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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The School Lesson

A brief oldie in the Lesson series by Harrison Marks
M/2f; late 1970’s; 6 minutes
Naughty schoolgirls, one of the earliest CP films we have found, one of George Harrison Marks’ Lesson films, when he was still a ‘glamour’ photographer, doing series for Janus and beginning his own magazine and when a naughty bare (schoolgirl) bottom on film had salacious attraction. Despite the cinematographic facilities in the bigger movie industry, these early ‘smoker’ films looked like Thomas Edison stuff.
Two randy schoolgirls deliver papers to a headmaster and wait outside his office. In no time (because there isn’t any time in this film), they are masturbating to photos of naked men, and have each other’s’ clothes coming off for some aggressive lesbian play. Of course the Head catches them. They will be caned.
The girls, both with the round spankable bottoms which must have been part of their audition for GHM, are taken over the HM’s desk in turn. Knickers down immediately, he wales them with a long, thin, whippy cane, which leaves many marks in just a few seconds, mostly on wrap-around areas. The headmaster is grinning and salivating like a crazed man.


  1. A somewhat hilarious relic from a bygone age.Felt rather like watching
    a cp version of a Benny Hill sketch on acid.
    The old boy was clearly having great
    fun,although his rather willy-nilly application of the rod leaves a lot to be desired.I guess only so much can be achieved in a film of such brevity.A real curio though of the
    early days of cp movie making.
    Thank you,Fleas63.

  2. Good fun. Lovely girls, particularly the blonde. Some nice tight knicker crotch shots, which I always enjoy. I like girls being naughty like this and then getting caught (although a bit rash to start cavorting like that just outside the headmaster's room!). The Headmaster in this is just the type of chap I like to see in charge of girls, a perfect 'new moral order' disciplinarian, the sort that girls get sent to on their National Domesttic Service conscription. His face at the end is a wonderful externalised depiction of his deep inner joy.

  3. It looks like he is giving them a serious caning (Benny Hill or not). Excellent. Just what these whores needed.

    1. Yes & he should have checked what they’d been up to & on discovery of their aroused nipples, caned the breasts too

    2. Yes - a breast caning would be very well deserved!

  4. I have (very belatedly) finally got round to checking out Sophie Fennington
    in the movie "Lisa must be caned".
    Wow! Seriously...WOW!!! What a stunning
    girl.I can see why so many of you rate her so highly.How I failed to notice her years ago in the old Janus mags is quite beyond me.I think Wendy and Antonia must have hypnotised me at the time so much that I failed to notice this other incredibly attractive young lady.
    Forgive me;again...WOW!!!

  5. He might look to be playfully caning away but those strokes were quite effective apparently.

  6. Not so keen on rapid caning better when the girl is comfortable bent over he looks like he enjoyed himself very flustered and red bet he could not wait to get to the toilets after lol

  7. Apparently the actor appeared in an episode of The Sweeney.

  8. Ken Parry, Podsnap in David Sullivan's 'Come Play with Me.' ?