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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Well Maid

From Uniform Girls 31
Her employer was a very attractive woman in her early thirties and Kim had liked her from the moment she had been admitted for interview. Kim was just into her twentieth year and had been ‘in service’ from the age of eighteen. Her last employer had been over familiar with his wandering hands and although Kim was reasonable about such things, her employer’s wife was not.
The woman to whom she had applied for the position of maid had spoken to her very kindly about the terms of the contract and had shown her all over the house. The master bedroom with the maid’s room adjourning. The bathroom. The main reception room with lounge etcetera, etcetera. The kitchen was a large room too. Then they came to the very sombre room. This was the one room that did not have wall-to-wall carpet. There was a large square rug with polished wood as a surround.
‘And this is the punishment room.’
‘Miss?’ Kim’s eyes had opened wide with surprise and her response was a question in itself.
‘The punishment room,’ the woman smiled sweetly as though she perfectly understood Kim’s attitude.
Kim’s tongue lightly ran from one side of her lips to the other… surely, her prospective employer could not be serious. The look in the eyes revealed that there was no joke.
‘I… I don’t think I understand,’ Kim stuttered.
‘Alright. I think an explanation is in the natural order of things,’ the woman was prepared to go into details.
It would probably be better if she really did explain to this attractive young person, then there would be no room for misunderstandings. The girl could always pack her things and go if she did not like it.
‘I do not like to spend time being wasted in girlish sulks and pouting. So. If you misbehave or are ever naughty, then we come in here. You will know why you are here and it will save me making a lot of unnecessary explanations. You will come in this room whenever I deem you have misbehaved and I will spank your bottom.’
Kim nearly burst out laughing. It was a nervous reaction, of course and she was not too sure how to handle it.
‘Spank me? On my bottom?’ her mouth gasped the words rather than spoke them.
‘Yes. Do you accept this clause in your contract?’
‘I… I don’t know, Miss,’ Kim was amazed at the way that the interview had gone.
She certainly liked the idea of working for this attractive and wealthy lady; but this was the first time she had ever met such strange terms. ‘Perhaps you should look elsewhere,’ the lovely woman suggested with that smile that told Kim that she was really a very nice person.
‘Oh no. Please. I’m sorry. I must admit though that I was taken by surprise,’ she said.
The prospective employer looked at the confusion written all over the lovely girl’s face. She personally hoped that Kim would accept the post. She certainly had a strikingly good-looking face, a soft, curvy rounded body and from the manner her skirt shaped round her bottom there would be a lot of premium in having that skirt off, the panties lowered and the bottom that appeared so attractive when dressed stretched nicely and properly over the mistress’s lap.
‘Do you want to work for me?’
‘Yes. Yes, I think I would like to,’ Kim blushed even deeper. It was as if she was saying yes, I would like to work for you and to have my naughty bottom spanked whenever I misbehave myself.
‘Spanked bottoms too if you are naughty?’
‘Y…yes, I suppose so,’ Kim shifted from one foot to the other. To hell with it. There were not that many well-paid positions going. So what is a spanked bum between friends?
‘Good. I’ll leave you to get unpacked and make yourself comfortable. You will start duties tomorrow,’ she smiled.
Kim looked round the room ruefully. She hoped that she would not have to come in here again… except to clean it of course.
Kim knew to the letter what her duties were to be and she had been doing this sort of work for a married family for the last two years. Pity about her previous employer’s wife catching her and the husband together. That had been quite a well-paid job with all the perks thrown in… but there was never any of this spanking business with them. She blushed again as her bottom was lightly patted when she passed her new employer. Lord, she is getting the feel of it already. I’ll have to watch my step or else that patting will turn into something of a different calibre… and my bottom will not have the covering to protect it as it has now!
After she had bathed, she still felt the odd tingles that had been aroused when the employer had explained the purpose of the room… spanking, no less. Well there was a novel twist.
Kim felt that her employer, being so sweet and delightful to be with would certainly not take up a lot of time enforcing this spanking business. She was sure that it had been a ploy just to make sure that she kept on the right track and not to get into too many scrapes.
