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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Striptease Ordeal

Story from New Blushes 2.20
It was happening now. Or about to. She felt her legs trembling. Her heart thudding. The bad dream. The nightmare. Now. The people were there in the other room. Mr Fenner’s lounge. You could hear a vague buzz of voices. His guests. Invited for the show. And she was to be the show. Mr Fenner had brought her here to the bedroom, where he had taken their coats and draped them on the bed. But it was the other things on the bed, with the coats…
‘Get everything off and put that on,’ Mr Fenner had instructed her in his firm, no-nonsense voice. ‘And no messing about.’
‘That’ was a stripper’s outfit. A brief, sexy pair of red-and-black bikini knickers. A narrow-strapped black suspender belt. Black stockings. And the other things that Mr Fenner had held up to her. Nipple tassels. ‘They stick on,’ he said, grinning.
She had to undress and put those awful things on. And then go in there, in the lounge, where Mr Fenner was with his guests. She was to entertain them. Put on a show. A striptease performance.
She wanted to cry. But that wouldn’t do any good. She was anyway 21 years old and a married woman. Although she might look younger. Sometimes, even now, when she looked in the mirror she thought she looked about 17. Maybe that was what had attracted Mr Fenner, that she looked so young. Maybe he liked young-looking girls. And he had reckoned that as he was her husband’s boss she would be easy. And she had been, hadn’t she? Or more accurately she hadn’t known how to say no.
The buzz of voices was maybe louder now. Were they getting impatient? Did they know she was here? That Mandy Simmonds was their evening’s entertainment. Yes you know, Mandy. Wife of that Derek Simmonds who started at the bank about a month ago. Arnold Fenner’s bank, the Northminster.
Did they know? Well they soon would. When she came out in that awful outfit. Who were they? She didn’t know exactly but they were some of Mr Fenner’s friends. Quite possibly people she had met, at that party Mr Fenner had given when she and Derek had arrived here. But she wasn’t to worry, he had said, they were all sworn to secrecy. No-one else was going to know. And Derek of course, he wouldn’t know…
No, she told herself again. I just can’t do it. But she had to. She had no choice.
It had all seemed so super and exciting just a month ago. Derek had got the job in Hatchen which was a lovely little town in the country. He was 24 and had done his preliminary training in the bank and been assigned to the Hatchen branch. It was going to be super because they had always fancied living in a little town in the country. And Mandy would probably be able to find herself a job, doctor’s receptionist or something. She had secretarial qualifications. But not immediately, she would be busy in their new flat, buying things, making it really nice. And meeting new friends of course.
Yes it was all going to be so super. They had been married a year now, and that was still fresh and exciting. Screwing. Fucking. Derek still seemed to want to do it all the time, just like on their honeymoon. And Mandy was pretty keen on it too. Their first day at the new flat Derek didn’t have to go to work and they had stayed most of the day in their new bed. Also just like on their honeymoon! ‘No more!’ she had groaned. ‘I’ll be sore.’ But she wasn’t really. Not now. On their honeymoon she had been sore but now she was pretty used to it. And good at it? Derek said she was becoming a real expert. A real expert and even more lovely than when he had first met her.
Your husband was supposed to say things like that (the lovely bit) but Mandy did think she was looking nice these days. Marriage certainly seemed to agree with her. She was a pretty blonde whom men did look at. She wouldn’t mind looking just a little bit older though.
That was what Mr Fenner had said when she had first been introduced. ‘You can’t be married, my dear. There must be a mistake. Much too young. And too lovely too of course.’
She had blushed, which had been annoying, and tried to think of a smart reply.
That had been on their first visit to Hatchen, to the bank, and Mr Fenner had kindly driven them around, showing them the sights. And then when they actually moved there he had given a party at his house, so that they could meet some people. It was at the party that Mr Fenner had made his move. In the privacy of the kitchen where he had taken her to get a drink. ‘I’d like to take you out for a drive, Mandy. Show you something of the countryside. Tomorrow perhaps, in the afternoon, if you’re not busy.’
Derek was going to be working so obviously he meant just her. She had probably flushed again. But you couldn’t say no, could you, not to our husband’s new boss? Mr Fenner was fifty-ish, big and heavily built, with a fleshy face and a rather assertive manner when he wanted to be. Certainly not at all a person Mandy could fancy, even if she didn’t have Derek. But, well, she could only say, ‘Yes, alright. That would be nice, Mr Fenner.’
‘It’s Arnold,’ he had said. And his hand had briefly reached and squeezed her bottom.
The next day, early afternoon. ‘I… uh… should really be looking at things for the flat,’ Mandy said. Where were they going? Mr Fenner at the wheel of his big black Ford was negotiating a narrow country lane. And what did he have in mind?
Keeping his eyes straight ahead he said, ‘Pretty girls like you don’t want to be bothered with that sort of thing, Mandy. You want to be out enjoying yourself. And giving pleasure to others, eh? Such as your husband’s hard-worked boss.’
A bit later he was pulling the car off the lane under some trees. He stopped the motor and turned to her. His face was red, heated-looking. ‘Well now Mandy, how about a nice kiss.’
She yelped as he grabbed her. Protesting. Mr Fenner let go but he wasn’t finished. He was breathing heavily. ‘Ah! You’re so delectable, my dear. Look what you do to me…’
