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Monday, 5 August 2019

College Culprit

Story from Blushes 5
‘For goodness’ sake, Susan —’ another firm slap is delivered to the soft bouncy bottom-cheeks drawing an instant sharp ‘Yee-ow!’ from the shapely young lady as he concludes ‘— stop wriggling!’
Damn it, thinks the hapless girl, how can I! He always has to remark on the fact that she cannot lie still, spread-eagled on the table, while he spanks hell out of her — and never has been able to. His firm hand in the small of her back keeps her securely pinned down despite her involuntary wild reactions to the hot stinging in her punished buttocks, as usual. She’s lost one shoe already…
She cannot fully grasp why she has submitted to the gross indignity of being spanked — not now — at her age! Though she is eighteen years old, with O and A levels and a year of College behind her — almost nineteen now — she’s reduced yet again to feeling like a small girl taking a spanking for being naughty. Even now she’s not certain why she’s being spanked! But she’s finding it very demoralising indeed.
She subsides, gasping, her full bottom-cheeks clenched and twitching in anticipation of further ‘attention’. The best thing she can do in the circumstances is to take her punishment as quickly as possible: get it over and done with and resume her normal status, she reasons.
The man surveys her fine curves, hopelessly exposed by the neat blue panties so brief as to be almost indecent; lace-trimmed at the legs and little more than wide tapes at her hips, perfectly moulded by the attractive fullness they cover, very snug in the crotch she’s now displaying unknowingly. He recalls when she wore only plain knickers in navy blue, with elastic at waist and legs; and knee-high white socks. He sighs in soft nostalgia, taking in her lacy provocative suspenders with their small silky bows, and the tan stockings, sheer and taut, emphasising her long slim thighs and making the inches of pale satiny skin above their tops seem very sensual and appealing.  He decides she has grown up far too quickly for her own good. The spanking will do her no harm, nor the caning he plans to follow it. Curb that over-confident, almost haughty manner College has allowed to develop, perhaps — not that this has made any difference to her reactions, so far, and may have improved her final conclusions, even.
Susan squirms beneath his hand, irked by the long pause as he reflects, smiling; recalling past triumphs; wondering if she’ll plead and promise as she used to, trying to avoid as much punishment as possible.
He nods knowingly and obliges her with another solid slap which brings an instant shrieked ‘Yowww!’ and more furious wriggling. This spanking is needed, to re-establish the normal status quo while she’s on holiday with him. He wants no trouble from her later.
Already her pale, tender skin is showing pink blotches. Her new feminine sophistication has made no difference to this either. And she’s as helpless as ever, oddly enough; almost as if she may be enjoying the whole thing in some reluctant whimsical way.
He continues her ‘treatment’ until she stops squealing and yelling and can only gasp and pant rapidly, and wriggle like mad.
‘Good heavens,’ he remarks in mock severity, ‘you didn’t make so much fuss when you were a little girl!’
Susan gasps something he cannot hear clearly, in an urgent tone.
He takes no notice and carries on spanking her pinkly-flushed cheeks firmly, making them bounce and wobble and ripple attractively.
Slap!… Smack!… Smack!… Slap!… he begins to settle into a nice slow rhythm, giving her time to react to each sharp smack. Now she is reduced to jerking convulsively as each connects; weakening fast, much less able to wriggle and kick and struggle.
‘Oh, please!’ she gasps. ‘Enough! I’m sorry, I’m sorreeee!’
Her apology goes unheeded, but she keeps on trying. And so does he! On and on and on. Smack!… Slap!… Smack! Slower still now, as she begins to submit.
Her hands relax from their grip on the edge of the table. She sneaks one back to try to protect her defenceless bottom, now showing bright red patches among its deep pink flush.
He is expecting her to do this. She always does, at this stage: never has accepted the fact that covering up is not allowed. He grasps her wrist and against her weak resistance draws her hand up into the small of her back with her moaning, ‘No more, ple-e-ease!’ as he pins her down rigidly again. She sounds quite breathless and hopeless now, lying there with her feet flung widely apart and the faint suspicion of a dark, damp spot in the gusset of her cute panties.
Susan lies still — or as still as she can holding her breath and waiting for some result from her pleas.
He reaches for the cane he has placed handily close. She hears the clatter as he lays this on the table by her side.
‘Oh, no!’ she protests. ‘Not the cane!’ She stares at it wide-eyed.
He chuckles wickedly. ‘Do you no harm, young lady!’ he growls, as he releases her wrist and begins to slip her panties down. As she feels his fingers at her hips she draws her feet together quickly, crosses her ankles and tenses her long legs in a natural reflex action to prevent loss of panties and dignity.