It soon became apparent that the lady who was now her boss spent a lot of time at leisure in the evening and went out to an elite club. This suited Kim down to the ground and it gave her unlimited time to relax and even catch up on her household tasks. She gradually got used to the woman’s comings and goings and was able now to set her watch with the precision of the woman’s evening departures and arrival back home. Thursday nights were those that took longest for the employer to get home and so, one Thursday as soon as she had departed, Kim was in her bathroom. She was not normally allowed in this room without the woman herself being here and with Kim in attendance. She drew a large bath of water emptied expensive perfumed oils into it and then sank into the forbidden tub to luxuriate in the sweet smelling suds. This is the life, she thought. Perfect pleasure.
Laying back, idly letting her hand stroke the perfumed waters into her body, she was surprised to hear the front door open. Oh shit! She’s come back early. For the first time ever. Hastily she got out of the bath and pulled the plug trying to get the high water to run away faster than it normally could have done. She pulled towels round her body and opened the windows to try in some way to get the heat from the room. She did not know why, but visions of the sombre punishment room loomed in her mind. Ominously so. She was still rubbing the terry towel robe over her skin when Priscilla Wensley walked in.
‘Oh Miss… l wasn’t expecting you back,’ Kim said lame and limp.
The plumbing in your bathroom not working?’ Priscilla asked sarcastically and with one fine eyebrow raised.
‘Er… oh yes,’ Kim felt like a criminal!
‘I’ll see you in the morning.’
‘Yes, Miss. Er… G’night,’ she just could not think of anything else to say or how else to react.
It was another hour before she was in her own bedroom and she felt as guilty as hell. Surely, Miss Wensley was not going to smack her bottom! I’m too big. I’m twenty years of age and girls or young ladies of twenty years did not have their bums spanked. Did they? It was all too mortifying to even think about let alone to actually have to go over Miss Wensley’s lap with her panties down… oh Lord; don’t even think about it, she moaned to herself.
And Miss Wensley had not responded to the ‘G’night’ that Kim had weakly called out.
The atmosphere the following morning was decidedly stony and frigid to say the least. Kim served breakfast as she always did and she cleared away as she always did. She pulled a bath as normal and everything regarding her duties she executed in the best possible manner that would normally have earned her credit marks by any standard. This morning, the silence was so concentrated that one could cut it with a knife.
‘Eleven o’clock, young lady. In the Brown room,’ Priscilla told her sharply.
‘Yes, Miss,’ she stumbled over the two words even.
‘Sharp,’ Priscilla added as she swept from the breakfast room. Kim’s face was certainly a study in abject misery as she stood there looking at the door through which Priscilla Wensley had just departed.
All the minutes up to the appointed hour Kim constantly reminded herself that she was no schoolgirl. Nobody was going to make her take her panties down for a spanking. Nobody, not even Priscilla Wensley, was going to make her bare her bottom so that they could spank it. She had her rights as a human being and it was too degrading to even think about. How dare that attractive employer suggest that she could smack her whenever she thought that the maid had misbehaved. It was inhuman and monstrous even. She would appeal to Miss Wensley’s sense of propriety. She was sure that if she put her point properly then she would avoid being spanked.
The fact that she was dressed as Priscilla had told her to dress was the fact that she did not want to go into that room appearing to be disobedient from the outset. A neat blue and white check blouse and these awful tight-fitting knickers. Not panties, but cloth knickers that were just a shade too tight for her and seemed to enhance the full rounded spheres of her backside. They were too tight, too out of fashion and no girl in her right mind would be seen in them. But just to let Miss Wensley know that she was not wilfully naughty, she put them on.
And the low-heel, highly-polished shoes. With white ankle socks. It certainly put her at a disadvantage, she felt. Why couldn’t she wear her daily uniform? Dressed like this… well, just look at the reflection. Kim coloured first with anger at the spectacle her mistress was trying to make of her and then a deeper blush when she realised that with the lowering or removal of the knickers, she would only have the waist-length blouse covering her at all. Everything would be exposed… except for her breasts that is. She felt that given a choice she would rather remove the blouse! Again and again, as she walked uncertainly towards that room, she rehearsed exactly what she was going to say. She knocked on the door and waited for the terse command to go in.
