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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Letters — Lady Gretchen’s Girlfriend

From Janus 30
Shopper’s Paradise
Eagerly scanning the newsagent mag rack this morning, I found my favourite monthly. Janus 25 blazed like a beacon. There was Lisa, the girl of my dreams.
I almost had an orgasm in the shop imagining this so spankable female squirming frantically across my lap. What I wouldn’t give to have this girl with those wonderful sad eyes as my permanent spanking slave.
How I would love you to send her round to me for a couple of years (hours maybe?)!
Maybe my dream girl will reappear one day getting what she really needs — a spanking from a mature man then a second sound spanking from another who has been standing nearby watching or holding her wrists, followed by a caning or strapping. (This is my favourite fantasy.)
God bless Janus, I’d vote for you anytime.
Ilford, Essex

‘Very Special Dreams’
I was thrilled by the charming account of Lady Gretchen and her protegee Lisa (Janus 25). It was so well written, and it was so convincingly written. One is led to believe how an insecure girl can find moral support and mental security in such a relationship, and find it worthwhile to pay the heavy price that is demanded of her. What I like is the fact that Lisa does not enjoy being spanked, but she does enjoy being compelled to do what she hates, and she finds satisfaction in satisfying Lady G by sacrificing herself. It is the spirit of the martyr, a beautiful sacrifice at the altar of friendship, and it reminds me of the attitude of ‘O’.
We all have our very special dreams, and it is seldom that they are satisfied by those of others. There are things I would have wanted otherwise. I do not like the idea of waiting in the draughty hall, I would prefer the intimacy of the elegant boudoir. An old-fashioned lady like Lady G would not have approved of the unimaginative and dreary briefs, she would have ordered knickers with rubber band, and stockings.
Foreplay and afterplay is important. The girl ought to kneel in front of Lady G’s chair when she receives the serious talk preceding her correction. Then the waiting, one hour lying on the bed with a pillow under her hips.
The most beautiful picture is the one where Lisa kisses the whip, her eyes closed, her face with an expression of devotion. Again I would have preferred this to take place while kneeling. And then kiss Lady G’s hands.
The atmosphere must be friendly, Lady G quiet and not raising her voice. Almost apologetically she will say, ‘I am sorry, but I know what is best for you, and you will feel so much better afterwards.’ And when it is over, it is over, they will embrace and feel happy.
An old-fashioned lady will regret that the days of corsets, tightlacing and wasp waists are past. The small waist was so beautiful, the corset so attractive. Corsets and tightlacing were beneficial for education: good posture, proud walk, sitting properly in a chair instead of ‘floating’, good manners, pride in oneself. Tight-lacing demanded and promoted discipline and self-control. And then there were all the erotic undercurrents: while corsets officially served respectability and morals, we find that all the erotic ‘-isms’ thrived in their wake.
Perhaps Lady G could find her grannie’s old corsets in the attic, and let Lisa wear them. Perhaps she would provide them from modern makers, they are still being made for the stage etc. First only during the visits, later for the whole day. Lisa will find that they give her an ambiguous feeling, half pain, half pleasure. With the permanent embrace of the corset, Lady G will be with her at all times, it will be an ever-present embrace of love but at the same time an ever-present reminder of a will imposed from without. With a long, rigid and tight corset Lisa’s vitality and mobility will be reduced, and it will hurt, but Lisa will ‘bear her agonies without flinching’ as a token of her love. Within six months she will have become a slave of the corset. Can a better example of the submission of a girl to a woman be imagined?
How will the relationship develop? ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’, and I believe that Lady G will use her imagination to introduce new elements in her education. New and more complicated positions of waiting — cf. ‘O’. New and more refined methods of inflicting pain. New places to inflict it. In one of the pictures Lady G is holding the tip of her whip at Lisa’s breasts. What is she suggesting?
Yours respectfully,
No. 4711
Well, ‘4711’, all we can say is that there is no way Lady Gretchen would entertain your suggestions if you refer her as ‘Lady G’. She would be horrified by the nomenclature! And all we can do is tell it, and show it, like it is. — Ed.


  1. 'What I like is the fact that Lisa does not enjoy being spanked, but she does enjoy being compelled to do what she hates, and she finds satisfaction in satisfying Lady G by sacrificing herself. It is the spirit of the martyr, a beautiful sacrifice at the altar of friendship, and it reminds me of the attitude of ‘O’.'

    Exactly this! Exactly this!

