have each given her six strokes of the tawse across her pretty little palms to encourage her to be neat and creative in her efforts.
    The combined effect of all our suggestions will do her a world of good, I feel quite sure.

  12. Hot bottoms make for good girls, Spanked and sent to bed, Obedient girls never say 'won't ','can't ',or 'don't ', Lines do a girl good, The cane is a girl's best friend.
    Best she gets a dozen a day to complete. As with anything she is set the task should always be impossible.

    1. 'Lines in my exercise book and lines across my bottom.'

      'All girls require discipline!'

      'I am here to be thrashed.'

      'Everyone wants to spank my bottom.'

      'Please Miss, may I have a spanking?'

      'If it doesn't hurt it's not hard enough!'

      'Make it sting to make her sing!'

      'Tears before bedtime.'

      'Miss says I'm pretty when I cry!'

      'Bent over before bed. '

      'On my knees or on my back.'

    2. The last one should be printed on a t-shirt for her to wear out to the pub!

    3. A nice idea.

      I'd also like 'knickers down' printed across the seat of her panties.

    4. The printing of humiliating slogans on visible clothing items is another squirm inducing ordeal for our young ladies to suffer . Naturally they should take the blank t-shirt or knickers or shorts into the shop and blushingly ask the fat shopkeeper, 'please sir could you print big girls always get the cane on this t-shirt'. 'Yes girl, well take it off then. It will be ready in a couple of hours, off you pop.' Scarlet faced with embarrassment our, now top less young heroine, goes out onto the High Street to a deafening cacophony of whistles, jeers and ribald remarks.

  13. 'Big girls always get the cane','Cry baby's get a double dose','Pretty girls need firmer discipline','Good girls come when they're told'.

  14. On command our young lady should recite the quotations by room, naturally they'll be swapped around while she's 'otherwise engaged' so she'll always be wrong. 'Honestly, completely hopeless, skirt up, panties down and in the corner until I'm ready to deal with you.'

  15. Bob here.
    Hi, Milady and Inspector Rudkin.
    What a fantastic selection of punishment related phrases!
    All of them would indeed look great embroidered in a frame,or indeed,on a
    t-shirt.Just wonderful slogans.Well done all.

  16. Bob here.
    Great idea about the girl getting a saucy slogan printed on her t-shirt,Inspector Rudkin...and then sent
    out of the shop totally topless!

  17. Bob here.
    A few more slogans for our collective
    range of t-shirts.

    'Six of the best,then give me the rest'.

    'A cane is not just for Christmas '.

    'Stubborn girls get strapped'.

    'Love is: your cane and my pain'.

    'Caning makes me cry!'.

    'Bad girls get birched'.

    'Punished for pleasure.'

  18. 'I need a spanking.'

    'I'm going to be caned.'

    'I've had a strapping.'

    'My bottom hurts.'

    'May I please have another across my arse?'

  19. Replies
    1. 'I'm going to be spanked tonight.'

    2. 'Naughty girls need cane and cock'

    3. With, on the back: 'I'm a very naughty girl!'

    4. 'So put me over and put me up for it...'

  20. Bob here.
    Truly great slogans,everyone!
    All we need now is for a big bunch of
    hot,naughty girls to start wearing lots
    of these t-shirts up and down the streets of every city and town,helping
    to make "spank brand" t-shirts the no.1
    t-shirt choice for every fashion conscious girl.
    If only...

    1. 'Spank' brand - I like it - hopefully we'd soon have celebrities wearing it leading to questions being asked in interviews about their personal experience.
      'So tell me Ms Watson, are you really going to be spanked tonight?'
      'Well yes, Ms Piper, I'm sure everyone does want to spank your bottom!'
      'Big girls always get the cane eh Ms Cuoco? And are you a big girl?'
      'We know 'Spank!' brand is really meant for naughty girls Ms Reid. So tell me, have you really had a strapping? Or is it all a fake?'

  21. Bob here.
    Hi,Milady de Larmes.pleased you like the idea of calling our community range
    of t-shirts 'spank brand'.
    What you say about celebrity endorsement/publicity about the shirts is spot on.Once women like,for example,Billie Piper,Ariana Grande,Emma
    Watson or Karen Gillan start wearing them (oh,just the thought of it) then
    scores of girls everywhere would be desperate to wear them in order to emulate their icons.It would also quite
    possibly encourage more women than ever
    before to explore their submissive or dominant natures.The bottom line (perhaps that should be the name of the range ?!) is that it would raise the
    profile of spanking /domestic discipline to even greater mainstream heights.

    1. I think 'Spank!' should be the brand with 'The bottom line' as the strap (hah-hah!) line of the advertising campaign - fronted by Jess Ennis-Hill, Karen Gillan, Daisy Ridley, Lily James, Keira Knightley, Johanna Konta, Freema Agyeman, Joanne Froggatt and Alex Kingston.

      They could be the 'Bottom Line girls'. Of course none of them signed up voluntarily. A little well placed blackmail will persuade them to cooperate - and once they agree to promote the brand it will be a simple matter to convince them that, for the sake of verisimilitude, their bottoms must suffer. From there the advertising campaign writes itself.

      The logo would, of course, be an image of a girlish bottom bearing the stripes of a recently applied cane!

  22. Bob here.
    Yet another range name suggestion:'Bottoms up tops'.

  23. Lily James would benefit from some Balcombe Manor type experiences. Jenna Coleman on the other hand would do better at St Angela's. Feels like another OBB ( order of the burning bott) set of nominations are required...

