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Friday, 2 August 2019

Bathroom Sink Drama

A follow-up to Early Morning Call from Uniform Girls 20
‘But you can’t, sir!’ Melinda protested.
‘I’m afraid that’s where you’re wrong, young lady. Mr Hyams has given me instructions that you are to be thrashed.’
‘But the cane!
The spanking the grim-looking man had given her that morning was still vivid in her memory, and the thought of a pliable cane being wielded by that same eager hand was a source not so much of concern, but of terror.
‘Seven o’clock sharp, Melinda, on the landing. Gym kit.’ He turned sharply and was gone.
Melinda pouted. She couldn’t argue. What Mr or Mrs Hyams said, was law. And if Mr Hyams had said she must be thrashed, there was no way out of it. The rest of the afternoon passed in nervous anticipation. After her sleepless night preceding the early morning spanking, she was tired and irritable with the other girls during the day.
One of them, Amanda, correctly surmised the reason for her snappy mood: ‘Going to get our little bum whacked again, Melinda? Naughty girls always get whacked Melinda. Didn’t the buggers tell you that before you were sent here?’
‘No they bloody didn’t,’ Melinda whined.
‘Well someone must have signed the form agreeing to corporal punishment, mustn’t they?’
‘I still don’t see why I should get the cane.’
‘Cane… Strap… Paddle… Slipper… they all give you a sore bum, so there’s not a lot of difference, really. Just a question of degree.’
‘Oh shut up,’ Melinda mumbled, and shuffled off to get changed. The gym shorts had — rather eccentrically —small braces clipped to the waistband. The braces tended to be of such tensile strength that they hitched the dark blue shorts deep into the labial and gluteal curves to form a second skin of delightful proximity to the original.
White cotton vest and ankle socks, and white shoes, completed the uniform. She splashed water on her face and looked into the mirror. Her eyes looked tired, the worry lying behind them evidence of her impending trauma.
The cane. She had never received the cane before. But then, prior to that morning, she had never even been spanked before. What would it be? Not six of the best, the number she had heard bandied round her dormitory? She hadn’t done enough to warrant six, surely. But there was always talk of ‘The Hyams Dozen’, alluding to Mr Hyams’ penchant for administering a full twelve strokes plus one with the chosen implement.
As she climbed the stairs to the landing she spotted Cheryl, also clad in gym kit, following her from the changing rooms.
‘You getting it too?’ she whispered as they reached the landing.
‘Yeah… got caught outside the grounds. Amanda said you get it bare bum, too,’ responded Cheryl.
Bare bum! With the cane! Melinda could not countenance the pain threshold she would shortly be experiencing. From one of the rooms off the landing, she heard the sudden, short Whrrpp! of a descending cane, and the sharp impact followed by a high-pitched yelp of pain. She raised her eyebrows in a questioning look at Cheryl.
‘It’s Suzanne, I think. She’ll be catching it in there.’
As if to confirm Cheryl’s comment, an even louder impact sounded through the door, and the scream of the suffering recipient was cut short by a harsh voice — a woman’s voice — ordering her to bend down again.
Mr Hyams appeared as if from nowhere and, grabbing Cheryl by the shoulder, pushed her in front of him into another room. A thick leather strap, cut into two or three tails at one end, was hanging from a thong round his waist.
Melinda heard him order: ‘Right, vest and pants off, and bend over that high stool, my girl. This leathering should teach you to think again…’ before the door slammed shut.
There was a pause, during which time the cane sliced down once again, and without warning a loud slap as the strap arrived for the first time across Cheryl’s naked rear-end. No responding yelp, another slap, and a high bleat of protest.
Melinda was so distracted by the alternate swish of the cane from one room and Cheryl’s bottom catching the tawse in another that she didn’t hear him come up behind.
‘Both rooms in use, eh? Right, into the bathroom, then. I haven’t got all evening.’
He was, as Melinda expected, carrying a long, slender length of malacca cane, which he swished menacingly through the air as he followed her into the large bathroom.
She turned to face him, back to the sink, as he sat on the edge of the bath. ‘Spanked you this morning, didn’t I?’
‘Yes, sir.’
‘Caning you this evening. Not a very good record is it?’
‘No, sir.’
‘Slip your braces off, girl.’ He noticed her enlarged nipples under the taut fabric of her vest, and saw her shiver. The room was indeed cool. He would have to warm it up.
‘Turn round, and take your knickers down,’ came the inevitable command. Melinda obeyed, and lifted her vest up.
‘Lift it up, Melinda, and face me.’
Once again, she was exposed to his salacious gaze, breasts bared, sex revealed.
‘Good. Very good.’ He pointed with the cane at her knickers.
‘Get ‘em down.’ Melinda pushed them further down her thighs.
‘Turn around and roll your vest up out of the way.’
It took Melinda some time to get the vest positioned as he wanted it, rolled into a neat sausage just below her bust. The light tan the summer had given her body identified clearly the area for chastisement, the pale creaminess recovered from its dawn chastisement.
‘Feet either side of the pedestal.’ The cane tapped to indicate how wide she should spread her legs. It was a large, old-style piece of porcelain. Melinda’s legs were well spread, and she bent slightly forward to grip the high taps with both hands.
A hand on her shoulder pushed her further forward, and the brush of the slick, wicked cane caused her to flinch. Melinda’s buttocks were well-fleshed, an appealing target crowning the firm thighs — parted now as demanded.
The cane rose, until by half-turning she could see it close to the ceiling. Less than a second after it disappeared from view, she experienced the first of six blazing, slicing, excruciating strokes across her bare bottom, the injustice and the pain combining to force tears into her eyes which dropped like a dripping tap into the sink below.


