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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Letters — A Healthy Obsession with Nicola Redway

From Janus 27
A Healthy Obsession with Nicola Redway
I absolutely adore schoolgirl Nicola Redway in Janus 23 and cannot stop thinking about her. Here is an idea for a video that I would like to see, and I’m sure that you could make it.
Scene 1. Girls doing prep. A fag arrives with a note and gives it to the prefect in charge. She reads the note and calls out ‘Nicola Redway — go and see the House Master!’ Close-up of Nicola’s anguished face. Priscilla Waters giggles.
Scene 2. The House Master in his study is testing canes between his hands. A knock at the door and Nicola enters. ‘I really don’t understand you, Nicola,’ he says. ‘Do you realise how many times I have had to beat you this term already?’ The Master regards the Punishment Book. ‘The first time was for being late out of bed — do you remember that, Nicola?’
Scene 3. Nicola in dormitory bed asleep. Master walks in and sees her and shakes her. All the other girls are already at breakfast. ‘I am going to give you a good spanking for this, get up immediately!’ Nicola gets out of bed wearing a short nightie and stands up. ‘I’m sorry, sir,’ she says, ‘I’m terribly sorry, sir.’ She stands there cutely waiting for instructions.
‘We’ll start when you’re dressed,’ replies the Master. Nicola has to strip off her nightie and put on her school uniform as we watch. White socks, shirt, tie, nice little white pants and pleated skirt. The Master sits down on the bed. ‘Come on, over my knee,’ he says having picked up a big slipper. Nicola has to lift her skirt up and drape herself over the Master’s knee for a good whacking.
After a dozen strokes Nicola begins to squirm and sigh, and the Master reprimands her and pulls down her pants, and beats her hard until she can take no more.
Scene 4. Back in the study, the Master flexing a cane says, ‘I am going to cane you really hard tonight Nicola because you haven’t learned your lesson. Do you remember the second time?’
Scene 5. Classroom scene. Nicola is making a paper dart as the Master is writing on the blackboard. She throws it and it circles round and lands on the Master’s desk just as he turns round. Nicola is bursting with giggles behind her hands. ‘Who threw that?’ No-one moves but Nicola’s giggles are heard in the silence. ‘Nicola Redway, come out here! You’ll see how we deal with jokers during lessons.’ Nicola has to walk to the front of the class. The Master in cap and gown rummages in the drawer of his desk and produces a wicked-looking tawse. ‘Right girls, you are going to see what discipline means.’ He approaches a girl in the front row. ‘Excuse me dear,’ he says smarmily to her, ‘we need your desk for our next demonstration.’ The girl vacates it and the Master pulls it forwards out of line. ‘Now Nicola, your classmates are going to see what is what. Stand in front of that desk. Pull up your skirt and bend forward.’ Nicola bends over the desk with her bottom well presented. The Master peels down her pants and lays on six of the best with the tawse. Nicola gasps (close-up of face) with the first three strokes and is kicking her legs by the sixth. She stands up rubbing her bottom. ‘Who told you to move?’ booms the Master, and she has to bend over again and flip up her skirt for two more real crackers.
Scene 6. Back in the study. ‘You remember all this, don’t you Nicola?’
‘Yes, sir.’
‘Well, you’re going to remember our session tonight too, and for longer than you think. I am going to beat you with a cane over the back of that chair, and as your memory seems to be rather short, it is going to be harder than anything that you have yet experienced. Turn the chair round and select a cane and while you’re doing it tell me about the third time I had to beat you this term.’
Nicola takes up the story as she prepares the leather armchair and fumbles through a bunch of canes.
Scene 7. Fade from above into a tennis match. Nicola disputes a line call, throws her racquet on the ground and swears at the umpire. Close-up of Master pointing to the pavilion with anger on his face.
