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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Fetch the Cane

An oldie from Calstar
MF/f; year: 1986; time: 20 minutes
Carol, an American teeny-bopper type, chatters on the phone, legs spread with panties on display. Her British stepmother takes the phone away and criticizes her for smoking, drinking, and goofing off. The stepmother will call Thomas, the girl’s father. Stage set.
Thomas arrives, a familiar American Calstar operative. They discuss the need for caning. ‘I don’t want to mark her right away. I’ll give her a good spanking first.’ She goes OTK, panties pulled down. Stepmom takes over, harder and louder. Thomas assists and takes her panties ‘right off,’ as he says in all his films. She is sent to the bathroom and made to pee and bring back the cane.
Kneeling on the couch, the first two strokes leave clear marks; then more over a barstool — a lot of colourful squawking and positioning. Lovely close-ups of a bottom which really shows marks quickly. On the floor, up again, all clothes off, then into the bathroom nude, where an enema has been prepared. A rough session for poor Carol today.
We don’t see the enema procedure (it is 1986); Carol is back in the sitting room, calmed down, still nude but for knee socks. Back OTK for more spanking from both parents. Squirming continues, but we guess a trip back to the bathroom is always available if needed.


  1. Not over keen on this movie.A bit of
    struggling and protest from a girl can be very sexy,but here,the caning
    sequence rapidly becomes tiresome to
    watch,in my opinion.

    1. Agreed. They needed to get the brat under proper control. Had she been caned properly she would have shut up

  2. I always found impressive the dominant woman in this video. She played similar highly strung roles, mercilessly spanking girls, in a series of CalStar productions, such as 'Shelley's Punishment', 'Shelley's Revenge' and 'The Paddling of Meechie'. I'm pretty sure she wasn't British, though, as claimed in the above write-up. I could never place her accent. South African?

  3. Fleas would you happen to have cane the maid featuring the same domme

  4. Hmmm...just thinking about the emotive
    Weight of traditional cp phrases,such as exemplified in the above title:fetch
    the cane.There are lots of them,as we all know,such as:.'Now i'll really give you something to cry about','Take your knickers down',''It's the cane for you,my girl','Bend over and touch your toes',etc.Just gently pondering which
    phrases carry the most scary..ahem..impact for any naughty girl.I know this is really very
    much subjective and will,of course,vary from girl to girl...but one can't help
    but wonder about these sort of things,can one ? More food for thought and all that.

    1. Inspector Rudkin15 August 2019 at 14:28

      'Push that bottom right up and out young lady'
      'No wider than that, ankles 24''apart now and up on your toes'
      'Yes, I know you're a big, grown up girl. That's why you're getting the cane.'
      'Right up over the chair back and just relax those legs.'
      'Now fetch the cane, leave your knickers around your ankles.'
      'Yes your uncle is staying here, he's seen a young lady get a dozen with the strap before.'

  5. I didn't think this film was all that bad. Not great, but not terrible. She may have jumped around a lot but at least that showed it was hurting. Just a shame they didn't have more effective ways of keeping her in position, so that she just screamed and writhed. We also got to see lots of her pussy and by the end she was completely nude apart from socks and pumps which is always a nice look. The contradictory thing, however, was that when her knickers were removed, the 'stepfather' said something about it being good for her to feel embarrassment, which is absolutely right, humiliation being an essential part of punishment. But then when the rest of her clothes came off, so that we could see her tits also, she was only too glad for them to be removed! Surely she should have been pleading for whatever was left of her modesty to be preserved? The other thing was the 'girl' was a bit too old looking for the role. Shame really because I liked the theme of a teen girl's wild ways being clamped down on. But facially she just didn't cut it, which also undermined the nice knicker shots when she was on the phone.

  6. I agree that 'the girl' looks too old for the part she's playing. Also, the stepfather looks like the villain from an episode of TV's Columbo, though that's just to do with date it was made. The domme is the best thing about it. I love it when she takes over the spanking, telling the man he's not even doing it right, and starts smacking the girl much harder.