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Thursday, 15 August 2019

Letters — Wendymania

Letters in praise of the lovely Wendy East from Janus 47, 48 & 49.
The Most Excited Reader Ever Published
I would like to compliment you on Janus 44. And, in particular, the picture on page 63 — Wendy’s Training. This is the most exciting picture ever published!
Artistically and photographically, it is perfection. A beautiful, mature woman, just about to be thrashed.
Everything in the picture is sublime… The facial expression, with the faint sheen of nervous perspiration. The tense back muscles. The deliciously bare feet. Tousled hair. Totally naked for the occasion. The buttocks perfectly presented for the strap. Whilst Wendy’s hands, gripping the chair, give the impression of one determined to maintain decorum for possibly her first grown-up thrashing. The wrist and ankle straps add a touch of sheer magic.
I don’t want to anticipate Janus 45, and look forward to the true Wendy scenario… but that amazing photograph, heralding delights to come, contains a wealth of story of its own. It’s so strong, I’m compelled to write to you in appreciation. Of all the superb pictures you have ever published, for me it’s the most intriguing I’ve ever seen, and will give pleasure for many years.
It’s the Mood and Atmosphere contained within the frame.
The picture contains tremendous tension. The furniture sets the atmosphere, and Wendy conveys the mood. The peacock chair — it should be the ‘piquant chair’ — is worthy of Wendy. She sets the mood for a very special occasion. This is no hasty smacking! This is a set piece, for whatever reason, with Wendy holding centre stage. Her demeanour is one of cooperation tinged with hesitation. She is going to allow herself to be thrashed… but is uncertain if she will retain her composure. The wrist and ankle straps may help. And they add nicely to the preparation and ceremony. The undressing, completely naked. The explanation about the finer details. The polite request to assume the kneeling position on the chair.
Wendy now holds centre-stage. The star of the piece. Prima donna. About to perform. Sing loud and clear. Her meaty buttocks, proudly presented for the expert attention of the strap-master…
There is nothing more enjoyable than the sight of a beautiful, well-endowed woman offering herself to be made helpless. The nervous anticipation. Hesitancy. Very soon to give way to the reflex shriek of surprise to the first stroke.
Wendy’s body language says it all!
I note that the stool, and the chair, have been handily placed. And a cushion, thoughtfully provided.
This puts in train the prospect that, on a later occasion, Wendy will be invited to receive instruction, in the correct manner, to receive the cane.
It would be nice to behold the tutorial, under the scholarship of the editor of Janus, where Wendy receives a first-class honours degree in the fine art of receiving corporal punishment.
Her thesis on the experience would make fascinating reading, for those of us who are interested in the thoughts and feelings of the person caned.
The Fascination of Corporal Punishment:
Corporal punishment is an erotic and sexual thrill. Also, it is a fascinating subject. I read the letters columns of Janus, always looking for a psychological insight into the fascination of CP.
I particularly enjoy the interview articles in Janus. I want to experience the subjects’ dread and horror of the strokes. And know the stress and emotions of the recipient, both before and during the event. I am fascinated to know the intensity of the fear of the pain. Your models often gloss over this, perhaps being brave after the event. I would like to know how brave they are before, and during, the event.
I would love to know a poised and newly-acquainted woman’s reaction, to the suggestion, and subsequent experience, of six strokes with a thin cane.
The Beauty of Corporal Punishment:
The beauty of corporal punishment, from the onlooker’s point of view, is the reaction to the stroke. The involuntary screams and struggles of the beautiful woman, howling for mercy, at the moment of torment. Let’s face it — that’s the objective. To see a beautiful woman struggle and scream at the moment of the stroke.
My own wife squirms like mad, even at the lightest stroke.
The Psychological Conflict that builds the ‘Tension’:
Also, there is the psychological conflict of instincts on behalf of the lady to be caned. The first instinct is abhorrence, through the loss of dignity (I find they mind this more than the pain), and the seemingly unnatural act. They refuse. In the belief that if they participate, they will be indulging in warped practices, and that could lead… heaven knows where.