  1. What a cutie. If I was in Mr Hyams position she would be given more than just the cane before she sees Cheryl and Suzanne again.

    1. I do like the idea that multiple girls are being disciplined at the same time.

      And shortly, once the punishments are done, different sounds will be heard from each room...the moaning sounds of pleasure of the three disciplinarians.

    2. Yes indeed. Suzanne, Cheryl & Melinda all being dealt with simultaneously. Amanda sounds like she needs hitting too of course. It is a delight to hear different implements finding their girl targets & the yelps & protests.
      And then the uninvited sexual intercourse part of any punishment follows. I let them think it is more of a reformatory duty than a pleasure & though gratifying, the only sound made is the ongoing belittling of the girls, who only feel discomfort & the anxiety around possible unwanted impregnation.

    3. Far ‘more than just the cane’. Imagine the horror on the other girls’ faces when they find out that the routine punishment includes unwanted intercourse! Along with his lofty explanations while penetrating them that it is for their own good as it will deter them from consorting with boys their own age.

    4. By the way there is a better (I think) version of this story as Modus Vivendi published in December last year.

    5. Yes - I have added a comment on that page. Her expression in Modus Vivendi looks more resigned to the distress of what she is in for. We are also supplied there with some close-ups of her naked with an emphasis on the tits & nicely haired pussy with the obvious invitation to get at these as well as to cane her pretty bottom.

  2. Ah, thanks Fleas. This is the sequence I referred to in a post on the previous day’s post. Melinda looks much more distressed here and therefore more attractive to punish. The more distressed a girl becomes (tears are of course a good indicator, as are pleas for a cessation of hostility), the more she needs punishing by hitting with preferred implement and by all sexual means.

    Here I especially like the big tears splashing into the sink, and the implication of what’s coming next with that good long cane: 3rd last picture, and especially the second last picture where I imagine he is berating her inadequate breasts, and, pointing his cane at them, is letting her know those tits will not escape the cane: I can assure him that half a dozen aimed either side of the nipples does the trick. After that a girl will beg to commute any corporal punishment into your unlimited access at her pussy.

  3. Trying to look sexy in those shoes. You've got to love her. Bless.

  4. I always think of this chap as being the nastiest looking of all Blushes' middle aged disciplinarians. The sort of man whose presence alone would strike terror into the heart of a girl, and the one whom, of all the Blushes men, they would fear being dealt with by the most.

    1. Yes (mainly because Alan Bell stuck to videos - he was the best at belittling and degrading them, caning & controlling them).

    2. He has a couple of his signature touches in these two photosets: there’s a nice profile of her bare breast in otk; in another set with a different girl in otk, he holds her still by a handful of the breast firmly gripped. Secondly, we see in the set, this disciplinarian’s trussing a girl up in braces; he also does this in UG53, & with it being the same girl he hits in Blushes 38, one he really has it in for, he lifts her clean off the floor in her near non-existent shorts & braces, such that her labia are clearly visible as her vagina is parted by the material digging deep into her vulva.

  5. Yes I agree .. Mr. Hyams here appears, as I count it, dealing with 11 females at least across Blushes/NB/UG etc. I always sensed that he had contempt for the models .. "professional or otherwise" .. as the Blushes warning went.. and he showed it. He was at turns amused by their pathetic attempts to be sexy, as has been pointed out on this thread, disgusted and wearied by their dirty cunts (see .. perhaps the best example of contempt), and genuinely angry with them, with real power and indeed menace in his spanking. And yes they should have feared him and no doubt did. We need a return to this balance of power.

    1. Interesting - are you referring to the photographs or the narrative. If the former I fail to find any menace or ire or venom in him at all. Frankly he seems banal to the point of being risible.

      This was often my problem with the Blushes stable - a complete disconnect between the credibility of the pictures and the story they were purporting to portray.

    2. I admire your completism as I also have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the House of Blushes magazines & girls. I think the sequence you refer to is where our man is the archdeacon and vicar strip and punish Charlotte & Rosalind. (I would especially like to deal with Charlotte inside and out).

    3. Both girls have backsides begging to be given the full Blushes treatment. I love the photos in the bedroom where both could be exercised fully either singly or together .

    4. I agree. Rosalind looks fearful especially in the large colour picture of her bare breasts. Charlotte is the feistier of the two and she is tamed by the final picture where her full pubic bush is on display - I like her hair there as it makes her sexual parts all the more conspicuous. It is asking to be got at in a number of uncomfortable ways. Blushes 38 is a classic - in the bedroom, where he is clearly going to do exactly as he likes: I suggest sexual intercourse with each of them in turn while the other has to ridicule each girl’s body & performance. I also like earlier in the story where they are both bottoms up across the table in the living room - one could cane them all day long.