‘You know my rules regarding behaviour, Kim,’ the woman started.
‘Yes, Miss. But I don’t think you ought to even consider spanking me. It is too shameful… humiliating. I don’t think it is the least bit proper for you to expect me to submit to such a terrible ordeal.’ Kim started out alright, but words tripped over each other and then she was stammering and not making much sense at all.
‘And I don’t think you should trespass in those rooms that I consider private,’ Miss Wensley told her as she pulled the reluctant girl down over her lap.
Kim just could not believe that this was happening! Her arms were down one side, her palms resting on the floor and her legs thrust out the other side of the knees, with feet actually digging into the carpet.
‘Oh no… Miss… Please,’ she half cried out as she felt the knickers being pulled down her legs.
As the knickers were gradually taken down, so Kim slipped to her knees but that lap was still beneath her and she was virtually on all fours. What was even worse, was that she was bare bottomed now and Miss Wensley was stroking the naked cheeks of Kim’s bottom quite freely.
‘I don’t think a spanking will come amiss, young lady,’ Priscilla told her and to give action to words, Kim felt the first stinging slap come down onto her right buttock.
The creamy white background of her rounded cheek now had a distinct handprint of red over it… only one handprint and that was the exact spot that Kim felt was tingling… the other nate responded in exactly the same way… two rounded cheeks, two imprinted red hand marks.
‘Oh pleasee… pleassseee, Miss,’ she called out as her very soul became more and more anguished.
The hand soon settled into a pattern that was slowly transforming the bared bottom to a tomato-coloured sensation of furnace heat. Kim was soon kicking her legs about not caring too much about modesty. All she was aware of right now was that hand and its ability to produce a real flashing hotness each time it spanked down onto her rounded bum.
Spank… spank… spank… spank… ‘Ohhh… oww… oh please… please… no… no…’ Kim let Priscilla know that her bottom was stinging terribly and those slaps seemed to be growing in strength. Instead of the hand weakening, it appeared that the more practise it got the harder it was able to come down.
Kim tried to get her hands over the now heated nates, but the well-versed Priscilla simply grabbed both wrists and with an ease that one would not have thought her capable of, she thrust them up to the small of Kim’s back. This slightly impeded the jerking movement that Kim felt her buttocks wanted to make!
Through the mists of the ever-increasing pain waves, Kim realised that with her kneeling legs moving in every possible direction, she was making quite an exhibition of her body and this only caused her further deep shame.
She had struggled and thrust her legs about so much that her shoes had long come off her feet. Every so often, the spanking ceased but only just long enough for Priscilla to stroke her hands over the highly-heated nates. They were very red now, and when Priscilla saw the undercurve showing white, she knew she would have to remedy the omission to spank the lower orbs.
‘Ow!!! That hurts,’ Kim shouted as the fresh area and also the most sensitive parts were subjected to the pain-instilling slaps. It was not that the preceding spanking had not hurt, it was that the lower curves were very tenderised areas and with the palm reaching new territory, that newly invaded source became even more hot than the rest of her bottom.
The spanking seemed to go on forever and at last Kim was pushed away from Priscilla’s lap. She could hardly bear to sit on the couch, her knickers still round her knees as she thrust her right hand up to the tear-filled eyes.
‘Now I know you have been punished properly. I dare say that you will be punished again… so to help you get over it, I want you to go and lay down for a while.’ Priscilla had returned to being all nice again.
In her small room, Kim lay there, here chest heaving with the sobs that came from her at intervals. She was pleased to get between the cold sheets.
She looked at the door when it opened and Priscilla came in smiling sweetly… Kim could not believe the vision that walked into the room. Her mistress, whose body could be described as faultless, was wearing only brassiere and panties. As she slipped these two garments from her, she reached for the covers of Kim’s bedding and eased them down. Kim had no clothes on either, and with her head spinning, she moved over to make room for Priscilla’s shapely torso…
‘There… there,’ Priscilla was using her very best soothing tone… ‘We know what helps to make things all better don’t we?’ Kim would have said something… but her lips were covered by Priscilla’s.


