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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Long Arm of the Law

A nostalgic one for me. This was the first spanking video I ever watched, although I didn't know it's name until fairly recently. Miss Dixon is a cracker.
Mr Bass is the senior partner in a firm of solicitors. A very important client’s papers have gone astray. He questions his junior solicitor Miss Dixon about them Miss Dixon says it’s all the secretary’s fault. Mr Bass isn’t interested whose fault it is, he decides to sack both of them. The two young ladies beg Mr Bass for their jobs, and so he offers both girls an alternative. The alternative being a good dose of corporal punishment. The girls aren’t too happy about this turn of events, but after weighing up the options they both agree to take their punishment. Mr Bass warns them both that this will have to be a very severe punishment, and begins with the flighty secretary Julie. He starts by administering a hard, over-the-knee spanking. Almost immediately, the unfortunate Julie’s bottom begins to show the evidence of just how hard a spanking she is receiving, but Mr Bass is not satisfied with just spanking Julie. He feels that for the lesson to be truly learned he will have to take stronger measures. He instructs the careless girl to bend over his desk, and informs her that she is to receive the strap. The poor girl can hardly keep still, as time and time again, the wicked twelve inches of black leather cracks down on her now bare and defenceless bottom. Just to make sure that the lesson has been well and truly learned, Mr Bass decides to complete Julie’s punishment with six strokes of the cane. This brings the pretty blonde to the point of tears, but she knows she must take her punishment which she does with great fortitude.
Mr Bass now turns his attention to his junior solicitor, Miss Dixon. The tall and statuesque girl begs Mr Bass to send Julie away as she feels that her authority in the office will be undermined if a mere secretary is allowed to witness her punishment, but Mr Bass is adamant and instructs Julie to remain and watch whilst he punishes Miss Dixon. As Miss Dixon is the senior of the two girls, the responsibility for the mistake must rest with her and so her punishment must be more severe. When instructed, she places herself over Mr Bass’s lap to receive a most memorable spanking. which rapidly reddens up her perfect bottom. This is followed by a session bent over Mr Bass’s desk to receive the strap. By the time Mr Bass announces his intention to cane Miss Dixon, she is in no state to protest though she does try to argue, which just earns her several extra strokes. Mr Bass instructs her to bend over a chair and proceeds to administer the cane. Twenty-four times the 36” of rattan visits this already sore bottom, but Mr Bass is relentless, and it’s two very sorry and very sore young lades that promise to mend their ways at the end.
M/2f; year: 1996; time: 35 minutes
Actress Monica or Rachel plays the character Michelle in this little ditty about discipline at the office. The film might have been called Legal Secretaries at one time, which would have avoided confusion with ShadowLane’s Long Arm of the Law, an entertaining nudie romp, where a police officer chases a naked streaking girl into her house, spanks her, then drops his shorts and consummates the spanking in an infrequent conclusion to a CP film. Maybe the British legal community didn’t like the image of Senior Partners keeping paddles and canes on their premises for instructing the bottoms of their employees. But we like the fantasy.
Paralegal Julie and solicitor-associate Michelle accept spankings from Mr Burse for having failed to properly search title on a property conveyance, given the alternative of being fired.
Female bottom spanking is not unknown in his office. Julie knows where he keeps the implements. The girls take their handspanking, strapping, and caning more or less in stride, although it does sound like Julie tries to bribe with sexual favours when she begs: ‘Please, sir, I’ll do anything.’
When it’s Michelle’s turn, her protestations not to be punished in front of a clerk adds greatly to the humiliation. Burse has wandering hands. After his handspanking he fondles: ‘Hmm, a bit of temperature here.’
The moment we liked best in Michelle’s comeuppance: ‘There is still the matter of the cane… if you’re to become a partner.’ As she positions herself, hands-on-chair, Burse reminds her she knows the posture to assume. She admits she has done this ‘many times.’
Poor Michelle, her bottom will always be an available distraction in the halls of this law practice.
At the conclusion of her twenty cane strokes, taken and counted aloud bravely with no repeats we could detect, she seems to break and burst into real tears, to the extent the scene was cut. She asks if she now will be made partner, ‘We’ll see,’ says cad Burse.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Good film overall. I particularly liked the theme of Junior Solicitor Miss Hoity-toity knickers having the insolence thrashed out of her even more than was originally going to be the case due to her resentful talking back and her evident belief that it's beneath her dignity for her to suffer bare bottom punishment in the presence of an underling secretary. This, in my view, was actually undermined slightly by the 'many times' bit. It made it feel for me as though she never was really learning her lesson and the whole thing was a bit of an 'erotic', though undoubtedly still painful (for her), game between the man and her. Yes, it does sound as though a real eruption of genuine sobbing was edited out there near the end. A shame really because that would have added to the authenticity of the situation for me. Although just that brief hint of real upset has a kind of power to it also. Fantastic girls also, especially Miss Hoity-toity knickers and the bloke was appropriately firm and no nonsense mostly throughout.