This unexpected response makes him stop, for the moment, knowing he has anticipated her a little. He begins to slap her again firmly. Her pliable buttocks bounce and ripple, relaxing nicely as he spanks their soft redness hard enough to leave dull red finger-marks on the hot punished skin. Her other shoe comes off and falls with a small thump to the carpet. He pushes it out of the way with a foot.
Now Susan is gasping and pleading and panting and moaning softly, in a mixed-up jumble of low frantic sound from which he can only pick out, ‘please!’ and ‘sorry!’. She can be relied on to plead to the very last, apparently — as usual. As uselessly as ever, of course.
He spanks her slowly, including the sensitive under-curve of her cheeks and the tops of her thighs above her stockings, until she’s too breathless to plead and is reduced to low moans and gasps and jerks.
Again her feet are flung widely apart as she tries to struggle. The small dark stain at her crotch is more obvious now, showing against the pale material of her panties. Susan squirms desperately, aware of the fact that she is reacting madly, but almost beyond caring. And certainly not aware that her arousal is so obvious to him!
This time she puts up only a small token resistance as her panties are slipped over her buttocks, surprising her completely.
‘Oh, ple-e-ease — no!’ she wails. ‘Not on my bare bum! Not with the ca-a-ane, pul-le-e-ease!’ Too late she tries to roll about awkwardly.
She hadn’t expected that! Not now — at her age! Girls of nineteen almost don’t have their knickers taken down — but hers were now well on their way! Her position now is quite indecent and highly embarrassing. This is why he’s doing it to her, of course: to embarrass her and make her feel small. Surely he won’t take my panties down! She thinks, wrongly. He wouldn’t dare! He just wants to make me plead like a child. She determines not to give him this satisfaction. But he does!
‘Ee-eeeek!’ she gasps as she feels him tug gently to free the moist cling of her panties from her pussy, and succeeds!
‘Oh, do stop squirming, Susan!’ he chides her softly, enjoying her futile efforts to retain her cute panties.
‘Ooh!’ she wails, feeling the panties slip down her thighs. ‘Don’t!’ Again she crosses her ankles and tenses her legs until they quiver rigidly, moaning, ‘Don’t cane my bare bum. Ple-e-ease.’
Remorselessly she feels the gusset slip down between her knees, her calves, pulled firmly now, to her ankles. Her nylon stockings make it impossible for her to do a thing to prevent this, being so sheer.
‘Now!’ he growls sternly. ‘You know what to do, don’t you.’
Susan gasps, ‘oh, no-o-o-o!’ knowing he is going to treat her as he did when she was much younger — like a naughty child. Slowly and very reluctantly, trying to look upward and backward over her shoulder and under her arm to see his expression but seeing instead her skirt and her slip over her back and pale bare flank, hip and thigh below her waist she interlaces her fingers and clasps her hands together, taking her weight on her forearms, feet together, knees bent slightly.
He takes up the cane calmly and steps back, making her wait for it, and taking in the erotic sight she is unwillingly providing. He steps close sideways by her position.
Susan shudders briefly, reacting to the cool air on her hot pussy, then puts her chin on her clasped hands. Her thick dark hair swings forward as she takes up an attitude of submission, her face as hot and flushed with shame and humiliation as her upthrust bottom.
She has no alternative but to submit to whatever he may have in mind for her — and she knows it! And her very exposed position, too!
‘My, you are a big girl, now!’ he says in a tone of warm appreciation. ‘I’ll bet you have lots of boyfriends at College?’
‘Uh-huh,’ Susan nods miserably. ‘Yes, I have.’
He nods, swishing the cane to and fro absently, making it whistle thinly, smiling slightly.
‘I suppose you’ll be ‘into’ all the ‘in things’ there, by now?’ he chuckles softly. ‘So long as you stay off dope and all that rubbish!’
‘Oh, certainly!’ she agrees, ‘I intend to!’
‘Good!’ he says grimly, ‘I’m sure you will!’
‘Oh, I will. You can rely on it. I will — I promise!’ Susan babbles, still unsure just why she’s being punished, eager to seize any chance to impress him, and agree with him. Damn him! She thinks. How can I plead, or promise, or agree, when I’ve no idea what I’ve done wrong?
‘Right, then, young lady… um… three strokes, I think —’
Three strokes!’ Susan squeals. ‘On my bare bottom! For what?’ Again she tries to look at him and fails. ‘What have I done?’ she demands.
‘Alright,’ he says mildly. ‘Six, then for disagreeing!’
Six!’ Susan yelps. ‘Damn it, I —’
‘Twelve! For using bad language and bad temper,’ he intones softly.
Twelve strokes! Susan nods reluctantly in hopeless agreement, knowing she can’t win with him in this mood, suddenly unsure if she can take twelve strokes now without disgracing herself.