    5. I would have Charlotte on her back on the bed with her legs wrapped around Rosalind on all fours above her. That way they can kiss while I'm having Rosalind from behind. Incidentally I would have left the hot water bottle for at least another 15 minutes. Little slut would not have sat down for a week.

    6. I might choose to have Rosalind either sitting on Charlotte's face while I take her from behind (though in which entrance is a thing to ponder) or have her take Charlotte with a large strap-on while I continue to thrash her to encourage the driving of her hips.

    7. The second for me. I would send Rosalind out naked to hitch a lift with a little cap on saying 'for hire'. That would redefine a lorry jam, little whore

    8. He makes R & C share one pair of pajamas so we can always see Rosalind’s tits & Charlotte’s pussy. Having caned them both to tears so they are both still sobbing uncontrollably, I would say ‘you can both keep your pajamas on’ while I force myself into Charlotte’s thatched vagina while tawsing Rosalind’s tits.

  6. The photos.. I think it is inevitably subtle in Blushes compared to modern treatments given the time..but look at Mr. Hyams' grip on the slut's skimpy top in the double colour pics half way in this set, the tension and power in his body, and the look on his face as he looks at its bottom cheeks to land the can.. or see .. his hatred and contempt for the blond slut is clear, its facial expression brilliantly shows how it is not liking what's happening.. and the other slut in the bed is looking on askance.. I sense the sluts really didn't like him at all

    1. Yes Mr Hyams is good but the man for really putting a poppet in her place is the bearded guy in Re-oriention weekend (he also has the delectable role as the Inspector in UG45 and in Jane's training). He is very hard with his young ladies and focused on ensuring her disciplinary and his sexual needs are both met. Highlight having Jane both spanked and had by the waiter in Blushes 70. Bet we all put a young lady of our acquaintse in that predicament in our minds!

    2. You're obviously seeing something in him that I do not. He does not look contemptuous any more than she looks genuinely scared. They look like poor, overstaged actors. I don't get much sense of the real about them at all.

    3. The above post about the featured male disciplinarian above in a different sequence where he shows his ‘hatred & contempt for the blonde’ & ‘her facial expression showing she’s not liking what’s happening’ while the brunette ‘in the bed looks askance’. This is in Blushes 38. He is getting cross there because she’s squirming & writhing away from his otk spanking, & she’s trying to free her wrists which he rightly has pinned in the middle of her back. She insists on a defiant grimace. The plus of all this childish writhing is that it affords close-up views of ‘her soft, damp glistening inner lips’. He dislikes this pretty blonde more than he does the girl in the bathroom sink drama & linked story. In Blushes 38 he does look like he is about to quieten her down properly by pushing her on the single bed he’s sitting on & showing her who’s boss with an intra-spanking unwanted bout of intercourse. Pop Blushes 38 in Fleas search engine on this blog.

    4. Rosalind, the dark one, also gets a good dose of the tawse in a Desirable Property. As a nice touch in this one she is then 'loaned out' as a deal closer. Treating a girl in this way is a big turn, no rights just there to be used and abused as required.

    5. Yes & her tits are punished in a nice sequence where she has to lower them at the nipples onto a scalding hot water bottle.
      (Remind me in which issue a Desirable Property is in & I’ll look it up - has Fleas posted it too; didn’t come up under that heading in his search facility).

    6. Sorry it's actually called Bargain Price in Blushes 58. I would definitely have overpaid to get my hands all over that little slut for a while. She wouldn't have known which was was up by the time I'd finished with her.

    7. Ah yes, I know it. If I was Mr Congreve I would insist on the full month of Susan to clinch the bargain for Mr Minley. In that month I would get at her bottom constantly with tawse & cane as well as helping myself at her pussy & tits. Teach her to go around with her pussy on show.

    8. Susan had one the best backsides in Blushes, after a month with me she might not think that was a good thing!

    9. She does. Jane In Company Policy Blushes31 was number one for me - though lots of the girls come equal second! Jane with her nightie pulled over her head in B 31 with her tits sagging forward as she is pushed over a chair back: I could cane her bottom & thighs hundreds of times. The trick is never compliment them on their attributes (in fact criticise them) & this keeps them sulky after the early defiance of course.

    10. I loved it when he took her to bed afterwards and compared it to breaking in a filly. Hilary/Nicola number one for me (UG 45/49) with young lady from a Wayward Wife and Green Gables a very close second. Both screaming out to be caned and had.

    11. Yes I agree with the filly reference in Blushes31. As it was my very first Blushes Magazine, I was so impressed by how calmly he treats Jane in Company Policy as someone who will have absolutely no say in what happens - progressing exactly as he wants from meeting her for the first time to caning her bare bottom to intercourse. It would be good to do this with a different teenage girl every afternoon. He gets the go ahead from her mum on the phone.
      I also like that he gets annoyed with her when her bare bottom recoils in pain causing one of his 6 stripes ‘the 5th was it?’ to cross the others. Like him I like the cane cuts to be equally spaced on the girl flesh or ‘target’ as he calls it. Above all though I love the nightie pulled over her head in one ‘smooth’ action so she can’t see the whippy cane, but we can see her lovely bottom & rather fat but likeable tits - they look lovely in the hanging position. I would be sure to insult them - calling them fatits always adds to a girl’s blushes.
      I will look again at the fillies you recommend.