He pulled at his trousers. Opening his zip. And yanked it out. His big, fleshy penis, quiveringly erect.
‘You see,’ he said. ‘Yes. All your fault. So just stroke it a little for me, my dear.’
Mandy’s mind sort of went numb. She couldn’t believe it was happening. And what could she do? This was Derek’s new boss! She couldn’t possibly make a complaint. And so somehow, with her head reeling… she was doing it. Stroking it. Pumping the hot turgid organ. And then even more impossibly Mr Fenner had pulled her head down. His urgent flesh was at her mouth. She tried to pull away but his voice became hard. Demanding. She gave a sob. Her lips parted. And it thrust thickly into her mouth…
Mandy didn’t know how she faced Derek when he got home. She was still trembling. Still able to taste Mr Fenner’s hot sperm in her mouth. And she found herself averting her mouth when Derek kissed her, afraid he would be able to taste it too.
But somehow she managed. She told him the lie that she had spent the afternoon looking at the shops. But what was she going to do now? She had no choice but to accept it. Somehow try and live with it. As an awful isolated happening. But it couldn’t happen again of course. She would make that plain to Mr Fenner if he contacted her. But perhaps he wouldn’t? Perhaps it was just an isolated aberration. Perhaps he might even feel sorry for doing such an awful thing?
No. Mr Fenner wasn’t sorry. And nor it seemed did he want it to be an isolated incident. He called her the next day. Saying what an enjoyable afternoon it had been. And he would like a repeat.
It was Mandy’s worst nightmare of course. She was almost hysterical. But Mr Fenner was curtly insistent. She didn’t want Derek to lose his job, did she? So once more… and then, well, they would see. They could discuss it.
And so Mandy went out again. The same thing. Getting in his car in that anonymous alleyway behind the shops in the town square and then driving out to that same place under the trees. And then the same too. Mr Fenner, his face red and greedy, getting out his big fleshy cock. And Mandy having to pump it. Masturbate him. And then dip her head and take it in her mouth. She was sobbing when he finished. Sobbing and half retching, as he spurted thickly in her mouth…
Then Mr Fenner told her what else he wanted. Just the one thing. And then he wouldn’t bother her again. She could just be a nice sweet innocent little housewife again.
Sitting in the car he told her. He wanted Mandy to do this little thing, to amuse a few of his friends. Just a few very close acquaintances, at a little gathering at his house. What thing? A strip. A striptease if you like. That was all, nothing more. Nothing to get excited about, eh? Mr Fenner patted her face.
‘No!’ she squealed. As she pictured it. Stripping in front of a group of people! ‘No! No ooo…!’
‘Yes,’ Mr Fenner said. ‘Oh yes. It will be absolutely lovely. You’ll make such a lovely stripper. So sweet and young looking. Oh yes Mandy. And then, that’ll be it. I promise. No more demands on your virtue.’ He squeezed her thigh.
Feeling sick she desperately protested. She couldn’t. Not with a group of people. No!
Mr Fenner said it would be quite alright. Nothing to worry about. The invited friends would all be sworn to secrecy of course. No possibility of anyone else, and certainly not Derek, knowing.
Mandy got somewhat hysterical, crying again. Mr Fenner’s voice became harder. And it was the same argument as before. Did she want Derek to lose his job? And he wouldn’t get another one with their bank or any other, Mr Fenner would see to that.
She calmed down a bit. Wh… Who a…a…are these people?’
‘Just friends. A few nice, pleasant friends of mine.’
Next week, he said. Wednesday evening. And there would be no problem because Derek would be away. The bank was going to send him off on a course on Wednesday and Thursday. He would stay overnight on Wednesday.
Yes, Derek duly announced that he would be going on this training course. He would be away the Wednesday night. Mandy’s heart almost stopped, but somehow she kept her composure. Yes, of course it would be OK. And Mr Fenner had told Derek he would invite Mandy round for a drink on the Wednesday evening, so she doesn’t feel lonely. ‘Wasn’t that thoughtful?’ Derek said.
Mandy forced a smile. Yes, very considerate. But Mr Fenner’s reason for saying this is so that Derek doesn’t phone home and wonder where she is. Oh yes, very thoughtful. And yes, she would be round at Mr Fenner’s. But for quite a different reason. Because she didn’t have any choice. She was going to have to go through with it. Make herself. Just try and close her mind and do it. Like she had tried to on those two sickening occasions out in the country (though not successfully). But then it would be over. Mr Fenner had promised that. After this one more awful ordeal.
Yes, Mandy tried to tell herself that. But it was going to be worse than the other, if that was possible. These other people, Mr Fenner had said maybe five. Five! Stripping in front of five strangers! She just wasn’t sure she could go through with it.
And so here she is! It is happening. The awful nightmare. Mr Fenner picked her up in his car. Brought her here. His house on the edge of town. Hustling her quickly through into the bedroom, as if he doesn’t want anyone to see her yet. Because the guests are already here in the lounge. Their coats here in the bedroom, on the bed. And what she is to wear on the bed too.
‘Get everything off and put that on.’ Mr Fenner’s voice hard, firm. No doubt afraid she will lose her nerve, and he doesn’t want that.
‘And no messing about,’ he adds. ‘Be quick. I’ll be back for you in five minutes.’
Mandy’s head is spinning. Can this really be happening? Yes. Yes it is, she knows it is. She tries to pull herself together. Come on. She has to. Making her shaky fingers unbutton her coat. Keep going. Now the rest. Her dress. Oh Christ! Come on. Her underwear…
