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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

High Fliers

Another great Cheek-to-Cheek video.
MF/5f; time: 59 minutes
A British airline uses spanking to discipline its female flight attendants, a lovely erotic concept, an endless theme. Cheek-to-Cheek rolls out a series of delightful CP scenes, using cast from its other films. Their work, now dated in provocativeness and intensity, is distinguished by very pretty, plausible, genteel women and sexy spanking situations, when a girl has to do what she is told. Spankings are moderate and brief, but the eye candy is probably the consistent best in all of CP film that we are aware of.
Two blondes, Niki and Mary, are summoned to the office of the Director of Cabin Services for financial inconsistencies on their flights. They know the disciplinarian, a woman they suspect of having lesbian tendencies, will spank them, the only question is how much and with what. Per instruction, they strip to bra and panties and walk through the halls to knock at her office, and then are spanked, strapped, and caned, losing their undies in the process. Directress ‘Anson Woods’ does the work. The usual British procedures: bend-overs, lunge position, diaper position on a couch, horsed on each others’  backs, spread wide at the mantelpiece. Beautiful bottoms, acceptable intensity, nice humiliation, and a touch of lesbian interest from Ms. Woods.
Both girls are so pretty the camera mixes frequent facials, Mary’s huge blue eyes featured. The girls are eventually naked for their cane sets of six.
Another model from Cheek-to-Cheek, a lovely conventionally decked out light brunette, plays an airline attendant, awaiting her discipline and narrating her predicament to us. An unseen male arrives, she bends over a stool CTC used to great success in Military Discipline, skirt up, form-fitting white knickers.  Another scene is included with this girl — in a leotard with bare buttocks, over a wooden sawhorse trestle, legs very wide, for a hard paddling.
Another employee, a blonde. A long OTK hand spanking with slow-motion, then slippered over a stool. She also narrates her own dilemma. ‘Here I am, an 18-year-old, with my bare bottom over a stool.’ Completely naked, a full frontal for a moment, over the trestle again for the paddle. ‘It leaves a nice warm glow on your bottom… don’t they all?’
This trestle provides wonderful views — legs almost 3′ apart, head and boobs hang low for camera shots. The simple carpenter’s device has been used in several films. At the conclusion of this segment, this sweet blonde shows the ‘slipper’ (old boat shoe) and it reminds us of its famous use, also in Military Discipline.
The last segment features a blonde who could just as well have been working on a morning TV network show. She has been caught monkeying with the ‘duty-free’ merchandise. There is very long discussion, apologies, etc. She is aware that ‘…there used to be another way… an option.’ The faceless male disciplinarian refers to her ‘steward-ass’, twice in case you didn’t hear it. He mentions ‘school-type punishments’ and gets her to say the magic words: ‘…a spanking, sir… the cane, strap, or hand…’ He finally gets her OTK; ‘Lift your hips,’ she hardly needs to be told, as she tugs down her knickers. Sweet hand spanking, paddle over stool, diaper position on a couch — she is very experienced in getting into position quickly.
She is suddenly naked — too bad the undressing was omitted, because she is a vision, with her embarrassed eyes downcast. Lovely sight over the trestle for the tawse. Gasping grunts, as she counts out the strokes. And here, as many times as they have occurred in the genre, airplane noises on the soundtrack are appropriate.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


  1. Lovely video. Cheek To Cheek rocks!

  2. Fleas the blonde in the movie ego talks to camera was in a film featuring a mother girl where the blonde is the disciplinarian. Do you have that?

  3. It’s always good to see them made to bend right over so their tits are hanging all over the place and ‘out of shape’. It is humiliating and embarrassing for them to be caned thus.

  4. A bit of a shambles really. One moment there's two girls being punished by another young woman for whatever it is they've supposedly stolen. Next there's some wholly unrelated action with another woman (as well as one or two other strange snippets - one featuring a rather attractive lady speaking to camera who I thought we were going to see being caned but then it just rather disappointingly cut to something else). Then we're back to one of the original girls (where did the other one, who I actually preferred, go?) and she's now being punished once more for the thefts by some anonymous bloke. Even that episode seemed to be rather roughly put together. Another thing I dislike is slow motion replays. Just disrupts the flow of a production for me as well as being a bit boring. If you want to watch something in slow motion you can do it anyway with your own playback settings (although I concede that wouldn't have been properly possible in the days of VHS). Seems to me to have been done just to pad things out and fill up time. On the plus side there were some nice scenes. I particularly liked the blonde girl in the first part, nice body and arse and she also seemed to feel things a bit more than the other girl. Maybe that was why she was no longer there later on? Would have been nice to have seen her caned with her knickers down though, as skimpy as the ones she was wearing were. Could have done with seeing her pussy. The trestle scenes were good also, particularly when they're hanging upside down with all their hair and tits hanging upside down also and you can see the reactions of their upside down faces between their legs when their arses are being whacked. Thankfully no tattoos also which I presume we can put down to this film being made in the days before they became commonplace on girls.

  5. Guess what I also dislike tattoos on girls