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Sunday, 9 June 2019

The First Day

From Blushes Supplement 11
The key is turned in the lock and Katherine’s tummy turns somersaults as she is told to kneel up beside the sink and hold her dress up as high as it will go.
Warm hands, assuming a familiarity which their strange masculinity surely shouldn’t be entitled to assume, outline the shape of her waist and her hips and then confidently slide her knickers down, unabashed by the girl’s faint bleat of protest and the sudden mutinous tension which tautens her body.
She clutches her dress to her breasts and tries not to wangle her bottom away from the hand which first cups her plump bottom-cheeks then begins to slap them methodically, left and right, trembly resilient young buttocks which have resounded after enough to the chastising palms of the nuns at her previous school.
Caught between a restraining hand up under the front of her dress, and the hard-spanking hand behind; trapped too, in that uncertain limbo of guilt and dutifulness which a religious education instils in a girl of tender years. Katherine kneels up as she might have done on a hassock, at vespers and turns her eyes up to the bright sky beyond the window, tight-lipped and damp-eyed, pink-cheeked and helpless to prevent her assaulted bottom getting squirmy under the provocation of the slaps which sting her bum-cheeks and her legs.
She is half-unconscious of the slipping down of the hand in front, and that part of her mind which notices it, accepts it as simply a part of the whole, another aspect of the same humiliation which she has somehow brought upon herself, no doubt deservedly, though she cannot think what she might have done to have earned a punishment.
Tears roll down her cheeks and her tight-lipped resignation becomes slack-mouthed sobbing as her bottom jerks and swerves away, side to side, yet comes obediently back for another solid spank each time.
At last it stops. ‘Keep your dress up,’ says the Reverend Walters. ‘We’ll have no false modesty here.’ He unlocks the door and leaves her there in front of the window, and the cool air wafts gently around her spanked buttocks and dries the tears on her face.
After a while the Reverend gentleman comes back and says she can go down to supper. Katherine slips her knickers back up and says, ‘Thank you, sir,’ and goes off to find the refectory, though she has no idea where it might be in this, her new school.


  1. 'as her bottom jerks and swerves away, side to side, yet comes obediently back for another solid spank each time.'

    I have rarely read such a delicious description of a girl's submission. Obedience is all!

  2. When girls wear dresses like that, they should know in a few seconds their knickers should be off and their bare bottoms dealt with. The pussy exposed, its next for very personal attention.

  3. She believes she must deserve her humiliation even though she does not know what she’s done. This is a fine example of obedience and discipline and means she will accept the punishment of her bottom and elsewhere and anything that is done by the hand in front and whatever might follow it. Good girl. Her tears are genuine.

    1. As will be her orgasm. Learning that she can still be brought to pleasure despite her thrashed arse and her tears will be especially humiliating and that humiliation will help create the confusing inability in her to separate painful discipline and sexual ecstasy.

      Eventually just the threat of a spanked bottom, or of having to drop her knickers in public, or of being 'loaned' out to another Top should have her wet - while at the same time, ashamed at the fact and thus creating an insidious feedback loop of humiliation and arousal.

    2. Quite a good girl. This speaks to the effectiveness of good religious instruction, which makes her accept her discipline with unquestioning obedience. She feels “that uncertain limbo of guilt and dutifulness which a religious education instils in a girl of tender years.” As the Reverend at this new school trains her further in the ways of discipline and duty, she ought to learn to accept her punishments as regularly as her prayers. And in fact she ought to learn to associate her prayers with a well-spanked bottom: whether kneeling with no knickers in the school chapel for morning prayer, knowing that she is due a spanking afterwards; or squirming through a Sunday service on a well-spanned bottom; or attending to the Reverend in his private study, where she will kneel on his prayer bench to make her confession before bending over it to receive her penance. A good Christian girl ought to accept such discipline dutifully, even eagerly, as she strives to improve her behavior. As this young lady settles into her new school I expect she will learn much more about guilt and proper punishment.

  4. Yes the guilt and dutifulness can be the perfect opportunity to make good on her belief that the punishment is for her own good and she will be willing to make herself ever more available for it. Her eagerness offers the chance to make her ever more ready for punishment. She can be willingly encouraged to spend more and more time naked.

    1. Yes indeed. The good Reverend will have to do quite a bit of work to ensure that her shyness and “false modesty” are overcome. Again the confiscation of knickers has a salutary effect here, but can be only the beginning. She ought to visit the Reverend regularly and learn to obediently undress for him, serving him tea or fetching him books or simply standing before him with her pale innocent body on display. She’ll try at first to cover herself with her hands but he’ll soon train her out of that with some well timed smacks. Instead, her default position in his study will be standing with hands on head - with will only serve to thrust out her small but perky breasts. As he lectures her about the importance of obedience and proper behavior, he’ll make her stand quite still no matter where he touches her.

      And for those confessions she ought to be nude as well: kneeling on the prayer bench with her soft pale breasts just peeking over the front, her bottom thrust out invitingly by her kneeling posture. And bent over it - completely vulnerable - first with her ankles together but then with her feet to either side, completing her humiliation as she learns to take her punishment like a good girl.