Suddenly — Shwitt!… Shwitt!… Shwitt!… Shwitt! — with no warning the cane lances across her tense clenched cheeks, blotting out the sting from her spanking, imprinting four fine white lines across the dull pink skin. He pauses and watches her jerk and spread helplessly as the lines glow to bright redness with her wailing ‘Neennngh!’ and trying to hold her position, teeth clenched tightly, back arched and head well up now. Again her feet are well apart, unintentionally, giving him a glimpse of her cute pussy and her dark curly pubic hair.
She regains control and subsides slowly, gasping, ‘Mmmmmh!’
He grins approval, seeing that she has slipped towards him as she always used to. So much for her newly acquired adult manner. Her legs hang clear of the table from her knees now. The tiny panties are long gone; slipped or kicked free. Her arms are stretched above her head.
With his hands at her hips he eases her gently back, until her legs bend from the hips and her feet touch the carpet. There is a soft squeak of perspiring skin as Susan slides into this position. Unbidden, she clasps her hands, fingers interlaced as before.
Fussily he slips the cane between her legs, at her knees, runs it slowly up her inner thigh. She cries, ‘Ooh!’ sharply as it reaches the top, slips across, and runs down her other leg. She adopts a feet apart stance, pathetically knock-kneed and slightly pigeon-toed. He repeats the slow movement of the cane in the reverse direction, pausing at the highest point to urge her gently but firmly until she straightens her legs and arches her back to elevate her hips nicely.
‘You have grown, Susan,’ he says coolly, masking his own mild arousal well, noting that her long slim legs are still bent at the knees.
He strikes again without warning — Shwitt!… Shwitt!… Shwitt!… Shwitt! — adding four more neat fiery lines to her suffering red cheeks, wringing an instant ‘aah-mmmmh!’ from her as she does an awkward little dance on tip-toes, swinging her hips wildly from side to side, completely out of control.
When she calms down he sees that she is pouting, moist and ripe now; nicely aroused despite her earlier reluctance and accepting this far better than she ever did when younger. Unwilling and ashamed she may be, quivering with indignation, but — he made a spot decision to let her off the last four strokes. She didn’t need them! She lay there moaning softly far back in her throat.
‘Superb!’ he breathed, impressed, ‘I suppose you’re on the pill — with all those boyfriends?’ he chuckles. ‘That’s a ‘must’, I’ll bet!’
‘Umm,’ Susan nods quickly. ‘Almost everyone is these days,’ she mutters. ‘It saves so many problems.
‘Hmmm!’ he muses very softly. ‘Yes,’ he smiles, ‘I can imagine.’
He guesses this may well be the last spanking she’ll take from him, and Susan seems to sense this also. He slips his left hand under her, angling his wrist until his fingers slip into her coarse curly hair and she gasps ‘Ohhh!’ and jerks back to meet his other hand. She tries briefly to get her knees together, but he prevents this by stepping up close behind her holding her legs apart with his own. This is but a token show of reluctance and they both know it.
Susan sighs softly and begins to respond to his experienced touch, becoming much more moist quite quickly, gasping ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Ah!’ hips jerking slightly at each exclamation, He decides to surprise her one final time, and asks mildly, ‘Well?’
‘Oh, yes!’ the hapless Susan gasps. ‘No!’ she squeals. ‘Quickly-y-y!’
‘You young people have no manners at all,’ he comments wryly.
‘Please — damn it! Oh-h-h! Ple-e-ease!!
‘That’s much better,’ he says, obliging her almost immediately, hands at her hips holding her steady as he enters, then allowing her to slowly subside until she is fully impaled, wailing, ‘Oooogh!’ and wriggling sensually as her natural passion takes her.
Within seconds, it seems, she reaches her peak, climaxing strongly and almost eagerly, gasping a long ‘Ah-h-h-h!’ of sheer satisfaction, but still willing to go on.
‘You’d better watch your step, young lady,’ he chuckles again. ‘If those boyfriends of yours find out how you react to being spanked, you may be in trouble.’
‘Hmph!’ is all the comment Susan has the breath to make, but it has a wealth of meaning. For the first time that evil little chuckle of his hasn’t made her feel like a child. Much more the reverse, in fact. She’d heard that many girls gain their first sexual experience from their uncles, but she never really believed this.
But he always was her favourite uncle, from as far back as she can remember. Now, he’s made her feel very adult indeed.
‘More?’ he asks considerately, impressed by her sensuality.
She nods breathlessly, beyond speech for the moment, a limp victim of her own unexpectedly fierce natural instinctive emotions.
In any case, she decides in some remote cool corner of her mind, I probably deserved a good spanking, the haughty way I’ve been acting ever since I got here. Probably do me a world of good.
It won’t do her a bit of harm, her favourite uncle decides, as he senses her beginning to reach her peak again, less furiously this time. He sighs softly, contented, knowing he’s helped his favourite niece to a very successful conclusion.
