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Monday, 19 August 2019

The Punishment Fits the Crime

Continued from Harsh Reality. From Uniform Girls 20
Jennifer scurried to the cupboard. On the lowest shelf she found the newspapers. She took the top few sheets and returned to the adjoining room. ‘On the floor with it.’ The senior tutor pointed at the cleanly-swept bare floor. Jennifer stooped down and smoothed the newspaper out. ‘Stand on it. And on no account move away from it.’
The woman read through further notes in silence, pacing slowly across the room. Occasionally she looked up at the girl, standing, waiting, perched on her little square of newsprint. ‘How did you taunt the other girl? The new one? What did you call her?’ She stood still, standing face-on to the girl, her facial expression demanding a reply.
‘I… called her… Little tits…’ Jennifer blushed as she confessed, repeating the words she had used as a cruel taunt. The woman gave Jennifer a slight smile. ‘Then I shall call you big bottom, young lady. Now remove your knickers. I wish to deal with you, without the obstruction of knickers.’
But it wasn’t as simple as that. The woman had only mentioned those big shapeless institutional pants. ‘Not your braces…’ she directed, as Jennifer attempted to remove them. And then she had made the girl stand upright, her hands once again on her head, while she clipped the braces together, right between Jennifer’s legs. The girl closed her eyes to suffer the indignity, as the ‘V’ of the elastic descended from her shoulders, over her breasts, to meet in a tight triangle right deep down between her legs. She was told to turn round; and the awful woman had checked to make sure the elastic continued its intimate pathway, right deep down between the girl’s buttocks, parting the bouncy flesh a little.
‘Big Bottom?’ The woman waited for Jennifer to respond to the taunt. Jennifer reacted too late, and a firm hand slapped down across one of the girl’s rounded buttocks. Jennifer gave out an involuntary yell. ‘So why did you taunt the girl about the size of her breasts?’ The girl shook her head. ‘Perhaps we ought to take a closer look at your own… attributes…’
From a drawer in the little table on the landing, the senior tutor produced a pair of scissors. Cruel insensitive hands clutched at the girl’s cotton tee-shirt, tweaking Jennifer’s nipple as she pulled the fabric away from her body. With two or three deft snips of the scissors, the garment was cut. When released from the woman’s clutches, the rough hole exposed Jennifer’s right breast. A little dark pink nipple peeped out.
‘A big bottom with a bare tit,’ commented the woman, inspecting it with her long bony fingers. ‘You evil girl.’ Once again, the cane was brought into play. This time, the woman ordered Jennifer to remain upright, her hands on her head, the elastic of the braces still stretched tightly across her breasts and deep into her very soft, girlish areas.
‘Tits.’ The woman said the word out aloud, the sibilance again reverberating around the room. ‘Spell the word for me, Jennifer.’ As the girl pronounced each letter, the long thin cane whistled down in a long sizzling arc, implanting itself deeply into Jennifer’s ample bottom. Just four letters, but the girl was sobbing with the pain, before the four letters had been spoken. ‘And again, young lady…’ And once again, she was forced to spell out the letters… T… I… T… S… and as each letter was heard, the cane cracked down.
Later, Jennifer had again collapsed across her bed, face-down, her tears soaking down into the bedclothes. Her bottom had stung so terribly. She had massaged it gently with her fingers, feeling the ridges raised by the cane. Somehow, she felt so totally devoid of feeling. No anger. No bitterness. No willingness to argue with that awful domineering woman. She just wanted to cry; and she just wanted her to leave her poor bottom alone.
Almost worse than that dreadful prolonged caning was the senior tutor’s promise; that tomorrow she would be treated like that disobedient delinquent she appeared to be. Could there be anything worse than the cane? Jennifer’s slight experience of corporal punishment could offer no suggestions.
Finally, she was able to release herself from the pinching restraint of those braces. She stretched herself out flat, pressing her body into the soft bedclothes, feeling the blankets and sheets supporting her. Later, she sat up, naked, and stared at herself in the mirror, looking at her breasts, wondering what that woman had thought of them. That female tyrant had laughed at her; told her that her bottom was perfectly contoured for punishment; and when Jennifer had threshed her legs about, the woman had simply slapped her thighs, telling her to control herself. ‘I’m not impressed, Jennifer. Now behave yourself…’ And once again, the thin whippy cane had whistled down, implanting itself right across every bare inch of her fleshy bottom.
But the punishments were working. In the solitude of her room she remembered those few days ago, when she had enjoyed the power, and she had misused her privileges by taunting the other girl. She remembered how she had ‘trapped’ a little group of them, and how she had enjoyed dealing with them. The power had corrupted her.
She recalled the scene in the senior tutor’s study, as she had lined up two girls and they had bent forward across Miss Forsyth’s oak desk. She remembered the complexion of the girls’ bottoms and their tear-stained faces as they filed out into the ante-room, a few minutes’ later, and the wonderful sense of satisfaction she had experienced.
But now, young Jennifer felt fear. She needed her sleep, but there was little chance of rest. Throughout the night hours, the floorboards creaked. She almost expected to be woken, to be told to touch her toes for the kiss of the cane. And her bottom was still stinging. Once again she ran her fingers softly over the twin mounds, counting the ridges left by the cane. And in sheer desperation she cried once again, promising herself that in the morning, she would leave.
To be continued in the final instalment — Harsh Discipline.


