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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Lady Gretchen’s Girlfriend

From Janus 25
Lady Gretchen’s girlfriend is a student of modern languages at the college which abuts the grounds of her cumbersome antique stately home. The girl’s name is Lisa and they met one day, under less than auspicious circumstances, when the eccentric titled lady caught her trespassing in her rose garden. Lisa pleaded ignorance, and Lady Gretchen liked her submissive style, her profuse apologies for having inadvertently overstepped the boundary of her property. She invited her in for a cup of delicious tea served in monogrammed bone china crockery, and that is how their relationship started.
Lisa is the kind of girl who, although bisexual, on the whole prefers the company of other women. It’s too early to tell how she’ll ultimately turn out, for Lisa is still at that tender age of experimentation and eager excitement for new experiences. She has a certain poise but it’s deceptive: in herself Lisa is insecure emotionally, as well as materially, and hungry for love. She was brought up by an aunt who was extremely strict with her, punishing her rigorously for every minor transgression, and now that lady’s dead Lisa feels somewhat lost without a clear structure of control. She’s attracted most of all to older women, who have the strength, the stability and maturity she lacks, and the authority to make her feel like a beautiful young girl. When she surrenders to such a dominant woman her sexual feelings are awakened in a way that no man so far has affected her. With her new mentor in particular she feels like she has never felt before. Perfectly gorgeous.
Lady Gretchen is a trifle peculiar, a little out of touch with ordinary reality one might say: she lives in a better world all her own, old-fashioned and autocratic, and redolent of a distant time when a girl like Lisa would not have been a student but a servant, perhaps a uniformed maid. But the Lady is most gracious and considerate and very friendly towards her, and Lisa is wholly charmed. She delights in her secret visits to the stately pile next door, it’s like stepping into a time capsule, but there’s no-one to whom she could bring herself to explain what goes on in there between the two of them. Nobody would believe her, to begin with. But the relationship addresses some deep needs within her, and those needs are difficult to express in any case.
If Lisa were a novice in a nunnery, Lady Gretchen would be her Mother Superior. Were she a prisoner — another fantasy she frequently indulges in — her suitor would become her jailor. Say she were incarcerated in a reformatory, then Lady Gretchen would most definitely be the Matron. She certainly dresses to fit the part. On a surface level the titled lady befriends her, helps her sort her thoughts out, ‘lends’ her money and shows her another side of life, one that harmonises better with her dreams than with the banal practicality of her modern existence as a poverty-stricken student. To Lisa, the world that Lady Gretchen lives in is already a fantasy… it’s the ideal environment for her to cast aside her inhibitions, suspend all disbelief and step out boldly into drama, becoming the person she imagines herself to be in her rich inner fantasy life. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that Lady Gretchen is the one person in the world who really seems to understand her. She can tell her anything, without embarrassment or fear of ridicule, certain that Her Ladyship will remain utterly infatuated with her. Lisa leaves most boys behind as soon as she opens her mouth. Even so, there are some things she prefers to tell her on the telephone. She uses this medium as a confessional, and then, when instructed, reports to Lady Gretchen — ‘for the punishment of your sins’. Her tension before she takes her trip next door after college can become quite delirious. She’s excited all day, knowing that when lessons end she’s going to have to confront Her Ladyship in a state of raging fury. And get whacked for the sins and offences she’s confessed to her, including even her thought-crimes…
It’s an electric situation allowing both of them full scope to become who they want to be. The last thing Lisa would ever want to do is back away from the crackling drama of these weekly corrective appointments. She experiences real fear, to be sure, and a part of her protests that it’s all so unfair, she’s done nothing serious enough to warrant being treated by Lady Gretchen as if she really were a wretched servant girl, or worse. She does not like being punished, either — and that’s the crucial point. She’s not one of those girls who are hooked on the sheer sensation that a beating gives them. If she were, somehow the whole point and purpose of the exercise would be lost: it would simply become a way in which two rather perverted females could give each other pleasure. And that’s not how it is at all. If there’s anything in Lisa’s life that she really