    12. Please do, I would enjoy your views both on their relative merits as potential trainees and your other favourite girls. Gillian, who is forced to take cod liver oil by her Uncle, is a filly I would enjoy riding.

    13. Hilary/ Nicola story is very good indeed. The whole family has to do as told under threat of custodial sentence - ironically for not looking after the daughter properly. He shows that this specifically means more groping of her pussy in front of them all, teaching her dad to punish her bare bottom (obviously this arouses him; of course, because she looks like her mum who presumably he fornicates with a lot - he should be caning her too).
      Correctly the inspector canes & penetrates mum. I would think his next instructions would include making dad watch while he forces sexual intercourse on first the daughter & then mum.

    14. Both mother and daughter should expect to be in disciplinary detention at one of the numerous reformatory training institutions by the weekend.

    15. For a lengthy stay.. Hilary/Nicola is just asking for it. I would have that uniform off and those plump cheeks ablaze in no time flat. If she waves her legs in the air as photo 21 in that provactive fashion she shouldn't be surprised to have to stay on her back for her afters.

    16. Photos 32-34 Mr Finford should push Sophie's face right into Nicola's trim brown puss, have her cool that blazing peach down in 33 and then in 34, ' Yes Nicola, there are four gentleman downstairs wanting entertainment. They have paid a good price and if they are not happy with your performance I'll have the skin off your backside you little bitch.
      Oh dear Nicola/Hilary what a couple of days are readers are giving you.

    17. For an extremely lengthy - extended - stay. Eventually they should be brought together to witness each other's experiences of discipline before they are 'put together'.

    18. By the way what's your view on Elaine the Green Gables bitch. I like that she's made to dance knickerless and in stockings and heels in the garden. Naturally the dancing is not good enough , naturally she gets the cane and naturally...well she is a very attractive young lady!

    19. I insist on the backs of legs being caned & she is a prime candidate. Her bare thighs are made for the cane. They tend to howl and start crying when you cane there. The backs of her long legs would keep me very busy, such that I might not deal with her bare bottom at all in some sessions (maybe even only pulling the regulation navy schoolgirl knickers to one side just to have unwanted intercourse from behind, before getting back to hitting those delicious thighs).
      Will post you my top ten Blushes girls. Your choice certainly ranks high in the thighs to be caned very hard category.

    20. Look forward to it

    21. My top 10;
      1. Hilary/Nicola as above. Tragic that she only appeared in two photosets . I would love to see some more of her..
      2. Elaine from Green Gables, also in the Wayward Wife, Alpine Girls Club. Nice arse, big puppy eyes.
      3. Gillian, what can we say, wore a uniform well, looked like she put out - not sure how happily.
      4. The little blonde in a Social Conscience amongst others (not sure my conscience would be to the forefront if I had charge of her!).
      5. Sandra, in Lessons for Sandra, nice tits, good legs, plump puss well displayed.
      6. Wendy Collings, Mr Filchards Bottom Line, and some good femdom stuff. Nice pert arse and I love the fact we actually know who she is..Wonder if she keeps any old copies of Blushes lying around at home to show the neighbours!
      7. Barbara, in Special Detention amongst others. Pretty pouty face, fills her uniform out well.
      8. Alison, from Public Relations Work, just because...
      9. Nicola from a Trip with Mr Kincardine, perfect backside for the strap and just looks so appetising.
      10. Sally, from Sally's First Lesson amongst others. Always cried so easily, a real fidget and for the line 'time I had you in bed'.

    22. A perfect intake for a new term at St Angela's. 'Line up girls, skirts up, knickers down and let's have a proper look at you. Right Elaine, you first, Room 2a Miss, no leave your knickers where they are, shuffle young lady, shuffle.'

    23. I would like to enlist all of your views on visiting the young ladies above and recommending appropriate discipline for them.

    24. My top 15 from House Of Blushes ( so excluding Janus etc, Fessee, Strictly Uniforms, Obey etc etc (Though the Roue 6 girl has to be included as it pertains to the best cp magazine cover).

      The order varies depending on criteria I feel at any given time.

      1 Jane Blushes31
      2 Maureen Supplement 5
      3 Amanda Blushes 56
      4 Janet Roue 6
      5 Julie Blushes 15
      6 Susie Supplement 34
      7 Valerie Blushes 6 & 7
      8 Emma Uniform 2.2
      9 Sophie Uniform 40
      10 Charlotte Uniform 53
      11 Jill Supplement
      12 Christine Blushes 17
      13 Cindy Uniform 29
      14 Susan Whispers 4
      15 Tanya Blushes 65

    25. * 11 Jill Supplement 27

    26. Sophie is also Gillian in Taking her Medicine and also plays a rather fetching red Indian squaw in one story. In all of them she gets a well warmed backside and some time over on her back putting out.
      Emma I like, she gets a most unpleasant time in Toy Girl where the driver has some fun and games at her expense. I would like more details as to what went on during her visit to the other gentleman in this one. Fantastic chubby backside begging to have a cane streaked across it.
      Julie, yes, great photoshoot, loved the fact that she is told to wear stockings for his pleasure, also that her husband does not take no for an answer. She strikes me as the sort of girl who would benefit from the treatment dished out in the story 'Not Gainfully Employed'.