‘Good holiday, Sue?’ Valerie asked, slightly breathlessly.
‘Uh-huh,’ Susan replied, jogging easily alongside.
The two girls were jogging alone. It was early on the first Saturday after their return from the long Summer vacation. Neither had yet settled down into the routine of the Polytechnic. Unusually there were no boyfriends accompanying them. They wore shorts and tee-shirts.
‘You went to stay on a farm, or something, didn’t you?’
‘Yes. With my uncle and aunt. It was a nice, quiet break. Very relaxing and unhurried.’
‘Hmm,’ Valerie fell back a couple of paces. ‘By the look of your bum you must have been mixed up with a combine-harvester, or something. You’re still showing the bruises.’
‘Oh!’ Susan felt her cheeks blush hotly. ‘I… um… I was… ah… spanked, for —’
‘Spanked! On your bum!’ Valerie sounded amazed. ‘At your age?’ she went on, giving Susan no chance to complete her sentence. ‘Who by?’
‘My uncle — and I deserved it, too!’
‘One of the old-fashioned rural types, I’ll bet. I’d like to see anyone spank me — no way!’
‘That’s what I thought,’ Susan admitted, blushing fiercely. ‘But I was wrong. Anyhow, it was well worth it.’
‘Why? How? What do you mean?’
Susan jogged on steadily, allowing her furious blush to fade, speeding up slightly to prevent Val from noticing.
‘Come on, tell me?’ Valerie, panting, demanded, ‘I don’t understand.’
‘You would, if you had an uncle like mine. He’s an expert!’
‘At spanking you?’
‘Uh-huh!’ Susan nodded, smiling as she recalled the last few minutes of her still-unexplained chastisement as she’d done many times since it had happened to her. Yet again she felt the sudden warmly sensual ache between her legs and couldn’t resist adding. ‘And my aunt too, I expect, though I’m not certain about that, I —’
‘Well!’ Valerie interrupted again, ‘he wouldn’t spank me!’
‘Do you good perhaps. It’s such a terrific turn-on, afterwards.’
‘You’re joking!’
‘No, I’m not,’ Susan grinned. ‘I wouldn’t have believed it myself. But it is!’
‘Hmm! Perhaps I should take a country holiday? They go in for that sort of thing, do they?’
‘I don’t really know, but my uncle certainly does. Just between the two of us you should try it sometime, Val, I’m sure you’d enjoy it.’ Susan chuckled at the thought of Valerie spread-eagled, helpless, hot, and vulnerable, taking a spanking, then a swift caning after it. ‘Yes, Val. I’m certain you would. You’re built for it, anyhow.’
‘And how do I go about arranging it, with an expert?’
Susan felt an inner glow of pure satisfaction, knowing she’d almost convinced Valerie, her best friend. Knowing also that arranging for her spanking would be simple. A few quiet words with her current boyfriend and it would be well in hand. Robert wouldn’t waste any time.
And it was, Robert liked the thought immediately.
‘Oh! Stop it, you beast!’ Valerie yelled, squirming madly.
Once again Robert’s large, heavy hand slapped down and connected with her exposed, indefensible buttocks. Valerie was instantly rigid in pain and shock. Due to the unusual position she was in, her bottom was offered openly for his attention. He held her so with one hand in the small of her back, easily. Valerie’s head was so close to the carpet she wasn’t able to look up and back to see his broad smile. She had to support herself flat-handed on the floor, or she would have slipped.
She shook her head in sheer fury, tears of self-pity in her eyes.
‘Let me up!’ she demanded. ‘Robert, please.’ She rolled and kicked awkwardly, feet unable to touch the floor, pointing up toward the ceiling almost. ‘Spank me once more and I’ll never speak to you again!’
Somehow Robert had her kneeling in the easy chair in her own room, in the Hall of Residence. At that time, just after dinner, there was no-one about on the upper floors to help her, even if her wild cries and pleas could be heard out in the corridor through the firmly bolted door. Her shins were wedged against one arm of the chair, her tummy rested on the other arm. Hopelessly out of balance she was; bottom-up, skirt up round her ears — helpless. Completely at Robert’s mercy, Valerie had quickly learned that he wasn’t about to show her much.
Wildly she tried to think what had landed her in this ridiculous and humiliating position. Obviously Susan had something to do with it. She silently vowed to extract revenge on her friend.
‘Will you do as you’re told, now?’ Robert asked softly.
‘No — damn you! Let me up!’
Again the large hand swept down and connected with her soft, pinkly blotched cheeks, making them ripple and bounce as she squealed ‘Yow-w-w!
‘You will, later!’ Robert chuckled. ‘Let me know when, okay?’
He went on spanking her steadily, despite her weak attempts to get herself free, or into a less exposed position, until she had no breath left to yell and squeal. Finally he stopped and shook his stinging hand.
