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Monday, 2 September 2019


From Blushes 87.
All photos used in the Inspector are from the Blushes video Half-Term Punishments, the biggest selling CP video of all time. Have you seen it??
The shiny black limousine draws to a halt at the large iron gates. Almost immediately a uniformed man comes out with a key to unlock and push them open. He touches the peak of his cap as the black car slides through, then recloses the gates. It is a pleasant, sunny morning out here in the country, the sound of birdsong in the air. The limousine proceeds along the leafy driveway to the house, a big, mellow-stoned mansion that in earlier times was a family’s private residence. Those times are gone of course; now it is, as the sign on one of the brick pillars supporting those iron gates informs any who don’t know, the KRANZEN TRAINING INSTITUTE.
Yes, it is a pleasant sunny morning out here away from the town but in fact there is a certain tension, as well as that birdsong, in the air. The birdsong indeed will this morning be going unnoticed, unheard, by those here. The girls. On the other hand ‘the girls’ will be very much noticed and heard by the hidden video cameras in every possible position around the Institute. They are positioned in the most intimate places, bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as common rooms. Nothing goes unnoticed, nothing unheard, and the juiciest of items are kept on tape to be gloated on at a later date.
The arrival of the big limousine may not have been seen but it has been known about, anticipated. Causing nervous looks, quickening pulses. Causing also no doubt bottoms to quiver in apprehensive anticipation. That big black car and more especially its occupant. Not the chauffeur, the one in the back seat. Because there has been a notice on the notice board in the hall since Monday.
On Thursday there will be a visit by Inspector Heilmann of the Central Office. Inspector Heilmann will make a tour of inspection of the Institute. It is likely that he will wish to interview a selection of students personally. Every girl should therefore be prepared to meet the Inspector, to talk about her work, etc.
Some in fact have more cause to shiver in anticipation, for their bottoms to tremble, than others. Because certain girls have been advised by staff that they are likely to be called on during the Inspector’s tour of the premises. They have been privately advised of this, there has been no general announcement, and of course these individuals have not wished to broadcast their most unwelcome news. Therefore everyone remains on tenterhooks. Fearing the worst. And there is indeed always the chance of additional ones being identified at the last moment. But for those who already know the worst, who have already been identified… well, understandably they are in quite a state.
Helga Gaertner. Rosamund Jansen. Natalie Vernaer. These three have been told that they are likely to be required immediately after morning gym training. As one might expect they are all very attractive young women, and equally as one might expect if one is aware of the routine associated with Inspector Heilmann’s visits, they have not been selected for him on a previous occasion. Mr Heilmann prefers new flesh: new faces, new bodies. Unless, naturally, there has been one whom he has found unusually attractive on an earlier visit. But the chances are in such a case that the young student concerned will have been sent already to see him, privately. Sent once or twice or however many times he fancies her. So that virtually always Inspector Heilmann will see only new girls, fresh flesh, on each visit.
Helga and Rosamund and Natalie have been told what to expect. Unless there is a change of plan and Mr Heilmann decides differently they are to shower as usual after gym and then go directly to the Director’s room. A warm shower and then go directly without getting dressed, or indeed drying themselves. They can take their towels but they must be nude. Unless his routine has changed the Inspector always likes to have two or three girls freshly showered from gym practice and these three, Helga and Natalie and Rosamund, have been chosen as girls he is likely to find attractive. It is crucial of course that Inspector Heilmann is satisfied with his visit and gives a good report afterwards: he is an extremely important individual, a very VIP. It is no exaggeration to say that Director Landorff’s job and the jobs of his assistants can hinge on a successful visit from the Inspector.