    And yes how I applaud the idea of her being enslaved to the bones and tight laces of the corset as an indication of her devotion to her mistress and her acceptance of her imposed homosexuality.

  2. MiLady did you ever convert any of your charges?

    1. That's a very personal question!

      I can only answer that while the idea is the stuff of delicious fantasy I don't actually believe that conversion, one way or the other, is actually possible.

    2. Perfectly reasonable question Michael given your posts tend toward the elliptical MdL. Though we have ascertained you like tears from your charges; but then again, we know what larmes translates as.

    3. Yes, you've identified my personal trigger...

      Though I'm a little bit confused by 'elliptical'?

    4. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 21:07

      I wouldn't describe your posts as being difficult to understand - which is the primary definition of elliptical. All good and clear to me.

    5. I don’t know what you inspect Inspector though clearly not word definitions. Elliptical here is a compliment to MdL’s style and not a criticism. Think of the elliptical orbit of certain planets. Thanks for confirming your penchant for larmes MdL, I also love to see them. They complete the attractiveness of a distressed punished girl. I love the video Reform School Discipline when the second brunette is hit on the backs of the thighs with a very heavy leather strap and the larmes come too. It is delicious to compliment a girl by saying her larmes make her all the prettier and obviously one then continues the punishment to provoke more larmes.

    6. I confess that I still remain a little confused by what you mean by my posts being 'elliptical' - though I understand it's astronomical meaning.

      Yes though, I do love the beauty I'd tears - but that is not exactly why I chose the sobriquet. It is more intended to identify me as the Mistress of tears - the cause - the bringer - the generatrix (sic) of tears.

      I'll confess that I am, perhaps a little unusually - though not entirely so - for my sex, something of a sadist and that whilst I love women - and have loved a small number very greatly, it gives me great pleasure to reduce them to tears.

    7. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 04:21

      Reducing a young lady you desire to helpless blubbering and bawling is a beautiful act in and of itself. The young lady in question is so focused on the raging heat in her rear and the tears rolling down her face that she is almost unaware of her repositioning for your pleasure. So distracted is she that she almost melts into the act of being rolled onto her back, thighs spread, mounted and plugged. Tears also bring the perfect opportunity to sooth and coax and telling her she is a 'good girl' at this stage can be helpful. I have sometimes found having an older woman present to comfort the younger one is both useful and erotic. Never forget however the primary purpose to bring tears and submission..

    8. Yes Inspector, though I come from it at a different angle, I do penetrate as a girl cries. Though, as you know, I see sexual intercourse as unwanted by the girl and as a key part of their punishment, the distress this causes her is clearly enhanced if she cries during it due to the cane strokes, which are resumed after ejaculation.

  3. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 17:22

    But by compelling young lady's to do what they hate...all I can say is that it is a very compelling fantasy to imagine a blubbering, squirmy Hilary Marsden on her back, wriggling her scorched behind on a cooling sheet while an older woman pins her thighs apart. Helpless to resist she bleats appealingly as the strap on slips into her and her tongue is sucked. Unable to believe her own reactions her hips start to pump and her breath coarsens, 'good girl' she hears the older women cooing and then, God no, she can't be...just a thought!

    1. A delightful tableau! Of course girls can be compelled to submit to the things they fear or that repel them.

    2. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 17:43

      And in this tableau Hilary is afraid to acknowledge her feelings. The cane pushes her past the point of no return and let's her persuade herself she was 'forced' into it. The result is she will come to heel in future but only if striped with the cane first. Dressing in her uniform with her 'navy blues' on reinforces her position of subservience. Naughty Hilary, lucky we already had her down for institutional training.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Well indeed - and that is very much my preference. Girls should be taught to respond sensually to the strap, cane and whip. Their legs should part easily and they should surrender willingly despite themselves, despite their distress and humiliation. Indeed it is that distress and humiliation that should inspire their desire for sexual extremes. So Hilary and Bambi and Lisa and Nicola find themselves needing punishment to accept the very things that in their hearts they desire.

    5. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 18:44

      Yes indeed, who is Nicola, did I miss something?

    6. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 18:54

      Off course the little gym slipped strumpet who was not treated anywhere near harshly enough last week, maybe that's why she got forgotten.

    7. Though of course we should also include Wendy East.

    8. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 21:20

      A pretty enough little strumpet although if you want a finer shaped one try Alpine Girls.

