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Friday, 30 August 2019

Poll: Vote for your favourite magazine cover

Following a debate on the comments section of Monitors Duty, I have put together a shortlist of 20 great magazine covers from various spanking publications over the years and opened a poll where you can vote for one or more of them. It was surprisingly tough to get it down to 20 and I'm sorry if I missed a favourite of yours.
Please browse the pictures below and then vote here. Please note that the magazine title is below each picture.
I will publish the results in due course, should I get sufficient votes to make it worthwhile.
Happy voting!

Update: votes are now in  see results here.
Blushes 8
Blushes 12
Blushes 25
Blushes Supplement 8
Blushes Supplement 26
Februs 5
Fessee 5
Janus 20
Janus 26
Janus 39
Janus 46
Janus 53
Janus 139
Roue 6
Roue 18
Uniform Girls 13
Uniform Girls 20
Uniform Girls 22
Uniform Girls 2.17
Whispers 1
A reminder you can vote in the poll here.


  1. Thank you very much for this. Respect the selection but would not have been my choice of Roue covers. Here's a number of great ones in my view:

    Roue 13 - no girl, just open wardrobe containing canes, straps, what looks like a headmaster's gown, and a number of presumably confiscated girls' knickers!

    Roue 22 - view from outside a net curtained bay window into a room with light on. Rear view of girl, the one from Uncle George video actually, in just pyjama top and knickers and clutching cane behind her back and faced by man (Alan Bell).

    Roue 12 - rear view of girl's legs from bare bottom down, clad in knee length white socks and with knickers around her ankles. She is stood beside a wooden chair from which hangs a cane.

    Roue 65 (one of my absolute favourites!) - gorgeous big titted, buxom looking lass with red ribbon in her hair stands with hands clasped at crotch level in bedroom in just skimpy white 'Teddy' type item of lingerie. Her eyes are ruefully cast downwards and a tawse lies ominously on the bed in the immediate foreground. Three mirrors on the nearby dressing table give us very nice views from behind.

    Roue 10 - rear view of girl standing very possibly in same room as featured on cover of number 22. The girl is wearing a white blouse, but her tartan skirt is gathered up around her waist and her knickers are pulled down beneath her exposed bum cheeks. She wears white knee socks. A chair stands in front of her with a cane lying across it.

    Roue 19 - rear view of girl in white blouse and short skirt kneeling upon a high stool in front of window with hands behind her back. Sun appears to be shining through the window making inside of skirt between her legs at front translucent.

    Roue 9 - schoolgirl in bent position with skirt up and knickers down (beneath bare buttocks) peers backwards into camera with anguished expression mostly conveyed just by eyes. Nearby text says "Prefects Choirgirls Nurses all Spanked Caned and Tawsed".

    Roue 43 - rear view of girl from lower back down wearing just white vest, white knickers and white knee socks. What appears to be her removed school uniform (blouse, skirt and tie) is draped over the nearby chair. I've seen other photos from set this shot came from and the girl is dead ringer for young Letitia Dean (Sharon Watts) in Eastenders.

    Roue 8 - rear angled view of girl in thin white top with skirt raised and bottom bared (knickers lowered to beneath buttocks)and wearing white suspender belt and stockings. She is kneeling on bed and looking out of bedroom window.

    Roue 1 - photo of pretty nurse (looking like nurses used to look like!) shot from behind with skirt raised and knickers down and wearing black suspender belt and stockings. Her face can be seen from side on. Text reads "roue SMACKED BOTTOMS & THINGS LIKE THAT"

    Roue 15 - no girl, just shot of barred window looking out on to a brick wall and the exterior of another window, immediately redolent of some kind of cold, reformatory type institution. By the window sill is a high wooden stool across which lies a cane. On the window sill itself lies a leather strap and a pair of what looks like navy blue girls knickers.

    Roue 17 - beautifully lit shot of pretty young miss in what appears to be an attic type room with sloped ceiling. She is sitting on top of some furniture with hands lightly clasped around her knees and with white knickers showing between her thighs. Near her white knee sock clad feet appears to be what looks like an ash tray and a the crooked handle of a cane. The girl gazes wistfully out of the window. Is she waiting for her caning or has she just had it?

    All wonderfully evocative and atmospheric stuff, and I could go on and on!

    1. Thanks for the descriptions. All Roue were great covers

    2. Yes I let Roue 9 linger in front of the pretty shopgirl when I got my copies. You’re right - that was a great simple thing to put alongside the bare bottom covergirl with her distressed pretty face. I know the shopgirl read ‘spanked caned tawsed’ before I scooped up my copies. Shame it didn’ say ‘ prefects choirgirls nurses shopgirls spanked caned tawsed’. Roue 6 did the job though with its larger pic of a bare bottom. Roue knew exactly what it was doing with these covers and was right that female bottoms should be bared for all to see and dealt with accordingly.

    3. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 08:27

      Roue was a magnificent publication for many reasons but for St Angela's above all. Roue 11 for me, a bared bottom and a running text of protesting winges and whimpers a young lady makes when in that position. As you say Marco all very clear and uncomfortable to the girl serving behind the counter.

  2. Bob here.
    A great selection of covers,Fleas63.
    I think this poll is a great idea,and
    if successful,perhaps we could see other polls from time to time.
    Favourite implements,cp phrases,uniforms,positions,etc.

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    2. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 08:15

      Bob, genius, all of the above. Favourite uniform (schoolgirl of course!) and best example.

    3. Oh and best knickers - on & off. Just today picked up a good copy of Supplement 10 - with the lovely cover picture of the girl in the knickers marked ‘Sunday’ over her obvious pubic mound

    4. That one was a very beautiful cover. It looks like a painting and yet it has a photographic quality about it. I can't help feeling that a photograph and real girl was involved somewhere in the production. If so, I would like to see the actual photos. Such a very lovely looking young lady with that classic wide-eyed 'rabbit caught in the headlights' expression that Blushes was so good at capturing. Looks like she's nervously and reluctantly in the process of stripping off for a no doubt well deserved Sunday night thrashing. Oh, and those knickers, so sweet! Of course, we all remember that fearful 'Sunday evening feeling' now don't we?

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    6. 'Domestic discipline and exploitation of vulnerable young ladies'. Lovely and a real shame that wasn't emblazoned across the cover for our young shop girl to see.

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    8. Yes, Katie I believe she was called. Sent away - as Blushes girls often were - for a 'training' weekend and a good deal more compliant on her return. Always made me smile that 'Uncle' threatened to get rid of her pony to help bring her to heel.