The three girls were told a day ago so they have had 24 hours to live with this sick-making knowledge. They were told together by Assistant Director Myrtal: Helga who is petite with long flaxen hair; Rosamund, medium blonde and tall with well-muscled, though shapely, legs and buttocks; Natalie, medium height, a very pretty girl with ripely thrusting boobs. A chosen threesome offering variety to whet Inspector Heilmann’s palate. They have been told together so they at least know that the three of them are involved.
‘Why us?’ Helga wails. ‘My God! Why not… Anna?’
‘Anna had to see him last time,’ Rosamund says, looking sick. Anna is another very attractive girl and if the Inspector wants to see good-looking girls you would expect Anna to be on the list.
‘How do you know?’ gasps Helga.
Rosamund says simply, ‘I know.’
‘My God! Well… what did he do?’
Natalie is looking sick too. ‘The cane. She must have had the cane…?’
Rosamund says, ‘Yes. But you’ve been caned before. Mr Myrtal and the others…’
And of course it is true, you don’t have to wait until you are sent to see the Inspector before you are caned. Several of the staff at the Institute are keen to use the cane. Assistant Director Myrtal especially. All of them have been caned by Mr Myrtal. More than once. And although it is pretty awful it is not quite the end of the world. But somehow the thought of Inspector Heilmann is in a different category. His very name conjures up something different, making your bottom shiver.
‘Yes. But that’s not… not…’ Natalie can’t bring herself to speak the name. ‘There’s something else.’
‘H… he wants us… with nothing on… and all wet… my God!’ The thought is too much for Helga who wipes tears from her eyes.
‘Unless there’s a change of plan,’ Rosamund says, clutching at straws. ‘Mr Myrtal did say… unless there was a change of plan.’
Rosamund in fact had to see Mr Myrtal later that day, yesterday. Mr Myrtal is keen on Rosamund, keen on her splendid, athletic body. The firm, full tits and especially those powerfully muscled legs. So Rosamund frequently has to see Mr Myrtal on some pretext or other. The pretext usually involves having to take her knickers down for a spanking at least.
Assistant Director Myrtal has told Rosamund to report to his room immediately she has finished tennis practice. Tennis is on the schedule for an hour on two afternoons a week in the summer, with running (cross-country or track) on two other afternoons. Gym practice is throughout the year three mornings a week for an hour. In the winter cross-country is the only afternoon sport, on three afternoons a week whatever the weather. Mr Myrtal wants Rosamund immediately after tennis because then she’ll be in her short-skirted tennis outfit: those long, muscular legs bare, with above them the very briefest of sports knickers inadequately protecting Rosamund’s splendid bottom and barely covering her crotch.
Mr Myrtal has said something about Rosamund running in a part of the grounds where she should have been walking; it is a flimsy excuse but that is not a problem for Mr Myrtal. He is Assistant Director; he could have Rosamund in his room for no excuse at all if he wished.
For once the prospect of going in to Mr Myrtal and whatever he is going to do is not such a problem for Rosamund; her mind can only think of Mr Heilmann tomorrow. Faced with that prospect Mr Myrtal is almost welcome; it is at least a familiar prospect, not a venture into the dread unknown.
Mr Myrtal is waiting for her, smiling his smug smile. ‘Ah, beautiful Rosamund. Have you had a good game? An energetic game? Are you perspiring vigorously’? Under those lovely arms, between those marvellous thighs? Mmm? Perhaps I should have let you take a shower first, eh? Like Mr Heilmann tomorrow.’
The mention of that name causes Rosamund to look visibly sick. Mr Myrtal grins. ‘Not looking forward to that?’