Valerie knelt there and panted rapidly, feeling quite oddly subdued but reluctant to admit this, unsure of what may happen next if she did; certain now what would continue to happen if she didn’t. She was badly demoralised by the furiously hot stinging pain and shocked at the way Robert had taken advantage of her, and shamed and humbled and resigned to her fate at his hands. She knew she was mastered and may as well admit it. She wriggled in suppressed temper.
‘Well, Val, love?’
‘Alright!’ she snapped. ‘I’ll do as I’m told, you needn’t be so hard and macho about it.’
‘Good! Hold still.’
Valerie felt Robert’s hand lift from her back. She sighed, then gasped, ‘Oh, don’t!’ trying to kick as she felt his hands at her hips, slipping her panties down over her hot buttocks.
‘Oh, don’t!’ Robert mocked softly.
‘Robe-e-e-r-r-t! Leave my pants alone! Let me up, please!’
‘Later, love.’ Another deep chuckle. ‘You’ll look better without.’
Oh-h-h-h!’ Valerie wriggled helplessly as her brief panties were slipped down and tugged to her knees, making her even more helpless. And immediately making her feel very naked and terribly humiliated.
‘There! What did I tell you.’
Valerie’s totally exposed cheeks tensed until they quivered. The removal of the very doubtful protection of her panties left her tense, dreading Robert’s next move, knowing that she was about to lose control of her emotions, already feeling mildly aroused as Sue had told her she would only that morning.
Robert smiled silently. He hadn’t really believed Susan, but it was all happening as she’d told him it would. He could sense Val’s pending arousal; knew she was sexy when aroused normally; tried to guess what she’d be like soon. He had to restrain himself from spanking her silly. He guessed she’d been spanked enough, now.
‘Shall we say six?’ he asked mildly.
‘Six!’ Valerie had clean forgotten the caning Susan had warned her of. ‘Six — what?’
‘Strokes, of course.’ Yet another chuckle from Robert. ‘Your belt, or mine. You choose.’
Valerie tried to recall which belt she was wearing, and if his was thinner and lighter. She couldn’t remember. While she was still trying to consider this — Slap! — and she was yelling ‘Yee-ow-w-w!’ jerking and rolling wildly with a wide red stripe across her cute bum-cheeks.
Robert watched her futile struggles, smiling, his own belt in his hand. He’d never realised the full effect of a belt well applied to a pair of well-spanked buttocks. He waited until Valerie calmed down a little, then he gave her another smoothly delivered sharp stroke, raising another wide red stripe across both tightly clenched quivering cheeks and an instant wailed ‘Yah-h-oo-oo!
This time Valerie’s tense reflex struggles were less violent, as if she was weakening, somehow. Robert gazed, fascinated, at the two dull red stripes he’d imprinted on her soft, full cheeks. Now he was convinced she’d give him no further trouble. Already he caught the musky tang of her arousal. He doubted she’d need six strokes.
Valerie shuddered, gasping. ‘Oh, you swine!’ she panted. ‘That was a belt! On my bare bum!’ she protested weakly.
‘You’re supposed to count the strokes.’
‘Count!’ Valerie wailed indignantly. ‘I won’t! I refuse to —’
‘Okay, love,’ Robert interrupted calmly.
He swung his belt again, brought it down accurately, curling across her squirming cheeks. Lower this time. Another sharp — Slap! — as it created another neat red stripe, and another shrieked ‘Wah-oo-oo!’ from Valerie, followed by rapid gasps that weren’t too far from being sobs.
As she rolled and kicked and writhed he said: ‘Three!’ adding coolly, ‘Don’t worry about counting; I’ll count for you, love.’
Valerie raised an arm, her hand palm-up trying to shield her red, punished bottom. Her bottom was one concentrated area of stinging pain; she had no idea where best to cover it, moaning, ‘No more, pleas-s-se!’
Robert solved the problem by gripping her wrist and easing her hand up into the small of her back, well out of his way, making her totally helpless. Now she had to take her unbalanced weight on only one hand.
Robert watched her wriggle into several awkward positions, none too steady, or very comfortable, then — Slap! — another fiery stroke with no warning followed by his calm, ‘Four!’
All Valerie could do was to shake her hips madly from side to side as she sought to pacify the hot stinging pain, pleading, ‘Enough! No more, please. I’ll do anything you tell me to… Anything!’
‘Yes,’ Robert agreed, catching a whiff of her, warm and sensual, ‘I’m sure you will, love.’
Valerie had spread her knees widely apart. She was unknowingly displaying her pussy, pouting attractively and enticingly moist now.
Robert said: ‘Five!’ suiting his word with sudden action. Slap! — and another fiery-red stripe appeared like magic across her cute bouncy cheeks, below the other four. Robert felt her shudder as the stripe bloomed to full, deep redness.