    9. Chief amongst the reminders scattered about her bedroom was that wicked, frightening cane, dangling with passive malevolence on a hook behind the door. How she hated it; the dismal, bum-twitching click-click it would make every time the door was opened or shut, the way it greeted her in the morning, just sitting there waiting for its opportunity to whip across her squirming buttocks in retribution for some piece of misbehaviour or other, and some evenings, like now, when it seemed almost alive and actually to know that soon it was to be taken down and swished across her naked, trembling bum.

      There were other reminders, too; a wardrobe which had once held pretty, grown-up dresses and feminine clothes and underwear, these days containing instead cut-down — or rather cut-up school skirts and gingham frocks, their hems hardly low enough now to cover her bum even when she stood up perfectly straight, leaving her thighs bare for virtually all their length and her knickers underneath on display whenever she so much as bent to scratch her knee. And those knickers! Pairs of navy-blue school pants — knickers she hadn’t worn for three terms at least and which she’d supposed must have been thrown away long ago, now resurrected and there in the wardrobe, the only items of underwear she was allowed, and all of them faded and pulling at their seams, especially now that she was having to stretch them over her filling-out hips — none of them fitting her with any degree of modesty, all too snug between her legs and round under her bum-cheeks, and wearing-out the faster now by virtue of their being pulled up and down, on and off, more often than knickers, in the normal way, were ever meant to be

      Yes, that's Katie...

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  3. Janus 53 for me - by a mile - the implied acceptance of the discipline that awaits Sophie is, along with her pert, insolently pretty looks makes me melt.

    God how I want to take up that strap!

    That said it's not my favourite overall. The upturned eyes on the cover of Janus 57 as she looks with terror up at the crop that she knows too horribly will be shortly, striping her bottom have transported me times beyond number to a world of exquisite fantasy!

    Oh the shear terror!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 08:21

      Like this Marco. I used to have the same experience with a young Asian girl back in the 1980's. She used to look squirmy and embarrassed when I put my spanking magazines down in front of her. I bet it reminded her of something she received 'above the shop' at the end of her shift.

    2. Yes, they used to always make out that if you were buying adult mags you'd want to be served by a man. But I agree. You'd kind of enjoy being served by a pretty young woman. It sort of turned the tables somewhat. Who's embarrassed now? All the better if the front cover featured one of her kind getting what she deserved.

    3. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 11:05

      An even more entertaining game was to send your own young lady in to the shop and make her buy it from the fat unpleasant owner. I had mine dress in her full school uniform and rehearsed with a number of blush making questions. 'Is this as good as last months?', 'do you think girls should be caned?', 'I wonder if the girl on the cover is going to cry when she's strapped' . This made my girl of the time squirm with embarrassment and offer all sorts not to make me do it.

    4. Be even funnier if the shopkeeper doubted her age. Perhaps she would then have had to say: "Please, Sir, please, please let me buy it! Uncle will cane me if I arrive home without it!"

    5. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 11:46

      Well maybe I should take you out the back and give you a taste of my strap and then you'll have something to tell Uncle about young lady.

    6. Or maybe a nice blow job will be enough to appease the fat unpleasant owner?

    7. 'to send your own young lady in to the shop and make her buy it'

      I did this often with the girl I've mentioned who looked a little like Bambi from Exactly So; Janus 29/30. It made her squirm but she always came back wet and willing, and ready to give me her knickers and assume the position. I had her do it in her uniform once as well. Made her blush but she was insanely horny afterwards.

      Happy days.

    8. I think the genius of your game, Inspector Rudkin, is the young woman is already back-on-her heels because she is in a school uniform, an outfit which can instant strip the most self confident young Miss of any sense of self importance while reducing her to the status of a teenager under the shopkeeper's watchful eye. Worse yet, a NAUGHTY teenager, buying a very saucy magazine, the likes of which a proper young lady would never dare open.
      Yet she was buying it, out in the open, for one-and-all to see. Did the little minx harbor a secret desire to be spanked? If so, it was secret no more, and the shopkeeper might well, as you suggested, be inclined to find any number of pretexts to take her out back or simply bend her over the counter for lesson in obedience. And how should the lesson be administered? Simply open up to any page, and let the magazine the little mischief maker was buying be your guide. Doubtless it would feature a wonderful description or a photo of some pouty little Miss getting it hard, fast, and on the bare?
      Or perhaps she didn't want to be spanked, but was sent by someone else who fancied spanking as the sort of correction that a young woman of her sort needed. All the better, for the magazine in the trembling girl's hands would be the shopkeeper's free pass to deal with the girls as the other girls of her sort are properly dealt with, with her knickers-round-her-knees?
      Was your girl at risk of being seen by anyone she knew, and if so, what did she intend to say to them? And what was the source of the uniform?

    9. Yes, my young lady was a confident young trollop of 29 but putting her into her uniform instantly brought her to heel. It meant that not only did she feel reduced in status but that was how the wider world saw her and an element of it, older men particularly but also some women, saw her as prey - both vulnerable and yet asking for it- and fit to be subject to ribald remarks and quite aggressive teasing. ' my but you look cute in that uniform, bet the boys can't keep their hands off you', 'hope you've got your homework done or its a warm bottom for you miss', 'do they have the cane at your school young lady, if they don't they should.'
      The side effect of this was that by the time she had reached the shop my young lady was already flustered and blushing. I always sent her at the busiest time in the morning rush so there would be lots of other customers to observe her plight as she reached up for Blushes 7 and went to the counter. The shopkeeper would challenge her age and then demand she indicated an understanding of what she was buying by making her read out a particularly squirm inducing letter - one which made it clear exactly what young lady's were caned for! He would then send her on her way having first lifted her skirts and shown all and sundry the 'focus' area, commanding her to 'display and present as a young lady should'.
      She was quite properly in floods of humiliated tears on her return and very ready for her lesson.
      If seen it would have been the old chestnut about a fancy dress party. No one would have believed her, it was 8.00 in the morning.
      The source, a standard school outfitters, another source of toe curling humiliation when you're 29 years old and being served by a matronly older woman.

    10. Yes, uniform shopping can be most dreadfully embarrassing, particularly when the clerk is a plump, bitter old sow who despises successful young professional women and enjoys bringing them to heel. Some take great delight in placing haughty young Misses squarely under their fat thumbs, and insist that the poor girls try on each pair of school knickers (along with the tight regulation vests) and model them in front of the three way mirror in the center of the store, where the lights are brightest, and “you can see everything.”