She vigorously shakes her head. Wants to plead with him: get down on her knees and plead — because no doubt Mr Myrtal could substitute someone else, the three of them are his choice. Rosamund would do anything — but she knows that pleading won’t do any good.
‘Take your knickers down. Mr Heilmann’s not that bad. All he wants is a nice pretty girl who’ll co-operate, be friendly. It’s not a problem.’
Rosamund takes her knickers down. For once taking them down for Mr Myrtal doesn’t really bother her. She is thinking only of tomorrow.
‘Wha… what… is he going to do?’
Mr Myrtal laughs. Moves in close to Rosamund who is now standing trembling with her knickers halfway down those statuesque thighs. His hand slips up under the short pleated skirt to her bare bottom. The flesh is glowing, with a fine sheen of perspiration from the exertions of tennis.
‘Lovely…’ he says. ‘Our Inspector is really going to love this, Rosamund. So we’ll all get a good report and everyone will be happy. Just think what an excellent service you’ll be performing.’
Rosamund makes a sobbing sound. ‘Please… I don’t want to go…’ she can’t help pleading. Mr Myrtal responds by pulling her over to his chair; sitting down and pulling Rosamund over his lap. Her glowing, perspiring body turns him on and her pleading, her evident stark fear of Mr Heilmann, adds further excitement. All the girls are really scared of the prospect of having to see the Inspector. Do those who have had that little treat tell the others, he wonders. Or is it just an unreasoning fear of what they don’t know?
Mr Myrtal strokes Rosamund’s splendid bottom: soft, silky flesh but with those well-honed muscles under the surface giving it its firmness and shape. She is in something of a state all right, about Mr Heilmann. An excitable state no doubt. His hand drifts down to Rosamund’s thighs. Pushes them apart. His hand sliding in between. Rosamund makes an ‘Oooofff…’ sound. As Mr Myrtal takes hold of her. Softly he murmurs, teasing, ‘Maybe Mr Heilmann will want this.’
A gasping yelp. At what Mr Myrtal is doing or his words. Or both. The hand is right there, his fingers have slid open the lips. He commences to rhythmically stroke her. Rosamund grips the legs of the chair for support, and grits her teeth. She is responding, she can’t help it. Writhing her hips against that hand which is working at her. Desperately thrusting her hot pussy against the working fingers. She hates it but she can’t help herself. Her hip movements get more desperate, more urgent. She is going to come…
Rosamund feels dreadful afterwards, her whole body shaking like a leaf. The Assistant Director gives her a few minutes to recover and then he starts spanking her. Crisp, stinging smacks to the ripe cheeks, the backs of those splendid, no longer thrusting thighs. When he has given Rosamund a thorough, mind-numbing spanking, Mr Myrtal wonders if perhaps he should finish off with a touch of the cane.
‘What do you think, Rosamund? Mmm? To finish off with.’
Rosamund sobs out something unintelligible — presumably a desperate negative. Mr Myrtal’s hand slips between her thighs again. No he won’t in fact cane her. Not now. Not with tomorrow… he wouldn’t want her to do something irrational: try to climb over the wall and run away, or do something equally stupid when Mr Heilmann is here. That would not be good for anyone concerned.
Mr Myrtal laughs. Strokes Rosamund for a little. Then pushes her to her feet. She can pull up her knickers. He strokes the jutting tits under the thin tennis shirt.
‘Don’t worry about it, Rosamund. It’s nothing to get excited about. It’s just routine, an interview with Inspector Heilmann.’
Somehow everyone is aware that the Inspector has arrived. That the big black car has entered the gates, purred up the driveway and come to a halt at the front of the house.
The girls’ working areas are at the back so they haven’t actually seen anything but somehow they all know that the car, and its passenger in the back seat, have arrived.
Helga and Rosamund and Natalie who are due to see Mr Heilmann after gym are getting ready for the gym class with the rest of the group. The other girls — there are eight in the group — do not of course know that the three have already been selected so everyone is in a state of panic, each fearing that she may be called on at some point in the morning.
