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Monday, 17 June 2019

Session with Mr Fitcham

From Uniform Girls 34
After Mr Marks had finished with Jill he told her to go back to her room. He would send up her roommate, Samantha, who would fill Jill in on the general routine etc. The evening meal was at 7.30. At 7 o’clock Jill was to go and see Mr Fitcham who was to be her tutor. ‘Have you got that?’ Mr Marks asked.
He had only just finished caning her. Lying over the stool in the Correction Room, her head down almost at floor level, her squirming, desperately-clenching bottom up over the stool. Jill’s introductory caning, which all girls had from Mr Marks as soon as they started their course of Domestic Training. Not because they had done anything at this point but simply because there were starting and had to know what it felt like. Jill knew what it felt like all right as now, still gasping for breath, she struggled the skin-tight shorts up over her humming bottom. She was gasping, with intermittent sobs as well. She had had it on her two hands but most of all Jill had had it on her poor bottom. She tried to answer Mr Marks but proper words wouldn’t come out.
Mr Marks came close. His hand slid over Jill’s nude boobs. ‘Didn’t you enjoy it? Perhaps not? It’s meant to be a shock to the system of course; so you’ll learn fast. I hope you will learn fast, Jill.’
A final feel at the trembling boobs and he tells her to get her top on. He will see her again at supper time. Jill struggled into the tight top and put the brown flat-heeled shoes back on. She stood up and nervously straightened her thick, dark-brown wavy hair. Her first, dreadful, session with Mr Marks was presumably over. He smiled at her. ‘Come here, Jill. And turn round.’
Shakily Jill stepped close and turned so that her back was towards Mr Marks. Her bottom. His hand took hold of one tightly-encased cheek. ‘That’s it then, Jill. Now you say ‘Thank you Mr Marks.’
She stuttered it out. The hand slapped her rear. ‘Good. Now run along.’
Five minutes later in the little room upstairs Jill met Samantha. She was a pretty blonde, with a nice figure in the same brief and tight outfit that Jill had on. Smiling she asked if Jill had had her first session with Mr Marks. Jill nodded.
Samantha said, ‘So you won’t want to sit down for a while then. It’s a nasty shock, isn’t it, when you’ve only just got here. But you’ll find there’s plenty of that sort of thing. From Mr Marks and the others too.’
Samantha had been there for just two weeks. The girl who had previously been in the room had left two days earlier, her six-month ordeal finally over. The number of girls was kept at five, Jill was told. Still feeling that awful caning, she asked what they had to do all day.
‘Work,’ Samantha said. ‘Mostly. Work in the house and out in the garden as well. There’s study period in the evenings and you get tested on it. Another excuse for caning of course.’ Jill asked about Mr Canber.
‘Mr Canber. Oh yes. Did he try anything on? Want a nice quick screw on the way perhaps?’
Flushing, Jill said, ‘Well, sort of.’ Not mentioning the other business of course. ‘He said… it would help if I was friendly.’
Samantha made a face. ‘Yes, he does say that. Mr Tadley, he’s the gardener, he is the same. If you let them screw you they say they can put in a good word with Mr Marks or one of the others. But Mr Marks doesn’t take advice from the chauffeur or his gardener, does he?’
It seemed very likely that he didn’t. Jill shook her head. ‘Mind you,’ Samantha went on, ‘there’s the other side to it. They can get you into trouble if they feel like it, so you get extra canings. So it’s best to be a bit… well, pleasant. I mean not worry too much about a few gropes here and there. That doesn’t hurt you, does it.’
Jill didn’t answer that. She had had another sudden, unpleasant thought. ‘Wh… what about… Mr Marks and the others. The tutors. They don’t want to…?’
Samantha shook her head. ‘Mr Marks is not interested. You’ve already found out what he’s interested in. Caning the daylights out of you, that’s what. And the others…’ Linda shrugged. ‘Who’s your tutor? Mr Fitcham? Oh well, Mr Fitcham… He likes caning too of course. But also I’d say…’ But Samantha wouldn’t say. ‘I don’t see much of Mr Fitcham. You’ll just have to find out, won’t you Jill. And you’re to see him before supper. Yes?’