      “Yes, that’s good. Regulation knickers that are nice-and-snug across that big bum of yours,” she says, enjoying the blushing young woman’s plaintive squeal as she squeezes her bottom. “A bit of sausage leaking out of the casing, here at the ends,” she says, tweaking her bottom, “almost like your bottom’s begging to be bared, and itching for the strap!”

      Strange how all the males and many of the smiling females suddenly find something of interest in the store that gives them an excellent view of the blushing girl’s public shaming in front of the mirror, and how they move to follow her when she stands behind the short curtain that only covers the center of the changing booth.

      Naturally the shop keeper insists that the girl reach out and hang all the clothes she isn’t wearing on the pegs outside of the booths (“we’ll have no pilfering from the likes you, young lady”) and your girlfriend blushes crimson as she has to hang her pink underpants out on a hook for all the men to see. Worse still is the shopkeepers habit of ripping open the curtain to “check on things” at the worse possible moments, leaving the poor girl totally exposed to the world, wearing nothing but what nature intended.

      It’s a rather long afternoon, particularly after the shopkeeper gathers her street clothes and she is forced to stand stark naked behind the little curtain with everyone in the store smirking and leering at her while the matronly shopkeeper waits on the more important gentlemen customers.

      You pass the time by looking at the store’s extensive collection of straps and thin, whippy canes. You enjoy SWISHING them through the air as your girlfriend watches over the top of the curtain, looking quite seasick. The other gentlemen laugh and discuss the finer points of punishing naughty female bottoms, while taking special note of your girlfriends “cheekiness”, “impertinence” and “disrespectful attitude.”

      “She doesn’t look so cock sure now, does she?”
      “Yes, she’ll look much better in a proper school uniform.”
      “Much better suited to a girl of her sort.”
      “Take her down a peg or two!”
      “Little hoydens! They all need the cane, if you ask me!”
      “Yes, a bakers dozen, right on the bare.”

      Your girlfriend winces as you SWISH the senior cane through the air.

    11. Inspector - if a girl is out in fancy dress at 8.00 in the morning it can only be because she's not been home - probably tarting herself about on some one night stand or other - so she obviously deserves to have her bottom warmed anyway.

      And as Anonymous mentioned if she was caught with a pornographic magazine at such a time then very severe questions would have to be asked!

      What have we here girl? Underage and buying smut like this? You're 29? I don't believe it. Why would a 29 year old be out in school uniform at this time of day - unless she's been out all night? Have you been out all night girl? Spreading your legs for someone? A good spanking's what you need my girl!

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Let's see you moving in them now girl - stretch up...on tip toes...and bend over...touch your toes...running on the spot...knees high...don't worry you haven't got a bra on girl...faster girl...excellent...

      No don't worry about a bag - she can wear her new uniform home.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. Young lady's should be taught that being shy, silly or awkward whilst under discipline will end badly for them. Send them into a Garden Centre to buy canes, ensure that they are very clear with the shop assistant as to the canes purpose, ditto the saddlers shop with straps. School uniform should be not only authentic but humiliating, start jokingly with a St Trinians style fancy dress type and progress through authentic secondary school style to the one that really made my 29 year old squirm - gingham summer party dress, navy blues, socks and strap over shoes. Promote the use of a lisp, insist on yeth rather than yes, insist that all grown ups (including those younger than her) are addressed as Sir or madam. When in a room she should either be in the corner, bent over or on someone's lap (unless she is being fully exercised of course). She must learn to instantly obey simple one word commands 'display', 'present', 'upstairs'. When out she should walk 'at heel' a few feet behind you. Finally she should be 'persuaded' to recite her sins in public when required.

    16. Not sure if there is more than one Anonymous in the short thread above but from writing style I doubt it. Take a bow sir (or Madam), top quality stuff and great to have you on board.

    17. Thank you - the longer story threads are mine. Too bad the moderator doesn't take new stories, ha-ha! Let's continue, shall we?

      Yes, I imagine if you have to buy your girl a full uniform and a week’s supply of regulation blue knickers, plus the green gym knickers, plus another full set of red knickers and yellow gym knickers for the 3-week-course she’s taking at the other school, AND she has to try on every pair and exercise in them in the 3-way mirror at the center of the store while the changing room is at the other end, you could be there for quite a while! Still, I imagine for you at least, and for the lucky spectators, the time would fly by.

      Your girl’s fancy degree and her job at the most prestigious firm in London will seem very far away indeed as she scurries back-and-forth in front of the other smiling patrons in her half-shirt and knicks! Not feeling quite so in charge now, are we? Not feeling like 29? Maybe a few years over half that, maybe? You certainly don’t look 29, and there is nothing about either your appearance or your demeanor that suggests you should be treated in anyway like an adult.

      Look at the blush on her pretty face as she sees the adults smiling at her. The 19-year-old shop girl is eager to step in when the matronly shop keeper has to attend to a more important customer, for she’s working here for half the money after your girl had her fired from the firm.

      Oh how she relishes the reversal of fortune! When your girl meekly suggests socks might be nice, as the ancient, dirty scuffed tile is freezing cold, a hard swat across her knickers and a stern rebuke reminds the cowering girl “that all your things are already bagged up, and put away!”

      But put away WHERE, she wonders. Where did that horrible girl take her purse, and phone, and everything else that proves she is an adult? No matter; her little rebellion is over.

      Alas the cold has it’s expected effect, much to the shop girl’s delight.

      “Someone has her high beams on!”
      “Nice pokies!”
      “I’d swat my daughter’s bum if she ran around like that!”

      It’s a long trip to the other side of the store. After several such treks I’d imagine the other patrons would feel ever more empowered to grab her by the ear and encourage her with some firm direction as she attempted to scurry past them.

      Oh why, oh why, did EVERYONE have to block the aisle!

      “Don’t run down the center aisle, you silly girl! Take the side way!” SWAT!
      “Watch out your clumsy girl! You almost knocked me over!” SWAT!
      “No dilly dallying!” SWAT!
      “Be careful! You brushed the tie rack!”
      “Why are you running around barefoot?” SWAT!
      “Slow down!” SWAT!
      “Hurry up!”
      “You’ll poke my eye out with those things!” SWAT!
      “Don’t leave fingerprints on the glass!” SWAT!
      “That’s the fourth time you’ve run past me!” SWAT!
      “Take the center aisle, you silly girl, it’s faster!” SWAT!

      Given how long and tedious the process is the shopkeeper might be well within her rights to simply order the teenage clerk to take the changing room curtain down before the “silly twit of a girl” damages it. The grinning clerk responds rapidly to the request.