Mr Vontag who takes them for gym has come in the changing rooms where they are changing into their leotards and he can see the state they are in. One girl, Carla, is making a wailing noise. Mr Vontag steps over and grabs her bottom.
‘If you don’t stop that immediately, Carla, I shall cane you right here. And then send you straightaway to the Inspector. Stop all that nonsense at once.’
There are desperate, whimpering sounds. Mr Vontag knows who has been selected. He goes over to Helga. ‘You’re not being silly, are you, Helga? Of course not.’
Helga in fact is feeling quite sick. Thinking wild irrational thoughts of going and hiding somewhere. She doesn’t answer but shivers as Mr Vontag strokes her bottom.
‘No, of course not,’ he repeats. Perhaps he’ll see her afterwards, he thinks. On some pretext or other. That would be very interesting. Delightful Helga after she has had her session with the Inspector.
The panic, the distractedness, continues through the gym class. Mr Vontag makes use of his little strap on more than one occasion, across bare thighs or leotard-clad bottom. If the Inspector were to come into the class and see the way the girls are performing it would of course reflect on him; but that is not on Inspector Heilmann’s schedule. He is taking coffee with the Director at this moment. He will stay there chatting until the end of this class, when those three…
There is a period of private study after gym. The rest of the group will be in their rooms — fearing no doubt a knock on the door at any moment. But Helga and Rosamund and Natalie… No, they won’t be in their rooms. Mr Vontag quietly tells them to shower first. Quickly he collects their clothes. After they have showered he ushers them out. They are able to disappear without the others realising… they will assume that the three have gone off to their rooms. But they are being hurried along the corridor… dripping water… to the Director’s room. And quickly, still dripping, inside.
The two men, the Director and Inspector Heilmann, are here sitting at a table. The girls shuffle in to stand in a wet line in front of them. Rosamund and Natalie have slipped shoes on but Helga is still barefoot. They stand shaking, holding their towels, not sure if they can cover themselves with the towels or not.
The Director puts them right on this: ‘Put the towels down, girls. Let the Inspector have a look at you.’
Inspector Heilmann is not dreadful-looking. Most of them have seen him before and know this already. He is really quite ordinary-looking. But of course it is not what Inspector Heilmann looks like, it is what he does.
‘Good morning, girls.’ His voice is quite normal too. ‘Been having gym?’
They chorus an anxious ‘Yes sir.’
They have to state their names. He nods, and addresses Rosamund. ‘Rosamund, let me see you do some jumps. On the spot. Nice bouncy ones. Can you do that?’
Rosamund, looking sick, complies. Bounces up and down. Her big firm tits bouncing firmly up and down too. Perhaps it is those tits that Inspector Heilmann is most interested in. She keeps jumping until he tells her to stop.
‘Very good, Rosamund. You seem very fit. And now… Helga…?’
Helga and then Natalie have to do the same in turn. Stiff-legged jumps, their nude tits bouncing heavily. When they have each performed to Inspector Heilmann’s satisfaction he gets to his feet.
‘I think I’d like to see Rosamund first, Director.’
Director Landorff says, ‘Of course, Inspector Heilmann.’
There is a little anteroom opening from the main room. The Inspector takes Rosamund in there. The door is closed after them. A little while later the sound of a frantic, half-stifled cry. And then another. Rosamund’s cries. The other two girls try to stand still, try to shut out the sound of the cries. As they wait their own turns. Director Landorff walks over to Helga and reflectively pats her wet bottom.
All has been seen, all has been recorded, every intimate moment, nothing left to the imagination, only thoughts are sacred.
A sweaty hand adjusts the monitor and the image on the screen moves even closer.