  2. A no nonsense approach always works best with a girl.She should be left in no doubt that she is going spanked long and hard and that even the
    slightest disobedience will not be tolerated.

  3. I agree that a really admonitory caning or strapping is required if a young lady is silly awkward or exhibits false modesty. In these cases real 'scorchers' should be applied. Girls should be put 'under the cane' from their 18th birthdays and should learn from this point the standards of behaviour, dress and deportment expected of them. I think there is a place for relatively light punishments provided young ladies are obedient, responsive and willing. This stage however must be tempered with frequent 'refreshers' to ensure no recalcitrance is shown.

  4. I think you have it exactly right,anonymous.It is all a question of balance and proportion;fair and unfair;reward and punishment,etc.
    I think the girl should have to wear school uniform at all times,even in her twenties or thirties,and be left in utterly no doubt that the cane,tawse,and birch are always waiting
    to visit her bare bottom at the drop of a (straw) hat,so to speak.

  5. Yes School Uniform is a must as it reinforces both to the young lady and to the wider world her place. Stockings and heels can be worn on special occasions but generally white socks and strap over shoes should be insisted upon, along with long hair drawn back in a ponytail to further emphasise the first point. To amplify the presence and likelihood of canings, tawsings etc the 'instruments of retribution' should be kept highly visible in both lounge and bedroom with the girl laying a tawse on her pillows every night in case it's required.
    In public girls should be quiet, demure and responsive to instruction. They should not 'jerk' away if touched or bleat or whine if told to raise skirts, lower panties and 'display '.
    I am in absolute agreement that this regime should stay in place from a young lady's 18th through to her 40th birthday.

    1. Yes - uniform for out in public - lingerie and sexy, revealing little outfits for home with Sir or Miss - and obviously for when 'entertaining' - except for correction sessions.

      Let's not have an arbitrary cut-off at 40 though. There are many trollops in the 40-55 range who, once trained (and yes I appreciate that it's harder to train then as they mature) will make excellent submissives. Of course the whole experience will be more challenging and humiliating for them than for a younger doxy, adding a delicious piquancy to their schooling.

    2. Of course young ladies will not be out in public except in escorted groups or with their owners (the concept of marriage has gone and girls are seized by the state and auctioned off at eighteen). Girls out alone are at risk of being picked up for loitering or soliciting. The former offence sees a girl bent over there and then for a scorching, tear inducing sixer with the cane (the girl then has her skirt pinned up, knickers rolled down to the tops of her thighs and is forced to mince home with a sign saying 'loiterer' hung round her neck). In the latter case the girl is taken to a Brothel and told she will be released on reimbursing the state £1000 at £10 per customer, funnily enough that usually brings on the waterworks to..

    3. I dare say that any girl who came home to her owner in that state would be in for a torrid time!

      Imagine one's outrage to discover that a girl one owned had been out loitering! My word would she catch it!

  6. Thank you, fleas. Miss Dixon is indeed a cracker, and Julie is easy on the eye, too...

  7. Although this video is new to me, I actually remember the Miss Dixon actress (Monica or Rachel?) from another video of about the same vintage, where she played a domme caning and humiliating two girls...

  8. She was equally hoity toity as a domme, in a way which is of a piece with her performance here, in some ways, given her disdain for Julie and her tendency cheekily to answer back (verging on 'topping from the bottom'). It's such a pleasure to see Miss Dixon's bottom reddened here, and to watch her dealt those waspish strokes of the cane...