      “Don’t be shy, dearie,” she’ll chide in that matronly way of hers. “Some of these same gentlemen grinning at you now might be seeing a lot more of you when your in the showers with the other girls, getting all soapy while the Headmaster gives out one of those guided tours he likes to charge 5 pounds and 50 pence for.”

      She’ll have no respite, as the dressing room will mean stripping down to the skin in front of burning male eyes, and going back to the mirror will mean running the gauntlet past customers eager to spank her bum. The mirror itself will mean EXERCISES.

      The squats and toe touching and star jumps will be quite tiresome, but the sight of you flexing the cane, and indeed the occasional tap of the cane across the seat of her knickers, will keep her on her literally on her toes, or get her knees high in the air with her boobs bouncing.

    18. Excellent stuff - public humiliation, uniforms and a return to boarding school for a long, hard course of correction and discipline for the poor dizzy little tart!

    19. As well as full uniform as detailed there will be other dress requirements for our little poppet to obtain before she is consigned to her boarding school.
      Full school uniform is an important reinforcement of her new status - which will be emphasised by an instruction that she is now to tell all enquirers that her true age is 16 not 29. She will wear this during the 'academic' elements of her day. Rote learning of trivial nonsense, times tables, doggerel verse, pointless memorization. All conducted in a classroom with frequent application of a stingy strap or 3' rattan cane. The purpose of this element of her training is to instil humility, obedience and fear. All healthy additions to a young lady's world.
      There are two other elements - deportment, for which she will require a tight laced corset, backboard, shoulder bars, 5' heels and leg hobbles. Daily training with Matron and her martinet will improve our young lady's posture and movement no end.
      The third element is the giving of pleasure. Up until this point our young heroine is costing quite a lot, school fees, uniform, deportment clothing and bills have to be paid for! She will be comprehensively trained to satisfy evening visitors of both sexes and should expect to be spending a considerable amount of time on her back.
      I think the combination of all three elements will turn out an obedient, compliant and 'useful' young lady.

    20. Yes that's exactly the thing! Of course there will also be vigorous PE lessons: circuit training, gymnastics, own air calisthenics, nude cross-country, wrestling - all encouraged by strap and cane.

      I like the 're-ageing' as well - as long as it's still obvious to everyone that she isn't actually 16 - it should be clear that she's pretending. That will be more humiliating for her.

    21. Well the relaxing will be very clear. Most of our young misses visitors will be former colleagues along with ex-boyfriends. They will have plenty of experience of the young lady's previous arrogance, snootiness and overly prim behaviour ( starting away from an overly familiar touch to the bottom for example) and are hugely keen to assist in her re-education.
      I would add the pulling of a little pony trap to her exercises plus a period of time firming up her thighs gripping the side of a bristle pig. She will be a very contrite young miss after a session on that!

    22. Alas, by the 8th pair of knickers Natalie’s pace began to flag, as the exhausted girl couldn’t get her knees up high enough, no matter how many stern warnings and cane taps across her naughty bottom she received.

      Alas, the next sad turn in Natalie’s ordeal is as shocking at it is inevitable. It would seem clothes actually do make the woman, for as you admonish her to “get her knees” up with ever more insistent taps of the thin whippy cane on her tightly stretched knickers, the impudent young Miss turns on you, and complains that she is “too tired” and that she doesn’t want to “show off my bottom, with everyone watching! These knickers are too tight!”

      Natalie’s petulance is punctuated with an angry pout and whine better suited to teenage girl refusing to do her exercises in her gym knickers in front of a group of male visitors, or perhaps a young woman complaining that her volleyball shorts “show everything” and all the spectators in the stands are “staring at her” so-called “camel toe”, as if that is some sort of problem, or as if somehow men don’t have a right to direct their eyes wherever they wish when a strapping young trollop decides to parade themselves before them.

      Natalie’s outburst, shocking as it is, does draw knowing smiles, for the red school knickers she is wearing are quite tight, and have molded themselves to her like a second skin. Her big, fat bottom bursting out the sides, and bouncing about like two bowling balls being carried in a sling far to small for their dimensions. As if this isn’t entertaining enough, the male onlooker can also feast her eyes on the lips of Natalie’s pussy and the precise shape of her little pud, which are clearly visible through the taught, straining fabric.

      It’s clear from her moody, defiant tone that the uniform knickers have worked their magic, as she has transformed from looking like a schoolgirl to acting like one too. Indeed, from the nature of her grousing it’s obvious that all of the intelligence has drained out of her head, like water draining out of a bathtub, and she is now every bit the feather-headed schoolgirl.

      “Your knickers are the proper size, are they not?” you say, turning to the grinning shop girl.

      “Oh, YES, sir!” she gushes unctuously. “If anything, they’re a bit loose,” she adds with a mischievous little giggle.

      You frown at Natalie’s impertinence. If her transformation had left the little dolt with any brains at all it would have been obvious that the ‘mistake’ she was complaining about what not a flaw, but a feature. Looking at her, you wonder if the school supply store sells dunce caps, and wonder what she might look like wearing one.

      Dunce cap or not, the proper tool for addressing Natalie’s appalling misbehavior is literally in hand. Giving her a hard glare, you tap the cane meaningfully against your palm.

      “What say you, gentlemen of the jury?” you ask, addressing the large crowd of mostly male onlookers. “What is to be done with an impertinent schoolgirl who refuses to do her exercises properly.

      The crowd’s response is both immediate and unanimous:

      “She needs the stick!”
      “Yes, that will learn the little strumpet.”
      “She’ll jump high enough when you lay the stripes on!”
      “Lay them on smartly!”
      “I’d double it.”
      “Yes. It’s the only thing a girl of her sort understands!”
      “Bent and bare.”
      “Make her sing for her supper!”

    23. I wonder if a couple of you gentlemen could help, you ask. I would like you sir to horse her (wriggling those stiff little nipples across that worsted tweed jacket will make her sore you muse), and you sir to take those ridiculous knickers off and put them where they can hush her whining and wingeing. Then yes she will be getting the stick.
      A dozen roasters with 3' of rattan have our heroine in floods of tears, legs kicking and hair flying as her 'horse' holds her wrists.
      Now Natalie as these two gents have helped deal with your recalcitrance I think the least you can do is thank them properly. Oh, I disagree I absolutely believe you can thank them both at the same time. Now get on with it you little bitch.

    24. If she doesn't like her knickers we'd best be having them off! Quickly now Natalie - take them down girl! Let all the nice people see your bare arse!

