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Sunday, 7 July 2019

The Uniform Series 7 — Cassie the Soccer Star

I’m posting this photo-story from Janus 125 as a tribute to the Women’s World Cup Final taking place today and all the wonderful players who have taken part in the competition. I think we all might have views on how the referee could have dealt with the lovely but cheeky Alex Morgan after her tea-drinking celebration...

I am guessing this feature dates from 1998 as the model is in an England strip and being managed by "Glyn Haddle". The writer of this brief text seems to have taken on the challenge of cramming as many puns and double-entendres in as they possibly could.

Maybe I’ll post some other stories from the Janus Uniform Series in the future…
It was every girl’s dream wasn’t it; playing at Wembley? But for Cassie Oliver the dream turned into a nightmare. A packed stadium; a roaring crowd; three lions on her shirt; England 1, Outer Mongolia 1; penalty shoot-out; over the bar; defeat; shame… she even refused to swap her shirt when the teams trooped off.
Cassie wouldn’t be dropped because she was good at the back. No, she was excellent at the back and coach Glynn Haddle knew it.
More likely it would be the extra training routine and a rearguard defence. Haddle knew a good thing when he saw one and specialised in attacking from the rear. Putting Cassie through her paces meant staying behind after all the other players had left — in four-wheel drives and hot hatches, to mock Tudor houses in darkest Essex. It was a tough job but someone had to do it.
Fretful, Cassie changed into newly laundered strip — Coach Haddle insisted his girls looked the part at all times. Funny old cove really; he didn’t go in for those trendy, fashionable baggy shorts. No Haddle’s theory was that the briefer variety caused less drag when the girls had to stretch their legs. He insisted that tighter shorts would improve their form.
Personally, Cassie couldn’t see it, her shorts fitted so tightly across her bottom that it looked like a crowded penalty area in injury time.
When Haddle walked into the changing room, Cassie had just finished dressing and was concentrating on doing 351 ‘keepie-uppies’ with the match ball. She was his star defender and he had to admit the girl knew how to juggle balls. Naturally, he preferred the whole team to practise hard, but Cassie was especially tight at the back and a session of extra training always helped to loosen her up.
He flexed the leather strap and the girl looked at it like Alan Shearer counting his wage packet. There was no doubt about it, it was the infamous ‘striker’ from the team’s penalty box. Only the truly bad girls had to defend against the ‘striker’!
‘Now then young Cassie,’ Haddle started, ‘I think we had better get to the bottom of why your performance lacked its usual sparkle, don’t you?’
Cassie gulped. Her covering at the rear had been okay, but she had fallen down a bit when it came to bending over forward to support her team mates. Perhaps, if she showed him her twin towers he might decide to be a bit more lenient. But no, Haddle refused to even consider it. Cassie would have to endure a rigorous work-out with the ‘striker’, but she would get an orange at half time. Mind you, with energy resources falling, it would be the second half she would find difficult. It was definitely going to be a game of two halves, and of course, there was always a possibility that Coach Haddle might insist on extra time.
There was no doubt that his methods got a result and Haddle was over the moon. Cassie on the other hand, was as sick as a parrot. From now on, she would take each game as it comes and try especially hard to fulfil her burning ambition.
Suddenly, it was 8am. Cassie swung her feet out of bed and reached for the spanking new England replica kit which lay waiting on a bedside chair. She was going to wear it all day in honour of England’s first game in the World Cup. Slipping easily into it, Cassie paused long enough to examine her angles. Hmm… her full back was worthy of a place on the bench, any day.
Well, we did say it was a dream… didn’t we?


  1. there were some excellent pieces in this edition. I particularly remember a very cute air hostess and a fuller figure traffic warden

  2. This was a delightful shoot. A very, very attractive model soundly and thoroughly disciplined for no other real reason than that she ought to be. Delightful. The strap applied to the underside of her bottom is especially pleasing - though for her I suspect it was anything but!