    27. In Taking her Medicine Blushes Supp 24, you mean Joanna. Not same girl as Sophie - Joanna has good tits but doesn’t make my top 15. Her bottom & pussy are no more than ok.

      You’re right that Emma is also Janet in Toy Girl. (She was a Blushes regular as she has a very good pussy, bottom & tits. She also has very attractive expressions in distress & is in tears in one photoset where she looks great.
      In Toy Girl she looks especially good in the picture where her clothes are all over the place and her knickers are round her ankles: it looks like she’s just evaded a caning by accepting an all-over groping & unwanted intercourse. Her face is a picture & the tears are about to roll down her sad little features.

      You’re right about Julie. She does need the caning and double unwanted intercourse like the girl in Not Gainfully Employed. So does Maureen from my list, as they both have the same pretty & pouty look which can make us keen to sort them out inside & out.

    28. From Janus:
      Nicola Redway
      Sophie Fennington
      Wendy East
      Alice Janus 60, 74 & 75
      Helen Daniels Janus 152,154 & 163
      Belinda Lane
      Natalie Janus 132, 133 & 138
      Andrea White Janus 76
      Juliet Tessler/Lucy Bailey
      Paula Meadows
      Jilly Waistrose (Moral Welfare)
      Bambi Janus 29 & 30 - mainly because she was the sort of a girl I was spanking at the time.
      Diana Parsons The Punishment Officer z Janus 20

    29. No Sophie is Gillian in All for Gillian, effectively the same story as Taking her Medicine but with much better pictures.

    30. She is indeed. Gillian in All For Gillian is also on the cover of Blushes 27 & features inside. She has a lovely pussy & tits. She also takes a serious groping right through Tutoring Gillian: I love the discomfort on her face when he just shoves his hand in her knickers to grab her pussy.

  7. The chap doing the caning above will always be fine by me - he was on duty in the first Blushes magazine I saw. Blushes31 converted me from boring girlie mags where we were meant to be grateful for seeing their pussies and tits. With Blushes 31 I found what I wanted - the cover had a fully-clothed much older man and a young woman nervously looking away. I opened the magazine to find distressed expressions and hands pinned behind backs. The girls’ pussies and tits were at all angles as they were punished. They were at the beck and call of older men as it should be, not giving the impression they were in charge. So, for me, it doesn’t matter which Blushes disciplinarian is in the photographs as long as the girls are being shown the hostility they deserve.

  8. Re ‘tension & power in his body’ & ‘his contempt & anger’ with the girl in the above pics. That’s why when you’re expressing that hostility with ever harsher cuts of the cane on bare girl flesh, it makes perfect sense to suddenly add unwanted sexual intercourse. It’s a sudden shock to them & releases the contempt felt towards them. You can always continue to cane them straight afterwards or if there are two of you, your colleague can continue the corporal punishment elsewhere on her naked body while you are copulating.

    1. This is exactly why I'm suggesting that the pictures fail to represent the sharp intensity of the words. I just don't get any of this from the photos.

    2. The optimum way to put a girl in her place for the 2-person punishment of unwanted penetration & continued hitting is - push her onto all fours, head forwards, tits swinging. Cane the bottom & down the backs of her legs, switch suddenly to intercourse from her behind making sure the thrusts mean there is abrasive contact with her bottom & thighs (right up against the cane stripes like sandpaper on sunburn). The other chap can tawse her swinging breasts as they bounce about in response to the shoves of intercourse.

    3. Involving multiple people always increases the girls humiliation. I wouldn't stop at two, I always find servicing a full dozen really puts a girl in her place.

    4. Personally I'd want her on her back for sex whilst her tits are whipped, preferably with her head over the edge of the bed or bench so her mouth is available.

    5. Having multiple men come all over her face and tits and then being paraded around the supermarket has a salutary effect in keeping them in line

  9. Well I certainly agree on the hostility required - what I sense with Blushes is that the range of gentlemen concerned clearly dealt with 'slut after slut after slut' over several years. They had the venues, an endless supply of sluts, and a shared view on approach, which was basically to humiliate them and reduce them to little more than 'tits and pussy'(and arsehole). There is just an atmosphere of seeing women as sluts for our use which was great. Maybe the basis for a new Volume of Blushes, with some harder edges to reflect modern techniques -

  10. I agree. Take the above pictures- it is about much more than hurting the naked young girls by hitting their bare bottoms. Blushes shows us the tits and pussy - suggesting we hurt these too until they cry.
    Well done Blushes. The invitation is clear. Hit girls & do whatever you like to distress them - I agree that includes forced sexual intercourse - I first saw Blushes when I was 25, I always liked the idea the girls weren’t remotely attracted to the much older men & I always loved the idea they didn’t want to undress in front of them & sometimes had the clothes forcibly removed (the top-heavy girl in UG53 for example). Once naked & during and after hitting them, of course I would push aside their protests and come inside them, all the more so because they looked distressed, are in tears & pleading for it to stop.