      Yes Natalie! I do indeed mean it! Now hurry up! Don't you argue with me trollop - I said knickers DOWN girl and I mean knickers DOWN - right NOW!

      Your arse is going to catch it my girl!

      Now - touch your toes! We'll start you with a round dozen before you do your exercises again!

    25. It's a shame we have no cold shower facility to hand but if someone can throw a couple of buckets of cold water over the hot-arsed little slut that should calm her down. 'Be Quiet miss, hysterical girls are likely to end up in the reformatory'. Now get this message scrubbed up Natalie you fat-arsed cow.

    26. Yes a cold shower after vigorous physical exercise always makes a girl more responsive to the strap across her bottom!

    27. Now Natalie back on the bristle pig and let's get those thighs firmed up. That flabby arse of yours could do with some work as well. I'm going to slip this coin between your cheeks and I want you to hold it in place, woe betide you if you drop it. Now I'm going to take the foot rests away, grip girl, grip. You don't want to end up sitting on the bristles do you...

    28. Very good - now girl let's have you down on your knees...nipples and nose on the floor...back arched nicely... arse nice and a touch of the strap to get you moving...don't you dare lift your nose or your let's see your arse sway! On you go girl!

    29. Would it shock you to learn that upon hearing the jury’s unanimous verdict our miscreant’s impertinent tone instantly transformed to meek contrition? Astonishing as it may seem, the 29-year-old acted not like a young professional woman but like any naughty girl facing the cane. Yes, our sassy little Miss was now all stammers and supplications and sad, doe eyed looks! Her transformation neither surprised the men, who eyes twinkled as she stammered her apology.

      “Oh-Oh, no, puh-puh-please. No, naw-naw-not the cane! I’m so-so-SO sorry! So dreadfully sor-sor-rry? I did-did-didn’t mean to cum-cum-com-plain, Sir! Re-re-ally I didn’t!”

      “Did-did-did or did-did-didn’t” one of the me said, mocking her stammer.

      “Yes…ummm.. I mean na-na-no!” the flustered little bubblehead replied.

      You cannot help but smile. Poor Natalie! She had a horrible stammer as a child, one that she labored mightily to overcome. Seeing her argue in court you’d never know that the articulate young woman mercilessly pounding home her arguments was once too shy to even stammer her name. Alas for Natalie the stammer had returned, robbing her of her ability to defend herself and further emphasizing to all her lack of intelligence, lack of maturity, and, until now, lack of a firm hand to guide her.

      “You didn’t mean to complain? Didn’t mean to backchat?” a man said incredulously.

      Natalie attempted to reply, but couldn’t, her stammer now completely overtaking her as the men circled her like a pack of hungry wolves, firing questions at her from every direction.

      “You didn’t MEAN to sass us?”
      “You didn’t MEAN to disobey?”

      “You meant NOT to accuse us of staring at your camel-toe,” a bald man with a bushy white mustache inquires, “when in fact there is nothing wrong with admiring a girl of your sort in a pair of properly snug knickers?”

      His spot-on-analysis of the absurdity of the little nitwit’s denials was greeted by several “Here, here!” and “Quite so!” Natalie responded by looking down, and noticing unhappily that her camel toe was even MORE pronounced than before, as the knickers rode up. Like any modest maiden the blushing girl quickly attempted to shield her most private parts from the harsh male gaze.

      “Hands on your head, girl!” one of the older shrews barked. “Give the gentlemen a proper look.”

      Reluctantly, Natalie complied. But fate had conspired against her, and as she moved her hands from between her legs her thumb smeared upwards, creating a wet spot that further defined her pussy lips beneath the fabric, and revealing the juicy pool of excitement leaking out of the little trollop’s snatch!

      “Did she wet herself?” one of the men asked.

      “Hardly,” the old man with the walrus mustache said, boldly leaning forward and reaching between Natalie’s legs to take a moisture reading.

      She tried to pull away, but he grabbed her by the pussy, and gave her a good rub, sufficient for a proper gauging of her excitement, and perhaps more so.

      The evidence of wetness on her hand was unmistakable. “The little bitch is in heat!” he snickered. “She’s so exciting to be getting the cane from us, she’s juicing her knickers!”

      The evidence of her arousal was undeniable, but still the men were not satisfied. One after another they reached between her legs to give her a good feel and to make her wet her fingers. Natalie tried to pull away, at least until a sharp slap across the seat of her knickers from the old shop lady and a command to ‘spread your legs’ ended this pathetic little rebellion as well.

      Occasionally a feel would become more than feel, as an inquisitive finger would work it’s way around the wet knickers for an in-depth exploration. Having lost her use of language, Natalie could do little more than whimper and squeal as the men had their fun with her.

    30. Oh I do hope the little bitch is going to be made to come in front of them all. Serve her right...Best thread ever by the way.

    31. Oh I suspect she'll be doing more than whimpering and squealing soon. I'm sure they'll have her moaning and coming - after which - well a good hard tawsing followed by a dozen hard ones with a heavy cane will have her dancing before she's put to work on her knees or on her back. Shane to waste all that juice.

    32. Indeed it would be. The little bitch will be pumping her hips and grasping out her pleas and moans for hours. 'Yes sweetheart, you can take another one, goodness me it's what you're designed for after all...'

    33. Yes dear you can squeeze harder than that! Come on really squeeze tight. Wring it out of me...unless you want another taste of the other rod.

    34. The assortment of men enjoying the feel of Natalie’s soft, wet pussy formed an interesting socio-economic cross section of British society. As this was an apparel store there were several finer gentlemen who were there to purchase tailored suits or ties or such, several of whom rolled up their sleeves before they did the dirty business of diddling Natalie’s sopping wet twat less they stain their shirt cuffs with the little sluts copiously flowing juices. They tended to be more gentle and teasing, and handled her with a note of amusement.

      “Oh, you are a naughty little vixen, aren’t you? Getting all nice and juicy as I rub your quim? Would you like to be my maid, Natalie? You could tend to my bedchambers, and I could thrash you every night I found something in your work that didn’t suit me, or simply for the sheer pleasure of watching that big bottom of yours dance under the strop!”

      There was also a section of the store for working men’s uniform, which meant that poor Natalie was handled quite a bit more roughly by a dockworker wearing coveralls and a janitor wearing a gray uniform and thick cockney accent.

      “I’d like to give that stinky twat of yers a right proper fuckin’, Miss High & Mighty! Puttin’ on airs like yer better than me! I’d stick it right up that freshly whipped bum of yers, and give you a right proper ride!”