  1. Terrific story. Thanks fleas

  2. So as a gay woman who doesn't always feel comfortable with some of the posts on here - oh my! That's sexy! What wouldn't I give to have that little strumpet wriggling across my lap!

    1. I certainly admire your posts (although I am second guessing that you are the Aunty/Governess affecoinado). I think our double act writing had been very much in tune.

    2. I am certainly one of them as it were. But there are posts on the subject that aren't mine.

    3. No I think they maybe mine. I like your style, a little less crude than some others. Oh if it were only twenty years ago, I had a very naughty young lady under my thumb who would very much have benefited from a spell with you

    4. Delightful though that sounds, twenty years ago I would have had to regretfully decline. My then submissive was quite enough for me and I have never been one for sharing.

      I am sure that training her would have been delicious.

    5. Aha well, perhaps we will have to settle for dual authoring little vignettes on keeping young ladies in their places.

    6. That sounds like a pleasant endeavour.

      Finding the right places in which to put and then to keep young strumpets through the application of hand and leather and rattan to their buttocks so that they blush both top and bottom breasts a great deal of careful consideration!

    7. I assume that the girl you mentioned was heterosexual? Sending her to me would have been a risk. If you had intended for her schooling to train her into lesbianism she might never have gone back to you! It would certainly have been my intention to induce her to a complete change through the application of my hand and cane to her bottom and my finger on her little button, but also repeated exposure to lesbian erotica and frequent orgasms beneath me.

      Though perhaps the prospect of having her despite the changes I would have wrought upon her might have delighted you?

    8. Yes she was, having you put her through a complete change would have been an erotic experience of a lifetime. I would love to share more but feel a little more privacy might be called for, let's keep chatting.

    9. Indeed - let's.

      I think it might have been the erotic experience of a lifetime for all of us! For me to corrupt and dominate and seduce her; for you to have her submit to something so profoundly alien to her; and for her to submit so deeply that she would emerge at the other end so totally changed!

      The charge would be remarkable!

      Of course I don't actually believe that people's sexuality can be moulded and manipulated like that but it would have been fun to play with her head like that!

    10. That's a story we could write between us, watch this space.

    11. Yes indeed!

      Does the trollop have a name?

    12. Already on here but you'll need to find her...

    13. Oh really? How interesting. Was she a model then? Was she a natural sub?

      Might there be a clue?

    14. Yes. She's in a post, see if you can work out who and where. For a gay woman you're spending a lot of time talking to a heterosexual master..

    15. Sorry didn't mean to sound offensive, just curious.

    16. Or are you looking for her?

    17. I'm not sure I quite understand. But im far too long in the tooth to be offended.

      We seem to share an interest - albeit from differing perspectives - making for interesting exchanges. The conversation takes its own direction...

      As for looking for her - I would not know where to begin!

    18. That's understood, we share an interest for sure. I might tell you where she is, but I think we should stick to riffing tales for now...back in the morning, I'm, by the way,loving this in a bizarre way.

    19. Yes - I can empathise with that! It does feel a little strange!

      Riff away!

    20. I know you're going to cane me, I know you are, she burst wildly and fell to her knees pressing her cheek upon her Governess's thigh as if seeking protection. Yes
      Street, I have to don't I Mrs Bancroft said allowing the blubbering, glubbing sounds to die away.
      Take your tie off Natalie and undo your blouse. The cane fell from her Governess's hand onto the bed, it's end a fi ger pointing between her legs.
      Bend please. Bend right over, legs apart.
      I don't. ..began Natalie all too defensively as she so unwillingly paraded her cleft cheeks and then immediately howitt and yah she screamed and cupped her buried face.
      Three more Natalie stick your bottom out. And the room was whirling, whirling all around. Her legs apart, her bottom urging out, mind screaming no, and yet..yet afterwards..

