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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Correct Method

From Blushes 55
To some, Mrs Stacey was a tyrant. To some she was a paragon of virtue and to yet others she was a woman to be avoided at all costs! She was a different personality to different people. It all depended on which side of the fence a person was situated when one became involved with Mrs Stacey.
When Mandy was introduced to Mrs Stacey she had already heard conflicting stories regarding the somewhat attractive and yet underlying austere nature of the woman. At that first initial meeting, Mrs Stacey had smiled as though reassuringly. The smile was fine and the attitude was alright too, but it was the purposefully prepared speech of introduction that Mandy remembered most vividly. Mrs Stacey had not stopped smiling although the oration coming in a deliberate tone of controlled discipline had left Mandy aghast and somewhat overawed.
‘I do not like young ladies who are naughty,’ the smile had certainly been there.
Mandy had not been too sure whether she should make any acknowledgement to the statement. Better stay silent. What could she say anyway? If she agreed it might somehow be misinterpreted by the older woman into the thought that Mandy would accept any consequences of any misbehaviour. And that certainly was not the case. Mandy certainly did not agree with the idea that she should be punished if she was considered naughty.
‘And if I consider that you have been naughty, Mandy,’ there had been that unmistakeable glint of steel in the eyes, ‘then I shall sadly have to punish you. Punish your bottom, that is. I think all naughty young ladies should be punished on their bottoms. Bare bottoms,’ she seemed to think that Mandy might misunderstand her point but the young Mandy could only sit there, open-mouthed and her eyes registering misbelief that her ears were not actually deceiving her.
It was unheard of. Whoever would have believed that this upstanding woman who was to undertake Mandy’s deportment and preparation should have to even think of spanking her bottom.
It was unheard of. Whoever would have believed that this upstanding woman who was to undertake Mandy’s deportment and preparation should have to even think of spanking her bottom.
Then Mrs Stacey had gone on to greater underline her point of the use and importance of discipline. There had been a mention of the cane! Mandy’s senses were reeling by the time she went up the staircase and into the small room that was to be her nightly abode for the next two weeks.
It is a fact of nature. The more one is determined to avoid the threats of punishment, the more are the situations that project one into them!
‘Mandy!!’ the dark-haired young woman quailed.
The call had come from the top of the stairs in the region of the bathroom. Her high heeled shoes were not shaped for hurrying up carpeted stairs but she eventually arrived feeling flushed and slightly breathless.
‘Yes, Mrs Stacey,’ her voice had a tone of respect mixed with fear.
‘Didn’t we agree that the bath must always be left clean. Pristine clean in a manner in which we find it.’
The voice defied argument and the face defied Mandy to look back into the eyes. Mandy was not prepared to argue and she certainly was not going to look into the dreadful anger of those eyes.
As she shuffled her feet so she could see the tell-tale tide mark round the bath. The towels were draped over a chair and the soap was still actually in the bath.
‘I… I was going to clean it… Honestly,’ she tried to assure the wrathful woman.
‘When? Tomorrow?… The next day,’ the venom of Mrs Stacey’s voice had been replaced by spearing sarcasm.
‘I… I…’ Mandy was inwardly trembling.
‘You will go to the small room. You know where I mean, don’t you?’
Oh no. She could not mean it. Mandy knew exactly where the small room was and she knew for what purpose it was used. It had one chair. A chair that was a very important piece of furniture as far as Mrs Stacey was concerned. Whereas most chairs were sat upon, this one had been used for more knees than Mrs Stacey could remember! It was a highly-polished white piece of stout furniture and Mandy had viewed it with apprehension when Mrs Stacey had explained the use to which the chair was sometimes put.
The information had done little to reassure the attractive Mandy, and now, on legs that she felt certain were about to buckle under her, she made her way to the dreaded room. She almost collapsed into the soft padding of the seat. Even now, as she sat there, she felt ice-cold fingers tracing cold lines up and down her back.
Up to this morning, Mandy was sure she had made a good impression on Mrs Stacey. Only last night the woman had smiled gently when they had kissed goodnight. That had felt strange at first Mandy had thought. She had just been getting into bed wearing the short nightie thing that Mrs Stacey had laid out for her. The hem had not come down much below the indent of her navel. Then the door had opened and Mrs Stacey, still smiling benevolently had come into the room.
‘Have a good night’s rest,’ she had held the semi-clad Mandy and the younger girl had trembled in embarrassment at being so lightly attired. Then Mrs Stacey had kissed her lightly, warmly even on her soft mouth and there had been that gentle pat of the hand on her bum. The bum had had nothing on it right then and the palm of the hand, gently patted in a friendly fashion, but a long time after the light had been put out, Mandy’s mind had recalled that intimate touch from Mrs Stacey.
It was something she was determined to avoid at all costs. No more of this goodnight-kissing business. If she tried it on tomorrow then Mandy felt that she would have to tell her that she did not like it!
Now, as she sat there waiting in a helpless state of dejection, Mandy could only think of the shame that was to enter her young life when Mrs Stacey came through the door. I just can’t sit here and let her think she can get away with such a barbaric act. I am twenty years of age and I know that she has no business, no right to think that she can treat me in such a humiliating manner. It is not on. I just shan’t do it. The more thought she gave to it so the greater became her determination. What would her friends think if ever they got to know about such childish treatment? She started to make up little speeches of protest and argument in her mind and right up to the time when Mrs Stacey came through the door, she was more determined to attempt to dissuade the older woman from carrying out her threat.
‘Mrs Stacey…’ she started to speak and then was struck into confused silence. The woman had a cane in her hand!! A yellow and very purposeful-looking length of cane. Mandy felt her mouth go dry at the sheer preposterousness of Mrs Stacey thinking that she was going to use such a terrible instrument on her. And on her bottom too!! Well, she wasn’t and that was that.
