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Sunday, 2 June 2019

The Wayward Wife

From Blushes 55
The whole congregation had heard her expressly say that she would ‘love honour and obey’ when she married Robert Haywell. It had been reintroduced into the marriage ceremony some years ago and had once again become all part and parcel of being a wife. She had certainly loved, and to a certain extent she had honoured; her obedience was something that was left open to conjecture and reappraisal! Her loving had been more than a hundred percent. The only trouble with it was that she had not only loved Robert, her husband, but had let her emotions become entangled with an old flame. So at twenty-two years of age, Madeline’s code of behaviour was the subject of a higher authority.
Divorce was out of the question, of course. Where would she live and on whom would she depend for her livelihood? Robert Haywell was an up and coming blue-eyed boy of the State and he was held in very high regard. He may not have been much use between the sheets especially as far as his attractive wife was concerned but he was most certainly a Grade A employee and now that her affair was out in the open, Madeline was in a very tricky position, domestically and any other future environment.
The Board had decided that she was to undergo the strict regime of rehabilitation and she was spoken to very severely and even the warning address almost reduced her to tears.
‘You must not allow the fact that you are an attractive young lady to rule your head. Modesty should be the order of the day. You will soon learn that when you. contract a marriage that holds the dignity of two people very highly, then that contract is to be adhered to in the strictest terms. So you will spend a number of weekends at the rehabilitation centre where your behaviour will he closely monitored. It will depend on you and you alone how often you will be required to attend. The sooner, therefore, that you show you have learned to adopt yourself properly, the sooner you will be released from attending the centre. Do you understand?
‘Yes, sir,’ she had nodded miserably.
She was then sent home with Robert and the Chairman of the Judiciary Board had told him not to stand any nonsense from the curvy spouse, and to see that she was ready by the following Friday evening. Saturdays and Sundays were to become a completely different type of weekend than she had ever known before!
Madeline could have wept when she was picked up that first Friday evening and she was sure that Robert was still very angry with her.
She had been sent some introductory literature regarding the centre and it had been very precise in the manner of her expected response to the people who would now be in charge of her conduct over the coming weekends. Some of the clauses and rules had made her blush because it was obvious that the state would be very insensitive to her own personality and that it mattered not one jot what her own feelings were when she would be in the centre itself. Butterflies winged about crazily inside her tummy as she read and re-read the phraseology that outlined the dictates of the centre itself.
She wondered how many girls she would meet and whether she would be allowed to mix with them. As the miles sped past, her eyes stared unseeing at the countryside. It seemed an eternity in which they travelled through the ploughed fields that had no housing or even the slightest sign of a residence of any kind. The car turned off the road eventually and then came to the wrought iron gates. There was no lodge keeper but as soon as the car arrived at the closed heavy gates, they swung open to admit the fear-filled passenger. Everything was automated here, she discovered.
The portal of the large red brick building opened to admit them when she stood tremulously with her small suitcase clutched in her right hand. The long corridor was a highly polished entrance hall and the whole place was an omen of immaculate cleanliness. It seemed a sacrilege to walk on the highly polished floor in her day shoes. The stone-faced woman who had brought her, and who had said nothing throughout the long journey spoke for the first time.
‘Wait here,’ her voice was clipped-sounding authority.
Madeline was still fidgeting uncontrollably when the door opened again and the woman told her to go into the room.
The study-type room into which she stepped had a very large desk table and the man, stern-faced and a replica of austere representation looked at her long and hard. He dismissed the escort with a wave of his hand and now, Madeline felt twice as bad. She certainly did not want to have to do some of the things that the introductory literature had forewarned her that she would be expected to do.
‘Madeline Haywell,’ the man read the manila coloured folder on the desk.
‘Yes, sir,’ her quiet voice answered.
‘Sleeping around with another man,’ he bluntly said.
Madeline winced noticeably. It was hardly the phrase she would have used, but there was no argument with the people here. No way.