However, there is a counter to this reaction. Persuasive argument and insistence. (Helped by gentle initiation.)
This creates a conflict of instincts… To reject or submit. If the argument is persuasive enough, the choice will be submission… albeit reluctant submission. Here, I find, the thought of pain is secondary. I think it helps the lady to submit if you insist strongly.
Often, after the gradual initiation, a simply request for submission is enough: ‘Will you be caned tonight?’
This is usually, almost always, met with resistance and prevarication, but if the circumstances are right, objections and evasions can be overcome, and then the lady, on her acceptance, is presented with a further conflict of instincts, especially as the regimen becomes a little more exact: reluctance, but acceptance.
I imagine even your models have the free choice. To accept strokes. Or not to accept strokes.
Once the Punishment Situation is accepted, the Nerve-wracking Tension begins.
Once the punishment situation has been created, enjoyable nerve-tingling tension, stress of the most enjoyable kind, is created. Nerve-wracking tension for the caner… and for the canee. And this can be heightened, intensified and drawn-out by delay and formality.
I like to ask my wife during that highly-charged period when we are dressing for the evening, to go out to dinner or to the theatre. When she is undressed, but groomed, and elegant, and doing something provocative, like trying on shoes in front of the mirror, I simply say, ‘You look sensational! Will you let me cane you?’ She always makes a face. Uses every kind of excuse and evasion. And usually agrees, in her ‘I suppose so’ voice.
From that moment she dismisses it from her mind for the duration of the evening. Nothing more is mentioned. She does not appear to give it another thought, although I retain a warm glow of anticipation, allowing the thought to dart pleasurably into the mind during the evening.
Nothing is said until we have returned home, and my wife has appeared from the bathroom. When I return from the shower the cane is in place on the dressing table.
It’s not really a cane. It has been adapted from a flexible bamboo fly-swat from our room at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore. The swat has been taken off, leaving a thinnish bamboo, 19½” long including the handle. A nice memento — and effective enough.
My wife admits to being a bit of a screamer, or a big baby, when it comes to pain. So, for obvious reasons, our occasions are limited to when we have the house to ourselves.
We have an unspoken agreement about how much pain she will take. I don’t overstep the mark. And once on the bed, she participates fully. Having said that, tension is created by prolonging the moment. The discussion about the number of strokes. The pleas for moderation. The undressing, usually a matter of slipping off her nightdress, or stepping out of cami-knickers. The request to assume the position…
Up to this point we have trodden the same path. But here ways divide. It’s my job to extract pain. And her prerogative to experience it. This is understood and accepted.
The pleasure inspired by the female bottom can be intense. And never more so than when the full meat of the buttocks is presented for the cane. And the lady is ready to experience the first shock of pain, and scream out in response.
After the first stroke, pause… no need to hurry. Savour the sight of the twisting female bottom. Hear the intake of breath, and the first delicious sounds of the cry for mercy.
A plea, natural enough. A conditioned reflex that by precedent and unspoken agreement is ignored.
After a few moments’ pause to settle the situation down, the caner is ready to carefully extract the next measure of pain from the cheeks of Her Ladyship’s arse.
Oh pleasure! If only the Raffles Hotel could see Her Ladyship squirming on the silk coverlette. Hear her cries. And listen to her strident pleas for mercy — they would be delighted that their souvenir was being put to such good use. I’ve often wondered if there was hidden meaning when the management said they expected them to be taken as mementoes.
Even with a light stroke, the cane jumps nicely in the hand. A heavenly shriek and the violent jerk of the hips testify to the business efficiency of bamboo. The sight of her coping with the stroke, face down on that slippery cover, is worth a million pounds.