Yes she is doing it. The things on the bed. The stripper’s sexy outfit. The little red-and-black knickers. The black suspender belt. The sheer stockings with their opaque black tops. Then her own black high heels, which Mr Fenner told her to wear, back on. She glances in the tall wall mirror. Oh Christ! The sexy black against her slim pale flesh. She still has her white bra on. The bra has to come off, and those awful tassels…
As she stands before the mirror Mr Fenner bursts back in. ‘Ready are we? Ah, almost! Get your bra off then.’ He reaches for the tassels. ‘Then these. Can you twirl them do you think?’
She yelps as his hands grab her. Yanking her bra off. His hands at her nude tits…
A few minutes later she is blindly following Mr Fenner. Stumbling down the stairs. And along into the lounge. Her eyes momentarily dazzled by the bright light. Her head dazzled too…
There is an eruption of shouting. Laughing. Applause. Her eyes blink, trying to focus. And blink again, more fiercely, as she thinks she feels moisture. No please, she is not going to cry! She firms her mouth. Facing them, the expanse of eager faces…
Oh God! Yes, she can recognise some at least…
They are in a close circle round the fireplace. Five of them? Round the brightly flickering flames. And she can recognise faces from that party. The one with the bald bullet-like head — Mr Walgrave, Mr Fenner’s deputy at the bank. And another man, whose name she can’ remember. There are three men and two women, and one of the women was there too. Sylvia somebody?
Then her eyes take in something else. The other woman, her eyes gleaming with excitement, is holding a cane…
Mandy takes in this as Mr Fenner pulls her forward. Into the centre of the circle, in front of the fire.
‘Ladies and gentlemen! Dear friends! It is my great pleasure to present to you our new neighbour, and lovely young wife of course of our new colleague at the bank. Yes our very lovely Mandy Simmonds.’
Another burst of raucous applause and clapping.
‘Who has kindly offered to entertain us tonight. While her husband is away on business. Yes, a little performance. She tells me she is an amateur at this. But will nonetheless do her very best…’
More applause. The woman waves the cane. Mr Fenner sits down in a vacant chair in the circle. And now he is also brandishing a hairbrush.
He spanks the back of it hard across Mandy’s scantily clad bottom. She gives a yelp at the sudden stinging pain.
‘So let’s start. Let me see that delicious bottom, dear. Stick it out! Towards me!’
She squeals as the brush comes in again, and moves to comply. Fenner laughs, and hits her thrusting bottom with the brush again. With excited shouts the others join in. The woman with the cane zips it in. The men reach out eager hands. Standing straight again, Mandy has to pull her suspender straps tautly up above the little knickers. The men, laughing, reach to ping the stretched straps.
Her head is reeling. She feels tears in her eyes, and also has the sense that she is losing her grip. She is responding like an automaton now to what they shout at her.
Kneeling with her bottom to the fire. Her hands on her head.
Men’s hands pull at her nipple tassels…
Then they want her knickers down. She has to bend facing the fire. Sliding the knickers down to her thighs, as the cane slices in on her bending bottom…
And now on her hands and knees. The faces around her looking more excited. Crazed almost. Men’s hands reach to pull off the tassels, and pinch her nude nipples. A woman’s hand sharply pulling her hair. She has to cross her arms behind her back. Other hands maul her…
Time seems suspended. Everything is a whirling maelstrom. Somewhat later she is standing again. And now is made to take the knickers fully off. She is vaguely aware of someone brandishing them. And now they want the rest. The suspender belt and stockings, these off too. Men’s eager hands help her, pinging the dangling suspender straps before they are removed.
She is kneeling again. Nude now. Hands on her head. As the cane whips in. Her bottom red hot…
Standing now, facing the fireplace. Her caned bottom burning.
Mr Fenner’s voice. ‘She likes it you know. She really likes a bit of rough stuff, don’t you Mandy?’
She doesn’t answer. She can’t answer. But Mr Fenner doesn’t seem to require a reply. He tells her to turn, to face them. With her arms stretched out along the mantelpiece.
Mr Walgrave says, ‘What I think is that she should have a little lie down now. I think our lovely lady should have a little rest in the bedroom.’
‘Oh yes?’ Mr Fenner says. He tells Mandy to part her legs. So they can see her pussy better.
‘Yes. And I think we should take turns to go in and see she’s alright. We men. I mean to see if there’s anything she needs.’
‘I’ll vote for that,’ the big man in jeans says.
The blonde woman says, ‘You men think you should have all the fun.’
‘All of us then,’ Mr Walgrave says. ‘You girls as well if you’d like a turn.’
Derek wants to talk about his course when he gets back the next afternoon. It was very interesting. Very useful. Mandy tries to show interest. And did she have a pleasant time with Mr and Mrs Fenner? She says yes. Very enjoyable.
All she wants to do is close her mind to it. Pretend that none of it happened. That ordeal in the lounge. And then afterwards. In the bedroom.
But she is not going to think about it. It is all over. Mr Fenner promised that.
But of course it isn’t over. How could she have really thought it was. Mr Fenner phones her two days later. And now it’s not just the threat of Derek’s job. It seems Mr Fenner has photos.
Yes. In all the shock and frenzy of her ordeal Mandy never noticed the man with the camera. Taking shots of her from beyond that tight little circle of excited faces. Mr Fenner says he will show the photos to her. They are really very good.
No, it is not finished. In fact it is now worse. Because there is now not just Arnold Fenner wanting his pleasure. There is Mr Walgrave too. And the others…