‘Stand up Mandy,’ the ice cold voice was full of an authority that Mandy had never before in her life encountered.
‘Mrs Stacey,’ her own voice did not seem to have any conviction at all about it!! It sounded weak and helpless even as she stood up Mandy felt that she needed to speak with a lot more strength.
‘Mrs Stacey…’
‘Kneel on the chair,’ she pointed to the cushion-padded seat.
Was the woman deaf? She had not even acknowledged the fact that Mandy had spoken.
And now she was actually kneeling on the chair!!
‘Mrs Stacey…’ instead of the words coming out clear and strong, her voice was weaker than ever.
‘Bend over, naughty Mandy.’
‘No… Mrs Stacey… you can’t… mustn’t…’ she choked as she bent over the back of the chair!!
This was ridiculous. She was arguing. She was telling Mrs Stacey that she would not in any way accept this humiliating treatment and the sharp tone of the authoritarian woman was making her obediently responsive.
‘Mrs Stacey!! No… No… please… you mustn’t,’ her choking sound of surprised reaction came through clear now.
The older woman had actually lifted her dress. All the way up so that her tight-fitting white panties were exposed. And so were the rounded cheeks of her bottom.
‘These will have to come down.’
‘Ooooh… no… no… pleeease,’ the wretchedness of Mandy’s voice sounded as a shocked tone in the small area of the room.
Why did she still remain bending like this? She had been determined that there would be no capitulation to the severe austerity of Mrs Stacey. Yet, here she was, obediently letting her panties be taken down so that her bottom would be bared and properly positioned for the spanking that Mrs Stacey was determined to give her. And now she could feel the panties stretching between her thighs. A white bridge of cloth from one leg to the other. And her bum was nakedly exposed; this was emphasised upon the kneeling girl when she felt the other women’s hand, not patting as it was last night, but rather feeling the texture of the smooth skin as it stretched tautly in the act of bending.
No! Mrs Stacey… I cannot stay like this and let you punish me… it is too undignified… I don’t like it… I can’t… I won’t,’ Mandy had intended to sound forcibly strong in her complaint, but mind and voice were not in cohesion… her voice was weak and it was a small sound… too small to carry the conviction she so desperately needed right now.
Mrs Stacey did spank the rounded bared cheeks but there was not the strength in the palms that one would have expected.
‘You will always do as you are told young lady,’ the strong voice reminded the trembling Mandy. ‘Understand?’
‘Yesss… but… please… I don’t like being spanked… please… I want to pull my panties up… no more… no… nooo,’ she shuddered and gasped still in that small-toned voice.
‘Now stand up,’ Mrs Stacey’s voice was far from timid and weak!
It had that authoritarian tone that refused to recognise any protest whatsoever. Mandy, uncertain and now demoralised beyond the realms of her own belief at what was happening to her stood shakily.
‘Mrs Stacey… you can’t be serious.’
The voice took on a tone of shocked surprise and misbelief.
‘Strip, Mandy. Every stitch off.’
‘Oh Mrs Stacey… no… please… that is too shameful… you can’t expect me to take my clothes off,’ her eyes too were showing a decided misbelief at what the woman was demanding.
Mrs Stacey did not have to repeat her demanding instructions, because even as she protested, Mandy’s fingers were fussing with the buttons of her upper clothing.
When she was in her black T-type vest blouse, she was easing it over her head without another word being spoken.
She was still shaking her head ‘no’ as her full shapely breasts sprang free of her upper garment. Mrs Stacey stood watching, the cane tapping the side of her own leg as she watched the skirt dropping to the floor.
Shamed more than she had ever been before in the whole of her life, Mandy looked down and all she was wearing were the high heeled polished shoes. Oh dear Lord, this is worse than awful…
‘Hands behind your back.’
In a state of protest and yet feeling completely unable to resist, Mandy placed her hands behind her back. She hated the way that Mrs Stacey was studying the nude points of her sexual curves. The high pointed nipples and the fluffy dark moss of hair… all this was under the apparent critical eyes of the older woman.
‘Kneel on the chair.’
The pointing cane was used to direct the hapless Mandy into position. She was still protesting that she could not, would not accept what she felt was a barbaric act and then she was kneeling up right… her hands once again resting on her bottom, her shoulders right back and her face expressing misery and shame at being so shamefully posed before this dominating woman.
‘Now. Once again bend over and reach for the bar.’
‘I don’t want to be caned… you must not… please do not cane me,’ Mandy was choking now.
Her soft breasts hung most attractively as her fingers clutched the bar that ran from one leg to the other at the rear of the chair.
Mrs Stacey was not showing any interest in the soft breasts, her eyes were glued to the rounded orbs of Mandy’s properly-posed bottom.
The cane rose and fell. It caused Mandy’s physical reaction of protest because she jumped up and then she was bending again… her body seemed now to be completely responsive to the falling stick. Each time it struck her buttocks, so she jumped up and each time she jumped up she was told to bend again. Her mouth echoed and re-echoed immediately after the sound of the cane striping her bottom was heard.
The terrible swish and then the hard thwack… a sound of response followed from Mandy and then Mrs Stacey’s voice snapping in angry command for her to bend again.
How many strokes had she taken? Mandy was certain that the skin of her bottom must look like a busy junction for trains… every part of her skin was responding to the fiery heat of cane lines.
Then she felt the cane stripe across her thighs. Another and different sound came now into the room… it had been totally unexpected but it had the effect of bringing Mandy to a different reaction.
It was ten minutes later that she was standing before the tartar… and she did not care what Mrs Stacey was looking at… she was too busy trying to soothe the hot skin of her bottom and the backs of her thighs… ‘Now go to your bedroom,’ the woman snapped.
Mandy fairly ran to her own small room… she had protested at everything Mrs Stacey had told her to do and yet she had still physically obeyed her. As she sniffed and sobbed, it occurred to her.
She had forgotten to tell Mrs Stacey that she must not kiss her goodnight… and neither must she come into her room unannounced!