      One of her admirers was a slip of a lad, probably about 20, judging from the college jacket he was wearing. He seemed to know Natalie for she addressed him as “Robert” and he addressed her as “Miss”.

      “Please, Robert, don’t,” she whimpered. “Not you. Not you.”

      From the tone of their exchange I imagined there had been some sort of mentor relationship, with Natalie in the power role. Had she been his tutor, or his babysitter, or his boss? From the shy, tentative way the lad approached one had the sense that whatever their prior relationship it had definitely been one where she had held great authority over him, and as such he treated her with the utmost deference and respect.

      He seemed to hesitate, keeping his hands at his side, looking at her with a mix of reverence, fear, and desire. I’m quite certain that he might have simply stood there if his father, who had been standing behind him, hadn’t urged him on.

      “Go ahead, boy. She's not in charge anymore. She's here for a school uniform, remember, and schoolgirls aren't in charge of anything! She reports to you now, so give her snatch feel. Don’t be shy. Time for your first bit of stinky finger. Be a man.”

      It may have been his first time, but once he got his finger in, he certainly attacked his assignment with gusto. He was a bit clumsy at first, but fortunately the female shop clerk was there to guide him through the finer points of female stimulation.

      “No, concentrate on her little button at the top. Oh, yes, judging from the look on the little slut’s face you found it. Now give a little rub. Gentle…teasing. That’s it. She’s trying to hide it but you can tell how your doing from her breathing, and her little pokies! Oh, you’re getting to her now.”

      The teenage shop girl wagged a finger in Natalie’s face. “Be careful, Natalie. Do you see that Gentleman over there? The one with the salt-and-pepper beard? He’s with Reformatory Court. A magistrate. He sends delinquents to reformatory.”

    35. “But…but…but… I’m not a duh..duh..duh-linequent!”

      “I’ll be the judge of that,” the man with the salt-and-pepper beard said harshly. The men laughed at this remarkable display of judicial wit.

      “The reformatory IS usually limited to girls 18 to 25”, the shopkeeper allowed. “But once we get you properly kitted out I’m sure that won’t be a problem.”

      “Indeed it will not,” the stern magistrate agreed.

      “The important thing is not to come on Robert’s hand, Natalie. If you do that, and cream all over this poor lad’s fingers, that will prove to everyone you’re a delinquent, and will earn you a terrible thrashing, and perhaps even time at the reformatory.”

      Natalie looked to me for reprieve. But girlfriend or not, she had gotten herself into this mess, and it would be up to her to get herself out. Not a problem, really, if the little slut could learn to control her urges. I flexed the cane into a full circle, demonstrating it’s murderous flexibility. Young Robert picked up the pace, and Natalie gasped with pleasure as she edged closer to the ultimate humiliation.

      “Look at the little slut, humping that boys fingers!” one blue haired woman snapped, her voice oozing contempt.

      “I’d like to see her humping the leather punishment horse at the reformatory, with her bottom dancing under the whip!” her friend replied.


      “Yes, see how wet and sloppy she is?”

      “I can smell the stink of her, all the way from over here.”

      Despite our threats, or perhaps because of them, Natalie’s eyes closed as she tilted her head back and groaned in pleasure as wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her.

      “Enjoy your ride, Natalie,” the Magistrate said. “For I think you’ll find the ticket price is very steep indeed.”


    36. Yes - let's hear what awaits little Natalie at the Reformatory.

    37. Very much looking forward to it.

    38. There were smiles all around as Natalie shook and shuddered through her orgasm on Robert’s hand, but the critique of her performance was less than complimentary.


      “I’ve never seen such behavior!”



      “Juicing herself on that young man’s hand, like some 50 pence whore!”


      “No, shameful!”

      “What she needs is the whip!”

      “Yes, the whip! In the town square, in the pillory!”

      “Alas, the cane will have to do.”

      One would have thought the threat of the cane and the stream of verbal abuse and invective directed at her would have interfered with Natalie’s self pleasure. One would have been wrong. Perversely, the men’s threats of a “damn good thrashing” across “her bare behind” spurred her on, and even as the first orgasm subsided she continued riding the surprised young man’s teasing fingers.
      “I can’t believe it!”

      “The little slut is going to come again!”

      “Double your pleasure, double your fun!”

      “With double strokes, right on her bum! Ha-ha!”

      As her second orgasms approached, Natalie’s eyes closed and she began to moan in delight. “Oh, please Headmaster. I’m not a schoolgirl! I don’t belong here. I’m sorry I touched myself… down there! Please don’t thrash me! Oh, please, not on the bare!”

      There was much laughter as Natalie crashed through her second orgasm.

      “Take your hand away, boy,” the Magistrate ordered. “We have business to attend to.”

      “Quite,” the matronly shopkeeper agreed. “We’ve seen quite enough of this.”

      This wasn’t exactly true, because judging from the looks on the men’s faces I’m quite sure that many of them would have been happy to let Natalie abuse herself for their amusement all day. However the promise of punishing the girl outstripped the amusement of watching her disgrace herself for their viewing pleasure.”

      “Let’s deal with this little tart now. We can’t have her disgracing herself in the middle of the store all day.”

      “Yes, we’ve waiting long enough.”

      “We have a cane. Let’s use it.”

      The Magistrate stepped forward, and took the cane out of her boyfriend’s hands. Natalie’s mood changed instantly as he tested it’s murderous flexibility.


      “It cuts like a hot knife.”

      “Yes, and her naughty bum’s the butter.”


      “No more than she deserves.”

      “Quite right. It’s time for justice, young lady.”

      The tight smiles on the men’s faces displayed their eagerness to see “justice” done.

      The Magistrate took the lead. “We’ll have those knickers off you girl,” he said, pointing the instrument of correction at Natalie as if she was an accused witch. “Hand them over!”

      “Please, sir, not on the bare! Please let me keep my knickers on” she whined. “Not on the bare. Not in front of everyone.”

      There was much laughter and snickering at Natalie’s pleas for mercy, but the men let the Magistrate respond for the group.

      “You disgraced yourself in front of everyone. You shall be punished in front of everyone. Naughty schoolgirls are always punished on the bare.”

      “But…but I’m not a schoolgirl!”

      “Not a schoolgirl?” the Magistrate said, feigning astonishment. “Those are school knickers, and a school vest you are wearing, are they not?”

      “Yes, Sir.”

      “And this is a school cane?”

      “Yes, sir. I think so.”

      “It is a school cane, a school cane specifically designed for the task of bringing naughty schoolgirls to heel. And we are about to proof your status, with a demonstration of this instruments effectiveness in punishing your disgraceful behavior.”

