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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Great Aunt Belinda’s Will

Another video from SIT-spanking featuring Shabby of Big Brother fame.



  1. How could that be a tedious exercise for anyone? I'd have given her a dozen with the cane and then put her back over my knee for another lengthy spanking.

    Tedious indeed!

    Beautifully positioned, back arched, knees together, feet apart, knickers at her knees for the crop.

    She's a fine looking strumpet who looks just the sort to need a very long hard session!

  2. Bob here.
    She is indeed a fine looking strumpet (got to love that of my favourites for a bad girl),Anonymous.
    Just the sort of cheeky,young miss to
    make one eager to flog away at with cane,strap,or indeed,crop.She was dealt with far too leniently though,I fear.
    Had she been dealt with more thoroughly,she would doubtless have changed her name from Shabby to Sobby!

  3. Bob here.
    Just been entertaining a delightful fantasy,in which Shabby/Sobby,stars in a new cp for charity type show,along with celebs like Karen Gillan,Emma Watson,and Billie Piper,are all pitted
    against each other in various spanking
    scenarios for charity.
    Bet the ratings would.go off the scale!
    Isn't imagination a wonderful thing ?

    1. Ah yes - I'd like to nominate Susannah Reid, Naga Munchetty and Carol Kirkwood.

  4. Inspector Rudkin29 August 2019 at 13:50

    Bob, imagination is indeed a wonderful thing. I might have to return to the girls of Coronation Street to get some suitable young ladies for my team.

  5. As tedious exercises go, whacking pretty young ladies on the bare bottom is certainly one of the best!