  1. What a great continuation of the story and with a third part still
    to come.Excellent.Poor little Jenny.
    I suspect that this naughty little
    wench is in for several more 'kisses from the cane' yet.
    And quite right,too.

  2. Jennifer knows - as we all do - that all girls are very self-conscious about their tit size. It makes them a great target including for verbal criticism. Jennifer is left wondering what her caner makes of Jennifer’s breasts after they have been put on view. Good theme again from Blushes - focus on pussy & T I T S as well as on bare bottoms

  3. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 14:38

    Even better photo set, difficult to know which ones are the best, the luck of humiliated defeat in photo 15 or the perfect, peachy posterior set against the ominously placed cane in photo 3. The classic eighties white 'fuck me' heels are also a lovely touch. 'Kisses from the cane' indeed but glad Jenny got a no nonsense bare bottomed spanking first.

  4. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 15:09

    The wedding rings of both the participants can be seen clearly in both photo 11 and 13. Jennifer has been dispatched here to be re-trained by a disappointed spouse and is going to get put right though her paces. The older lady's brief should include a vigorous exercise routine, twice daily canings as a minimum, a full programme of sexual performance improvements, and a full revisit of Jennifer's dress and deportment. She should also bring Jennifer off, in front of an audience, three times daily. If Jennifer is not bawling her eyes out most of the time then she should be.

    1. Perhaps the older woman is in fact her irate, disappointed spouse! Though I rather like the idea that she has a little wife of her own at home (who 'enjoys' similar stern treatment on a regular basis) while she has the pleasurable task of dealing with those recalcitrant slatterns sent to her by their husbands and fiances.

      Either way thr regime you outline for her sounds an excellent start - though a start is all it is!

    2. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 17:24

      Yes it is only a start. The exercise routine should include vigorous upside down cycling, performed up on a table and encouraged by frequent applications of the cane. Her first sexual performance improvement should be to improve her oral skill by spending hours fellating a large imitation cock programmed to release a protein shake when the right level of sensitivity is reached. Jennifer's orgasms should be loud, violent and leave her shaking and drained. She'll be shattered and more than ready for bed by the evening although naturally she will not be getting much rest.

    3. Well no - given how regularly she will be visited through the night.

    4. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 18:40

      Which is what she's considering in photo 15. The drained far away look as she thinks about the previous evening. The older woman holding her waist as she knelt up on her single bed, the cane blazing across her pert cheeks, the Peatling tears, the brusque instruction to go over on her back, spread her legs and put her hands behind her neck, the squirming of her heated cheeks against the wrinkled sheet..

    5. The older woman's body in top of her...the large strap-on dildo...straining, stretching...


    6. Inspector Rudkin20 August 2019 at 15:08

      The woman's tongue thrusting possesively into her mouth, the hoarse, rasping breathing, the muttered command 'wrap your legs around my waist Jennifer' and now 'ask me sweetheart, ask me properly'..oooh, oooh, fuck me ma'am , fuck me..

    7. 'Yes, you like that don't you Jennifer dear? A nice big dildo...much bigger than any of those silly boys can give you isn't it? That's right sweetheart work yourself on it! Push up against me! Yes! Are you legs starting to twitch dear? You're coming aren't you? And you told me you weren't gay! You naughty little strumpet! I'm going to have to cane you again later for that lie! Won't that be nice?'

  5. A shame we didn't get to see the cane in action - let's hope part three provides that delight - but a sound spanking is a good start for the little tart.

    Nicely humiliated too - I'm sure those braces were uncomfortable but how distressing it must have been to have the woman 'fiddling around down there' to fit them. I do hope she had a good feel while she was down there. Getting her hot and bothered and nicely wet at the hands of another woman must have been quite embarrassing.

    For myself once she'd spelled out T I T S a couple of times I'd have moved her onto B O T T O M and maybe then P U S S Y. That would ensure enough strokes of the cane to drive the point home.

    I'd also have her writing out 200 lines: My pussy is wet and I am a delinquent girl who does not deserve knickers, and I must be punished with the cane across my fat bare bottom.

    After that I expect the woman to bed her.

  6. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 15:54

    Jennifer's stiff nipple in photo 7 shoe the young sluts arousal. The domme should have wiped the rag across her hot, slick, wet pussy and the made Jennifer hold it in her mouth for the rest of the session. Keeping her hobbling around in those braces should leave her in a near permanent state of arousal and readiness for whoever feels like putting her on her back.

  7. I like the colour photo (number 5,I think) with the cane patiently waiting
    hanging on the wall behind her.There
    were a few similar shots with Antonia Du Bois back in "The Punishment Officer",many posts back on this blog.
    I always find these seemingly passive
    moments highly charged with promises of painful retribution just waiting in the wings,so to speak.Perhaps I am alone in this ? I really love photos
    like that,personally.
    Yes,I too hope and trust this plump bottomed young wench is in for a good,invigorating,(none too) short, sharp shocker of a caning in part three.