Valerie moaned deep in her throat; a hopeless forlorn sound of final submission as she realised she was about to climax uncontrollably.
And she did, seconds later.
One more stroke across the tops of her thighs to Robert’s count of ‘Six!’ and she reached her peak. This involved an involuntary awkward little lewd dance, on her knees; desperately sensual unintended writhing and jerking of her shapely hips — a shameless show of her arousal.
She wailed, ‘Oh!… Oh-h-h-h!’ paused and became tensely rigid for a few shuddering seconds, then she relaxed moaning, ‘Ah-h-h-h-h!’ as she slid down further over the arm of the chair until her thighs pressed against its inner surface. Robert released her wrist, but she didn’t move, just lay there panting quickly.
‘Now,’ Robert muttered, hands stroking her hot reddened curves, ‘you get the reward.’ He was enthralled at the way she flinched at his touch.
‘Yes, please!’ she mumbled to surprise him. He hadn’t thought she’d heard his soft words. ‘Oh, yes — pleas-s-se. Oh, Robe-e-ert.’
As she felt his firm hands at her hips, easing her up and back into a better, more comfortable position, Valerie sighed softly. She gasped once as Robert entered her, then thrust madly back towards him, making it easy for him, encouraging him to greater efforts.
Without warning, to surprise them both, she shrieked ‘Oh-h-h, Rob-errrt!’ as she climaxed again as he sought maximum penetration, and achieved it, finally.
Valerie had an odd clear thought. Susan had been right: the reward was worth all the hot stinging punishment, and the indignity and the total humiliation prior to the unwilling submission and the final frantic arousal and climax. She’d do her very best to make sure that Susan experienced it herself as soon as possible… Stan, her very best boyfriend, would attend to Susan, after Robert had a few words with him on the subject, in confidence, of course.
Susan wasn’t too surprised when she heard the gentle tap on her door. Valerie, she thought, and called, ‘Come in, Val.’
‘Hi, Sue.’ She was surprised to hear Stan’s deep voice. And she’d just had a shower and was wearing nothing but panties and her short robe! She was suddenly very conscious that the robe barely covered her bum! What an awkward time for him to come calling, she thought quickly, as she turned her back on him.
‘Sit down and look out of the window, while I get dressed,’ she suggested. What do you want, at this time?’
‘I came all the way up here to show you something, and you turn your back on me.’ Stan sounded rueful as he added, ‘Come here, and see.’
‘See what?’ Susan turned, unsuspecting. ‘Is it important?’
Stan sat on the edge of her bed. The rooms were arranged as bedsits, with a desk for studying, a smallish easy chair, and not much spare space. Susan didn’t trust either her own, or Stan’s self-control far enough to feel comfortable under these circumstances — not the way she was dressed — or undressed!
Stan smiled at her mildly. ‘Come on, I’ll show you.’
Still wondering at the true reason for this unexpected visit Susan sat down by him on the bed. ‘Show me what?’ She leaned over to try to see what he may have had in his hands. Knowing him, it could be almost anything; the oddest things appealed to his sense of wry humour. His arm went round her shoulders, drew her closer, making her lean awkwardly.
‘This,’ he said as he pulled her over his knees, sprawling off balance, face down. ‘You’ll enjoy it, Sue. I know you will.’
Susan regretted having sat down, instantly. She should have trusted her first instinct: to stay well away from him. She had an odd sensation — a premonition almost — of what he intended. No way! She thought, trying frantically to wriggle free, guessing that Stan intended to spank her.
‘Sta-a-an!’ Susan pleaded, ‘Don’t — not now!’
No response. But Stan held her firmly and sat further back, angling himself so that while her head was well on the bed her leg slipped off as she squirmed. Her other leg was held firmly on the bed.
Susan tried to raise her leg, to cross her ankles, but couldn’t. Stan had taken her unawares and was now slowly arranging her over his knees as he wanted her. Nothing like this had happened to Susan before; she’d been taken unawares, out of the blue. Suddenly her temper flared.
‘Oh no you don’t!’ she muttered, rolling and wriggling madly.
Smack! Stan’s flat hand slapped down on her upper thigh, hard enough to sting hotly. The shock and surprise stopped Susan dead; took her breath away and left her gasping.
Unhurriedly Stan pinned her down as he wanted her; one leg stretched out straight on the bed, the other in a kneeling position on the floor. His left arm rested down her back, his hand firmly holding her waist, his elbow between her shoulders.
Susan did the only thing she could — or she tried to — succeeded in getting her arm back so that her hand protected her bottom.
‘Stan!’ she cried sharply. ‘Let me go!’
‘Pardon?’ Stan guessed what she’d said, though he couldn’t hear her too clearly as her face was pressed deep into the soft quilt. He removed the doubtful protection of her hand by tucking her arm between his legs and crossing his ankles to hold it there firmly. Susan knew now what was coming. She began to struggle again, more weakly now.