    21. First Monday riff above, some odd spellchecker stuff..

    22. Afterwards the older woman's hand on the whealed agony of her bottom, exploring the ridges, tracing the raised, fiery marks. Her hips rolled, snaking softly.


      And then the hand moved lower, beneath her bottom, between her wide stretched thighs to the soft intimate flesh of her womanhood.

      'Good girl, Natalie,' the Governess said. 'Your first caning...' Her fingers dabbled between the folds and Natalie's hips bucked. 'But don't worry sweetheart - there will be plenty more cane strokes for you later - after all you have so much to learn.'

      'Ohhhhh...' Natalie repeated herself as those fingers entered her.

      'But learn you will my girl. Just like all the girls who come to me for training learn.'

      As skilful fingers probed and thrilled her, the other hand landed a flurry of spanks on her aching bottom.


    23. Yes sweetheart roll over onto your back, good girl. Yes I know your bottom stings, it's meant to. Now I want to train you to take my strap-on, it's not too big Natalie don't be silly, just relax and open your legs wider. There, just one push, now work your bottom to my thrusts.
      Here's the deal, I'm going to give you two dozen with my cane after this for being a silly, whiny girl. Every time you come I'll take one stroke off. Ooh there's a good girl, down to 23 already..

    24. Yes, you are a lesbian, don't be silly. Well, people do know, didn't I tell you I videoed our last encounter and published it on your Facebook. You didn't look very straight Natalie dear screaming to your 10th orgasm with your legs wrapped round my back.
      Anyway I think we should have a little coming out party for you, I've laid out your party frock you'll look very sweet in it. No its not a uniform it's a party frock, yes you do have to wear the badge. Why? Because you are a lesbian in training that's why.

    25. Yes it's going to be a very nice party - I mean you're going to be spanked several times - I think all your guests will want to discipline you - before they make love to you. I'm afraid there will be a lot of pussies to lick and dildos to fuck.

      Of course - we'll have to teach you how to use that pretty mouth of yours first. Lie back darling so I can sit on your face.

    26. I think we should give you a little challenge, you'll be serving the drinks wearing a leg hobble and with your wrists chained to your waist. Make it exciting won't it and you know what you'll get if you spill anything. Now legs wide and I'm going to use this feather on you, then it's back to the classroom for afternoon lessons. My you're having a busy day young lady..

    27. Now, let's discuss masturbation dear. I know young girls like you do love to touch themselves...tell me when did you last masturbate dear? Of course you can tell me - or would you prefer a turn over my knee to encourage you? A good hard spanking over those cane marks will really sting...

      Ah - last night was it? And how many times did you make yourself come?

      Three? You naughty girl! Well, from now on you will only play with yourself under strict supervision - and when watching or reading lesbian erotica. Yes I know it's embarrassing - but how else will you learn? Of course we'll have to video you for your Facebook while you're wanking - so everyone can see how much you're enjoying your conversion training.

      You're going to need a very big vibrator. So tomorrow you're going to go to the sex shop where you Erik buy yourself a Rampant Rabbit and a selection of lesbian themed pornography. Of course you'll probably attract some attention but if anybody asks you can explain that you're being trained by me - they'll understand.

    28. And you'll carry them home without a bag, and you can wear your lesbian in training badge, it'll make explaining easier. About men, I'll be giving you some aversion therapy around heterosexual encounters, you'll be fastened to a bench, forced to watch straight porn and given a small shock everything you get aroused. That will straighten you out, pardon the pun.
      Now I really think we want something better than a badge to tell people what you are...

    29. Yes - perhaps a visit to the tattoo parlor is what you need my girl!

      Something nice across your bottom - how about 'Strumpet converted to women only'?