Jill shivered. Mr Fitcham could be worse than Mr Marks. If that was possible. Samantha said, ‘We have to change for supper. We have to wear a skirt, not these shorts. And knickers. The same top. You’d better change before you go to see Mr Fitcham.’ She grinned. ‘He’ll want you for the whole half hour, you can bet on that.’
At five minutes past seven Jill was back in the Correction Room. Less than an hour after she’d left it following that truly awful first caning. She was back… with Mr Fitcham now. ‘I think we’ll adjourn to the Correction Room,’ he said after no more than a couple of minutes in his room.
Jill was in the evening outfit now: a very short, flimsy blue cotton skirt and matching tight navy knickers underneath. The skirt was sufficiently short that it barely covered the knickers. Apart from this change the top was the same, as Samantha said, as were the knee-socks and shoes. In Jill’s head of course was the thought that she was going to be caned again. Because why else would Mr Fitcham bring her here? Like Mr Marks, Mr Fitcham didn’t give the impression of being a monster; he was ordinary-looking and had a sort of jokey, teasing way of talking. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t planning to give her another good hard caning. Like Mr Marks. A caning that will make her feel she is about to rocket out into orbit.
They are in the Correction Room and Mr Fitcham has closed the door. Jill wants to scream: Please, please. Not the cane again. I’ll do anything… Would she do anything? What Mr Canber and the gardener apparently want, and Mr Fitcham… Samantha wouldn’t say, or didn’t know, about Mr Fitcham. If he was interested… in that. Would she?
‘Take your knickers down, Jill,’ Mr Fitcham is saying. ‘And lift your skirt up. Let me have a look at you. Mr Marks caned you earlier I imagine.’
‘Yes… yes sir…’ Mr Fitcham has sat down in the armchair. and Jill has scrabbled her knickers down. Standing close in front of him she bunches the little skirt up round her waist. Mr Fitcham turns her, so that Jill’s bare bottom is in front of him. His hand fondles it.
‘Did you enjoy that then, Jill? Having it caned?’
‘No sir… Nooo…’
Mr Fitcham makes a ‘Mmmmm…’ sound. His hand is playing with her bare bottom which still shows the marks of Mr Marks’ caning. And she can still feel the caning. ‘It’s necessary though, Jill,’ says the soft voice. ‘You do understand that?’
She gasps out. ‘Yes sir…’ Mr Fitcham lets go and tells her to turn round. Jill shuffles round to face him, still holding her skirt high. Mr Fitcham’s eyes focus on her pussy, on the thick bush of curling-brown hair. The hand which has been playing with her bottom comes out again. Takes hold of Jill’s pussy. Jill’s knees tremble.
He says softly, ‘Caning is essential, Jill. I should really give you another one before supper.’
‘No sir… Her voice has an hysterical edge. ‘Please…’ Mr Fitcham’s fingers push in between Jill’s legs. She shifts her feet, parting them slightly. So that her thighs are not so tightly together. One of Mr Fitcham’s fingers slips in between the moist lips of Jill’s pussy. ‘Pl… please… not another…’ Words stuttering out. The fingers plus the thought of another caning have Jill trembling, like a leaf, her legs feeling like jelly.
‘Hmmm… perhaps we could… just spank you, Jill. Give you a spanking instead. For the moment. Of course I shall have to give you a caning. As your tutor. But right now…’
‘Yes sir. Yes… please…’
He takes his hand away. ‘All right then. Get your knickers right off. And then let’s have you here.’
Jill’s shaking hands grab at her knickers. Anything is better than a caning. Mr Fitcham tells her to take her shoes off as well. With both knickers and shoes off she gets over his lap. His hand pushes her legs apart. Slides in between them.
Jill makes a grunting sound. Mr Fitcham is softly talking.
‘You’ve got six months in front of you, Jill. It can be not too bad or it can he really heavy going. That’s what I always tell a girl who will be coming to me for tutoring. Especially a nice pretty one, eh Jill?’
Jill makes a ‘Nnnngghhh…’ sound. It is not intended as a sound of disagreement, of non-co-operation. Jill is not fighting what Mr Fitcham is doing. His hand. She doesn’t like it but she is not fighting it. If it will mean that maybe she will have an easier time. That is what Mr Fitcham is saying. If she is co-operative. Jill doesn’t like it but she is responding nonetheless. Her hips are beginning to move… her breathing is harsher.
Mr Fitcham seems to approve of this. ‘That’s a good girl, Jill. In a moment we’ll have the spanking. But first of all… what a girl likes, eh?’