  11. I wholeheartedly endorse many of the comments above. One of the things which put Blushes head and shoulders above its competitors was its no nonsense realism. The men doing the punishing didn't hesitate to show the hostility and contempt that these young sluts so richly deserved and which, if most men were as honest as we are, we all feel about the scantily clad harlots polluting our city streets. No, unlike some of the tamer magazines around at the time, there was never any pretense that the girls were enjoying themselves. They suffered and were humiliated, exactly as they deserved.

    1. Well said Harold. I am glad you agree with my above comments. From the start, Blushes makes sure the girls are ‘got at’ to use their words ‘get at the pussy’ ‘maul the tits’ ‘grope their bottoms’ absolutely without their consent. From there, hit them hard with a whippy cane & then enforce sexual intercourse. They kindly provided us with a great supply of naked girls looking pretty but very distressed at the hostility they deserve.

    2. Yes, Blushes 6 & 7 with Valerie is for the purists. 6 suggested Valerie would receive unwanted sexual intercourse, and in issue 7, she’s seen having it enforced. When I say purists I mean true to Blushes original intentions in the early magazines, Valerie wasn’t somehow tempted to enjoy it & then feel humiliated for doing so as she linked it to the unwanted corporal punishment. No, that’s convoluted nonsense. She is not aroused. It is irrelevant whether her vaginal lubricants are available to ease the male member up into position to inseminate her. She is seen from in front as the man punishing her is about to shove a finger load of Vaseline into her unprepared vulva. Then we see her contorted distressed face as he jabs his erect penis into her and comes. She is not expecting this sexual punishment at all and is not given time to become aroused. He doesn’t want her to. Her face is pictured twice while he is in her from behind and she looks shocked and in deep distress as she is horrified that this much older and unattractive man is coming deep inside her. She hates it. He isn’t bothered if she’s pregnant but she feels sick thinking she might be.

    3. In that case I am definitely a purist! One of my all time favourites was called something like 'Training A Wife' it is on here somewhere a couple of years back. In it a gentleman has acquired himself a younger wife from a conservative background. The wedding night is rather memorable. Not only does he introduce her to the cane he then proceeds to deflower her in a completely unprepared state. Later he will make love to her in a more conventional manner and bring her to orgasm but only so she will forever be on edge not knowing what is coming.

    4. Harold, cocking & coming right up a teenage first-timer is a paragon of punishment. Wife in Training merited lots of pictures of her in pain as he rightly ignored her sensitivity completely & his ‘long hard strokes’ punched through her hymen and inseminated her. The pain of the erect male penis is reflected in the delightful distress in a young face and the tears also contribute to one coming all the more,

      I have no idea why he allowed her to enjoy his ejaculation on any occasion.Why? She deserved no more than a tee-shirt saying ‘I’ve only been cocked once. It really hurt and now look at me’ for all to see public that she’s been impregnated, with ‘cane my bare bottom’ on the back.

      I like that he applies the cane to her ‘tender’ thighs. The breasts are also a tender target.
      He had a chance to cane her inner thighs when she was on the gynae couch having her vagina fully inspected (presumably with a cold stainless steel speculum) so he knew she was virgin tight for her first insemination. He wanted to hurt her as much as possible and rightly didn’t want a used vagina.

      I think he rues the day he allowed her to sometimes have intercourse lubricated by her own enjoyment of it. He gives the game away when he says she was at her most enjoyable when his friend comes inside her despite her reluctance. It is better a girl is reluctant as it aligns with the pain & distress of the rest of the punishment.
      (Thanks for directing us back to this story Harold)

    5. Well that would be your view of things.

      For myself I love the delicious knife edge on which he has her living, un-sure what awaits her, pain or pleasure, at his whim.

      It makes her realise she is completely beholden to him, completely at his mercy (or, frequently, otherwise) completely subject to his caprice and the vagaries of his mood.

      I think he teaches her the perfect lesson in submission so that she become subject entirely to his appetites, knowing that she belongs to him and that he can ask - no demand - anything of her; such as submitting to his friends and I assume, such delightful humiliations as public nudity, discipline and sex, including, I would hope, appearances at a local Gentleman's Club; and of course assimilation of lesbian sex - hopefully under the supervision of an experienced dominatrix.

      And there will be nothing she can do about it because she will have learned that her sexuality is completely and utterly controlled and formed by him.

    6. I think we can all agree that in the end it comes down to the wishes of the gentleman. There is something thrilling about the thought that she starts to crave those rare moments of release from her usual regime of pain and humiliation. This provides a marvelous opportunity for further shame letting her know what a filthy whore she is. For a conservatively brought up young lady this would be especially distressing.

    7. Yes Harold, I see your point. Thanks. I think after a girl had briefly enjoyed being a shameful whore, I would quickly have to demean her again with an extra harsh caning and take her out in public with a pair of knickers pinned to her top. For any members of the public asking for an explanation she will say she’s just been allowed to come but is not allowed to put her knickers back on for the rest of the day because her pussy is too wet with come.

    8. 'after a girl had briefly enjoyed being a shameful whore'

      This is exactly the point - she _should_ enjoy it! And the fact that she does should shame her all the more.