The wait, while she steadies herself between strokes, is rapturous. She’s panting, breathing deeply and begging for mercy, at the same time. She’s repeating, ‘No! No! No!’ But we are both entitled to the full measure of the allotted four, six or eight strokes.
Somehow I don’t sympathise with the pain. Not even when it’s over. I comfort her. The proceedings always result in intercourse, and after the intense relief and satisfaction the pain is soon forgotten.
I feel entitled to take full measure from our bedroom contract. It’s an unspoken agreement evolved over several years. So cries and tears are ignored. Pleas for less are ignored. I concentrate on extracting the agreed measure of pain from the cringing, waiting buttocks.
It’s her dutiful task to cooperate helpfully and respond with grace, albeit a rueful grace, to embellish the moment. Fortunately, she trusts me, and doesn’t seem to resent CP or disapprove. It’s a catalyst to our love life.
However, I digress, and return for the moment of the piquant subject of ‘Wendy and the Whip’. To the beautiful Wendy, waiting expectantly on the peacock chair…
Will she cry out in surprise at the first stroke? Will we see her beautiful face contorted at the moment of truth? Will she gasp and writhe as the lash cracks across her beautiful broad buttocks?
Will she scream loudly? Will her arms and legs jerk in reaction? Will the effect of the stroke be transmitted right down to her bare feet, with the tension showing in her toes?
Will the chair shake and rock as she squirms to avoid the lash?… How many strokes will she get?… Will she cry?… Will she beg for mercy?… Will she shout for help?
Will Janus, with its professionalism, realism and authenticity, give us an accurate and detailed account of the proceedings — and Wendy’s performance on the chair?
Will you please give a graphic description of the proceedings with reference to her attitude, demeanour, vocal response and how you rate her as a subject —compared to, say, Antonia du Bois?
How enjoyable corporal punishment is, when it is carried out with a cooperative and willing subject… a beautiful woman who has filled out to a sensual roundness a la Wendy. A person of poise, who has divine proportions, and an experienced bottom. The charming, self-confident, sophisticated lady, under the cane, is a tantalising thought… for possibly a future Janus feature.
CP has many nuances and tastes, but for me, the upper middle-class lady of the ‘dinner party’ circuit, reserved, attractive, self-confident, groomed, poised, articulate, charming, sexy… this type of lady appeals to me above all others as a candidate for corporal chastisement and discipline. Could you please comb your contacts amongst the elite for just such a suitable person, for preference someone inexperienced and unaware of the pleasures of punishment. It would be instructive and exciting if you could give an insight into her reaction when gently introduced to the subject of corporal punishment. (She knows what it is, but thinks it only happens in the confines of the Public School.)
I read a newspaper interview with the wife of an executive of a multinational company who was looking for a flat to lease in London. When viewing one flat, she was shown a two-way mirror, with the comment that it was for seeing girls caned. She was asked if she was interested in the subject, and when she said she was not interested in seeing girls caned, the agent answered, ‘I was rather hoping we could make it worth your while to perform, not watch.’
If you could find a suitably inexperienced lady who could be persuaded, cajoled, gently pressured or otherwise induced to submit to the cane in a Janus photo session, to accompany an interview in your excellent magazine, this would make enjoyable and instructive reading. Impossible, maybe, but this would be the sort of high quality feature that makes Janus stand head and shoulders above the rubbish printed in other magazines.
In the meantime, congratulations on your superb work. Please maintain the high standard of your magazine. It never ceases to amaze me how you find such beautiful models. Your creative attention to detail in the photographs is exemplary. In New York I heard it commented, ‘London leads the world in Flagge’. Another first for Great Britain! May you get the Queen’s award for industry.
Frinton-on-Sea, Essex
We trust Wendy surpassed even your exalted expectations. Comparisons are invidious, but in reply to your question about her attitude, demeanour, vocal response, suitability and willingness as a Janus chastisee, we consider Wendy to be one of the best models of all time. — Ed.