    1. It is delightfully composed photograph though sadly not very well lit.

    2. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 17:30

      Yes, I love the cane dangling passively but malevolently in most of these shots. The delightful combination of Jennifer's plump bottom (pushed into perfect prominence by her heels), the whippy rattan and the cruel looking older woman is just perfect. Jennifer will be up on those toes and howling for mercy before the day is much older I hope...

  8. Since,as far as I can recall,some "big
    five" girls like Wendy and Antonia were
    only dealt with by men in their photosets,I find myself wondering how they would react to being caned etc by
    an icily cruel and strict woman such as
    the lady depicted here ?
    Would such saucy young strumpets have found it more or less embarrassing to be caned by a severe woman ? Antonia clearly seems to get quite a thrill out
    of teasing her chastiser in "The Punishment Officer".Wonder how she or the lovely Wendy would have felt about being caned by this (or any other) severe and dominant woman ?
    Anyone got an opinion about this ?

  9. Unsurprisingly I've thought about this quite a lot. I'd have loved to see Wendy and Sophie Fennington and Nicola Redway under the supervision of an experienced dominatrix. I'm sure it would have been an embarrassingly uncomfortable experience for them but one which would have been instructive.

    My favourite Janus sets were those such as Exactly So - featuring Bambi (who reminded me of the girl I was spanking at the time and her Auntie Elizabeth -to whom she appeared to have been sent for correction. It certainly had sexual overtones for me - as if, once disciplined, Bambi would find herself very much subject to Auntie's predations.

    I never much enjoyed the 'I spank you/you spank me' sets that did feature Nicola for example.

    Another favourite was Alice in The Pleasing - I was always disappointed that her later appearances, in which she liked stunning, were under male discipline.

  10. Inspector Rudkin20 August 2019 at 11:15

    Embarrassingly uncomfortable and instructive indeed. There are some interesting 'new order' Blushes stories where girls on domestic service are sent to a strict older woman to be 'straightened out'. They go expecting an easier ride but much to their surprise get not only caned but unwillingly bedded. I always
    thought that this salutary lesson both helped tame them and broadened their horizons admirably.

  11. I don't recall those - though I only occasionally saw Blushes. I didn't/don't always enjoy its tone. But perhaps I wouldn't mind seeing those stories...

  12. Inspector Rudkin20 August 2019 at 11:29

    Try 'Fancying Fiona' or 'Sentenced', I know what you mean about Blushes. I personally preferred Swish - which was big on lesbian headmistress's or Miss Sadie Sterns which had occasionally good portrayals of strict mature older lady's and their young nieces or step daughters.

  13. Inspector Rudkin20 August 2019 at 11:35

    Yes, try the search facility at the top

    1. Hmmm - Fancying Fiona - very sophomoric. I can't abide the look of the photoset with the domme in her underwear. Lesbians don't dress up (down) like that - certainly I never have - for that sort of role play.

      I'm much more interested in the dynamic presented in the above tutor/tutee lay-out.

    2. Inspector Rudkin21 August 2019 at 04:49

      Aah well that's the danger with recommendations I guess, I'll get my coat!

    3. Inspector Rudkin21 August 2019 at 06:31

      Let me see if I can read the dynamic better Milady. January 2018, A Visit to the Tutor 2 - Mrs Mildales, same cast as Girl in a Garden...

    4. Grateful again - and please don't worry - you were kind enough to make a suggestion. We can't all like the same things.

    5. Inspector Rudkin21 August 2019 at 11:41

      Very kind, hope you enjoy it. I've always had a penchant for the idea of a dominant woman persuading young lady's of their rightful place. 'Girl in a Garden' is a perfect example.

    6. As for Mrs Mildales - I have left a comment below yours on that blog entry.

      Close but no cigar- as they say. Your own comment rather points to my disappointment.

    7. The Girl in the Garden is indeed a fine example though ther inclusion of a male domme rather spoils it - if I recall correctly.

    8. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 13:50

      See if I can get a cigar this time, I like a challenge. 'Teacher's Pet', May 2017. Very pretty girl 'persuaded' up a certain path in life...

    9. Rather nice - though again you will appreciate my hesitation.

    10. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 17:05

      Yes of course, thought you would appreciate certain elements and a rather pretty girl..

    11. Inspector Rudkin23 August 2019 at 10:46

      Cold Showers and Canings, R T Mason, with some very evocative pictures from Paula Meadows - love your opinion Milady

    12. Yes - the stuff of fantasies! Wonderful.

  14. Paula Meadows. ..what a legend!
    A gorgeous model,a genuine submissive (as,I believe,is Antonia De Bois) and,almost certainly,the greatest spanking artist ever.
    What a woman!
    I remember "Cold showers and canings."
    Not a bad story and (as ever) some wonderful art from Paula.
    Great stuff!