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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Poor Julie 13

From Janus 44. Julie has just been confronted by all of her tormentors gathered in one place.
Things look bleak indeed for Julie…


  1. Julie’s bottom well striped. Now, individual punishments. That pretty little body is going to get used & abused. She will be as sore inside as out. Still, she is a whore.

  2. Going round with her tits & pussy for all to see . . .
    and then claims she’s the victim! The cheek of Julie really knows no bounds.

  3. The portrayal of her striped buttocks and thighs is a thing of beauty. This was, genuinely, the greatest spanking art ever drawn. Profoundly erotic!

    As for Poor Julie - a devastating, repeated torment awaits her as she is thrashed, humiliated, used and abused, over and over. There is no indignity that she will not be exposed to - the poor, ripe, young trollop!