    39. I for one hope this is a caning that will have Natalie unable to sit down for a week. Shameless little bitch should be up on her toes and howling for mercy. Surely poor Robert should have been offered some 'relief' before the caning started?

    40. The magistrate held out his open hand expectantly. “I’ll have those knickers off you, girl,” he said. “When a girl has been as naughty as you are, she has to take her stripes on the bare!”

      “Please, sir,” the faux schoolgirl whined, undermining her own case with a voice that didn’t sound very adult at all. “Not on the bare! I’m too old for a bare bottom spanking. And it’s so… humiliating.”

      “It seems we have a little lawyer in her midst,” the young shop girl said derisively.

      The Magistrate permitted himself a tight smile. “I do seem to recall a certain young woman, quite full of herself, clomping around the courthouse in her high heels. She looked a BIT like this one,” he said, pointing the cane at his intended victim like she was a thing rather than person, “but much older, and more mature. Perhaps an older sister, or an Aunt? As I recall, the young woman in question was quite arrogant, and much in need of the stick. I couldn’t deal with her, of course. But I can deal with THIS ONE.”

      “But I’m not a school girl!” she says, petulantly pounding her foot. “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not!”

      Everyone laughs at her temper tamper.

      “Yes, definitely, a lawyer,” the shop girl snickers. “Thinks she can lawyer her way out of it.”

      “Let her please her case with her big arse sticking up in the air, and the cane whistling down,” a male onlooker calls out. Several other men murmur their ascent.

      “Knickers. Now.” The Headmaster holds out his hand.

      Looking quite green around the gills the girl complies, trying not to give the laughing men behind her too good a view as she skins her knickers down and hands them over to justice incarnate.

      Blushing, the girl holds her hands over her closely trimmed mound, but the Magistrate will have none of it.

      “Hands on top of your head.”

      She blushes and hesitates, but her rebellion is cut short as the Headmaster SWISHES the cane through the air.

      “Quite a nice WHISTLE to it, don’t you think?” he teases.

      Hearing the wicked whistle, her hands go on her head.

      “Not behind your head, on top of your head, you stupid girl,” he says, scolding her.

      The position allows her appreciative audience their first chance to inspect her charms.

      “Nicely trimmed hedge.”

      “I’d shave her bare.”

      “Nonsense, nothing wrong with a little bit of grass.”

      “Perhaps, but it’s a privilege that needs to be earned.”

      As this proceeds, the Magistrate takes a good whiff of her panties, then passes them around for proper inspection by her jury.

      “They’re soaked!”

      “Randy little strumpet.”

      “She’ll pay for this outrage.”

      “Here, and in the reformatory.”

      The Magistrate has had enough. “Bend over girl, and touch your toes,” he snaps.

      The girl obeys, partially out of fear of the cane, partially to end the humiliating “show”.

      “Legs apart girl,” the Magistrate orders, kicking her legs to shoulder length. “We’ll have no false modesty from the likes of you.”

      The pose leaves the girl hopelessly exposed, as the men snicker and laugh at her wet, exposed beaver. But the girl’s attention is focused entirely on the Headmaster’s cane, tapping lightly against her bottom in preparation for the first stroke.

      Time seems to stop as he raises the cane in the air…

    41. Naughty Natty, it's about time she provided some relief for all the straining trouserware.

  5. Well, I'm into humiliation aspects of punishment so from this selection I'd go for UG22, Whispers 1, UG20 and 13 in that order, with an honourable mention for Supplement 8.
    One I don't like: Janus 46

    1. Agreed. Don’t like seeing smiles at all

    2. No - though they are both delightfully pretty tears would have been so much better.

    3. I actually quite like the two young women, laughing in smug satisfaction at the way the schoolgirl knickers hug their 28-year-old bottoms. Of course when they decide to magnify their merry mirth by seeing if they can pass as schoolgirls in the village, its even more fun, at least until an annoyed shopkeeper calls the truant officer on them, and they are taken to the Academy associated with the uniforms they purchased at the thrift store. The Headmaster is just filling in for the day, and the computer system is down, but he doesn't need a computer to tell him how to deal with truants slacking off from school. The two girls are forced to show their knickers again, to take them down, and they aren't smiling when the Headmaster takes his cane out of the cupboard.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Allan, with you on looking for where there is humiliation. I love it when they are humiliated by their entire predicament

    6. Glad I'm not the only one. Favourite story's here are Striptease ordeal and Serena's Debut. Let me know if you have any shaming favourites.

    7. Great choices. I think there’s an element of shaming in most Blushes stories.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Yes the tears on the cover of Janus 34 are beautiful Marco - in fact it was a marvellous edition. But it's still 57 for me - though 57 is also lovely.

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    11. Janus 70 - she's a pretty girl and that carpet beater certainly makes her cry!

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  6. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 08:18

    Difficult choice but Blushes 8 for me. The institutional setting, the attire, the looks of weary defeated resignation and the fact it was a great edition.

  7. Bob here.
    Hi,Marco.Glad you like my suggestion for future polls.I do think this could be a fun and fascinating idea for all
    of our community to participate in,as and when/if Fleas63 wishes to do so,of course.
    I love the fact that you would regularly purchase your spanking mags
    from that girl in the shop.Like to hope
    that she found the whole business uncomfortable yet stimulating.Must have given her some food for thought,I am sure.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Rudkin.Glad you also like
    my suggestion about occasional polls.
    I would not be remotely surprised if the Asian girl who served you was more than a bit familiar with cp.I have long
    suspected that there are many,many asian and chinese/japanese girls out there who are under strict discipline at home from parents, guardians,partners,etc.
    I certainly hope so,anyway.

  9. Inspector Rudkin31 August 2019 at 08:55

    Hi Bob, I certainly liked to think so. Much easier these days of course but occasionally the Blushes letter pages would feature photos sent in by readers of local girls. Other readers were invited to pen ideas for the girls treatment. I spent hours wondering how to get a photo of said Asian girl and send it in. Imagine the fun you could have now...

    1. Inspector Rudkin, A lot of fun, but the use of an actual photo as inspiration is unlikely to be legal these days. It's a lot safer to let our victims be creations of our imagination.