  9. The height difference between the tall Miss Dixon and Julie is also an appealing feature. I think the humour must be intentional when she complains that she shouldn't be punished in front of Julie because of her 'higher' status...

  10. Miss Dixon's most beguiling quality as a spanking model is, however, her voice. That hoity toity accent really appeals. I usually find it tedious in spanking videos when girls count the strokes they're given, but here I savour the sensual way Miss Dixon enunciates each number...

    I recall now exactly why it is I became infatuated with this model from that other domme appearance she made so many years ago...

  11. I very much like the idea that "instruments of retribution" are very visible to the girl all over the house or flat.That way,even when she is behaving,she is constantly reminded of
    the fate that awaits her if she should
    choose to misbehave,grumble,stamp her foot in defiance,or whatever.
    The notion of the tawse lying next to her on her (hopefully) tear stained pillow is quite delight full...and I can only hope that a crook handled cane is hanging on her bedroom door in clear view of "little miss naughty".

  12. As in Katie (Blushes 3) a cane will be hanging on the bedroom door of all young ladies 'under discipline.' The rattle it makes every time the door is opened or shut will remind her of the sword of damocles hanging over her. Most embarrassingly of all when anyone comes up to her room 'little miss naughty' must take the cane off it's hook, show it to them and describe her last experience under it. 'No false modesty miss or I'll bend you over and give you a sharp dozen here and now' she is told. Ouch !

    1. Yes, I quite agree. So benign and yet so scarily threatening. Of course, in a fit of frustrated despair a girl might try to do something about our poor defenceless friend the cane. If so she really will then be in a whole lot of trouble.

    2. Of course after the caning, withe cane back on the hook and the tawse on the pillow the girl lies on her hip in her little single bed contemplating. She jerks her hot bottom as she rolls over onto it on her wrinkled sheet and smooths one hand over its roasted cheeks. With the other she cups her creamy, throbbing nest and thinks I couldn't have not with...Slowly she falls into a deep and dream filled sleep where what has just happened is happening again only more so...oh Hilary you naughty girl.

    3. Of course it transpired that David Marson was Hilarys step-dad and following the Inspectors requirement that he spank and then cane Hilary, and following the way she whined, bleated and wriggled her hips while he laid the cane on, well ..what man could resist. Neither Mrs Marson or Kevin were very happy when they found out but of course these days it's always the girl that gets the blame.
      Consequently Hilary now founds herself held down over the bed by Mummy while Kevin goes to work on her with 3' of swishy rattan and Step-dad watches. Looks like Hilary will be getting some more exercise before she's much older...

  13. I looked at the splintered,broken cane
    lying on the floor of "little miss naughty's" bedroom.
    She glared at me with wary defiance,and
    just the barest hint of a grin of small
    I picked up the shattered rod and tossed it towards the girl.She caught it and held it clone to her chest,almost like a magic charm;a cross
    or.string of.garlic to keep the nasty
    old vampire away.She was starting to look guilty,no doubt having second thoughts about what she had done.
    I smiled winningly at her.'Never mind,my dear.I was going to give you six strokes of the cane tonight instead
    of nine for being reasonably well behaved this morning.This,'I said,nodding towards the cane she clutched,'rather changes things for you,my girl.I shall just have to birch you instead.Eighteen strokes for wanton
    destruction of punitive property.!'
    Her fearful expression at receiving this intelligence was priceless.
    She looked utterly horror struck,as well she might.She was going to get bitten by something rather more real than a vampire.Something pliant,swishy and possibly more punitive than that shattered rod.
    Little miss I love her.
    Even when she's good.
    Even more when she isn't.

  14. Hope you liked my brief adventure for "little miss naughty".
    By the way,I agree with the poster above about white socks and strap over shoes.I think these are known as "Mary jane"shoes.And of course;no school uniform would be complete without a nice,stripey tie to complement her nice
    stripey bottom,of course.

    1. Yes, I very much enjoyed your piece. A girl certainly deserves to suffer for the wanton destruction of a man's cane, his trusty staff through life. I would give her the chance to destroy another one, with her bare arse.