‘I intend to get to know a whole lot about you young lady. Probably more than your husband, or the man you allowed to use your body. Come round here,’ he pointed to a spot next to his large black leather covered swivel chair.
Wooden legs, she felt moved round the desk and she was now standing too close for comfort, her own comfort, that is.
Gregory Winters could smell the soft delicate perfume of this shapely young madam, and his nostrils were delighted with her fragrance. She seemed to have all the attributes for a man of his nature to enjoy himself with, and his authority was unquestionable. He knew it and so did Madeline.
‘So you had sex with a man who was not your husband’ he said.
Madeline did not want to have this conversation, she would rather forget it and all that had led up to her being sent here in the first place, but she was also aware that she was totally dedicated to being the epitome of obedience, just like the book had told her to be. The quicker she learned to show that obedience the quicker they would release her from these weekend visits.
‘Yes, sir. I am very sorry now,’ she tried to assure him.
Her eyes widened slightly right then. As she stood there, she felt a hand, this man’s hand running up the outside of her skirt and he was actually squeezing the cheeks of her bottom! Her first reaction was to step away, and then she checked herself just in time. To have done that would have been crass stupidity. Her countenance took on an attractive red hue as she blushed and stood weakly accepting the hand now feeling her bum.
Both cheeks, first one and then the other, and the pressure of his hand was just sufficient to let her know he was enjoying this free liberty of her body.
‘Now just stand with your feet apart,’ he did not smile with the pleasure he was feeling though, and Madeline wanted to beg him not to make her respond in such a cheap manner. She reluctantly opened her ankles and her face was burning hotly. ‘What did you understand from the booklet that you were given before you came here?’ he asked firmly.
She wanted to scream right then, because his hand was beneath the skirt and running unchecked up to her stocking tops then over the smooth bridge of thigh between stocking top and brief panties.
‘That I must always be receptive of instruction and learn complete obedience, her voice was a sound of strangled misbelief at what was happening. The fingers were actually beneath her panties now and stroking the full round orbs of her bottom. They travelled and explored everywhere.
‘Have you ever been punished on your bottom before?’ he asked her in a very pertinent manner, she thought.
‘No, sir. Never,’ she could not get a controlled tone in her voice. Her bottom was now under the full palm caresses of his right hand and she was not enjoying this freedom of her body one little bit.
‘I hope we do not have too many occasions to introduce the cane to your behind whilst you are here,’ he was lying of course. Quietly he was hoping she would give him dozens of reasons to bend her very cute and curvy bottom for the cane, the tawse and when her misdemeanour was only slight, a spanking.
‘Lift your skirt Madeline Haywell,’ he told her. ‘All the way up and let me see how you have prepared yourself for your first visit.’
His hand was still beneath the panty leg and cupping the left cheek of her buttocks. It was most humiliating and certainly very disturbing for her. She seemed to have bitten the phrases about being expected to show full submission in an obedient manner because what she was doing was completely foreign to her normal nature. It was akin to behaving like a cheap tart as far as she was concerned, just standing there, slowly lifting the hem of her skirt until all her lovely legs were exposed and even her brief panties that did little to contain the triangle of pubic hair that peeped round the inner panty legs themselves. Golden fair hairs could be seen as the mossy thatch pushed against the tight material of her panties.
He removed his hand but Madeline could still feel the warmth of his palm on the soft skin of her left buttock.
‘You may take your panties off,’ he instructed her as he rose and went to a wardrobe-type cupboard at the side of the room.
She wanted to scream her outraged sense of modesty and tell him that she most certainly would not take her panties off in front of him, but fear of reprisal prevented her. And as she fought the tears of her punctured dignity, so she received another shock. He was coming back to his desk but now two more pieces of equipment had materialised; a cane, long, whippy and tapering shiny wood, and also a twin-strapped tawse.
‘Expose,’ he snapped at her immobility. The panties had certainly been removed, but she had left her skirt covering the spot that had just been uncovered.
Her face almost cracked under the stress of wanting to burst into tears as her fingers did something she was most reluctant to do. And then, with him sitting there, her exposed legs all the way up to the navel and the bushy protuberance of her pubic hair about level with his eyes Madeline realised that this was only her very first hour… what was the rest of her time likely to be.