  1. Absolutely perfect, just the treatment for a naughty young housewife. Hope they got photos in the bedroom too. I would invite Derek to join in the fun, tell him that if he doesn't cane Mandy in front of them they'll publish the photos at work. She should also stay for the weekend with Sylvia somebody, bet she would remember her name after that!

  2. Yes the bedroom pictures would be interesting. Good job she’s been practicing with Derek, 3 more men in there now. And the two women would no doubt have plenty of ideas for that bush, nice tits and ready-reddened bottom.

  3. The two women would be the worst especially with Derek there. That's right Derek harder with that cane young man and now you're going to see Mandy perform with two women, won't that be fun. Will she enjoy it, well she had better or she will be coming back with us for the week.

    1. Not like that Derek! Harder! Stripe her bottom - you're hardly touching her!

      Oh really! Pass me that cane. I'll show you how it should be done. Never trust a man to do a woman's job!

      Now come here Mandy. On your hands and knees girl... arse nice and high... spread your legs...yes wider...let me see your pussy girl... now head between Miss Marshall's legs.

      Now Derek watch her lick Miss Marshall's panties while I store her bottom properly!

    2. Yes she does deserve it Derek, she's a young lady who needs to learn her place, bent over getting punished, on her back giving pleasure or in the corner being quiet. I can see we are going to have to put both of you through your paces.

  4. Fabulous story and excellent shots

  5. Hallmarks of great Blushes stories. A young woman with absolutely no choice but to be naked and got at. Great phrases like ‘maul her’. And getting her to part her legs ‘so they could see her pussy better’. I like the hair pulling too. The unwanted attentions of five people - maybe the highest number in any Blushes photo sequence.

  6. This was the style of story I always hope to find. I guess I'm into humiliation in a big way. The other one I really enjoyed was Serena's Debut. Anyone know of any others which are in a similar vein?

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