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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Tiffany Jones 3 — Little Red Apples part 1

The final film in the trilogy — first of two parts.
M /2f; year: 2003; time: 50 minutes
The conclusion of the Tiffany Jones trilogy where she works for the CP author Mr Foster. Tiffany and blond actress Mel Penny, who is Foster’s admin assistant, both in tennis attire, scale a high iron gate, providing the obvious upskirt views. On a clay court, we see neither actress can really play the game, but they provide lots of bend-overs, and their undies are not what we recall at Wimbledon.
Mel, as Wendy, loses their match, so Tiffany spanks her over the net. [heavy traffic noises here and often] The girls gambol around in the fields, wrestle in the weeds, trying to spank each other. Both girls are intoxicated with CP from their exposure to Foster’s work. Tiffany: ‘You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? That’s why you lost… you’ve been reading my research for Mr Foster’s new book and you’re acting it out.’
Wendy collects red apples in her skirt (more bend-overs) when the landowner, the very same guy who had an encounter with Tiffany in part 2, catches her, a trespasser. He slaps at Wendy’s bottom as he marches her to the shed we’ve seen before, while her hands are occupied holding the skirt-full of apples. Tiffany sneaks along watching. The landowner begins an OTK handspanking — Tiffany watching through a window [aircraft flies over]. In Part 2, Tiffany, when she was an interloper, prompted this man through CP procedures — now he is too addicted.
The landowner takes Wendy’s tennis knickers down and cocks her bottom, thoroughly into spanking. Tiffany plays with herself as she watches. Fun in the woodshed. ‘Nearly apple red,’ the guy exclaims of his handiwork. He releases her and calls Tiffany inside. ‘You again… you didn’t learn from the last time… stick it out… right out.’ Tiffany seems to be resonating with the spanking. ‘You deserve a spanking every day.’ A breathy ‘Yes.’ This is almost completely sexual.
He calls Wendy and lines the two bottoms side by side, alternately spanking and rubbing, a long scene. The girls are released, find and enter a swimming pool enclosed in a bubble, cavort in the water, strip down to knickers, providing ample underwater wet panty shots. When Tiffany steps outside in just her knickers to dry their clothes, she is captured by the same landowner, taken into his games room, where he begins a long and very sexy spanking and caning of Tiffany, where she writhes, eventually nude, long hair flowing, in the centre of his billiard table, the most erotic and provocative we have seen of Miss Jones. High praises for her squirming cultured body and this whole scene in the panelled billiard room. The CP is mild and filled with sexual feeling. Wendy, a vision in wet and well-fitted panties, finds them, is given a sexy man-shirt to wear for the moment, and is taken to another room.
The landowner spanks her then switches to the cane. ‘Oh, no, not the cane.’ She tries to seduce the landowner for ‘some other arrangement’ and they roll on the bed. Tiffany is seen writhing on the pool table, playing with herself, incomplete, and needing consummation. She joins the two on the bed for a tussle (we hope the springs are good.)
Tiffany and the landowner decide to cane Wendy together — first about a dozen from Tiffany, the hardest of the film, and a testimony to her resume as a CP actress. Then a dozen from the landowner, before we are back on the bed for the conclusion which isn’t shown.
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  1. Holy heck. That woodshed scene!!

  2. Enough to confirm us all as pygophilous indeed - who wouldn’t like these bottoms bared and reddened by hand.

  3. First vid I saw! It's been a favourite ever since.