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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Miss Thorn’s Diary

A trip down Nostalgia Lane for UK readers here. If you cast your minds back to the summer of 2010 you may recall a hoo-ha over the antics of a housemate called Shabby Katchadourian in the Big Brother house.
During the usual (back then) BB media feeding frenzy it emerged in the Sun newspaper that as well as being a former child actress called Keeley Flanders, Shabby had also starred in some spanking films. See a contemporary article below from Female First:
Big Brother housemate Shabby might have seen her acting dreams get stolen by none other than Lindsay Lohan, but at least she had a kinky spanking video to fall back on.
New reports have emerged today that the lesbian squatter donned a sailor outfit for a fetish website called Spanking Dome where she was told to bend over by an older actor with long hair, then thrashed alongside another brunette. Nice.
Not only that, but Shabby has also been seen posing in a skimpy schoolgirl's outfit for lesbian fetish magazine Diva when she was in her late teens and felt that erotica was the only work for her once her early film roles dried up.
The 24-year-old former stage school pupil has changed her name from Keeley Flanders, the name that she used when she played the young Rachel Griffiths in Oscar-nominated 1999 movie Hilary And Jackie.
Crikey, what a long way to fall. Poor Shabby.
The Sun’s scoop wasn’t news for those of us who had always enjoyed her spanking movies — she was far and away the best-looking spankee at SIT-spanking, and had a lovely posh English accent to go with the looks and great figure. Here is one of them, with Xerotics’ Kirsten playing her boss, Miss Thorn.



  1. Very nice - but I do find that Domme's accent very distracting.

  2. She is a little Cutie. Nice video too. One I never seen before. Tried to find the info on Spanking Dome but to little avail. Thanks for the vid!!!

  3. Always fascinating when a cutie teetering on the brink of a mainstream media career is compromised by exposure of involvement in the twilight world of spanking porn. Deserves everything she gets in the vid.