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Monday, 9 September 2019

Letters — Hot and Cold Running Punishments & Red-Faced, Red-Bottomed and Punished in a Pig Sty

From Janus 35

Hot and Cold Running Punishments
How I agreed with J.C. of Edinburgh’s letter in Janus 32. His request for a more varied look at punishment struck a chord in me. Humiliation is so important and Janus is streets ahead in this respect — almost every picture story you do includes a lengthy humiliation/PT session — well done!! As J.C. says, however, there are hundreds of ways in which girls can be punished other than the cane and tawse, though admittedly these will always be the most popular. I would like to suggest some themes for photo stories based on the simple use of temperatures (hot and cold).
1. Heat: We see a schoolgirl of approximately 16 years being led into the large isolated school greenhouse by a group of five sixth form boys. It is a scorching hot day and she is told that this will be a private punishment in retaliation for her reporting to the Headmaster her previous beating from them. They tell her that this resulted in them getting six strokes of the cane each and that they therefore intend to give her 30 strokes but that first they are going to have some ‘fun’. They stand in a circle around her and each boy holds a four-foot bamboo cane. She pleads with them but to no avail. They force her to strip naked and there follows a rigorous PT session. As the temperature in the greenhouse is over 100° the sweat pours off her slender young body as she is put through a merciless routine of deep squats, running on the spot, handstands, press-ups and sit-ups. She is exhausted but they force her to continue for over half an hour, lashing her thighs whenever she slows down. They then make her reach up and grip one of the greenhouse’s metal roof girders. Her naked body is fully stretched, dripping in sweat; she pleads for mercy. Each of the boys gives her six hard strokes of the cane across her bottom. She is told that if she reports this beating they will bring her back and punish her ‘elsewhere’. As they say this they menacingly tap her firm breasts with their canes.
2. Cold: The opening photos show a beautiful woman in a long fur coat being dragged from a car by two burly men. They are in a clearing in the centre of one of Russia’s vast timber forests. It is mid-winter and temperatures are well below zero. The woman is a top model who the KGB have discovered to be spying for the USA; they need the name of her contact in the Kremlin and tell her that they will get it out of her. She stands with head bowed, the snow covering the lower part of her long leather boots. They roughly remove her fur coat — underneath she wears only a pair of expensive silk French knickers. On the backs of her thighs can be seen the marks of her previous interrogation. She shivers uncontrollably and covers her large breasts with her hands begging them to believe that she is not a spy. They laugh and as one of them walks around her, firing questions, the other can be seen in the background cutting branches from the trees and making with them a vicious-looking birch.
When the birch is ready she is extremely cold. She is led to a tree and made to press up against it, her arms around its trunk. She whimpers as her soft breasts squash up against the rough, frozen bark. While the agent with the birch adds one or two more twigs for good measure, the other slowly pulls the girl’s knickers down to her knees revealing an exquisitely proportioned bottom across which we can see some fading cane marks. She is asked more questions and when no answer comes, six hard strokes of the birch are laid across her bare goose-pimpled bottom. Her screams pierce the silence of the forest. More questions: six more strokes — this time on the backs of her thighs. They pause while she sobs through chattering teeth.
One of the agents bends and removes her knickers completely, leaving her naked except for her knee-length boots. His colleague then pushes her legs wide apart so that she is fully exposed. He strokes between her legs with the sharp twigs before setting three more strokes down on the tender area where thigh joins buttock. Her bottom and thighs are now covered in an angry profusion of welts. They turn her around roughly so that her back and sore bottom are now pressed against the tree, her hands clutching a branch above her head. They tease her, stroking the birch across her breasts, stomach and thighs… They question her again and we leave the scene as they slowly and methodically begin to birch the front of her body, working up from her thighs. The last photo shows the back seat of the agents’ car. On it are some of her discarded clothes (a sexy bra, expensive dress…) and a dossier with her photo on the front. Written across it is the instruction ‘You can do anything you like to this girl to make her talk!’ (The above inspired by T.C.’s letter in Janus 30!)
These are just two of the many possible stories which might use a different form of punishment as well as beating, thus interesting both those readers who wish to see the cane and tawse predominant and also those who would like something ‘a little different’. I am sorry to go on so long but this is a fascinating subject! Hope you don’t think me too ‘kinky’!
Wakefield, Yorks.

Red-Faced, Red-Bottomed and Punished in a Pig Sty
I am another of your readers who enjoys seeing girls and women being humiliated and I very much enjoyed seeing the girl Taylor put through her paces in Exertion Mansion in issue 32.
What with the effort the girl had to make, and her obvious pain and discomfort, I think she made a delightful spectacle. Having the girl’s leotard pulled up into her cleft was a nice touch and I can well imagine that that irritated her somewhat. Once indoors and naked I was glad to see she was made to take up various different postures for her caning and above all towards her tormentor. Even if we the readers didn’t quite get to see everything the girl had got.
What a fortunate fellow was E. de C. of Luxembourg whose letter also appears in number 32. I hope he takes up the suggestion to try to reconstruct the book of rules and I for one would most certainly like to hear more about the extreme humiliation the girls suffered.
I hope soon we shall have the popular request to show girls being hosed down granted and it might be an idea to dirty them up a bit first. A pretty girl with her face, tits and backside splattered in mud would make an amusing sight. I rather like the idea of a girl being punished in a pig sty myself. With appropriate text it could make a splendid photo story. The girl could be shown being forcibly stripped and dragged toward it, all the time having her bottom slapped: being unceremoniously bundled in, being made to bend over, right over with her palms flat on the ground, being caned and sent sprawling head first into the slime because she was unable to maintain her posture. And if that happened she could then be made to kneel with her nose to the floor for her caning to be completed. And giving her a good going-over with a hard-bristled floor scrubbing brush whilst she’s alternately plunged into and bent over a trough might make a suitable end.
The trend to show girls being groped and mauled should definitely continue, and with particular attention being paid both to the backs of the girls’ thighs, especially around the tops, and needless to say the girls’ backsides. A nice idea would be to have a girl shown bent over displaying a lilywhite bottom only inches before a man’s face and for him to be seen to pinch, squeeze and maul that bottom until it was as red and sore as though the girl had actually had it tanned. The girl should be made to look back and up into the man’s face the whole time and he of course should be seated comfortably.
I like to see girls kneeling on top of stools for punishments directed at their backsides, and if the stool is of a reasonable height and the girl is already bare-arsed before she mounts it the chances are she is going to show plenty as she clambers up. Then there’s always the incentive, once she is mounted on top of her stool and bending well forward, to lay it on even harder and try to topple her off.
Anyway, keep the girls red-bottomed and red-faced through both pain and shame and I’ll certainly keep buying Janus.