    9. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 03:31

      I like to think that she doesn't actually crave her 'release' rather she is confused and embarrassed by her reactions. Reduced to squalling and squealing like a bitch on heat in front of an audience is often more of an ordeal than the caning that precedes it. Even more blush making is the running commentary she can hear as she is brought on, ' well really Hilary what a way for a young lady to behave', ' totally shameless her mother was the same', 'needs another dose of the cane if you ask me', 'needs putting on her back and putting in her place'...

    10. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 03:35

      Then afterwards feeling drained and wrung out Hilary is 'persuaded' into the corner there to stand hands on head and up on her toes while lots are drawn on who is taking her upstairs first to 'put her to bed'.

    11. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 03:41

      Afterwards as she is escorted out of the lounge by the 'winner' ,shuffling awkwardly with her 'navy blues' still round her ankles and her hands still on her head, her peachy hot posterior firmly cupped she has to listen to the ribald shouts of the others. 'Mind she performs properly', ' leave the door open we want to hear her moans', 'no ripping the sheets with your heels young lady', 'make her keep her uniform on, it's my turn next'...

    12. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 03:50

      Finally, a number of hours later (well servicing six gentleman and three ladies is never going to be quick - though thoughtfully three of the gentleman went up at the same time), Hilary is returned downstairs, her uniform is still partially on - although a little bedraggled - and her face is smeared with who knows what. The final ordeal is to stand in the middle of the room, on legs that barely function, to have her performance critiqued. A further strapping is administered and then finally she is sent to bed. 'Early start for you in the morning young lady, you're going to Uncle's for the weekend'...

    13. Excellent - I'm sure her uncle will have a very busy weekend planned for her. It will be very good for her. Young trollops need to be kept busy.

      Now who's next? It's Nicola and her mother isn't it?

      Come in both of you - quickly now! Don't you both look lovely in your uniforms?

      Right - hands on your heads - backs straight - come on - push your tits out - and up on your toes.

      Now who wants to deal with Nicola first and who wants mum?

    14. Well mum had just spent a month in disciplinary detention for her annual refresher so she should be nicely obedient - let's have her knickers off and get her arse warmed up - start her with the strap.

    15. And Nicola - let's have you over this nice lady's lap to start. You're going for your lesbian training next week so it well be good for you.

      Now drop your knickers girl!

    16. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 06:57

      Pretty little Nicola Haydon from 'Reorientation Weekend'. If you want to see a girl holding an excellent posture to be lathered and shaved check out this young lady in photo 26 from this set. I suspect the tension, excitement and the feel of the shaving brush might cause a knee shaking orgasm. Woe betide her if she let's go of the doorframe however...

    17. I think they're better on their backs thi be shaved. Easier to get them into more positions so you can get into every crease and fold.

    18. Inspector Rudkin18 August 2019 at 22:35

      Yes, once shaved a full check for responsiveness can also be instigated. Quite pretty to have them writhing, wriggling and hip twisting on their backs for hour after hour.

    19. And very instructively humiliating for them to learn to understand that they are not in charge of their pleasure - that they can be manipulated and masturbated under supervision, and kept on the edge of orgasm. And they have no control over it.

      Bet of course if all this is done whilst being watched by an audience making observations and suggestions as to her condition.

      'Open her lips - let's see right up inside her...'

      'You know...have you got a speculum to hand - that way we can see right up her?'

      'Pinch her clitoris again - that makes her squirm!'

      'Let's see what she does with a finger up her bum at the same time...oh yes look at the little slut wriggle now!'

      'Listen to her moaning!'

      'The poor poppet wants to come I think!'

      'Oh dear. Listen to that - the trollop's going to need another strapping after this. '

      'Yes, but don't wait. You should strap her that position - with your fingers up inside her - that'll get her really wriggling!'

      'Oh yes - that's the stuff! She doesn't know if she's going or coming...ha! Ha! Ha!'

    20. Inspector Rudkin19 August 2019 at 03:16

      Lovely stuff. They should be made to ask permission to come and, afterwards while they lay drained and twitching their hips on their backs, the should ask to be had. Please sir, I need to be exercised now...

    21. Yes!

      'Be sure to work her hard old man...the trollop needs really good hard riding...get her working...legs a she tight? If not perhaps your should try her arse eh? Now you don't mind if I use her mouth at the same time do you?'

  12. I‘ve written a new story set in the world of blushes. Specifically in the genre of National domestic service following on from the first story in this blog „Girl Training 1998“. Where would be the best place on the web to publish this. All advice appreciated.

    1. Exclusive preview for Fleas blog readers required - put it as a post under Girl Training 1998.

    2. Inspector Rudkin12 August 2019 at 02:38

      Oh yes please Mr Mason I would love to see that..

    3. I think it is too long to put in a comment. I've published it to a blog. This is a rough draft & please be nice as it is my first effort. Have a look at:

    4. Inspector Rudkin12 August 2019 at 23:12

      It's very good, will you be encouraging contributions from guest writers. I would be most keen to set Hilary and Nicola to work recording their experiences under cane, strap and gentlemen.