Now he was stroking up the inside of her leg. No, oh please no, no, no, she silently prayed. This isn’t fair. It isn’t right. Surely the Board did not condone her shame and humiliation like this. To have to stand here, or anything else, whilst this stern judicator did these sort of things with her intimate parts? A soft-sounding choke came from her mouth then. He was actually feeling her vulva! It was warm and damp.
‘Did the man who was not your husband do this to you?’
‘Oooower… not whilst I stood like this, sir,’ she wheezed.
‘Whilst you were laying down then?’
‘Y… yes, sir,’ she gasped hopelessly.
‘And he no doubt played with your titties did he?’
‘Y… yes, sir,’ she was going crazy, she felt. Surely this should not be happening to her. But it was, whether it should not have been or otherwise. He was stroking and feeling her pussy as freely as he liked.
‘So the man who was not your husband had a really good feel of you did he?’ he held onto the line of interrogation like a hungry dog with a meaty bone.
‘Y… yes, sir,’ she was now responding to all sorts of reaction. Mentally and physically and was not too sure of how, what or when??!
‘Very well. Let me see you in the same state of undress as your lover,’ Madeline did not move for fully fifteen seconds. She stood there, her eyes fixed to the man’s face. Had she heard right. Yes, she knew she had but her reluctance to strip away all her clothes was very obvious. She was even more certain that he was not entitled to demand such a nadir of shameful conduct… not to be able to make her actually strip off every stitch.
There was something about the granite-chiselled features that was defying her to refuse and also there was the reminder of authority laid out on the desk, the cane and the tawse. Unhappier than she could ever recall, Madeline could not help but show her reluctance as her shapely torso became more and more uncovered with the shedding of her garments until helplessly humiliated, she stood naked before the watchful and baleful eye of the seated man. A girl feels so helplessly defenceless in such a state of nudity and she wanted to put her hands over every part of her sexually-attractive attributes. The nipples stood out in small peaks from the pinky-brown aureoles and this did nothing to help her discomfort. Still standing next to him, she ached to plead further when he ordered her to place her hands on her head. She wanted to tell him that she was not a child but a grown woman and that she abhorred this shameful treatment of her person, but there was still that nagging fear that he was trying to trap her into making such a foolish mistake.
‘Tomorrow, you will exercise in the grounds,’ he told her, and she stood there as his hands both surrounded her slim waist and then stroked almost loving over the rotund orbed buttocks.
A soft, hardly audible mewing sound as her lips responded to the feelings now awakening inside her body. Both nates were being caressed by his warm palms and she stood perfectly still because he had pushed the cane and tawse further from the edge of the desk. She did not want to feel them on her bottom, even she knew that she would prefer to have his hands feeling and stroking rather than the cane whistling and burning!
Before he dismissed her to the room allocated to her, she had responded to having her breasts played with, more pertinent questions and then another period of having her sex titivated by him until she was a mass of bewildered sex heat.
Her hair fully brushed and her whole body apparently looking refreshed, Madeline, in a blue uniform-type skirt and blouse that fitted up to the neck stood in the expansive lawn. She had the silky stockings that they told her to wear because they wanted her to be aware that she was after all said and done a female, and an attractive female at that. The sun shone and the day promised to be a warm one. So far she had avoided the threatened cane and tawse and felt that these were only used on very rare occasions and were perhaps just tools to remind her of her ultimate punishment if she ever deserved them.
She wore no brassiere and although she felt that she was alone, there was also an awareness that she was under surveillance. As the tannoy system crackled, so instructions poured from the speakers themselves. Barking commands of gymnastics were soon pouring from the speakers and Madeline knew she had to cavort according to instructions. When music blared out, she had to dance and she was reminded by snapping toned commands to kick her legs higher… higher… and yet even higher. Then on her back she was to lay with the warm grass as a foundation bed. Embarrassment once again filled her as her ankles and legs were ordered above her to thrust skywards and this again revealed her shapely limbs and the cheeks of her bottom that seemed to be a constant area for their attention. Her first instructor had now been replaced by a much sterner person. This man had all the qualities of a gymnast and he looked in the peak of condition himself. He certainly knew how to get the most of her body on show! She was getting breathless by the second and the sun was not helping her to be comfortable. Heat was now radiating out from her physique as well as the sunshine fanning out over it.