  4. Do you have any other photo series "Lisa" has been in? Absolutely gorgeous "girl-next-door"!

    1. Janus revisited this photo-set in editions 144 and 164 with some nice (and higher quality) re-prints, but I haven't seen a different one.

    2. Inspector Rudkin27 August 2019 at 18:34

      Fleas63 many thanks for your fantastic blog. 'Colour coded girls' (UG30), any chance?

    3. Patience Inspector - let’s leave the sequencing to the incomparable resources of Monsieur Fleas

  5. Well,I totally agree with the comments above by '4711' about the photo of Lisa
    Kissing the crop being the best one in the sequence.
    Now if only we could have had a photo or two of Wendy East,Nicola Redway,and
    Antonia Du Bois kissing a few crops and
    canes in their sessions.Such an erotic
    thing to see a girl perform this action,I always think.
    Anyone else enjoy these sort of pictures...Milady ?,Marco ?,Harold,etc ? Love to hear (well,read) your views.

    1. The sight of a girl kissing the innocent that has reduced her to tears is, you are right, very stirring. The submission that it implies is intense and powerful.

  6. Hi Unknown. What I like about our community here is to discover what others like & so see the pictures in new ways, so thanks for asking. I studied the picture for some time and yes, due to the prompting I do like it. So thanks. But that’s probably more to do with her pretty face. I would like to cane her very hard until she cries

  7. Hi Marco.
    Thank you for your response.I fully agree with what you say about our community.It is always fascinating to get different views about all/any cp subject under the sun.
    I also agree that Lisa is indeed very pretty.There is something of the lost and found waif about this girl.A most
    stirring young lady indeed.Photos of her (or any pretty girl) crying,during
    and/or immediately after a good caning
    are always hot,I think.
    I shall head my subsequent posts with
    the nom de plume of 'Bob',so that you
    and others in our community will know
    Which 'unknown' I am,so to speak.
    Thanks again for your feedback,Marco.

  8. 'Bob'here.
    Thanks for your response,Milady.Your
    comment that "The submission it implies
    is intense and powerful",is exactly spot on.Obviously,we all like the impact shots,etc,etc...but sometimes
    these "quieter" photos have a power all of their very own.Some of them really are the epitome of a picture painting a thousand words,as the expression goes.

  9. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 02:58

    Hi Bob, and welcome. Crying is very powerful indicating a breaking down of a barrier between the young lady and her master on her journey to full obedience. It's a poor story but 'Up the ladder' has some nice shots of full fat tears rolling down Julie's face. I fully agree on the 'quieter' photos which often allow the imagination more free rein..

    1. Ageeed Inspector. And I like a girl to be quite able to show restraint when being hit and so remain relatively quiet. I have no time for the yelper and the howler. In Reform School Discipline we get some indication that the tears are coming as the bulky strap punishes the backs of the thighs, but the tears are thankfully not accompanied by melodramatics. The brunette respects the fact we don’t want a dreadful din when the tears flow, they are then just a respectful acknowledgment of the efficacy of the strokes being administered, and as such the tears are a compliment to the wielder of the implement who then rains more blows in, knowing that he is doing it well. In the above video the girl looks so much prettier once she’s strapped to tears.

    2. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 08:15

      If a girl does not show sufficient decorum and disturbs the neighbours when under the cane there are two potential remedies. Either a stout ball gag can be employed or the neighbours are invited round to see as well as hear. Personally I prefer the latter option..

    3. Indeed. I don’t tolerate a hullabaloo. I usually make it clear with an unwanted grope at the breasts and pussy early on, that if a girl can’t accept her punishment as I require, the cane will target other parts of her late teenage female anatomy.

  10. Elliptical is not difficult to understand! If I ask how are you and you say fine then fine is an elliptical response. It means I am fine. But we all understand what it means. Milady I'm interested in finding out about your experiences can you contact me for a chat on kik. Exheadmaster69

    1. Thanks Michael - a good example of usage.

  11. sorry kik id is theHeadmaster2

  12. 'Bob' here.
    If I may respectfully say so,I find the
    thought of you as "the mistress of tears" of any/all young ladies quite
    wonderful,Milady.So glad that you (indeed all of us here,I assume ) enjoy
    the sight of tears cascading down the cheeks of a naughty,pretty girl's face,as do I.
    The next time you cane a pretty girl,it
    would please me enormously if you would
    give her a few extra strokes from "Uncle Bob".Just think of her delicious,tear streaked bafflement as she receives said extras without the faintest idea of what your statement means...but we would know,of course.
    She would be so utterly bewildered,poor
    poppet.Just an idea,Milady.
    May your canes,whips and tawses ever strike true with stinging retribution against the bottoms and thighs of all
    naughty girls.