I normally am not a ‘writer’, but more a ‘reader’, but now am urged to write to you to make you a compliment!
I am a reader of Janus, still from the time of Mentor, and have to compliment you on issue 45: this one is the best ever published, still better than your numbers 17 and 20.
I already fell in love with Wendy East with number 39 (especially the picture at the top of page 42), but number 45 beats all my fantasies! I only can say that this is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, in the most desirable situation I can imagine. Is it not possible to issue posters of this lovely, sweet girl: I would be very happy!
Please ask her to do more sessions for you: I am for the first time of my life really in love with a girl, it seems.
Lots of success with Janus and your team, continue your magazine (the best there is), and my love to Wendy.
Heerlen, Holland

More Wendymania
I just had to write again — thanks for publishing my last letter in Janus 39.
Janus 45 — WOW!! — what else can one say? Easily the best issue you have ever produced and even better, in my humble opinion, than the fabled Punishment PT Special of a couple of years ago. If there were Oscars for CP magazines then the team which prepared Wendy’s Training would certainly get a few. Everything was perfect here. The model who played Wendy, besides being absolutely gorgeous, has a look of real submission — not just in her facial expressions but deep in her eyes (the true test, surely). I could go on and on but just to pick out the features which made the story so superb (in the hope that you might repeat them):
(i) The use of ankle and wrist cuffs along with a slave collar was inspired. In many of the photos we have a strong impression of restraint which is all the more powerful for only being hinted at (e.g. page 21 where the text reminds us that ‘slavegirls were commonly whipped in this posture’ and page 28).
(ii) I loved the way in which Wendy was made to take her knickers off and present them to her master. Ten out of ten for having her entirely naked throughout her punishment. I for one get very annoyed when your lovelies are left in bras or T-shirts.
(iii) I have never seen such superb ‘impact shots’ in your magazine as those which appear on pages 22-23 (hand) and 30-31 (strap). The flesh ripples with the force of the blow and we are left in no doubt about its severity.
(iv) The submissive postures Wendy was made to adopt on pages 24-27 added greatly to the atmosphere of the feature. Especially good was the photo of her about to kiss her master’s shoe.
(v) Finally, the photos of her ice-cold shower (pages 34-35) were the ideal climax to the story. More, please!
I only had two, very minor criticisms. In the copy I bought many of the black and white photos came out so dark that it was very hard to see the details. I notice that this often happens in Janus these days — could the Photo Editor improve matters for us? Also, the only photo which showed marks on Wendy’s bottom was that on the left-hand side of page 34 — it would have been marvellous to see a colour close-up of the end product just before she went into the shower!
Now, because I’m determined to enthuse and enthuse, a few words about the Punishment Series — Lies. Full marks (if you’ll pardon the expression) for producing this feature on Kris and Lies de R. There can’t be a reader who wouldn’t like to spend an hour or two working on Lies’ lovely backside. The photos were excellent. The stories by R.T. Mason and Andrew Grantham were up to their usual high standard —superbly illustrated — and Poor Julie was, as always, a total delight.
Even the Readers’ Letters pages (often a very mixed bag) were fascinating. The letter from S.R. of Cambridge unlocked a long secret interest of mine in ‘breast whipping’. I am not an extremist by any means but the beating of a pretty girl’s breasts and back while she is tied up in the way he describes crosses new and very exciting frontiers. Any chance of you illustrating this in future issues, even if only in drawings?
The letter from P.J.B. of Manchester was also innovative — why has the old-time ‘running the gauntlet’ punishment not been used more in CP?? I liked P.J.B.’s scenario but would disagree with him on the choice of canes — surely short straps or whips would more easily curl around a moving girl’s body thus allowing maximum punishment to be inflicted. I would suggest a story in which a pretty 18-year-old is made to walk naked through the long school corridors to the main hall where she is to receive a public birching. All the senior boys are positioned at either side of the corridor each carrying a three-foot leather strap — she will be very well marked long before she lies across the whipping block!
I will finish now — CONGRATULATIONS!!
PS: You must get hundreds of letters about the relative merits and flaws of different issues. Have you ever thought of asking readers to fill in a questionnaire to arrive at the best issue, best story… etc?
Many thanks for your kind comments.
Your idea for a questionnaire is a good one and it’s something we are seriously considering. Letters such as yours are very helpful, but it’s even better to know the preferences of the majority of our readers.
There are a few points in your letter (and others we have received) that require comment. First, however, we must state again that for legal reasons no form of bondage may be depicted in Janus.
You may have noticed that Janus is now being printed on higher quality (and more expensive) paper. This should produce a slightly better standard of reproduction and more consistent quality.
In all the copies of Janus 45 that we have seen, Wendy’s punishment marks are clearly visible in four black and white pictures, apart from those showing the leather strap impacting on her bottom.
The Editor outlined in Janus 47 the legal position with regard to marks reproduced in colour. The position with black and white is not quite the same. It’s not for legal reasons that some photos do not show distinctive marks. It’s our experience that certain skin-types react differently on modern panchromatic film. For example, a very fair-skinned girl not only marks easily, but the marks usually photograph more clearly. (Her skin is normally more sensitive too.) With other skin-types such as latin or even brunette, the marks are not so evident visually and can even become almost invisible to black and white film. They also fade much quicker. To counteract these effects, Janus innovated the ‘impact’ shot. We do know that you appreciate these and it is for you to decide what they prove…
Finally, we often put into practice our readers’ suggestions for photo fantasies. Some ideas are not workable because of budget considerations or difficulty in obtaining very unusual locations. Some suggested storylines are unrealistic or exceed what is legally acceptable. Keep the ideas coming though: they will always be considered. — Photo Editor


  1. One can only identify with and endorse all that effusive Wendymania! Close-ups of her beautiful face, especially when she's in anguish, are intoxicating, and her body is sublime.

    Some interesting editorial comments from Janus, there, about the photography of spanking.

    A reader's issue with some images appearing too dark on the printed page became a particular problem with a run of Janus 're-prints', I seem to remember, where what seemed to be photostat copying saturated of the original magazines suffused the pics in inky darkness: the original editions,meanwhile, became collectors' items.