  10. From this selection it has to be Whispers 1 for me. Possibly the most beautiful of all the girls who graced the pages of Blushes publications and the kneeling on a stool with arms folded behind back pose is one of my all time favourite disciplinary postures. The fact that she is doing so for the close attention of the same chap with whom she appeared in the pictures used with one of my favourite stories (Girl Training 1998) makes it all the more special. That man will always be 'George Canford' for me and that girl lovely Joanna. Just as she is probably my favourite Blushes girl, he is my favourite of their late middle-aged/elderly gentleman disciplinarians, just the type of no nonsense man I like to see in charge of pretty girls. That 'playsuit' she is wearing is quite enchanting also, just sets everything off very nicely before her treatment begins.

  11. God Fleas this is bloody difficult. Is it the top 3?

  12. I vote for Februs 5. Can't go wrong with French maids and Paula Meadows :D

  13. Bob here.
    Nice little spanking vignette,Anonymous
    and Inspector Rudkin.A great assortment
    of images: Nettles,brambles,stockings,etc.
    Not forgetting the cane,of course!

    1. I remember a story in an edition of Janus circa 1986 that featured a submissive belonging to an aristocratic European lesbian - you can see why it caught my attention. Set, perhaps at the end of the 19th century I remember that the girl was thrashed with nettles - across her arse and between her legs if I recall correctly. It was beautifully written, sublimely erotic and deeply moving!

  14. Bob here.
    Bravo,Inspector Rudkin.Really love the
    fact that your girl had to ask the man in the shop all those awkward questions.How wonderful.
    Do you recall any particularly noteworthy replies that she got from that (or any other) shopkeeper ?

  15. Right I've voted my top 3. In no particular order! Wendy acollings works as a dance tutor still now apparently in London somewhere. Not sure where though.

  16. Uniform Girls 2.17 - love the look on the dark haired girl's face.

  17. Bob here.
    Hi,Milady de Larmes.
    The story with the nettles set in the
    19th century sounds great.I love 19th
    century style cp fiction/scenarios etc.
    Janus was always fantastic at that sort of content,which is why personally,I always thought it the very best of the various mags back in the day.

    1. I wish I could remember which edition it was from. I seem to recall it involved some sort of stage show.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Bob here.
    Hi,Milady de Larmes.
    Your mention of a stage show element in the story does sort of ring a bell,as it were,but,like you,I can't recall exactly which issue it was in.
    I think Janus was a superb magazine.The
    girls in it were stunning and the fiction and articles were second to none,in my opinion.All of the old cp mags were great,but Janus somehow always had the edge,I think.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Bob here.
    All this stimulating chat about young
    ladies being sent into shops to buy assorted mags makes me wonder if anyone
    ever sent a girl into the old Janus shop,in full uniform,under order to purchase mags,movies...maybe even implements!
    Janus shop assistant:'may I help you ?'

    Girl:'Yes please,sir.I have been instructed to purchase a rattan cane.
    One with plenty of whip and bite,if you please sir.Can you help me,please ?'

    Janus shop assistant:'With great pleasure,miss.'

    I wonder if this happened much over the years ? Can't help but wonder,eh ?

  22. Yes. As I remember said implement was £7 in the spring of 2000. I sent my young lady in in full uniform and went in behind her incognito as it were. I had her ask the assistant loudly if the cane was an effective way of bringing a naughty girl into line and he loudly repeated the question to the various shoppers, four other gentlemen and one embarrassed looking young lady. Of course a demonstration was called for and my girl, Natalie, was manhandled to the far end of the shop. Once her skirt was flipped up it was suggested by me that the other girl, Karen, should take both her own and Natalie's knickers off and give them to the shop keeper for safe keeping. The five of us gents then did a simple calculation, two girls, five gents, half a dozen strokes each, so fifteen each for our young misses, ouch. That brought some pale faced stuttering I can tell you. When retribution had been duly awarded I encouraged Karen to give Natalie another six stingers , 'its her fault you're in this mess after all. That had our young heroine on her toes and howling. Now to the buying of said instrument, naturally I had given Natalie no money so she had to 'sing for her supper' with two of the other gentlemen so to speak. We as the audience naturally encouraged and commented from the side lines and Karen ended up quite busy as well. If you were down Old Compton Street that day you might have seen two blushing, creamy faced young ladies being led away...Happy days.

  23. Bob here.
    Fantastic anecdote,Inspector Rudkin,and very well told.I could practically see it playing out before me as if I had been one of those lucky observers.
    Bravo, sir! Quite superb!

  24. Thank you Bob, it was quite an afternoon, she was quite a girl.

  25. Bob here.
    Sounds like she was indeed a great girl,your Natalie.Pretty name,too.

  26. Pretty name, a somewhat arrogant young professional lady who benefited from being put firmly 'under the cane' on a regular basis.

  27. Bob here.
    Every single,pretty,arrogant,rude,cheeky,naughty girl in the world should be under the cane,each and every day!
    If only!!!

  28. I agree. Especially those little trollops who swing their hips and wriggle their arrogant bottom cheeks in tight skirts. Walking behind them the thought of laying 3' of sizzling rattan across their plump womanly arses gives me a very warm glow (as I would to them). 'Yes young lady you are getting a dozen, now up on your toes and get those legs well spread...'

    1. My personal preference would be for those strumpets that parade their juicy arses in those skinny fitness leggings - nice and tight in all the right places - over their buttocks and their clams. They would be in for a torrid time of it!

  29. And of course those swinging their hips in tight little bikini bottoms. If you have a compliant girl laying on a good hard caning before she goes down to the pool and then watching the faces of the other guests is a big turn on. Make her lie all day on her belly, don't allow any Sun cream and then put a dozen with the tawse over the top ouch...

    1. I can't approve of not using sun-cream. Personal, tragic experience...

      However I can't see why you wouldn't want to take the opportunity to make sure to work the cream into every inch of her...every nook and cranny...naked of course...get her really squirming...panting and on heat...blushing...and then lay on the cane...good and hard. Then - in the sea with you girl - that'll cool you off!

  30. Bob here.
    Leggings,jeans,shorts,mini or micro skirts (especially tartan or black ones) are all a delight to remove from
    the rump of any naughty,arrogant ,cheeky girl before delivering the sort
    of caning that will leave her in floods
    of tears and with a sore,striped,swollen bottom.
    The cane...servicing the bare bottoms of naughty girls everywhere,since always.

  31. I very much enjoyed all the comments here about buying spanking magazines from embarrassed young shop girls. They had no defence, of course, as they were paid to cater for our lustful desires. I also remember when I was still a student buying a copy of Janus from a well-preserved middle-aged woman who very clearly disapproved of my life choices! If she thought I would have enjoyed taking a thick belt to her bare, matronly rump and not letting up until she was howling with pain she was absolutely right.