  13. 'Bob' here.
    Thank you for your welcome,Inspector Rudkin.I did take your advice to look up "Girl up a ladder".Not a great story,I agree,but the girl is gorgeous
    and the photos of her crying are superb,I think.

    1. Bob - see Fleas video post of Wed 5 June 2019 ‘Reform School Discipline 2’ where the second brunette starts crying. We can hear the very strap hit to the backs of her wriggling thighs which prompts the tears. ‘Ow’ she says in a faltering voice & then the cry-baby has a lovely distressed look (a long long way from a smile). Her punisher draws attention to her tears & soon gets back to punishing her bare bottom and legs. I love how his main concern is to reset her hands on her pretty empty little head.

  14. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 10:55

    Yes she's a real little poppet isn't she. A girl like her should be in tears on a daily basis as her backside gets welted with a stingy strap or a swishy cane. Do like the way she's on her back on the table as well, I'm sure the two gents involved gave her the full service. I would also recommend both the Green Gables and St Angela's yarns, both are properly strict and totally unfair on the girls in their charge. Welcome on board Bob..

  15. 'Bob' here.
    Re:keeping a girl's mind focused on all
    aspects of cp.Here is an idea.In addition to her having to write lines as and when requested,how about making
    her write punishment poems,say about at least one or two a week.It should be made clear to the girl that each poem,however long or brief,should acknowledge that cp is beneficial for her;is for her own good,etc.She is not
    allowed to write anything detrimental about any aspect or implement of cp.
    Quite the opposite,in fact.I think (rather like the cane hanging on her bedroom door,or the tawse on her pillow
    each night) that this would be another
    way to keep cp constantly in her thoughts.We,as her master or mistress,would also have the pleasure of grading her poems (and/or essays,perhaps ?) and take further delight in awarding extra punishment for poor work,and perhaps a small treat for good work...if merited.
    Anyone like this idea as an addition to what is demanded of a girl ?

  16. 'Bob'here.
    "Reform School discipline 2" is a great
    little movie,I agree,Marco.
    Thanks once more for your kind welcome,Inspector Rudkin.I am already familiar with the"Green Gables" and "St Angela's" stories,which are indeed strict and unfair,and all the better for it.The final St Angela's episode is
    one of my (many,many) favourites.

  17. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 11:48

    Hi Bob, love the punishment poem idea. There is a great Roue story on here where the girl has to recite her poem whilst under the cane, other thoughts maybe to get the girl to do public recitations after discipline (tears rolling down her pretty face) or display her efforts publicly - in a newsagents window for example. The overall intent, as you say, should be to make her feel oppressed by the thought or reality of discipline 24/7. St Angela's is indeed a wonderful institution..

    1. The story you refer to is one of my favourites - The Tutor from Roue 5, posted in Jan-17. Great story including the poem recital and some lovely drawings too.

    2. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 07:30

      I agree Fleas63 and thanks again for your work. The drawings are very evocative and Sarah's tight little navy blues and stance are very redolent of my favourite Hilary Marsden in Visit from an Inspector (UG45). I am disappointed that we can see what appears to be a bra strap in the drawing of Sarah over her Tutor's knee however. Young lady's of Sarah's age do not require this sort of restriction being quite firm and pert enough in this area, her bras should have been removed on her 17th birthday. This also makes it easier for the Tutor to control any undue wriggling by simply taking a firm grip...

    3. Agreed Fleas63 - it’s a great story in Roue 5: lots of emphasis on navy schoolgirl knickers and how they need to come down, lots of thigh & leg punishment with its particular sting, and lots of inevitable cry-baby tears too.

    4. And a good age to get them underway - 16, 17

    5. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 09:50

      18th birthday for me. Part of the 'coming of age' party should involve a return to full uniform ( including navy blues) to be worn at all times through to the girl's 21st. A removal of any unnecessary frippery especially, bras, adult clothes, phones etc. As part of the celebrations the girls new state nominated Guardians should attend - no more than three we don't want to tire our young heroine out - and introduce her in no uncertain terms to both the cane and other areas she will expect to attain a high degree of proficiency in..