  1. Once a girl has tasted a good strong whip of the cane on her bare bottom, she will agree access to her pussy to avoid a repeat caning. Take full advantage, and then cane her again anyway.

  2. Replies
    1. One important amendment to my observation - I put ‘agree access to her pussy’. Whether she agrees or not is irrelevant; she will learn to know it is part of her punishment. It doesn’t matter if she ever gets used to it or likes it. Teenage girls never really get used to the distress of their being dealt with - especially when you get at the pussy. An important aspect is discipline for its own sake.
      Equally, a girl doesn’t have to do anything ‘wrong’, they need caning anyway.

    2. Well - indeed. Though I'd say that it applies to all women. They must learn - early if possible - that their pussies should be moist and ready and available at all times - and especially when in receipt of discipline - for their disciplinarian's pleasure and their humiliation and punishment. They should be taught to welcome and respond with pleasure to hand, paddle, strap and cane across their bottoms and with shame at the orgasm they are then brought to.

    3. Once broken in like a filly, they are at their most vulnerable just after the caning. As you say, there’s shame and humiliation. The tears are from these as much as the cane on bare bottom and thighs.

  3. Re. ‘their pussies should be moist and ready’
    One has to make sure this isn’t because they have been masturbating - for which they would obviously be eligible for additional appropriate punishment.

    I recall the cautionary story in Blushes where Mr Rinvale suspects young Sandra of masturbating. I quote from it now:

    ‘His hand is cupping her pussy. She gives a little squeal. Shaking her head. Mr Rinvale’s finger is inserted. Probing. In the wetness. He grunts. He calls Jenny.
    ‘Tell me what you think’. Taking Jenny’s hand. Putting it between Sandra’s legs. On her cunt.

    ‘Has she been playing with herself? Masturbating. I want an honest answer’.

    Jenny’s face is red. She bites her lip. Perhaps keen to show Mr Rinvale she is taking this seriously, she slides her fingers inside. In the wetness, finding Sandra’s clitoris’.

    1. Could you tell us where to find the rest of this delightful sounding story?

  4. I am not opposed to allowing a girl a little masturbatory latitude - as long as it is under strict supervision. The humiliation of bringing herself to climax after having her bottom warmed whilst being closely monitored. It is part of her learning to associate discipline with controlled pleasure.

  5. And of course, having her then publicly discuss her masturbatory habits and how pleasuring herself under strict supervision made her feel is then an essential follow up to ensure her continued humiliation.

    1. Control is the key word above - a girl ought to learn that she does not control her own pleasure, and should frequently be brought just to the brink but not allowed to climax. Instead, in her vulnerable and aroused state, she ought to be soundly thrashed. And if she does try to play with herself without permission, she must confess the act in detail and accept the proper punishment for it.

  6. For my part, I'd prefer just to focus on inflicting pain on a girl by beating her bare bottom. The condition of her pussy would be a matter for her, though I'd make it my business to keep her mind on the pain and humiliation of her spanking. My pleasure would be paramount, the effect on my trousered lap of more importance than any tingling in her secret places.

    1. Well we all have differing views I suppose. I prefer her to find humiliation in the expression of her own unwilling but undeniable arousal just as much as in the painful condition of her arse.

  7. On ‘the condition of her pussy would be a matter for her’. Well, I’m not so sure. There’s the Blushes story where Mr Ray makes the pussy very much a matter for him.

    ‘Quite dry here are we?’ his fingertips teased the soft curls of her pubes and she reddened deeply.

    Of all the things she had learned to accept, this was the one thing that she could not get used to. This business of having an unwelcome hand doing things to her down there. Because his feet were some distance apart, he was able to stroke her very freely in the vulva.

    She was almost convinced that he did feel her for the very reason of testing the condition wet or dry, of her hair and pussy’.

    1. Though I am not her pussy she should be dry. She should be moist and aroused and ready for use at all times...whether after the cane or before!

  8. Good to see an interesting discussion. My view is access all areas in punishment and remember it is meant to cause discomfort - this can easily be in intimate areas - so they don’t do it again! (Until the next time).

    1. Yes - while a woman's bottom should always be the main target region for punitive strokes - for numerous reasons - it is important not to discount the value of spreading it around a little!

      Thighs of course - front and back - belly, breasts in particular, and even her pussy are all areas where a trollop might have her punishment intensified. Of course it depends on the magnitude of her infraction, or whether recalcitrance, unruliness or uncooperativeness is involved.