Scene 8. Master marching Nicola up the stairs of the pavilion holding her by the ear and remonstrating with her. They arrive in a large room with gym equipment in it. ‘I am going to beat hell out of you for that performance, Nicola Redway!’ shouts the Master. ‘Get over that box with your pants down immediately.’ Nicola is dressed in the most perfect schoolgirl tennis kit with a little white skirt, short white socks and gym shoes. She does not see what box she is meant to bend over and tries to bend over one which is far too high. ‘Not that one!’ shouts the Master. ‘The other one!’ He is storming around trying to find a cane to beat her with. She tries another horse and in a pantomime way straddles herself over it, lifts up her skirt and holds tight on to the legs gritting her teeth. ‘Not that one, you fool!’ shouts the Master. She gets up and looks for a horse to bend over, as the Master continues to search for something to beat her with. This is a comic interlude. The Master then finds a skipping rope, Nicola sees it and freezes. ‘Right,’ he says and pushes her to a box-horse, ‘Get over that.’ Nicola tries in several ways and we see lots of flashes of her legs and pants as she positions herself without success. ‘Well if you can’t manage that, you’re going over the table,’ says the Master and makes her kneel on a bench with her body stretched over the table. She has to lift up her skirt and the Master starts flipping the skipping rope back and forth over her buttocks. Nicola is getting slowly warmed up, the Master is ticking her off sarcastically. The strokes get harder and harder…
Scene 9. Fade back to the study with Nicola, now back in school uniform, forlornly testing canes. The Master takes the cane out of her hands and swishes it through the air, and rejects it. He selects one for himself. ‘This one should do for your pert backside,’ he says, ‘and I’m going to teach you never to come back for another beating. This, I hope, will be the last one that I shall have to give you. You have understood nothing up to now, so this time I am going to punish you in the way that you deserve. You have shown me, Nicola, that it is not necessarily the beating that you fear. This time we shall add a bit of sauce to the dish.’ And pointing at Nicola who is standing to attention in front of him, he says, tapping the cane on her shoulder, ‘Take off your blazer.’ She obeys. ‘Bend over the chair and lift up your skirt.’ She obeys and he delivers a hard cut across her buttocks. Stand up! Now take off your shoes’… and so it continues until Nicola is naked (apart possibly from her little white socks). In any case she is thoroughly thrashed and crying by the end of it.
She dresses and the Master sits down at his desk. ‘Thank you, sir,’ Nicola says, standing to attention again in front of him, a tear or two on her cheeks.
‘You may go,’ answers the Master, and then pensively looking down the list in the Punishment Book adds, ‘Send me Priscilla Waters.’
Scene 10. Nicola returns to prep and reports to the Prefect. Nicola regains her place, squirming as her bottom touches the old school bench. She giggles with Priscilla Waters even though tears are still on her cheeks. And then the Prefect’s voice cuts into the scene: ‘Priscilla Waters — go and see the House Master.’ Priscilla’s face falls, and we leave Nicola giggling.
Nicola Redway is a superb model. Please have her back, and as I have requested before, make sure that she gets a very hard caning in the next photographic session. Please also give her a nice little pair of pants to wear — ones that would grace her juicy backside. Lay into her really hard, but let her come up giggling at the end. That way she’ll be up for punishment again in a later edition.
I am sure that the above video would be an enormous success. Be it Nicola, or be it Michelle, or another top actress of yours. I have every confidence in your stage management. The prettier the girl, the harder she needs to be caned. Keep up your superb artistry. Yours with sincere appreciation.
Thank you for your suggestions, which have gone into our video production department’s Lucky Dip box. We are always interested in discovering what fantasies our photo features engender, but in this particular case we have a good mind to summon Nicola Redway for an off-the-record caning just to make sure she doesn’t get too big-headed after reading this letter. It’s called maintaining editorial balance. — Ed.


