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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Tiffany Jones 2 — Caught in the Act

The second film in the trilogy.
2M/f; time: 50 minutes
Part 2 of the actress Tiffany Jones trilogy, where Tiffany does clerical work for a CP writer and fantasizes her participation in his stories she transcribes. The first 11 minutes repeat from part 1, Paperback Writer. Tiffany is caught by a neighbour masturbating in a field while she listens to a tape.
She convinces the neighbour to listen himself; she didn’t know she had trespassed, and suggests there must be ‘another way’ to settle this offense. The neighbour sees his opportunity, and they march off to his woodshed — he whacks her bottom as they walk. The neighbour has gotten into the fantasy and asks what should happen next. ‘If this was one of Mr Foster’s stories, I would bend over the table like this.’
Skirt up, the neighbour spanks on white panties. She gyrates and grinds in return. [external traffic noises nearly overwhelm the dialogue] Pants down, her ladyship on display, her hips surge. A mirror reflects her face, although poorly lit. The neighbour has an awesome paddle, a sort of short thick cricket bat, with a handle. This would level any playing field. The paddle covers both cheeks, 6 moderate strokes, closeups. He has his fun and lets her go.
Tiffany swims in the nude in an enclosed bubble pool — keeping her long brown hair mostly dry. The scene is filmed in classic nymph-in-pool nudie style, with a focus on Tiffany’s photogenic bottom, slick and wet, popping in and out of the water; the locale is used as a respite between spankings. We enjoy these interregnum scenes — undressing, shower, pool, etc.
Author Foster catches her swimming — she is supposed to be working. He throws her bra and panties into the water for her to put on, setting up the spanking-on-wet-panties scenario. He writes in the genre and knows about these things. He drags her into the shallows and begins spanking her over the pool edge, loud wet slaps ring in the enclosed bubble.
In a new scene — Strictly English does an exemplary job with sets and locales — in an antiqued, panelled billiard room, paddles, straps, and a cane are arranged on the green felt. Tiffany reports in a red towel. Foster takes her OTK, she carefully preserves the towel; white pants down again, she is scolded as she is spanked. He is collecting data and ‘wants your reaction.’ She is asked to select an implement, chooses a huge leather paddle and repositions OTK for some very hard full-bottom smacks.
She then picks the reformatory strap; bending over a chair, full jewels on display, she admits she has left his spanking novel dictation tape in the neighbour’s woodshed. So much for his secret career. This is no longer spanking research, but now punishment.
Across a hassock, towel off, naked, panties at thighs, for a thinner strap. ‘My neighbours didn’t know about my other writing — until today.’ To boot, it was the neighbour’s gardener, masquerading as the landowner, who got Tiffany’s pants off in the woodshed. Foster adds a big tawse to her experience.
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  1. Great shots of her pussy from behind and her tits hanging or squashed down on the table.
    Not usually a fan of the girl enjoying her caning.
    I think I might make an exception & who would not oblige with what she clearly wants next?

  2. I recall from other videos that she had a full bush of pubic hair and plenty that showed from behind. When she is caned she really arches her back and shows her pussy and that would be the time to deliver the next stroke! Ted

    1. Agreed. To bare a bottom, we also bare the pussy as the knickers are cleared from the target. Revealing their pussy humiliates them - especially as they open their legs involuntarily in convulsions and writhings.

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  4. amazed how much of her pussy she displays certainly kept me right palm busy this morning lol