  18. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 12:17

    Incidentally Bob are you treating St Angela's Stands Firm as the last one. If so, whilst I love the reference to applying the cane to young lady's for no reason whatsoever, I prefer those featuring Rosie Bottomley. Now there a put-upon young miss.

    1. The idea of an Institution where put-upon young women are subject to regular, frequent and as you say, unfair harsh discipline whilst finding themselves subject to the wide-scale predations of teachers of both sexes is...stimulating.

      There are surely tears and seductions aplenty as they are educated quite thoroughly.

    2. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 15:50

      Stimulating and wide ranging and with very few - if any - places for our young lady's to hide. From study to classroom, from gym to swimming pool, from detention to visits to the Matron the walls would ring with the howls, bawls and tears of young lady's on the receiving end of cane, strap or hand before being dragged off to a tutors private quarters for 'after care'.

    3. I increasingly identify with your posts MdL. Predations is a good approach. Unfair is an excellent word to describe how punishment should feel to the girl being predated upon.
      There is a lovely tantrum scene in The Detention Room video on this blog. The blonde lashes out by pushing the caning stool around after a bare bottom reddening. We can tell she thinks her whole predicament is unfair and her anger makes her pretty, embarrassed face all the more attractive. I would have slapped that face to punish her recalcitrance and then upended her over the stool for punishment intercourse from behind, to deliberately add insult to injury

    4. There we differ I'm afraid - I doubt believe in 'punishment' intercourse.

      Sexual congress should be an act of submission and surrender for a girl - it should be a case that she comes to understand that it is the consequence of her acceptance of her role. Yes it should follow discipline - and itself should be part of the coercive experience and it should indicate acceptance of my right to punish and then ravish her - but it is separate to the punishment for me.

      But it perhaps all comes down to flavours...

    5. Indeed. I have come to see in these pages, that there are different approaches and nuances. Punishment or part of the coercive experience.
      It would be good to read more of how you go about predation, unfair discipline and to expand on what you call triggers. For me a whole range of triggers encourage me to punish more - especially a girl’s expressions, which provoke my hostility - looking innocent, gullible, lost, expectant, deferential, nervous, worried, anxious, defiant, pouting, supplicating, petulant, infringed upon, angry, lost, resigned, defeated and tearful: all and many more trigger a desire to order a girl about, criticise, belittle and put her through the whole gamut of being dealt with. Suitable from 16 years+


    6. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 09:16

      I'm very much in your camp on this one Milady. A young lady should be taught to accept that she is under discipline. This will cover a wide range of areas as well as being put under the cane itself. Dress, deportment, general behaviour and who she associates with are the main examples. She should be taught to become responsive through being disciplined - though this may confuse, embarrass and upset her - and learn that there is only one proper ending to a disciplinary session, on her back giving and receiving pleasure. That is not to say that tears are not important, they are...

    7. Quite. Discipline should not be easy for a trollop. In fact it should be very, very hard, with regular and frequent, severe punishment sessions - though I don't like the word 'punishment' because that implies that one might only discipline a girl when she transgresses, when, of course, they should be subject to disciplinary schooling at any time - and in any place - regardless of their behaviour. As I said - unfair, arbitrary and cruel but they have to learn that they have no control over their lives and that they are entirely subject to their domme's wishes, whims and desires. In learning to accept this - that her life will be defined by continuing, unending, painful, tear-inducing discipline - she will come to true submission, spreading her legs and performing sexually on command.

      Personally I think one should begin with having her strip before you spank her for the first time so that she begins to understand that nudity is something you can command and that she cannot avoid. She should quickly learn that choosing her clothes should not be seen as a right. Once her bottom is warmed she should be given a lengthy spell of corner time before you put her to bed. I'd then recommend waking her twice in the night for further spankings. In the morning - after a further spanking - she may be permitted to return to her normal life - though she must be compelled to do so in a way that focuses her mind on her new status. Obviously the easiest method is to insist she does so without underwear. I personally prefer to send her out in a semi-seethrough top without a bra - it's more 'up-front' one might say - though tying a girl's hair up in pony tails is good if she's a little more mature or has an expensive coiffure. I would also insist that she calls me at lunch time to discuss her morning - how she feels, whether she has felt aroused at any point, whether she has been thinking of you or has found her eye wandering. I would use this opportunity to inform her where and when you want her that evening, how you want her dressed and to explain that not only will she be spanked tonight but that you intend to paddle or strap her. Again my preference is that she should be at yours at a specific time and she should immediately strip for inspection.