  2. 'Also, there is the psychological conflict of instincts on behalf of the lady to be caned. The first instinct is abhorrence, through the loss of dignity (I find they mind this more than the pain), and the seemingly unnatural act. They refuse. In the belief that if they participate, they will be indulging in warped practices, and that could lead… heaven knows where.'

    I might have written this myself - so much more thrillingly complex erotic than the more brutalist Blushes approach.

  3. If one was only allowed two words with
    Which to sum up Wendy East,then intoxicating and sublime would certainly fit the bill,Anonymous.
    The Wendymania letters were an interesting read in the above post.
    Material of this kind is always revealing of at least some of the innermost feelings of both the punished and the punisher.

  4. I really love to hope and dream that
    Wendy,Antonia,Nicola and all the other
    stunning girls who once graced the pages of those great old magazines are
    still out there somewhere,sulkily attired in school uniform,and still very much subject to corporal punishment.After all,I am sure we can all agree that a girl is never too old
    to be revisited by the biting,burning,stinging kiss of the cane...or any other implement for that matter.

    1. Indeed so. A delightful idea. Now grown up but still uniformed and regularly under cane and strap. Kept in disciplinary order by their partners - husbands or wives.

    2. I live the idea that somewhere Nicola Redway and Sophie Fennington still attractive in their 50s are still subject to strict, severe and regular discipline in order to keep them in order. I can imagine them being sent to don their school uniforms - which they still fit into quite nicely - weekly at least, to be put through their paces yet again.

  5. After all these days, Janus cannot be surpassed.

    By order of the elite.....indeed! :)

  6. Another thought,bouncing off my notion
    about Wendy,Antonia,etc being in school uniform.Wouldn't it be rather fun (for
    folk like us) if the following took place any day/week/month now:
    A brand new group of four or five girls
    explode onto the pop scene...a sort of
    new version of the spice girls.Let us imagine that this new group,called,for example,"The uniform girls" rapidly of take off and achieve enormous stardom,partly thanks to catchy pop tunes,of course,but also partly because
    of their image/habit of consistently wearing outrageously provocative versions of school uniform.Suddenly,all
    over the country...all over the world,even...every teenager and young woman decides to dress up like their idols.Suddenly,within weeks,it is almost impossible for discerning gentlemen like us to fail to notice that virtually every girl and woman every where we look is wearing one sexy
    version or another of school uniform.
    So far,so good.Now,it turns out that most (perhap even all) of the members of this new group grew up on a diet of
    "50 shades" style fiction,rapidly graduating to stronger and more explicit reading and viewing matter,as
    they continued their journey to explore
    what they describe as "their essentially submissive sexuality through their music, clothes,lifestyle
    choices,etc". Suddenly,all over the world,their adoring fans all want to get in touch with their own submissive
    sexuality in a big way.Suddenly,all over the world,sales of both regular and sexed-up schoolgirl uniforms go through the roof,as do sales of wooden
    rulers,spoons,straps and canes.
    Suddenly,gentlemen,we find to our delight,that near enough every school uniform wearing woman in the land is eyeing up every strict looking gent for his potential as a disciplinarian, for
    his potential to help them explore their new-found submissive qualities.
    Well,gentlemen,what could we do other
    than to help these ladies out ? It would be our duty...and a very,very real pleasure too.And all this would be happening thanks to the success of a pop group.
    Can't wait for them to release their "greatest hits!"

  7. The closest you'll find to that fantasy is probably in Japan where there's a certain amount of schoolgirl chic in fashions for young women, and picked up internationally in anime cosplay.

    I'm possibly in a minority in not fantasising about how the 80s Janus models look today, and in not fantasising about whether they still have to dress up in uniforms for spankings. For me, my uniform fantasies remain concentrated in models in the 18-19 range or their early 20s.

    The great sadness about the passing away of the traditional spanking magazine in print is that we don't have new generations of young models to pore over in quite the same way, as we did with Wendy East and Nicola Redway.

    One useful act of scholarship in this blog might be to index the collection of stories by age of spankee, for stories where age is given in the text, using age range classifications. Those who like tales about the spanking of wives or more mature women might then know where to go. Myself, as a fan of schoolgirl stories in early Roue and Blushes, I'd argue that the first four age classifications in such an index should each be one number only (the four available 'teen' numbers as separate entries) and that, beyond the teenage years, the classifications should be by range, e.g. 20-24, 25-29, 30+.