‘Warm are you?’ the voice came from the speakers. She nodded vigorously.
‘Then remove your clothes.’
Oh shit. She did not want to remove her clothes; she would much rather have suffered the heat and breathlessness. But even she was getting geared into this obedience theme. As the unseen instructor watched, so Madeline gradually and once again responded to shame as she slipped from her clothes. Nothing was missed by the eagle-eyed instructor and then once again, she was going through her paces, naked nymphet under controlled responses of the gymnast and making her body do exactly as he told her.
‘Very well. Shower and then report to me in the gymnasium.’
Thirty minutes later, dressed in shorts and a vest she walked into the large hall that housed all the necessary equipment for her further degrading reactions.
‘Vest off.’
Shapely breasts jiggled and became bared. Madeline’s face took on the now ever-present state of embarrassed scarlet. She was shown how to stand stiffly to attention and warned that was exactly how she must stand at all times when being addressed by the very healthy and fit instructor. She hated having to accept such instruction especially when his hands constantly fondled her excited breasts!
‘Shoulders right back… back with them,’ he snapped as her firm titties became thrusting orbs with the response of her shoulder blades almost touching at the back.
He knew exactly what to do with such a perfect offering! And Madeline felt her nipples getting into a rock state of randy hardness.
‘Now take your shorts down,’ he told her.
They lay in a blue pool of cloth at her feet… her tummy, bare now, was once again under the appraising eyes of yet another man.
‘I think you were a trifle dilatory in your training this morning,’ he told her.
She was not concentrating too much on what he was saying, because his fingers were where all men liked to put their digits… and the lips of her sex was only reacting most naturally.
‘Pardon?… I’m sorry,’ she choked.
‘You acted very slackly…’ he stroked her pussy teasingly.
‘I… ooower… oh no please,’ she choked hopelessly as she felt the tight orifice of her vagina tube clasping his middle finger.
‘Your first caning, Madeline Haywell,’ he sentenced her.
When he told her to bend right over, Madeline really did feel that she would die of shame… the bared moons of her bottom became very taut-skinned as she slowly reached down for her toes… but he instructed that she really did go right down… and not until her fingertips and toes had made a union was he satisfied.
‘Slackness I will not tolerate,’ he told her.
To emphasise his words, he swished a cane down unerringly towards her bottom… Madeline had never heard a cane before, and was quite unprepared for the resulting harsh sting that caused a thin line to mark her bare bottom.
Her reaction was one of a well-practised young lady though! The cry of outraged sense was exactly the same as any other girl who is under the caning punishment.
Ooooooooooower… Nnnnghooo… Yeeeeeaaagher!’ her throat formed the different responses and that was only the very first stroke.
‘Bend over and touch your toes,’ he snapped angrily.
Oh please, she cried to herself, I don’t want the cane on my bottom; it hurts and it is cruel. I don’t deserve this caning… I don’t like it and I don’t want it… all this was going through her mind as she watched her fingertips attempting to touch her toes yet again. How could she avoid this terrible thing? It was inhuman and her bottom was definitely anti the swingeing pain that the cane was able to raise on it.
‘Aaaaagher… please… pleeease… no more… no more… I’ll try hard to do better…’ her screeching pleadings were truly meant.
His eyes studied the reaction of her bottom as the cane swept down and then whipped onto the round taut skin, leave the line and just before her catapulting reaction, her bottom itself seemed to writhe sharply and even as her back straightened, her bum was still wriggling and showing a marked reaction to the terrible burning line across it.
She had moved more than half way round the large highly polished floor… she just could not help it! The cane seemed to induce a motivation of anguished locomotion. Madeline was truly of the opinion that she would do anything at all to escape the fierce heat of those lines across her bum. At first she had been aware only of the shameful posture, but shame and humiliation were soon replaced by the agony of hurting intensity… she was not sure how she managed to retain any sense whatsoever as sheer hell buzzed across her behind.
The thought that the cane and tawse were instruments purely as showpieces was soon erased from her mind. They were to be avoided like the plague and now, more than ever, she knew she would not argue no matter what they told her to do. Shame and humiliation, immodest postures that robbed her of her dignity were purely emotional luxuries in comparison to the very real sensational burning of the stick across her bare bottom.