      They may also be more normal when she is being trained; learning that her body and her sexual desires are not hers to control. A flogger applied between her wide-spread thighs is an excellent way to teach her.

  9. Couldn’t agree more. The Blushes magazines are especially good at making sure the girls’ breasts and bush and often the vulva are on full view. The males dealing with the girls get straight at these parts to their clear discomfort. It is a next step from there for us to imagine how we might further deal with these, while the cane doesn’t leave out its main focus of training the bottom. Other areas though might at times be the sole focus - say when an uncle goes into the unlocked room of a young miscreant, seconded to him by a mum keen to keep the girl in line. This can so often be done when the girl is naked at night, in her guest room at his cottage for a couple of weeks in the summer hols.

  10. The males dealing with the girls get straight at these parts to their clear discomfort.

    Or even the females!

    Maybe an aunt or an older family friend?

    1. Miss Brown in excellent videos including ‘Caned Every Day’ certainly knows how to punish errant schoolgirls. She treats them with contempt when they err. And I wish others would hit them as hard as she does. How they wriggle and howl.

  11. 'Spanking' and the world of Blushes etc. seem to me to be quite distinct from ordinary 'BDSM' and something which has its own special character, atmosphere, traditions and flavour. So whilst I'm not saying it's necessarily just about the spanking and caning of bottoms, I still think certain distinctions need to be maintained.

    1. It's a fair point and the bottom should always be the primary target - but methods of girl training should not be too limited.

  12. Agreed. I just personally find using the breasts as an additional target has an especially salutary effect on certain young miscreants.

    1. Quite so - and not just her breasts. A girl needs to learn that there is no part of her body that belongs to herself, is not subject to discipline nor that may not be enjoyed by those in charge of her.

      And it is not just miscreancy that will result in such punishments - even when she has committed no infraction she should know that she may be subject to summary, sudden, painful and humiliating discipline to be followed by her enthusiastic sexual service at tbe drop of a hat - or, more accurately, her knickers.

    2. Yes - I find many parts of their young anatomy can be involved. Amanda in Blushes 56 for example has slappable face, breasts and tummy. I wouldn’t want to cane her bare bottom without dealing with these other areas. I would hope that despite her tears, I would be able to make her see that the extras are important in helping deal with her petulant look. The backs of the thighs should always be a target. Girls are always self-conscious re. their breasts which plays into one’s hands (pun intended). They either think their breasts are too small or too big and this can easily be exploited for bespoke criticism. In Blushes 31 for example there are two girls with bottoms for the cane whose breasts can be mocked as udders. They are both made to lean forward to take bottom cane, and their breasts fall forward in an ungainly mis-sharpen way I find most attractive. It is in this ‘hanging’ position the breasts should be caned - 3 cuts from underneath and 3 cane strokes from below; all of them clipping the nipples in the follow-through.

      As for the sexual element in the punishment. I agree it is key. I respect that you insist they are enthusiastic in this element. I am increasingly aware in these exchanges that this is a matter of taste. I prefer it if the young female dreads the intercourse. It obviously varies with the predilections of the chap dealing with the filly.

    3. *just to clarify - it should read three cuts from above and three from below; accuracy comes with practice - if you don’t clip the nipple, just keep re-taking the stroke.

    4. Good suggestions re: breast caning. Though for those girls smallish tits I think having them stretched on her back is best.

      I just think that a submissive should be ashamed and humiliated by the fact that she is so aroused despite her disciplinary anguish!

  13. Yes, sorry, my breast punishment centred on the bigger tits and works for dealing with those. For smaller ones I like your suggestion. I also find that a tawse or belt is effective with hands on head. I don’t in their cases clip the nipple on the follow through, I just use the tawse or strap across the whole breast front on.

    1. Yes - quite right - hands on head is the way to go with a good, stiff strap across the tits! Then clamping her nipples (and clit) before she's bent over again she'll be happy to offer up her arse!

    2. Yes well you’re moving away from Blushes territory there and I would refer you to the magazine ‘Taboo’ if that’s your thing.

      Mine is more the atmosphere in Blushes where 16+ Yr old girls are trapped by social circumstances into having their bare bottoms caned and their breasts and pussies uncomfortably groped by much older men placed in positions of authority - often by the girl’s mum trying to curb lasciviousness in their pretty but naive daughters.