    1. I rather see Balcombe Manor a's the place for the more mature floozies to be sent: Alex Kingston, Susanna Reid, Naga Munchetty, Jess Ennis-Hill, Gabby Logan; with the younger strumpets at St Angela's and Green Gables.

      Karen Gillan, Jenna Coleman, Daisy Ridley, Lily James and Joanne Froggatt would all go to St Angela's and the likes of Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper, Dina Asher-Smith and Sophie Turner would be sent to Green Gables.

      I'd also propose a fourth institution - let's call it the Disciplinary Detention Centre for Obedience Training. This would be an establishment specifically intended to provide the strictest most severe long-term treatment. There I would send Johanna Konta, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Carol Kirkwood and Rachel Riley.

      Of course I imagine that there would be some administrative snafu that would see occasionally the wrong doxy sent to the wrong institution - by accident of course - so that Carol Vorderman might find herself back in uniform at St Angela's or Rosamund Pike or Thandie Newton at Green Gables.

    2. I would certainly 'snafu' Gabby Logan into Green Gables. Some time with Mr Abbott would do her the world of good.

    3. You shouldn't be here Gabby? But the paperwork is clear girl.

      Now I want you in your uniform and in my office for inspection in 5 minutes. You can change here in the assembly hall. Don't worry about everyone else watching. You'll get used to undressing in front of an audience quickly enough.

    4. And now Mr Abbott is going to take you for your swimming lessons. What's that, you can swim already, well we'll need to see some evidence of that and the open-air pool will be the best place to provide it, uniform off. What, of course you don't need a costume. Now get a move on unless you want a dozen scorchers with this cane first.

    5. Ah yes look - Joanne is currently having her swimming lesson. You can see she is being taught the breaststroke by Mr Abbot...hands on the edge of the pool...he's got her kicking...yes she does appear to be kicking quite hard with her legs around him like that doesn't she? He's a very good swimming teacher. Looks, from those red stripes, like he had to give her a touch of the cane first though...just to get her going. Yes look at her hips moving now...she's really working hard!

      He'll soon have you working hard as well Gabby! He'll have you working very, very hard indeed girl.

      Now just you wait here until he's done with Joanne - wait and watch...and learn. I have an appointment in my office with Miss Gillan - who has an overdue appointment with a rather fine tawse.

    6. I do think the very attractive Elaine (from Green Gables 3) and Gabby will get on very well indeed. Elaine filled her stocking beautifully and I can just see them wrapped around Gabbys hips as she helps Mr Abbot hold her secured for her post swimming 'exercise' session.

    7. A charming thought.

    8. I thought so, Hilary Marsden over Gabbys lap would also get the juices flowing particularly if Jenna, in her Waterloo Road days, was in the corner hands on head, skirt pinned up and knickers around her ankles awaiting her turn. I assume she was made to wear 'navy blues' for authenticity.
      A number of grown up young actresses seemed to enjoy getting uniformed up for Waterloo Road despite being well into their twenties. I wonder what this says about them?

  24. Bob here.
    Hi,Milady de Larmes.
    The bottom line as (quite literally)
    the strap line.Love it! (at least in our imaginations) the initial promo poster
    should look a bit like this: at the top
    it will say 'Spank Brand'.
    Then in the middle,a well designed logo
    of a striped bottom,and then underneath
    how about it says: 'The bottom line for top quality t-shirts'.
    Future posters could each feature a celebrity model wearing one of the shirts.If successful,perhaps the brand could be expanded to include 'Spank Brand' underwear.Each pair of knickers would bear a small stamp of the logo,plus a brief,saucy message,such as
    some of the following:

    'Spank Me'

    'Cane Me'

    'Knickers Down'

    'Hot for it'

    'Burning buns'

    'Naughty girl'

    1. 'The Bottom Line' and 'The Strap Line'!

      The latter being the name given to the row of our unhappy celebs that we see at the launch of our new brand of designer clothing as they wait, uniformed, hands on heads for their assignation with painful discipline.

  25. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Rudkin.
    The very thought of Jenna Coleman in a smart St Angela's uniform is delightful. While we are at it,let's also enrol Karen Gillan,Billie Piper,Emma Watson, Keira Knightley,and all of our various other favourite celebrity girls.We gentlemen could all take it in turn to be the headmaster (the rest of us can all be appointed deputy heads) and in this incarnation,as well as having a (rotating) headmaster,there is also a
    permanent Headmistress, which will be Milady de Larmes.
    'Right then,ladies.Prepare for punishment'.

  26. Well she certainly was well suited to her Waterloo Road uniform. I could just picture her in Evening prep or standing in for Rosie Bottomley. As to the others all good nominations to which I would add Lucy Fallon, Tina O'Brien and the increasingly well known Natalie.

    1. That would make a particularly attractive class for evening prep. There would not be an unblushed bottom or a tear free face in the house. Mr Evans would be spoilt for choice..

  27. Going all the way back to the article itself. In the Detention Room Alan Bell exploits the fact the two girls are both easy to humiliate and works the pair pushing one into extreme embarrassment and the other into a tantrum. All the while their school skirts are pinned up so we can see their bare bottoms and pussy. It’s great to have them react in their individual berated and belittled teenage ways.
    On the whole though girls should be hit one in the punishment room at a time. In Reform School Discipline Bell has the second brunette in a high and ever increasing state of nudity and pain and humiliation and tears. He tells her early on that she will get more ‘personal attention’ ‘another time’. That other time will be when he comes back and she’s still hands on head, nude tits, pussy and bottom still fully exposed. It’s obvious the later attention will be sexual and distressing: one on one.