Smack! Stan delivered another stinging flat-hander on her other slim thigh, with the same result as before. Susan lay still gasping quickly, wriggling her hips furiously. Finally she turned her head far enough to say slowly and icily: ‘Don’t you dare slap me again!’
‘Or — what?’ Stan asked coolly. ‘You deserve it, Sue; it’s your own fault, so don’t sound so damned indignant. You had a sly word with Robert, and Val got hers. She had a word with me, so now it’s your turn. Keep still! You’re going to enjoy this — I know I am.’
‘Oh!’ Susan gasped, suddenly very conscious of what she was wearing, and more importantly, what she wasn’t wearing. In her present helpless position her bum felt as if it was sticking up a yard in the air. She could only guess where her robe had got to, and what she was showing. She flushed hotly at this thought.
Stan smiled, gazing down at the sight of her trim buttocks in the brief, neat-fitting panties taut over her attractive curves and with odd, stray curly hairs on show between her legs.
Susan felt him tug her belt free and squealed ‘Sta-a-an! No!’ as she felt it come loose, knowing it was a useless plea as he pushed her loose-fitting robe well up her back, easing the pressure of his arm to tuck it up to her shoulders, then pinning her down again helpless. She had never felt so hotly humiliated in her whole life! Forced to lie there, spread-eagled almost, face-down with her bottom fully exposed!
‘Now, let’s find out how you like it, Sue,’ Stan muttered slowly.
‘Spank me once more, and I’ll scream!’ Susan drew in a deep breath.
Stan waited until she had to let this go, then he began to spank hell out of her defenceless resilient bum-cheeks, steadily, making them ripple and bounce and wobble while she gasped, unable to protest loudly. He counted the slaps to himself, and stopped at thirty.
Susan’s soft curves were now an uneven blotchy pink, as were the tops of her thighs. She writhed slowly, moaning softly and muttering words he couldn’t hear clearly. Threats perhaps? Or curses? Stan grinned happily, satisfied with the results she was providing despite her obvious reluctance. He’d expected much more resistance from her, and more noise. The whole exercise was much easier than he’d thought it might be. And very exciting! Stan liked the feeling of mastery, and the furious arousal Susan was unknowingly generating. Stan intended her to get the full benefit of this, later.
Susan guessed this, knowing she was about to submit. Already the oddly familiar tingle of arousal was affecting her. Her neat, shapely pussy was hot and sudden internal electric spasms thrilled her wildly. Now she was far too weak to resist Stan, or even to struggle convincingly.
‘Stan, please!’ she made a last futile plea.
‘All in good time, Sue. Don’t rush me, love’ Stan muttered slowly. ‘I’m enjoying this as much as you are.’ He sensed the state she was in and ran his fingers slowly up her soft inner thigh until he cupped her pussy, feeling its warm moistness through the gusset of her panties. She gasped and squirmed slowly, clenching her buttocks tightly, legs quivering at his galvanic touch, trying to arch up involuntarily.
Stan patted her soft, fluid bum-cheeks gently, stroking her slowly, calming her tenseness. He knew, instinctively, she was well away now.
‘Oh, don’t!’ Susan protested weakly as he slipped her panties back over her full soft cheeks and down to her thighs.
Susan felt herself lifted and turned and laid full-length on the bed, bottom up. Her wrists were gripped and her arms raised above her head until her hands touched the headboard.
‘Hold onto that,’ Stan said gruffly.
Obediently Susan’s hands gripped the edges of the low headboard weakly, arms quivering slightly as her panties were slipped down past her knees to her ankles, and off over her feet. Again she felt the sudden flush of abject humiliation as her feet were spread widely apart against her token resistance. ‘Stan, please!’ she pleaded.
Again he stroked her hot, stinging buttocks lightly. Terribly erotic effects immediately gripped Susan, making her twitch and spasm, her long legs jerking tensely. Stan’s firm hand in the small of her back stopped her from moving, keeping her helpless and obedient.
The erotic stroking stopped. Susan squealed ‘Oo-ooh!’ as Stan’s eager fingers slipped up between her spread thighs, tantalising and tormenting her hot pussy until she was writhing uncontrollably, becoming much more moist there as she was aroused unmercifully, almost beyond endurance. Susan sighed, knowing she was fast losing control.
‘You’re marvellous, when you’re aroused like this, Sue.’ Stan stopped his highly erotic fingering, allowing Susan to calm down a little.
‘Keep that up,’ Susan panted, ‘and you’ll have me off!’ She strove to sound indignant, but failed.
‘This is what I wanted to show you,’ Stan said, ignoring her.
Susan refused to even try to look, just lay there struggling silently to regain some control, teeth clenched and her eyes firmly closed.