  1. Love the pig-sty idea! Especially the trough and stiff brush!

  2. Did they ever do a brush scrubbing photo shoot? Shame if they didn't. I imagine a naked girl, wet and miserable, on her hands and knees on a sturdy wooden table, beside her a bucket and the dreaded hard bristled brush. How easy would that have been. Anyways it was certainly mentioned in at least one story. The one I recall may have been in a Janus and I would love to see it again. It was set in a reformatory, (Victorian/Edwardian?), and there were a group of girls in their scanty's set to scrubbing the floor. Along comes boss man, finds one girls efforts inadequate (as he always did) and proceeds to uses her scrubbing brush on her; first to tan her backside and then to demonstrate how to properly clean the "corners". Entertainingly abusive, hence I remember it some thirty years later.

    1. Excellent. I don't recall it but I'd like to read it. Even better- I'd like to see it!

    2. This is something which very much appeals to me. A very good idea for an NDS (National Domestic Service) scullery maid who is not putting her back properly into her domestic labours. Or maybe a girl undergoing a sentence of penal servitude in one of our reform and rehabilitation establishments. I could imagine a girl being subjected to this treatment for the amusement of a group of guffawing gentleman overseers. Of course, given such stimulating circumstances, one could hardly be surprised if the activity culminated with each of the aforementioned gentlemen taking their full pleasure with the girl, quite probably in a group situation.

      The theme of 'hot and cold' punishments does bring to mind one idea put forward by a letter writer to a Blushes publication which found very great favour with me. This writer suggested that girls with big tits could have them immersed in buckets of piping hot and ice cold water, one for each tit. Of course, I wouldn't want the temperatures involved to be such that they inflicted long lasting or permanent damage, just that they should be enough to be absolutely excruciating. I think that could be done without causing any real harm. Sounds like an interesting experiment and, after all, gentlemen are entitled to their little experiments.

    3. If a girl hasn't been putting her back into something then it is only right that the little bitch learns what her back is for. In this case it's for squirming around on while her heated posterior is firmly cupped on a pair of male hands as she gets properly exercised in front of a ribald crowd of older men. Serve the trollop right...

    4. Anonymous, I think such experimentation is justified in the name of science. Also alternating between hot and cold dips would presumably be just as painful with lesser extremes of temperature.

    5. Although I (fortunately) cannot experience it myself I am just curious as to how it would feel to have one large heavy hanging breast dipped in the hot bucket whilst the other is in the icy cold one. It would interest me to observe a young, big titted, female subject's reaction to this experience. I have searched the internet (though probably less than exhaustively) to see if there are any instances of this being done but to no avail. You are right about the scientific angle on this. Perhaps this kind of research could be carried out in the reform and rehabilitation centres?

    6. The tit-dipping letter was excellent & showed that we Blushes readers were clear we know breasts are central to humiliation. Young women are always sure their breasts are too big or too small and so they are easy to exploit. That’s why exposed breasts are in almost every Blushes sequence. One can’t really humiliate a girl with her top on. They are fed a line by bra makers that their breasts are acceptable if propped up and even have enough confidence to show a little middle cleavage. Once they unwillingly have the bra removed and their breasts are rightly criticised they are very embarrassed, especially when the breasts are unceremoniously mauled early on in the punishment. You don’t necessarily have to physically punish the breasts for a girl to be acutely conscious of them - especially with a disciplinarian they have just met. They are of course self-conscious about their bottom size and pussies. The difference being that they soon forget about that as the cane homes in.

  3. Allan, there is an excellent Green Gables story, Bathtime, which plays to some degree in this space and leaves our young heroine with a healthy well scrubbed blush.

    1. Yes Bathtime in Whispers 7 - it’s cold water ducking of her head to help her get used to water. She has a tantrum and is punished for it with a caning. Her breasts are very large and only outsized in Blushes by Christine’s udders in Blushes 17

    2. Thanks for reminding me, yes I think I remember it.

    3. There are 2 different stories - Green Gables in Blushes 28 (cold swimming pool) & yes the cold bath head dunking in Whispers 7 - both on this blog

  4. Bob here.
    A good selection.The girl being birched
    in the icy cold forest!!

  5. Mustn't forget radiator sitting and hot water bottle treatment for the hot punishments.

    1. The very hot water bottle on her bare bottom and having to lower her breasts onto the bottle are in the Taming of Tania Blushes 35 & the same girl in September Afternoon Blushes 54 - both on this blog.