does hate and dread, it’s being punished with the unjustifiable physical and mental cruelty that her aunt was addicted to when she used to thrash her in her teens. It’s precisely because Lisa was truly scared of her grim relative, and could not bear the pain of the whippings she received from her or the emotional torment of her verbal fury, that Lisa now offers herself up as a young adult to her lover for treatment so similar she can hardly tell the difference at times. The punishments are awful because they do hurt, so they are genuine proof of her submission to the older woman. Only in this way can she penetrate to the heart of the paradox that by sacrificing herself totally she can go through the eye of the needle and experience the bliss of self-forgetfulness. She is set free from the painful constrictions of guilt and the prison of her own personality.
Lady Gretchen enjoys every nuance of her jurisdiction over the pretty young student girl. She’s aware that many local people consider her as mad as a hatter, and it’s refreshing to find a youngster ready and willing to submit herself of her own accord to forms of discipline that sadly in the main passed away along with so much else that belonged to the golden age of her own upbringing, when the class system was in full operation and young servant girls who misbehaved were liable to be birched or horsewhipped in the drawing room after supper. Lady Gretchen well understands her young friend’s quest for a mature female disciplinarian and counsellor, her bereftness in the face of unstructured and meaningless ‘freedom’, her need to be treated strictly for emotional and sexual reasons. This lady has many sadistic fantasies of her own and Lisa is presenting her with the first decent opportunity in more than a decade to focus her accumulated vindictive aggression on the sensitive skin and equally sensitive spirit of a young and beautiful girl.
How she relishes making Lisa ‘confess’ to her all her bad thoughts and minor misdemeanours — the maid seems incapable of serious wrong. She likes to make her squirm, sometimes stripping her nude and compelling her to stand in her vast draughty hallway for in-depth interrogation about her latest doings whilst she walks around and around her, riding crop in hand. It’s a technique she’s used for an almost psychoanalytic purpose when dealing with the major issues of Lisa’s young life, her attitudes to boys and girls and her secret desires. It’s a marvellous way to uncover those concealed truths, snippets of information and events that Lisa may even have lost sight of herself, for how could she possibly feel more defenceless and vulnerable than standing there shivering quite bare with her hands on top of her head, forbidden to make any movement at all and knowing that the only way she may feel any warmth is if she hesitates in answering a question or gives an evasive or untruthful response. Then she’ll instantly feel the blazing sting of the riding switch across any possible part of her lovely body. But it’s not necessary for Lady Gretchen to resort to these extreme means unless a special occasion warrants them.
Tonight Lisa has been summoned to the presence to pay the price for teasing a male fellow student, making eyes at this lovesick admirer and leading him on for the kick of being able to reject him. She confessed this wickedness to Her Ladyship in a long telephone conversation two nights ago, and now she really wishes she’d kept it to herself. As her ‘moral guardian’ Lady Gretchen takes a most serious view of this ‘sexual offence’, especially since it inspires an acute pang of jealousy in her breast. Lady Gretchen suspects Lisa may be keeping quiet about other causes for this anxiety, affairs with girls of around her own age. Her raging admonitions make Lisa tremble and tingle with anticipation of the punishment to come. The girl’s eyes say it all.
It’s normal for Lady Gretchen to make Lisa stand at attention waiting to be disciplined for as long as half an hour. It’s very boring and humiliating having to stand in the hall stock still until such time as Her Ladyship should deign to return downstairs bearing her chosen instrument of retribution, and as Lisa is quite an emotional beauty there have been a number of times when tears have flowed during this long waiting period. Then Lady Gretchen’s reappearance, looking every inch a sadistic bitch, invariably in one or another of her numerous black costumes, is almost a relief to the nervous girl.
There follow the orders to raise the skirt of her dress, to make a verbal apology, and then to bend — in this case, over a chair. Having already stretched Lisa’s nerves to the uttermost by making her wait so long, Lady Gretchen wastes no time in now applying her heavy patent black crop to the girl’s white-knickered bottom. Lady Gretchen hits hard and accurately, and she does not spare the girl’s feeling but whips the riding crop down and down again over and over again in a mounting punitive rapture, covering the whole extent of Lisa’s charming derriere with wildly smarting marks.
