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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Letters — Dutch Courage & Impressive, Delightful and Psychologically Insightful

From Janus 42
Dutch Courage
Hereby you’ll find a new series of spanking pictures which you may use the way you like in Janus magazine.
May we remind you of the fact that my wife volunteered already to figure in one of those exciting spanking and caning scenarios you print in every issue. Many of your readers expressed already they want to see a gorgeous pair of buttocks of a mature woman displayed and my wife just loves to show hers turn red as hell! You may be sure she’d do a good job and would come over to your public as ‘a natural’!
We’re so very interested in the Privilege Club we’d even love to perform for them. Wouldn’t that be terrific?
Anyhow when we read through your fascinating Janus and find a story as The Dinner Party in Janus 33 or hear about G.C.J.’s ideas about ‘a girl being punished in a pig sty’, or ‘her bottom being mauled only inches in front of a man’s face’ (Janus 35), we start wondering why you didn’t make use of our (her) proposal to model for you. These scenarios would suit us you know.
We hope somewhere we catched your attention for this exhibitionistic spanking-minded couple.
K. & L. de R.,
Hengstdijk, Netherlands
Well, what do our readers think? Should we use Mrs L. de R. in one of our photo fantasies? And if so, what sort of scenario would you like to see her perform in? — Photo Ed.

Impressive, Delightful and Psychologically Insightful
I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your magazine, the quality of which continues to impress, and in particular your illustrators. Baldur Grimm’s leggy schoolgirls (c.f. Poor Julie) are a constant delight. Paula’s drawings, in contrast, are probably not as technically accomplished, but this is more than made up for by her amazing psychological insights. For example, some time ago, in Janus 18, page 3. There is, in truth, no need to go back this far to illustrate what I mean, but the drawing in question is, in my opinion, a minor masterpiece of the genre. Paula could have shown just one or both the schoolgirls in the picture bending over, getting their punishment. Instead, we see one girl walking away from a cane, held in the immediate foreground, knickers round her thighs, her bare bottom well striped, her pretty lower lip almost visibly quivering on the edge of tears. This lass is passing another who is moving towards the cane. She has clearly been watching carefully as the other was punished, and is now looking sickly at her co-punishee’ s stripes.
Such pictures are the very stuff of harmless fantasy, and are repeated over and over again by Paula in the pages of your publication. I hope that the appearance of several drawings by Hardcastle, Janus 39 and 40 does not betoken a change in your previous policy of publishing drawings by Paula and Grimm.
West Midlands
No, it simply means that we now have three superlative artists working for Janus instead of two. — Ed.


  1. What a sensational drawing that is.
    The expressions on the faces of the two girls are quite priceless.
    Great post.

  2. I strongly agree that drawings by Paula or Hardcastle can be more effective than pictures, in that the artist is allowed to perfectly edit the girl's expression for fear, pain, anticipation, or all of the above. Ditto with the Headmaster's expression, or the expression of any of the onlookers, which may run the gamut from shocked to amused to terrified.

    Composition can also be tightly controlled, with the cane in the foreground being in the same super perfect focus as the girls in the background. Lighting, shade, and the exact mood of the scene are all left to the artists total control.

    While one could, in theory, recreate the same experience on film, the difficulty of getting everything to match the artists vision would be nearly impossible. Photography is a different art film, where a lot of the joy is in the serendipity of the shot or the way it surprises you in unexpected ways, unlike a carefully composed drawing.

    While both are wonderful, nothing can exactly match a perfectly executed drawing.

  3. The Dutch Courage picture is lovely.