  1. One of the first videos I've seen back in the mid 80's from Calstar. Rented it in the combat zone in Boston when they use to have porno rental shops down there. (The first video I purchased was Spare The rod.)
    The first OTK scene is completely yummy and has a model who was in a few issues of Blushes. The double spanking with window cleaner sort of peaking in was a good one too. The best is saved for last with the gorgeous Redhead who was wearing a towel gets a sound nude OTK and caning bent over the wooden edge of the bed. Great camera angles too.
    Pretty classic stuff.

    1. Spare The Rod. I've seen that one. Starred Max Bygraves.

    2. Actually, I was referring to this movie right here sir.

    3. Yes, I was joking, though the film I was referring to is quite an interesting serious mainstream movie about school corporal punishment (made in 1961) and can be found in its entirety on youtube (could last time I looked anyway).

      Actually I assumed the film you were referring to was a relatively recent one made by whoever it is who currently owns the Roue name -

      Never seen it but it looks interesting.

    4. I never saw that one. I have seen it advertised on their site before. Forgot Roue's website still existed. Thanks for the link.

  2. My favourite bit is when brunette Lucy utters those provocative and unallowed words ‘I don’t want to’.
    This of course results in her little white knickers being pulled down instantly. A girl’s approval or opinion simply aren’t required.

  3. Bob here.
    Not seen the movie,but did enjoy this
    story.Another great addition to the
    many,many gems on this blog.

    1. Bob, click on Fleas63’s link to the movie at the top of this page


  4. Bob here.
    Oh,of course.How silly of me.Thanks, Marco.Will do.

    1. Enjoy. As I say, Lucy is my favourite - having her knickers removed (x 2) & being showered and towelled by a much older man. Bathtime is always humiliating for a girl and makes her feel small as little girls have a set bathtime. Lucy obviously can’t be trusted and needs to be shown how to sponge her tits and pussy.

  5. Bob, do look out especially for how quickly Lucy’s knickers are removed to show her pussy and bottom. She’s only been in the room 15 seconds and her skirt is lifted & knickers pulled clear. Despite her verbal protest and delicious-to-watch flinch away as he grabs for her, she is so soon bare-bottomed & face-down OTK, bare pussy in his lap

  6. Bob here.
    Yes,a most enjoyable movie.An unexpected delight was when you are watching one girl being punished,whilst
    the other one is being dealt with off camera at the same time.

  7. Never understood the fuss about that film. Yes the girls are pretty but the punishments are completely half arsed and frankly barely involving any impact or sting whatsoever. Add to that the subsequent overacting by the girls and the barely believable disciplinarians and I've always found the whole thing incredibly disappointing. I just find myself shouting at the screen 'for heaven's sake, hit her properly!'

    1. I agree completely. I just like the way he takes Lucy’s knickers off. I don’t know why they tap the girls so lightly. Miss Brown shows them how to give a real caning. For example, Caned Every Day - where the girls get twelve proper strokes each and their reactions are most attractive

  8. As well as Caned Every Day, I can recommend That’ll Teach ‘Em & Ritual Discipline. Miss Brown hits girls with all the strength she can muster. She treats the girls with contempt and when they wince in pain from the cane cuts she completely ignores the protests. I

  9. Bob here.
    Hi,Marco.Yes,the Miss Brown films are
    very good."That'll teach 'em" was super.Don't know if you have seen it,but "piercing Punishments"is another
    pretty good Miss Brown film.

    1. The Bellington Academy films (Girl Next Door Productions) are pretty good. I'm particularly taken by the woman who plays Miss Mathews, she's an excellent actress and makes a very convincing strict old fashioned schoolmistress whose enthusiasm for corporal punishment is combined with a sort of concerned, caring, moral purpose. It's a very powerful combination.

  10. Bob here.
    Hi,Anonymous.I agree with you about the Bellington academy films such as "Know your Shakespeare" and "The Art Teacher",etc.The actress who plays Miss
    Matthews is indeed very good and convincingly played...very true to many
    real life teachers back in the fifties and sixties and earlier decades too,no doubt.

  11. Miss Matthews is very nice. I have communicated both with her and her mother by email. And phone.

  12. It's fast getting to the stage where the responses on this site are equally as entertaining as the posts from Fleas. Just a note regarding the film. I wish to state as I did that the film is the best film ever. It is so because of the girls. There's some chemistry between the brunette and the bushy haired girl. The latter is clearly a bit thick and slow on the uptake and the brunette tries to really ham it up to prove how knowing she is but in truth they're just as bad as each other. And in the ultimate analysis are both in front of camera, knickers nowhere to be seen doing ridiculous exercises for our pleasure. There's a point to be made about that too. For in recent spanking films the pornographic knowledge of the girl is all too obvious. You don't get the naturally innocent, coy type anymore. You just get actresses. And bad ones at that. Alan Bell's masterpiece is as it should be: it should be shown at the BFI award evenings, and the pictures from his magazines should be on exhibition in the Tate Modern because they were what we were and in some cases still are. A nation with a perverse bent to smack girls.