Lady Gretchen may be a woman but she’s a keen horsewoman, riding to hounds whenever she is in the country, and her whipping technique is skilled and forceful. Her arm is certainly strong enough to make Lisa’s bottom burn, and then squirm and writhe and churn, the cheeks oscillating in a mad dance of pain. But anyone glancing at her face now would see incontrovertible evidence of her pleasure-in-pain — not an enjoyment of the sensation per se but more a sheer revelling in being compelled by her strict mistress to experience that which she hates. She loves being dominated by the woman, being forced to undergo the chastisement that was so traumatic in her adolescence because that is the worst thing anybody could do to her. She literally cannot bear the pain in her velvet buttock-flesh on the sharp end of one of Lady Gretchen’s many and varied crops, sticks and rods. And that is why, paradoxically, to the very degree that Her Ladyship is truly firm and strict, standing for no nonsense but punishing her cruelly and cunningly, Lisa will feel release and sexual excitement. She’ll shut her eyes, and her lips, parted by her cries, will curl upwards in a smile of erotic arousal generated out of her voluntary but helpless exposure to the whipping flashes of hurt which make her go ‘Ouch! Owww! Haaaah! Ohohohh! Ahhhh!’ and gasp through her open mouth. Lady Gretchen’s head spins, her lust to be cruel aroused.
The only intermission in this chastisement comes when the dominating madam orders the girl to stand up, turn around and drop her knickers. This is intended to humiliate her, and it works. Making her step out of them is another inspiring triumph for the dominator, it’s so poignant to have her discard her underwear at this stage and to watch her pretty face change. And to order her to grip the bannister and bend forward for a slash, two slashes across that gorgeous and now completely bare posterior. And then bend right over and touch the stairs, arching her bottom and stretching her legs taut. A position that allows her no feeling of dignity whatsoever.
That already stinging bottom now becomes Lady Gretchen’s sole property, to do whatever she wants with, and she chooses to beat it hard. If you have experienced such a thing you will understand why. There is no greater pleasure to be found in life. The act of whipping Lisa’s totally bare bottom with her black riding crop is so intensely thrilling for Lady Gretchen, she never wants to stop. The strokes whip down in sharp report… Lisa is now sobbing and her body is quivering, her two buttock-moons are wiggling and jiggling in a smarting craze. How cunningly her punisher whips the tip of the crop in upon the inside undercurves of her pain-quaked buttocks, desperately close to her most sensitive mechanism. Lisa screws up her eyes and writhes and writhes under the swishing, snapping, slapping stings. Her bottom gets hotter and hotter as the beating becomes harder and faster, and builds up to a furious climax.
Afterwards Lady Gretchen herself seems satiated and about a hundred times happier. Release shines out of her features. As a final act of domination she orders the crying girl to kiss the riding crop. Tears cascade gently down her cheeks as she does so. Lisa kisses the tip of the crop sensuously for several minutes, pinched by Lady Gretchen’s bony-fingered grip.
Later, she tells her, she will take her into the dark room for a sound spanking over her knee. Lisa is afraid of the dark. Really afraid.


  1. A nice,meaty bottom and some truly
    thrashable thighs.Glorious.Some great,atmospheric photography,including that stunning
    shot of Lisa being made to kiss the tip of the crop that she has just been whipped with so soundly. Really
    spot on. As I have mentioned before,a girl should always be made to kiss any implements used on her,both before and after her punishment.She probably won't like
    having to do so,but she must be trained to accept her part in demonstrating to her master or mistress her total respect for them
    and compliance with their wishes.
    She should also be expected to thank
    and curtsey to her chastiser and shake hands with them before being dismissed.

  2. Lisa is absolutely lovely! Has she featured elswehere?

  3. It has not passed my notice that the domme was an older married looking at the wedding band she wore. Intrigued as to what type of mum she was like I'm real life. I know she appeared in a few shoots for Janus as did an older lady with Wendy Hollings in Blushes.

  4. How I always wanted to be Lady Gretchen! To have that pretty little brunette under my control.

  5. I would indeed like to deal with Lisa. Love the picture of her removing her knickers. She has a lovely pussy all the better for its remaining thatched

  6. Nice story & Lisa is a beautiful girl but I think instead of the riding crop, lisa should have recieved the cane across her bare bottom & should have been bent over touching her toes for the traditional 6 of the best.