    5. Yes - very good and plenty of room to develop further. I will be interested to read more.

    6. Hi Inspector, Yes I'm more than happy to get guest contributions - not least as can't write stories all that quick. People can feel free to let me know what you think of the stories or how to improve them. Will tidy up the published story (give it a proper ending) and start writing the next one.

    7. Lovely story and great to see another fan of Girl Training 1998 which I take to be the inspiration. I have posted a few along similar lines on Fetlibrary under the monicker SadoMisogynist. You might like to consider posting yours there when it is finished.

    8. I had a look at them Harold, excellent stories. Far more developed than my humble efforts. I shall put them up on that site when they are in a fit state.

    9. I am glad you enjoyed them I really think you should share your story Girl Training 1998 was an important story for many of us and we all wonder how it might have developed.
      You may also enjoy my BDSMLR blogs
      and The former details a future utopia in which we have regained control and the lives of young females are rigorously policed. There is a strict modesty code which they can't help violating meriting severe punishment, and young women are required to pay weekly community service visits to lonely seniors.

  13. One of my favourite fillies is Georgina
    Tomkins from the appropriately titled
    "Mr Faltnoy's new filly " in Blushes no
    74.A gorgeous and realistic looking schoolgirl model,st least in my opinion.
    Anyone know if this girl appeared in any other photo sets,either for Blushes
    or other magazines ?

    1. She appears with the same gentleman on the cover of Blushes 19 - ‘cover picture from a story in Blushes Supplement 13’ where he upends her in white suspenders and a pink top for a bare-bottom caning on a shiny dining table, on her back with her legs up.
      She also appears as a girl as a girl guide in another photoset.
      As is also posted she’s in Girl in a Sink.

    2. The Girl in A Sink pictures are also in Saint Cecilia’s Blushes 23 (on this blog 28 May 2018) where she is slippered on her bare bottom sprawled out in such a way that her bare chubby breasts are squashed onto the draining board

    3. The girl guide photos are my favourite of her: the one of her little white knickers being pulled down; the hand held out as if it might fend off the cane at the bare bottom; and especially the ones with his hands inside the blue guides blouse, groping her tits. He also makes her stand with her hands on her head, pussy on display, for an hour.
      See Guide Lines on this blog 15 March 2017 & in Blushes Uniform Girls Number 11.

  14. Inspector Rudkin12 August 2019 at 23:15

    Thought the idea of fillies and setting up discrete little stables was a very good one. Yes she is in a number of stories and I think makes a very fetching 'girl in a bath' in one. Where is she on your top 10 unknown?

  15. Thanks to everyone who posted info on
    "Georgina".My all time top ten of naughty models and actresses tends to
    fluctuate a bit depending on my mood but here are the ten who are virtually
    always in there.

    1:Karen Gillan.
    2:Billie Piper.
    3:Antonia Du Bois.
    4:Wendy East.
    5:Demi Rose Mawby.
    6:Kendall Jenner.
    7:"Georgina Tomkins".
    8:Ariana Grande.
    9:Emma Thompson.
    10:Kylie Jenner.

    Anyone else have a multi media top ten
    list ?

    1. My list of top 15 Blushes girls is further up in this thread. Georgina is not in the list as she is too short for my tastes. This would not prevent me from caning her naked.
      I stick to the magazine girls & do not have a view on ‘celebrities’

    2. A top 10 is certainly easier than a top 3. Still tricky though.
      Susanna Reid
      Jess Ennis-Hill
      Naga Munchetty
      Nicola Redway
      Sophie Fennington
      Karen Gillan
      Wendy East
      Alex Kingston
      Lily James
      Helen Daniels

    3. My top 10

      1). Joanna from Girl Training 1998
      2). Mandy from Video Lessons
      3). Janice from Februs 27 (same model also appeared in a couple of Janus sets)
      4). Nicola Redway
      5). Lisa from Janus 92 "Ritual Of Conjugation"
      6). Brenda from Janus 101-2 'Working Weekend'

      I think in general Janus and Februs had the better looking models (heresy I know) but such a shame they didn't put their talents to better use.

      As to celebs

      1). Ana Cheri (Garcia) (that bum could really take a pounding).
      2). Denise Schieffer (sweet and innocent looking- fun to corrupt)
      3). Demi Rose Mawby (those tits need a good going over)

      4). Adrienn Levai (fake tits unfortunately but a very spankable bottom and clearly in need of discipline)

    4. You are obviously much more up to date with the currently popular doxies than I.

    5. Well I do pay careful attention to current affairs. When the New Moral Order arrives I hope that I am asked to play a role identifying suitable candidates for Reform and Rehabilitation. Those particular young ladies should be top of the list. The regime may even reward my sense of civic responsibility by permitting me to visit them, while they are incarcerated

  16. Re: My top ten list above.Choice number
    nine was meant to be Emma Watson,not
    Emma Thompson.Blimey!!
    Clearly,I was having a 'senior moment'
    ...quite literally.

  17. Ah. I did wonder. Not that I'd have minded having Emma Thompson under my cane 30 years ago!

    Yes Emma Watson would, I imagine, squeal and wriggle and kick; and colour up quite nicely when she feels the strap and the cane across her bottom.