    1. Yes, girls may get hit harder elsewhere, but there is a wonderful intrusiveness about Blushes. The look of discomfort on Lucy’s face as her knickers are forcibly removed is as attractive as the sharp intakes of breath from the first brunette in Miss Brown’s Caned Every Day when the cane lands at the top of the thigh where it meets the crease of her main target

    2. I agree Michael, some really well written and imaginative stuff. Lovely to see so many like minded folk out there and I get the sense our little community is growing. By the way whoever Anonymous is today on the magazine cover poll thread, top drawer imagining, love it.

    3. Innocent and coy is right Michael. We don’t want them to be remotely worldly wise. We like our Blushes girls to be vulnerable, susceptible and open to exploitation. Gullible, sexually naive and dim but in a pretty way. Alan Bell had just such a brunette in The Detention Room & Reform School
      Discipline. He calls her stupid and says she’s ‘a mess inside & out’. As she stands with her hands on her head at the end after crying in a strapping and caning, Bell even manages to blame the hapless girl for having her pussy and breasts on show. ‘Pull your vest up’ she does. ‘Not too far girl, don’t be brazen’ (he’d already pulled it up high enough for us to see her tits, but then makes her think it’s all her fault. Brilliant.

  13. Bob here.
    How fantastic that you have communicated with the lovely Miss Matthews.Do hope she is as strict a disciplinarian in real life as she isin her films.

  14. Bob here.
    I can't better you having communicated
    with a cp icon,Michael,but a friend and I did narrowly miss meeting one many years ago in the old Janus shop.
    We were chatting to a member of staff and asked if any of the girls ever popped in to the shop for a browse.
    'Oh,yes,'he replied,'in fact,you just missed Amelia Jane Rutherford about half an hour ago.She often pops in .'
    Okay,the guy might have just been boasting or teasing us;but I don't think he was,as he was very low key and matter of fact about it.

  15. Bob here.
    I guess the thing is that most spanking film producers have different approach hes or agendas about what type of films
    they make,because every cp enthusiast has differing tastes and/or moods.
    Some like fast,heavy action with little
    warm up or story.Some like a more detailed tale,perhaps even with gentler cp,but more humiliation or psychological aspects to the production
    as a whole.Some will prefer movies mostly (perhaps only) featuring over the knee sceyes, while others want filmsome that feature just the cane being used,or lots of various implements.Not every film can be a perfect fit for all of us...but every
    film can carry at least a point or two of merit for most of us,I suspect.
    It is truly a case of "different strokes for different folks",if you catch my drift.

  16. Miss Matthews has a son and no she has never smacked him. But she got smacked by her mum Lucinda. And her mum really is called that and her mum is very nice too. Really she is.

  17. Bob here.
    Hi,Michael.Thanks for sharing your anecdote about Miss Matthews and her
    mum.Interesting and thought provoking
    stuff that all helps all of us add to
    wonderful,collective community,which I am rapidly coming to believe is the best of it's kind,so well done to us all;and especially to you ,fleas63,for
    creating this wonderful blog.

  18. Bob here.
    Hi,Michael.I think Lucinda is a very nice name.Do you happen to know what is the Christian name of Miss Matthews herself ? Just curious to know if it is
    as hot as mum's name is.

  19. I tell you what. Why don't I text Lucinda and ask her to post here?

  20. Fleas can you set up a chat room?

  21. Lucy was great in this film very realistic