  1. gorgeous model in this story. loved the occasional lesbian themed stories that blushes published

  2. perfect way for the young girl to react to a female authority figure
    I for 1 rather enjoy stories like this

  3. I also note the is only allowed white cotton knickers as it should be

  4. Has anyone put their pupil in a nappy as a way to increase their shame?

  5. Her tits are too small and she is insulted about them. They are part of the punishment as they ‘hang’ when she is in a shame position over the chair back with the tits clearly exposed for what they are: lacking. It’s right we can’t see her face in these as she hides the blushes of embarrassment as the cane whips in and the criticism of her under-sized breasts goes on and on. Blushes is very good at making sure breasts are too small or too big as girls are acutely conscious of this. We are invited to include the breasts in the corporal punishment too.

    1. Yes much like Jane in Company Policy, Blushes 31. Though her breasts are, in direct contrast, larger than ideal. She is also pushed over the back of a chair and we don’t see her face either - not least because her nightie is pulled over her head.

  6. Wonderful - a long and highly educational night awaits the now complaint young doxy! Perhaps the most important and formative of her life.

  7. Another target, sorry candidate, for National Domestic Service. I bet that older lady lays the cane on good and hard and has high expectations of post disciplinary performance.

    1. I had rather hoped she would be sent to the Government Forced Lesbianism Institute for full and extensive training.

      I understand that they will be taking in a new intake shortly - once the current candidates have been allocated to their new wives. Most have already been married off, pierced and bedded - though I understand a number have been held back and are having to repeat their training for some reason. Repeaters can expect an especially torrid time!

    2. Works for me. Before she goes her mistress should give her a send off party with half a dozen friends and some party games, pass the girl, pin the strapon in the girl, and blind girls buff are all contenders. She should be asked to eat her cake out of the older ladies pussys and finally take a good no nonsense strapping before time for bed