And of course, Robert her husband had to have a very detailed report when she arrived home Sunday night. He insisted on giving her a very thorough and visual inspection, and even he was impressed by the demure attitude of his wayward wife. And that Sunday night, sex seemed to have taken on a completely new dimension as far as Madeline was concerned. She had been touched up twice by two men and now her whole natural sex screamed for release! She had never known Robert to be so capable of doing the job in bed as he was that Sunday night.
She was almost in tears when the car called for her the following Friday. She ached not to have to go, but there was no escaping the natural course of the law now. When she arrived she was already in a state of preparation to give them no cause for complaint regarding her behaviour. No matter what they told her to do then she would do it unquestioningly… mind or body.
She was surprised and pleasantly relieved when she was shown straight to a room without having to see the Principal first. At least she had escaped the first undignified interview that she had suffered that first week. There were no night clothes in this establishment. A girl went to bed naked. She began to wonder about other girls. She had not seen any and neither had she heard other people, only those who were in charge of her. She had done all the necessary ablution chores after supper and was laying in the bed staring at the ceiling, her mind a wandering state of wishing she was home again. There was a sound of somebody coming up the stairs and she stiffened in natural response. Was somebody coming into her room? Automatically, she pulled the bedclothes all the way up to her chin in a movement of hiding her body as much as she could. The door opened without a knock to announce a visitor and her eyes studied the tall man, young and bearded who came through the door. She had not expected such a young person to be in this place.
‘Tomorrow you will be with me in the gardens and stables,’ he announced.
She just nodded. What else was she supposed to do? This man, his very young appearance hardly warranted the respective title of ‘sir’.
‘There will be work to do. You will need to be strong to shift the various bits and pieces. Are you strong?’ his serious face studied the face of the supine woman.
‘I… I think so,’ she was at a loss as to how to answer.
‘Let me see.’
To her utter amazement, and before she could say or do anything at all, the bedclothes were pulled down from her reclining body. Her face went blood red with her embarrassment and shame as the whole of her torso lay in a state of full exposure. Her hands immediately went to cover her hairy thatch and her thighs crossed to add further protection from his gaze. For the first time, she saw a smile on the face of one of the instructors but it was not one of amusement; it was a smile that told her that she could attempt all the modesty she liked, he would have his way in the end.
Her humiliation took another downward step when he took both hands and easily lifted them clear of her smooth body. She weakly let him place both her hands on the pillow either side of her head and in silence she felt him take her ankles and those too were appropriately placed one to each side of the bed at the bottom. Shamefully, Madeline realised that she was fully exposed to him. His hands felt the muscles of her soft tapered thighs and then he was stroking the limbs…
‘Yes, I think you will be strong enough,’ he told her.
Oddly enough, Madeline, despite her shame, embarrassment and humiliating reactions at first, discovered that she was well and truly reacting in a most heated fashion. His fingers feeling and testing her strength had in fact found a weakness! That weakness was her response to the sexual emotions of lying there so absolutely nude and also perfectly ‘open’ to his eyes and hands.
‘Do you like gardening? he asked as he sat down on the side of the bed.
‘Yes,’ her voice was a sound of breath sighing.
‘You have quite a nice garden yourself,’ he told her as his hand fussed her pubic rooted hair.
There was silence for about two minutes and at the end of that brief time, Madeline had transformed from a statuesque supine beauty to a girl who was now thrusting her bottom up off the bed, moaning in pleading sounds of randy thrills and one who was able to really thrust her knees apart so that the treacherous fingers could stroke, play and explore where they liked!
‘And if you play about tomorrow at your duties,’ he said with a soft threat ‘then I shall most certainly strip you on the spot and give your bottom a spanking that you will not rub off in a hurry.’
‘Yes, yes, I know… and I will deserve it too,’ she choked as her body became further inflamed with a randy passion she had never experienced before in her whole life… ‘Please… please don’t leave me tonight… not yet… pleeeease,’ she choked.
Her imploring tone must have sparked off a state of agreement in him… the light went out, there was a rustle of clothing as trousers and shirt were removed and then only Madeline’s mouth making very excited responses as she really did spread her legs to feel an acceptable pressure between them and then her sexual temperature soared quickly in a sea of delightful euphoria and eroticism.