      Once spanked and strapped I would have her on her back, legs open and masturbate her to orgasm. I would then spank her again.

      Later that night I would make love to her with a medium sized dildo - no bigger than six inches - ensuring that she orgasms again.

      The following morning she should be spanked again before she proceeds with her day under the same restrictions. Additionally I would send her shopping for a new vibrator and for a short, pleated grey skirt, white blouse, plain white knickers and bra, knee high socks and flat black shoes - enough to resemble a school uniform without it actually being so - that is for later.

      That night she should be introduced to the cane - 4-6 strokes depending on how much you think she can take at that point; after which she should be made to masturbate using the new vibrator under your supervision. I would then ask get how it felt - and explain that she will only be permitted to masturbate under supervision in future. Any breaches of this rule will result in the harshest punishment - and this *will* be punishment.

      The following day she should be dressed in her new clothes - again hair tied up in bunches - after her morning spanking.

      The following night I'd cane her again - harder with 6-8 strokes making her count them and thank me for each. After which I would enjoy her mouth. If she fails to get me off I would strap her before putting her to bed - again spanking her twice during the night and again in the morning. If she succeeds I would make love to her again with a larger dildo before sending her to bed.

    8. Again she should wear her ersatz school uniform the next day which should feature extensively in your lunchtime conversation, along with discussion of how she feels about the night before - either way - especially if she is new to cunnilingus. At this point I would explain to her ersatz uniform is merely to prepare her for the proper, recognisable, school uniform that awaits her.

      That night I would take her out for the evening - a short skirt, skimpy top and no knickers the order of the day. I would make out with her and fondle her overtly.

      After which she should be spanked before she masturbates and again I would then enjoy her mouth - with the same consequences. She'll soon start to learn that success in pleasuring me will result in a less painful posterior...unfortunately she will discover shortly that this lesson is a false one - but she needs to begin to keen how unfair her life is.

      Over the next few weeks harsher discipline, larger dildos, anal sex, public humiliation and punishment and a move to full uniform including 'navy blues' (or greens, browns, reds) for day-wear will all be used to ensure her humiliation, compliance and submission.

    9. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 12:58

      This is textbook Milady. I hope the young lady is told to ask your permission before she comes? I like the number of orgasms suggested which should serve to keep her compliant - tell me have you ever used a feather, that can be very maddening.
      On your excellent proposals on attire I find full school uniform the most effective form of keeping a girl in her place and have occassionally made her carry my strap or cane in her hand whilst out. Surprisingly most people don't notice but one or two ribald remarks are enough to bring on the blushes.
      Two excellent posts, many thanks.

    10. A good ideas to make her carry an instrument of punition with her - I like it. And I agree entirely that full school uniform is the way to keep a girl - especially more mature ones - in their place. I find it really brings home to them the reality of their status and immerses them in the humiliating reality of what they are.

      I've never used a feather but I have a friend who likes to use one - it bears thinking about - a squirmy, wriggling girl spanked for fidgeting as she squirms does sound delicious.

      "Stand still girl! You'll get a dozen with the cane if you can't keep still!"

      After a while I like to collar a girl. At that point I would usually take her out dressed to the nines - in a long, sleek, gown with the sexiest lingerie we can find. The gown hopefully leaves little to the imagination - it should certainly be slashed up one thigh to show her stocking top and suspender. Her collar should be plain black leather with a ring for a leash - quite basic and in contrast to her dress so it can't be mistaken for jewellery and its purpose is obvious. I make sure that my hand is on her bottom or on her neck at all times and we'll finish the evening with her bent over for a spanking in the ladies toilet so that everyone knows what's happening to her as we leave.

      The next day she should be back in uniform. Though a gym kit - white vest, navy blues and plimsoles should have been introduced by now - especially for her weekly cross-country runs. Mid easy through which - she should expect a strapping and at the end after a cold shower she should be strapped again.

      I like it to be obvious that her colleagues or class-mates are fully aware of her new status so I would insist that she keeps a tawse on her desk and explains honestly what it means when asked. After a while they will come to recognise the changes in her and also be able to identify from her body language when she has been especially severely disciplined. A few 'catch it last night did you?' or 'was it the cane or the strap last night?' or 'no knickers day eh?' questions will produce a few blushes.

    11. Interested of course in your punishment for a girl caught masturbating MdL. I deplore this in a girl & is a key reason why I put them off sexual activity through repeated unwanted intercourse. And so the issue never arises.