    I know at which end my own interests lie, and which stories I prefer to go back to.

    1. You are focusing, perhaps, on the thought of how they look now, where I am interested less in thoughts of physical appearance (though I do admit to an eye for the attractive, classy sophisticated, mature female) and more in the idea of a lifetime of servitude, submission and discipline. A girl should not suddenly cease to be subject to her Master's (or Mistress') dominant, punitive, authority because she moves out of her early 20s. Her servitude is a lifetime commitment and if anything should become more humiliating as she matures - when being treated like a disobedient, unruly school-girl becomes ever more uncomfortable for her.

      And yet she still submits...

    2. I would be grateful if one of our number here in this excellent discussion community were certainly collate the teenage girls by year groups. I prefer it when they are 16 (as is the case with Henry Ponsonby’s Daphne & Valerie in Blushes 6 & 7) or 17. Yes, I’m with you on the schoolgirl & teenager brackets & my preferred magazine is Blushes. It’s that age group which get sent to their uncles by concerned mums in summer holidays & who have to be punished & otherwise directed without knickers.

    3. Keep an eye on this part of the thread as I shall attempt over the next day or so to list stories featuring a 16 yr old spankee. I shall include references to fifth formers but not to sixth formers where no specific age is mentioned, as the lower sixth might include 17 yr olds as well as 16 yr olds.

    4. On the 16th birthday is good

  8. Models in their late teens or twenties
    are certainly the best option.Personally, although I find it rather fun to speculate about what might be befalling the bottoms of Wendy
    and company today,for the most part I too prefer to think of them as being girls in their late teens or twenties,because they remain so every time we all look at their photosets anew...frozen in time at the Peak of their sexual glory.
    I agree with you,anonymous,about how the passing of the spanking magazines makes it hard to see evidence of each
    new generation of spankable girls.I guess our one crumb of comfort is that they are out there,for certain.Some women are not into cp/submission/bondage etc...but there are plenty who are.Even now,at this very moment,it is possible...perhaps
    even likely...that there are plenty of
    gorgeous "next generation" Wendy's, and
    Antonia's out there bending over for twelve or more strokes of the.cane.
    I do hope so,anyway.

    1. 'Models in their late teens or twenties
      are certainly the best option'

      Are they? This strikes me as being an entirely subjective pronouncement.

  9. On reflection,I should have written that models in their late teens or twenties are my preferred option.
    Not that I never spare a thought or a
    fantasy about older women sometimes,
    because I do,albeit not quite so much.

    1. Of course - and is an understandable preference - personally I do not differentiate. An attractive woman with her bottom bared for the cane is always a delight regardless of age.

      Their experience and appreciation of discipline and humiliation differ according to their age and are both delicious.

  10. When one looks about one on any given
    day at the abundance of current day,flesh flashing,teenage wenches parading about half naked,I find it so disappointing to reflect that few (if any of them) will ever have felt the scorching kiss of the cane across their
    chubby,girlish bottoms or thighs,alas.
    How different things would have been for these saucy modern misses had they
    been around say 50 or 60 plus years back or more.
    Oh,if only we had a safe and reliable time machine,eh ?
    The sigets we would see...

  11. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 18:50

    Indeed but at least on this blog we can single out, from the large selection of young ladies, one or two to really 'go to town' on. I really enjoy a focus on one story where we collectively get up to 100 posts plus exercising both our imaginations and a young miss at the same time. Have a look at 'Up the Ladder' from 2017 and tell me you wouldn't scorch Julie's backside with 3' of rattan.

  12. All very well said,Inspector Rudkin.
    Thank you for your blog story recommendation "Up the Ladder".
    I shall certainly check out the young lady in this tale.

  13. Having seen the gorgeous Julie in "Up the Ladder",I think it would be hard...
    probably impossible...for any of us to resist visiting such meaty buttocks with a good ,swishy rattan cane.
    She is another superb model.Lots of great shots in this photoset,many of them most imaginative in their composition,I thought.Liked the pictures of her crying.I imagine there may well be a lot more tears shed by Julie once we introduce her to at least
    a dozen strokes from each of our hungry,quivering canes.
    Then her tears will really get going!

    1. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 10:18

      Or how about Elaine in Green Gables 3, love the girl, love the institution. She would be in for a busy summer if she was unlucky enough to fall into my clutches.