    I also recall another soccer player in an earlier Janus - a small girl of south Asian extraction. I believe she was actually a porn starlet. I remember her taking quite a sound spanking as well.

    I could quite imagine a number of those who have recently graced the World Cup being put through similar! Come in Bronze! Let's be having those shorts off eh? Give that bottom of yours a good roasting shall we? Yes knickers as well girl! Oh don't be foolish Bronze we didn't have all this snivelling from Kirby or Houghton! Well not to start with.

  3. This is the way the women’s game should be played - it is easier on the eye. I like the full England ‘strip’ & the correct use of pr spray.

    She does have a very punishable bottom.

    1. Yes! A full England strip! As in: England! STRIP! All of you! This minute! The last one to get naked will get an extra 11 (see what I did there?) strokes!

  4. Like the colour pic of her being strapped on the undercurve. It is always good to bare the bottom and keep them guessing where you’ll hit. The backs of the thighs down to the knees are always part of the target. (As are breasts).

    1. They are definitely highlights - all of those showing strokes on the tender undercurves of her bottom are marvellous and, I am sure, were extravagantly painful for her. The are so many of them in this photo set that I can't help wonder if those strokes were specifically chosen for this model?

  5. Thank you, I'd like to see more from the Janus Uniform Series. This choice was very apt given the women's World Cup this weekend, with fantasies of bare bottom football coaching very much to the fore.

  6. Why weren’t they naked throughout the tournament? There should be a male refereee and VAR should be replaced by the cane.

    1. Well not naked - for my taste - well not to start with anyway. But their kits should be much smaller and tighter!

      All infringements should be dealt with not by a 'booking' but by a strapping for yellow cards and a caning for reds - on the pitch, given by the referee. All free-kick offences merit a hand spanking and penalties a dozen with a wooden paddle. Of course any punishments for 'bookable' offences are on top off this - so a girl could quite easily be paddled for conceding a penalty and then caned for the red.

      All punishments to be given on the bare - the referee to decide if a girl should be permitted to continue with her shorts or not.

      Losers should be thrashed by the winners - starting with a hand spanking for every game in the group stages, a strapping for the knock-out games and a caning for the final. Imagine the wonderful confused fear as they strive to win to avoid the punishment but knowing that victory just risks exposure to worse in the next round!

      Of course the victors will be closely supervised and when, after close inspection of the recipients' bottoms, thought to be being too lenient they will be singled out and given 12 strokes of the cane + a number equivalent to the combined total of their and the recipient's shirt numbers.

  7. As for punishing the undercurve of the bottom where it meets the thigh, or the top of the thigh clear of the bottom —

    I can recommend Caned Every Day. The first girl has a third of twelve strokes which lands perfectly in that zone. Touching her toes in her school uniform, with a lovely bare bottom, her intakes of breath and moans on receipt of that particular cut are delicious to hear.

    Do you have ‘Caned Every Day’ with Miss Brown Fleas?

  8. The penultimate cane stroke in Ritual Discipline also slices into the same zone - this time Miss Brown targets the crease between bottom and thighs - right in the ‘sitting zone’ the cane should always attend to (the intersection of thighs, lower bottom cheeks at the pussy where the labia can be seen from the rear when a girl is touching her toes). So-called because sitting will be painful afterwards.
    Again the cut has the desired effect with desperate and whimpering intakes of breath.
    Miss Brown always whips a cane fully hard and welts spring attractively up immediately.
    The bare-breasted girl shoots into a standing position and her hands reach for her excruciating bottom. She is then back in the required stance for more with her tits hanging in an ungainly manner. The cane lines up the next harsh measure.

  9. The small girl of South Asian extraction who appeared in soccer kit in an earlier Janus shoot as a cover girl was indeed a porn star who went by the name Solange. One of the pleasing features of her kit was tight-fitting 'short' shorts, by contrast with the baggier variety worn here. The Janus #125 girl of the post here is actually still active as a fetish model, indulging some decidedly odd kinks in the obscure corners of clups sites. Her name is Goldie.