  15. Yes me too. A very nice example of the socks, shoes and tie combination is modelled by Hilary Marsden in Visit from an Inspector (September 2018). The shoes here are 'flatties' rather than true 'Mary Janes' but still serve to emphasise the weight and curviness of the young lady's bottom plus the plumpness of her thighs. All these attributes of course cry out for the application of a fiercely whistling cane or a searing strap to the young lady in question. 'Flatties' have an advantage for the male in that if the young lady has a tendency to kick whilst over a lap or slung over the back of a nice high armchair he is less likely to get spiked!
    Finally a word on 'navy blues' as modelled so fetchingly and, I hope unwillingly, by Hilary. These add a nice juvenile touch to a young lady's attire and have the added advantage of tightness - especially if ordered two sizes too small! This means the girl is nearly bursting out of them when bent over (as can be seen) and they will stay where put afterwards. One opportunity thus provided is to roll them down to thigh top or knee height after punishment and make the girl mince around the house like that until it's time for bed. A very salutary and visible lesson. Finally they look very attractive kicking forlornly from one ankle as final cane strokes are stingingly applied, a small flag of surrender one might say.
    Thanks to Hilary for modelling (by the way if you have a yen to see her stripped naked try Reorientation Weekend, July 2019) and thanks to the blog readers for indulging this lengthy post.

  16. Flatties and navy blue knickers a size
    or two too small.That sounds perfect to me.Surely no good,sensible girl could
    object to such a small whim from a gentleman?
    But if she does,there is always a rod
    to (dis)comfort her.A cane is always very useful in helping to adjust the attitude of any unwilling or defiant little miss.
    'What did you say?',.I asked,feigning mild surprise.
    Nina Jane scowled at me,her little snub
    nose wrinkling as her glittering hazel eyes met mine from beneath the fringe of her raven tresses.'I said I'm a big girl now.I'm twenty-four.You can't expect me to wear such tight, silly little knickers.I won't do it! I won't',she snapped at me,stamping her foot twice for added emphasis.
    I returned her defiant stare with calm
    steeliness.'So,you consider yourself to be a big girl now,eh?'
    'Yes,'she replied with yet another stamp of her foot.
    'I see,'I said.'Well,big girls have to make big decisions,Nina Jane.You can choose not to wear your navy blues today and receive twenty-four strokes of the cane on your bare bottom right now,or you can wear nothing but your navy blues all day and receive eighteen
    strokes across your knicker-clad rump tonight before bedtime.It is a win win for me either way,I feel.The decision is yours,girl.Choose!'
    Nina Jane's face was now an ashen picture of perfect dismay.
    She wasn't stamping her foot anymore.

  17. By the way,anonymous,I like your notion
    of the girl having to present the rod to either her main disciplinarian or even a stranger when they enter a room.
    She should also,I think,be required to kiss the cane before presenting it to a gentleman as a sign of her obedient respect for the instrument.She should also be required to perform this action both before and after any caning,with failure to comply only resulting in increased punishment,of course.
    Obedience in all things,as they say.

  18. Knickers too tight; skirt to short; no bra; blouse too small...bottom well smacked!

    You may think you're too old to be dressed like that my girl but you are here to be taught a lesson - a very harsh lesson indeed! Women of all ages - and let me assure you girl you aren't the oldest schoolgirl here - are best taught in uniform! It's back to school for you my girl

    Now - your first lesson - lets warm that bottom up for you!

  19. Yes,indeed.All women in school uniform,and subject to school discipline,rules,lines...the lot.
    Yes,Nina Jane,that includes you.
    Go and write "A good girl is an obedient girl",on the blackboard fifty
    times in neat,legible handwriting.
    But before that,hold out your hands for
    six sizzling strokes from my Lochgelly
    tawse...just to encourage you to do your very best,my dear.

  20. Yes kissing the strap or cane is an excellent idea. Proper kissing mind, tongue out, a nice sexy kiss young lady or it will be your backside being kissed by the cane instead. Girls should also be responsible for polishing both strap and cane, a job best done in the lounge when visitors are present.