    12. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 15:26

      A very good post Milady. The last paragraph really resonates. 'Catch a few last night did you' should inevitably followed by 'let's have a look/feel'. Cornertime is also very effective in getting the message home. On the subject of a collar adding a leash can be effective as can using it to fasten a girl up in public (outside a shop or to a bar in the restaurant for example.

    13. What were wish to achieve with a girl are two quite separate things Marco. I don't want to put her off sex at all. I want her desperate for it. I want her desperate to masturbate but keenly aware that to do so unsupervised will rezult in painful discipline - and so she is willing to humiliate herself by pleasuring herself before me, talking me through it. Further I want her to learn to associate a thrashing with sex and sexual pleasure so that despite the pain and humiliation she becomes aroused, responsive and willing to do anything when disciplined. Her confusion and embarrassment at how she feels - at how her lustful appetite flares - despite her anguish, shame and distress are essential elements in her submission.

    14. I prefer a more intimate form of control than a leash, Inspector; a fondling hand permanently on her bottom or on her neck controlling, guiding her whilst keeping her head bowed and her eyes down as I indicated above.

    15. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 18:59

      No idea why anyone would want to put a young lady off sex. The most perfect form of control is to have her submit to discipline and then absolutely wring the orgasms out of her as she squirms and wriggles her hips under you. The most sublime moment is when she passes out from orgasm overload. What, by the way, is 'unwanted intercourse'?
      Your views Marco are a long way from mine.

    16. Yes, me and my friend Harold Framley are in a minority here with our traditional views. I would like to watch you dealing with your girls the way you do. (Glad you find something in Blushes to your taste, as I’ve grown my collection over 30 years & never given a single thought to the girls in the photos deriving any pleasure). As for mine, the last two of the summer holidays are at the end of the first week of their two week stays. Their mums send them because they’ve been naughty. Invariably the mums complain their petty teenage daughters are being distracted by boys. The mums know I can discipline them and put them off sexual intercourse by a mix of bare-bottom caning and penetration by a much older man which is unwanted by the girls.

    17. Inspector please stop agreeing with the inventive MdL as you are sounding oleaginous & a little lovesick

    18. I'm interested to hear that you think such a preference is old fashioned. I would have thought an aversion to sexual pleasure a very modern thing. But I suspect you are in less of a minority than you think.

    19. re: the scene referred to in The Detention Room. My take on that scene is that it was the 'actress' kicking off rather than the character. A bit of real life upset intruding into the 'performance', though enjoyable all the same. If it was the character behaving in that way I think she'd have been a lot more harshly dealt with for such insolence. As it is, if my memory serves me right, the girl is never caned again or even spanked again from that point onwards.

      As for 'punishment intercourse' - I think that sometimes one needs to have respect for genre and that just wouldn't fit into the schoolroom sort of scenario.

    20. Oh I think such intercourse would be the exact remedy for the insolence you refer to. One finds it brings them to their senses. The kind of behaviour you outline is a clear provocation and the response should be very personal and intimate without the approval of the girl. It combines very well with bare bottom caning. Forget genre, it’s about what works for a girl’s discipline in the here and now. MdL, by minority, I think what is meant is that many in the modern world disapprove of such forcible measures

    21. No, I'm sorry, but that just doesn't work for me within the context of a 'schoolgirl spanking video'. Maybe in some other context but not that one.

  19. Bob here.
    What should we call this new institution of harsh discipline ?
    How about simply "The young ladies institute for guidance and reformation",perhaps ? Oh...and what guidance and reforming there would be
    thanks to canes,straps,birches and what
    perhaps we could term sexual subservience training.

  20. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Rudkin.Yes,"St Angela's stands firm" was the story I meant.
    I agree that Rosie Bottomless was indeed put upon...not that we would have expected any thing less,eh ?
    Naughty girl meets rattan cane.There can only ever be one winner;and it isn't Rosie...nor any other young lady,for that matter.

  21. Bob here.
    There will indeed be plenty of hot tears and hot seductions at the sort of institution we are all dreaming of,I am sure.And there should indeed be no place for them to hide,as suggested by
    Inspector Rudkin.The poor,pretty will they ever cope with
    such vast quantities of punishment and
    penetration ? It may prove tough indeed for them,but then that is indeed the whole point,eh ?