Just a T-shirt and denim shorts covered her the following morning when she discovered that the centre had quite a large stable at the back of the end of the grounds. The garden was something else again but in her ignorance she applied herself too well to weeding and a number of really good bedding plants joined the box of weeds that she took to the instructor of the horticultural class. He showed his angry reaction by taking the box from her and then he was telling her to remove her T-shirt… Unhappily she obediently exposed her breasts again.
Then as she stood hands on her head, the favourite pose it seemed to her, he was removing her denim shorts as she stood waiting in front of him.
Madeline did not really mind being undressed for him, but she certainly did not like it when he pulled her across his knees and started to stroke the cheeks of her bottom as she limply lay over his lap.
She had never been aware of an erogenous zone on her bottom, but Clive’s hand managed to find it and feed it too. Her behind responded as he let his hand wander all over the delightful mounds and she wished that it was not for a spanking that she had been so shamefully posed.
She lay across his strong legs and tried not to think of him going to smack her. There was something decidedly nice almost beautiful having his hand stroking the bare cheeks of her bottom.
A shock wave of stinging heat speared over her right nate and she gasped at the intensity of the hotness itself. He had started the threatened spanking and before she could adjust her mind and body to the approaching tanning, his hand had come down three or four times in addition to that first smack. Gradually the ignited heat increased until she was wriggling about once more under the intensity of the flash that exploded on her rapidly changing coloured bottom.
Spank. Spank… Spank… the hand was a piston-like machine that seemed tireless and she was responding like a motivated stung young woman with her bottom providing the propulsion for her movements. Legs kicked about as her voice gave vent to the blistering heat as the spanking became the furnace fusing of deep pain.
She begged and she pleaded, not seeming to care that her thighs were opening and closing each time his hand added to her terrible unwanted hotness. She tried hard to wriggle from his lap but his left hand had a strength of a binding bond. When he eventually released her, she gave him a perfect tableau of a writhing woman as her hands clutched the burning surface of her behind and her breasts jiggled to the full rhythm of her gyrating body.
That was the only spanking she received that weekend and she attended several further weekends before they considered releasing her from the attendances.
Madeline had learned an awful lot about how to conduct her married life and she had learned the finer rudiments of perfect obedience.
She was all on edge now. She was waiting outside that office again. Today was to be the deciding factor on whether this would be her last weekend. She prayed that she would be able to prove that she was indeed ready to be allowed to stay at home after this. They could ask her to do any damn thing they liked, and she was determined to show them that she had learned how to behave according to the state laws.
When she was called in, she discovered a man whom she had not seen before. This one was slightly older, a little more portly and obviously a very senior member of the centre. She was conscious that this man had signatory powers to release her from the usual visits and it was to him that she would have to answer… physically if necessary as well as verbally.
‘Right Madeline Haywell,’ his voice reverberated with the authority he knew he had, ‘you will now take your clothes off… all of them,’
Why was she surprised? And why, after all she had been through was she still able to feel the shock of shame at being so directly addressed as though she had no feelings of her own?
She slowly undressed and then unhappily stood there whilst this man’s eyes studied the full portrayal of her nudity.
‘Kneel on the desk,’ he tapped the desk top and his eyes were able to see some very intimate details of her body as she pushed first one knee and then another to get onto the desk and then to kneel immediately before him, her knees apart and then, after he had instructed her, she placed her hands at the back of her head. She did not attempt to move as warm palms fondled her breasts and thumbed the excited nipples. Nor did she make any sound when his hand dipped between her thighs to enjoy the ripe lips of her sexuality.
Soon she was laying right back, her buttocks on her heels and her hands reaching out behind her… the whole front of her body was defenceless against the stroking hands, the exploring digits as they touched and stroked freely wherever they wanted.
‘Remember that after today only your husband should do this to you.’
‘Yes sir… I’ll remember,’ she assured him as she happily spread her thighs a little wider to make it easier for him to play with her. She was too happy now to worry about what he was doing… she was going home.