  21. Spot on,anonymous.That is exactly the
    approach I had in mind.
    Kissing the cane,before being kissed by
    the cane.Sheer poetry.I agree too about
    her polishing her implements.The very smell of the polished rattan canes and tawses etc will be in her mind 24-7...
    and even at night,there will be no escaping the sweet scent of the.freshly
    polished cane hanging on her door,nor the sturdy oak paddle on her bedroom windowsill,and especially the all too close at hand tawse lying on her pillow.
    Sweet dreams,naughty girl.

    1. Young ladies under discipline should remember that quietness and compliance is essential. On being told that they are to be attended on they should stand in the centre of the lounge and await the next instruction to go upstairs, present, and wait for me. Any pouting, whining or stamping of feet at this stage and she should be hawled over a lap, knickers yanked down to receive a really admonitory tear inducing spanking.
      Once upstairs with the girl neatly presented (knickers stretched wide at knee height, skirt flipped up and on her toes) the girl should recite her sins preparatory to receiving a burning dozen with the cane. Moaning, whingeing and whimpering is permitted but any crying out should be dealt with by additional strokes to the thigh backs. Movement, other than the very pretty and stimulating wriggling of the hips, should be controlled. The girls bottom cheeks should remain relaxed throughout the caning. Once complete the girl should come upright, place her hands on her head and apologise for her misdemeanours.
      Finally, of course, she should expect to complete her penance either on her back or on her knees.

  22. I am trying to remembereach the first
    spanking film that I ever saw.I am fairly sure it was one of the videos made by"Strictly English",and that it's
    star was Amelia Jane Rutherford, but I can't recall what the title was now.
    Anybody else remember the first cp film
    that they ever saw ?

  23. There were a couple - can’t remember the names which I would like to see again.

    In the first he was very disparaging about a girl’s tits which I think is a good tactic ‘get these on here’ he said pointing to her breasts & then a desk top. I do like tits to be squashed flat in a caning.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. One has to be careful with a girl's tits especially fake ones when using the cane but there are lots of other interesting ways of causing them discomfort which have the added bonus of being deeply humiliating. For example getting her to run on the spot and do star jumps without the support of a bra. If the girl is well endowed they will very soon be wobbling and bouncing all over the shop in a most delightful, and deeply embarrassing manner. You can also use this as an opportunity to body shame her, which is always an added bonus.

    3. Im greatly in favour of forced, and cane *en*forced, naked calisthenics. Vigorous, breathless, sweat inducing physical exercises in a full range of revealing, embarrassing positions encouraged by frequent, sharp strokes of cane and strap to the tender parts exposed is the ideal way to break a girl down. After which, she can be exercised sexually - ideally by two disciplinarians and all of which should be done before an audience or, ideally, in public.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Wow, miss Dixon is a real beauty & what a bottom. I think she took her punishment well. The cane really hurts, I know because I had it once at school but miss nixon took it well although you could see she whas close to tears at the end

  26. Those few fleeting glimpses of Ms Dixon (aka Michelle/Rachel) in this and a couple of other films have most definitely left me wanting more! There were quite a few things about her that made her stand out from every other spanking model I have seen. Her appearance was striking – a tall, statuesque, beauty with lustrous long dark brown hair, a lovely slender figure, long, long legs that looked absolutely incredible in stockings, suspenders and heels and a perfectly formed, immensely spankable bottom. But beyond that, I found her demeanour to be quite captivating. She dressed and groomed herself impeccably and I loved the sexy yet smart, formal jacket, skirt, stockings and heels she wore in this film and the elegance, femininity and poise she always exuded. Her voice was seductively soft with clear, posh diction and elocution. Overall, she conveyed a haughty, imperious air that made you desperate to see her get her comeuppance. Moreover, her stoicism and sense of superiority was brave to the point of being foolhardy for a girl in her predicament and whenever she was spanked, strapped and caned in tandem with another girl her insolent, aloof attitude earned her significantly more punishment than her partner in crime. Hence her encounters with the cane in particular were utterly compelling, as she engaged in a battle of wills with her disciplinarians, goading them with her hugely impressive pain tolerance and maddening defiance and disdain, resulting in her being beaten harder and longer. But judging by her abruptly edited tears at the end of this caning, she met her match in this film. Her spanking career was alas all too short but I was interested to see from comments here that she also appeared elsewhere as a Dom and I would truly love to see that if anyone can provide more information.