  22. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 18:02

    Yes Rosie had a very educational time especially with Mr Evans who made sure she was thoroughly put through her paces in every way. I do think threatening her with Borstal to keep her quiet after he had her was very amusing and I can think of a number of young ladies who would benefit from similar treatment. I think there is merit in giving our institution a rather vanilla name ( a la St Angela's- don't want to scare the Mum's away) but making the true purpose clear in the small print. 'Young lady pupils- despite being over the age of 18 - will be put under the cane or strap for any breaches of the rules either real or considered'. That's right they'll be caned for thinking about breaking the rules (or indeed simply for having a pert, round, caneable backside.

    1. Inspector Rudkin28 August 2019 at 18:04

      Suggest Matron has plenty of 'precautions' to hand and our young misses are put straight on a course of tablets on arrival.

    2. I trust you don’t refer to contraception? Unprotected copulation keeps a girl on her toes

    3. 'don't want to scare the Mum's away'

      No indeed. I am very keen that they become active members of the school community - very keen indeed - in order for then to be brought to understand that the misdeeds of the daughter are the responsibility of the mother and fall upon her - upon her bottom - quite as much as upon the young miscreant herself.

      In such cases the mother will be required to attend for discipline and if it is thought that she is insufficiently remorseful or chastened, or that the daughter's behaviour is not mended, she will be required to enrol in a Maternal Correction Class. A hard spell back in uniform and under the strap and cane will be just the thing - even if it takes all year.

    4. With the daughters forced to watch as their mothers are punished on their behalf knowing that their own punishment is incomplete and will continue, separately, later.

  23. Bob here.
    A nice,new borstal system for all 18 +
    naughty girls.What a wonderful notion,indeed.Nothing for the little darlings to look forward to but frequent, harsh discipline.
    I take your point about keeping the title of our little institution more vanilla.My "inner victorian" gentleman
    led me to get a little bit "O.T.T " in my title suggestion,,I fear. Ha ha!

  24. Bob here.
    Just had a re-read of "The Tutor".I agree,it is a great story with some lovely artwork.
    "Bottoms up is the golden rule. ."
    Well,quite so.
    Great stuff!

    1. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 07:35

      Very true Bob, see my comments to Fleas63 above. Incidentally I do hope there was an Aunty to help persuade and cajole Sarah down the path to its logical conclusion. I imagine Sarah kneeling up on her single bed in Uncles house, bottom wriggling from a heartily applied dose of the strap with Aunty holding her hips and whisperingly telling her to be a good girl for her Uncle...

  25. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Rudkin.
    I always prefer it a bit more,when aunties or uncles are involved,if they are both of one,United mind,regarding
    cp.That way the girl has no chance to play one off against the other;so yes,I too hope there is a strict aunt waiting
    to roast Sarah's naughty little rump.
    Telling a spankee "to be a good girl",or indeed,when she tearfully cries out"I promise to be a good girl".
    ..once again,this is another one of those classic cp session phrases that must surely add to the excitement of any disciplinarian when dealing with his (or her) charge.
    Certainly,if she has not been a good girl before,she will soon be begging to be,once the cane or strap has imparted
    it's kiss of burning,pulsing fire to her backside for the.first dozen strokes or so.

  26. Bob here.
    May I congratulate you on the excellence and unfairness of things
    for your young ladies,as detailed in your posts above,Milady.

  27. Bob here.
    Hi,Inspector Rudkin.
    Really love the notion of a naughty girl parading about in full school uniform,whilst clutching a cane.
    How humiliatingly embarrassing for her,and intoxicatingly exciting for her
    master or mistress.
    'Yes,you are being a very good girl,my dear.Very good indeed.And when I get you home,I shall express my approval of your behaviour with six of the very best,all delivered with the aid of the
    very same cane you are holding right now.Won't that be nice,eh ?'

  28. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 13:47

    Thanks Bob. It's also good fun to take the young lady to a saddlers shop in her uniform and get her to select straps of various lengths and thicknesses. She should then ask the shop assistant to add her initials:onto the straps whilst explaining that said straps are intended for her backside. I've often found you can get a healthy discount at the young lady's expense if you offer the assistant first go as it were!

  29. Bob here.
    I don't know about you,Inspector Rudkin (and all others in our community) but
    the very smell of leather..even from an innocent armchair or sofa..automatically makes me think of belts and tawses,which in turn makes me think of bare,female bottoms,which...well,you get the idea.
    By the way,I assume our assorted lovelies will soon be feeling rather.saddle sore ?