  1. Another sweet English Rose in need of a tough time from an older woman. In all her appearances she is dealt with by males. I would like her as another inmate in the enforced lesbian programme, wouldn't she look adorable leashed a day brought to heel by a female family friend

    1. Yes indeed! I can imagine her blushes as her trainer slips a hand up her skirt to fondle her recently spanked, bare, pink bottom in the queue at the supermarket checkout; or in the bank; or perhaps the post office. Or perhaps at the town hall when they go to apply for their marriage licence!

      The friend could introduce her explaining that she was an inmate in the programme and was having to learn the hard way to accept her new life - but that she was making progress and with the encouragement of regular encounters with the cane was becoming a passable exponent of cunnilingus.

  2. Bend over properly and show the gentleman your bottom dear, good girl, that's it right out now Natalie. Now I think a dozen withe strap sir and she'll perform very well..good and hard please. Natalie sweetheart please don't whinge or I'll ask him to do it harder..

  3. My what a lot of tears Natalie, want another dozen dear? No, I thought not, that's right kneel down between his legs and suck nicely

  4. Open wide and let me see Natalie dear, good and now swallow, yes you can it's good for you. Now a curtsey to the gentleman and a nice kiss and back to the schoolroom with you..

    1. You can leave your knickers here Natalie - you won't be needing them now. Come back and get them later and we'll give you another dozen.

      Oh and send in your mother on your way please.

      Ah Hillary - how lovely to see you again. Strip please!

    2. Yes, lovely! You've been practising your striptease Hillary. It's only a shame you didn't demonstrate this to your daughter. Such an oversight - there's only one solution... the strap!

      Still - I see you have been freshly shaved Hillary - really your husband should have had both you and Natalie attended to more regularly! Most disappointing! Still, at least we have you both in hand now. You will be shaved every day from now on. Won't that be nice?

      Now, whilst you look very attractive in your just stockings and suspenders, with your knickers around your ankles - and quite ready for the cane across your bare arse - you will look much better in your school uniform.

      So, once we have thrashed your bottom you will go and join your daughter in the schoolroom - collecting and donning your school uniform on the way.

      There you will both spend the next month in Miss Ripley's class and I assure you that she will be very keen to keep you are both under control and uppy can expect to be soundly disciplined on a frequent basis!

      Now - before all that - let's have you over my lap to begin with and you can have a touch of the cane later.

  5. In common with other girls in training Natalie should be paraded publicly on a daily basis with passers by encouraged to make disparaging remarks about her breasts (too small), her ass (too big) and her deportment. Some are seed to come and have a good feel and any wilful Jenkins about by Natalie is rewarded with a slapped face and a strapped ass.

  6. I would like her Ass hole stretching with a large butt plug

  7. Of course a Wayward Wife should really be sent away to one of the many fine establishments for the correction and schooling of such young women. Some time at Balcombe Manor or Green Gables is the way to ensure the right obedient and submissive fidelity in future.

    After an appropriate period of correction and discipline she will be very careful that the trollop spreads her legs for one person and one person only in future - except, of course, where that person instructs her to do so for someone else!

    1. Yes, this is very much the approach. At Green Gables (if 18-21) or Balcombe Manor (21+) she will learn how to serve her masters and mistresses sexual lynn. All the pupils performances will be graded and displayed. Pupils scoring abnormally low marks will be told to perform in front of the other girls who will shout out instruction to improve ( use your tongue now, suck harder, show more enthusiasm). Following this they will be caned and stood in the corner with a dunces hat on and a sign around their neck stating 'I have been caned for poor performance, please help me improve.'

    2. I might suggest dunce's knickers. Though obviously they will be bare bottomed for and after her caning. But perhaps the dunce's knickers would be worn for the following week to inform any subsequent punisher.