Suddenly — SHWIT!… SHWIT!… SHWIT!… SHWIT! — and she was gasping and wriggling furiously with the four thin lines from the cane Stan was wielding clearly imprinted across the fullness of her twitching bum-cheeks, turning bright red against the duller pink of her punished skin. The shock was so unexpected that she was unable to cry out in loud protest, but was instantly rigid, jerking and rolling wildly. Her hands clutched the headboard tensely as she shuddered down her full length, the stinging seeming to burn into her, reacting very strongly sexually. Hot tears stung her eyes.
Stan caught the sharp tang of her hopelessly strong arousal as she reacted helplessly, stimulated to her limit, moaning, ‘No more!… Enough!… Oh Stan, no more!… I’m — oh! — I’m going to —’
‘That’s four!’ Stan said, ‘and —’ SHWIT!… SHWIT! — ‘two more makes six. Now you can —’
Aaa-a-ah!’ Susan shrieked softly, ‘I’m c-c, I’m c-comin-n-n-ng!
And she did! Strongly and at some length, putting great effort into it, kicking rigidly and writhing in her final furious passion.
Stan waited until she relaxed and began panting softly and quickly. Gently he eased her hands from the headboard of the bed, then turned her over until she was flat on her back, spread-eagled limply.
Susan had no clear idea of what was happening. She lay unresisting, rolling her head slowly from side to side, eyes closed and her full lower lip gripped between her teeth. Her face was as red as her well-punished bottom, still showing the shame and humiliation she no longer cared about. She wailed softly, ‘Oh, Stan, please! Now! Now!!!
As Stan obliged her lustily he said simply, ‘Stop pleading! You’re the culprit, the one who started all this. You asked for it!’
‘Oh!’ Susan gasped, hotly indignant, ‘oh, you rotten devil! I’ve never been so humiliated.’ She sighed as she was subdued quickly, submitting to him willingly, reacting strongly, complaining softly, ‘I’ve never been so thoroughly taken advantage of before — ever!’
There was a short silence as Stan penetrated her as thoroughly as he’d taken advantage of her. Then he said innocently, ‘I’ll bet you’ve never been screwed so thoroughly before either.’
Susan hadn’t the breath of the interest to argue that point. She was far too busy responding to his gentle urging.


  1. Many thanks Fleas. It's an odd one this, does not read like either early Blushes (where the girls were coaxed into responsiveness) or later Blushes (where they were more robustly encouraged). Either way it's a bit soft for me. Brilliant blog though - have you got Colour Coded Girls on your list for publication? Think that might prove a record breaker for comments.

  2. Yes although of course Valerie in Blushes 6 & 7 is shown grimacing as unwanted sexual intercourse is included in her punishment. Blushes caters for those who don’t want the targets to enjoy being inseminated. Valerie frets in a silly girl way about being impregnated during her punishment.

    1. Yes this is an odd one. I like the idea that the girls are aroused by their disciplinary experiences - but not in the sense that thr experience should be enjoyable or for fun.

      The experience should be painful and humiliating - and most definitely not a lark. It should be unwelcome.

      The arousal they find themselves feeling, despite their pain and shame, should be equally unwelcome and in itself humiliating for them.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Absolutely. So many young females out there live lives of selfish pleasure. It's our job to remind them that their role is to serve and please men and that their pleasure is as irrelevant as their opinions.

    4. Yes I don’t think they should be aroused at all. Valerie mentioned is being taught a lesson by being put off boys her own age by an offputting insemination by a much older man she finds unattractive. This unwanted sexual punishment is there for all to see in Blushes 7 with some of the very best pictures in the whole of Blushes: he comes into her from behind with no warning. He’s hitting her bottom, then instead of the cane it’s a couple of fingers of Vaseline right up her and then the discomfort of the unexpected uninvited ejaculation from behind. She is definitely not aroused.

    5. I reckon there would be far fewer single mothers around if young women's sexual initiation was typically with an older unpleasant man that she did not find attractive. If the experience was the conclusion of a very painful chastisement she will come to see sex as an ordeal and therefore be far less likely to drop her knickers for some smooth talking young pretty boy.

  3. Indeed. They are distressed in any event. A good example is the grimace on Amanda’s face - 3rd photo from the end in A Tutor For Amanda (Blushes 56 & 15 dec 2017 from Fleas here).
    She is grimacing most attractively with eyes and nose scrunched & teeth bared in pain. Almost all the other pictures show her bare bottom presented for punishment & of course easily accessed for unwelcome sexual intercourse. Her delightful anguished expression could be the result of a cane or unwanted penetration, and, the fact she is frustrated with herself at being able to prevent the arousal indicated by the lubrication of her vagina, even as she does not want the coitus at all.