  1. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 06:08

    Nowhere near hard enough on this young lady, not by half..where are the real tears, the hip wriggling pleas for mercy, the offering of certain 'services' to reduce the punishment. If I would have had charge of her when she giggles with Priscilla in the final scene they would both have been over their desks bawling and howling with a broad leather strap being applied to their rears.
    Pathetic effort J.A.S..
    By the way I do like Photo 2, I assume she's kneeling down between her teachers legs?

  2. "The prettier the girl,the harder they need to be caned".Well,at least J A.S was right about that.
    And you are quite right,Inspector Rudkin, she was not dealt with harshly
    enough...the giggling alone is all the
    proof we need,sir.
    Nicola! How dare you giggle like that!
    I shall attempt to demonstrate to you
    how very much I disapprove of such behaviour.First of all,hold out your hands for six strokes of the heavy tawse on your palms.Then go to the blackboard and write out "Girls that giggle earn bottoms that sizzle" 100 times,in your best,neat handwriting.
    And if it is not neat enough girl,then
    you can repeat the lines,after another
    half a dozen strokes of the tawse across your hands.SO, you had better put some effort into making your work neat and legible,young lady.
    You will then receive twenty-four links
    of my Lochgelly across your bare arse and thighs.You will then strip naked apart from your white socks,and complete ten laps of the school hockey pitch,before reporting back here for 36
    strokes of my best duty rod across your
    bottom and thighs.
    Then we shall review the situation.
    Do feel free to giggle,Nicola...if you

  3. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 07:25

    I hope the boys will watch her laps around the pitch?

  4. I completely agree - I'm not interested in this sort of thing - though both girls are undeniably lovely. I'd much rather see them worked hard - the above suggestions certainly lay out a suitably delightful afternoon for the stunning Miss Redway - genuinely hard work and harsh punishments.

    Her later, final, appearance in Janus was certainly more what I like to see - a good stiff cane whipping down into her spectacular bottom, genuine distress in her face and a deep impression of submission. Glorious! I do not believe there was ever a better! But it should have been the start of her ordeals - which should have got progressively more severe from there with her being reduced from her glamorous, sophisticated appearance to a naughty schoolgirl and her arse suffering more and more with every iteration.

  5. Not only will the boys be watching,they
    will,in fact,line the sides of the field.Each one of them armed with a single switch of birch and told to "encourage" Nicola in her endeavours as
    she passes by them in whatever way they
    think best.I feel quite confident that the boys will not be lacking in exercising either their imaginations or their efforts.Oh,by the way,this is all taking place in February;so I am sure that Nicola will appreciate the lengths
    that we are going to in order both to keep her warm and cure her of giggling.
    Your'e most welcome,Nicola.It's a real

    1. Oh well - the subsequent cold shower will surely help settle her down nicely before she visits the games mistress' little room for a private session with her.

      Little does she know at the point that she is going to fail her end of year exams - really she hasn't been working hard enough...she seems quite distracted for some reason...some boy I imagine - and so she will have to repeat her year.

    2. Inspector Rudkin22 August 2019 at 09:03

      Oh I'm sure the boys will be very enthusiastic. February you say, well if she slips over in the mud I'm sure they'll be happy to give her a hand (or three) getting up. They may even carry her off behind the hedges to really get to grips with her...well boys will be boys Nicola, at least you've been thoroughly exercised.

    3. I don't think the lap should count if she's clumsy enough to slip and fall, whether it's due to mud, snow or the odd extended foot.

  6. Well yes,boys will be boys.And since
    even though wearing considerably more
    than Miss Redway,they will still feel the bite of the icy cold,it is quite
    understandable that they may seek a little extra help from Nicola to keep them warm.That way they will all help each other to keep warm.
    I am sure Miss Redway will approve.
    And then,after her caning,and her little diversion with the gym mistress,there now appears this
    quite intolerable failure in her exams to consider! Well,really!
    What on earth are we supposed to do with this naughty,giggling,disobedient,exam failing wench ?!
    It grieves me indeed to contemplate so dread inducing a notion for a girl,but
    could it be time for Miss Redway to be introduced to the.birch and block ?!
    Has it really come to this,ladies and gentlemen ?!!

  7. Nicola and Priscilla bring back great memories....

  8. Still want to see Nicola’s tits & her embarrassed pretty face as they are exposed and assessed