      But in the meantime let's see if we can't mark your bottom the old fashioned way...won't that be nice...a dozen with the tawse before another touch of the cane I think but first shall let's see you try that striptease routine again - if you get it right maybe you'll distract me enough that I'll let you off a couple of strokes in order to get that big dildo into your pussy.

      Of course - if you get it wrong I'm afraid that the dildo will be going in a different hole - after your thrashing of course. But you'll come however I fuck you won't you Natalie dear?

      Of course you will darling! And if you don't - well im afraid there will have to be even more strokes. Another dozen don't you think dear?

      Now just hold on while I start the Facebook Live stream and then you can show us what you've learned. Maybe if you're really good I'll let you wank yourself off afterwards so everyone can see what an obedient slut you're becoming.

    30. Yes really roll those hips while you strip, display yourself as a young slut should, thrust girl thrust that pussy towards the camera. Don't mind the tears the audience will enjoy them, work yourself, come on fingers right in.
      What did you say, aah who is the gentleman? He's the barber sweetheart come to shave off all that unsightly fluff and leave you ready for your pussy piercing tomorrow.
      Oh yes the second tattoo is going on your breast, it will say semi trained lesbian whore, please ride me hard mistress.

    31. So as the sun goes down on the first riffing day we find Natalie strapped down on a hugely powerful Sybian, tears streaming down her face as she is forced to one climax after another whilst watching continual Whipped Ass lesbian porn.
      Yes sweetheart you can rest after one more hour's treatment. Sore, yes you will be, but tomorrow's lessons will be even wilder..

    32. Now this is Katrina. She began her training last week. You'll be sharing a bed with her from now on. You're going to be naked with her all night - every night. Snuggled up nice and close, bodies squirming together. But obviously you won't be fucking - not until morning anyway.

      Now remember - we can't have you touching yourselves unsupervised can we so we'll be checking in regularly through the night? I expect your pussies to be nice and wet all night but if I catch you touching each other you'll both be caned again.

      Still let's see you giving each other a nice long goodnight kiss - let's see you both using your tongues.

    33. I think that lived up to its promises, good for you?

    34. Interesting.

    35. Very. I've got some work to do today so think the story might slow down but for now let's leave Natalie and Katrina (where did she come from by the way?) pressed nose to nose in the corner tongues out and tongue tips just touching. 'That's right girls the first part of your deportment training, learning to be absolutely still when instructed, what a pretty picture.'

    36. Once they have both been pierced that position will allow their nipple and clit rings to be linked together.

      Katrina was sent to me by my friend Zoe to be broken in for her pleasure. Zoe would have preferred to break the tart in herself but she felt it would be more instructive - and more humiliating - if she was handed over to me for instruction.

      She's a married woman in her 40's. Zoe teaches her daughter. The young girl is a real handful and Zoe agreed not to have her expelled if Katrina came to me.

      She was quite shy and awkward to start - the more mature trollops do tend to be - but regular sessions over my knee before encounters with the cane seem have made her more cooperative - her legs have started to open so willingly now. You should take a look at her Facebook page. There is a very nice video of her with two of my friends and their dildos in the park. She's really quite responsive - and she comes quite quickly now - not that another few weeks training won't improve her further before she goes back to Zoe.

    37. I'm disappointed that Zoe's daughter hasn't been enrolled as well. Perhaps she would be less of a handful in a more disciplined environment. I would propose Mummy invites her round, tells her there's going to be a party with lots of boys, won't she be surprised..
      After her first 'breaking in' and the inevitable social media publicity I think she would be quite happy to be enrolled as our youngest pupil.she will look cute in a short gingham frock, socks and strap over sandals,hair in a ponytail and trained to talk with a lisp.
      Not such a handful now are you dearie, now kiss your Mummy properly unless you want another dozen with my tawse.

    38. Yes I am hopeful that the daughter, Janine, will be joining our little academy soon. Mother and daughter both over the knee at the same time would be delightful and very instructive for both to see the other disciplined at the same time as them - then pink bottomed, hands on head, nipples and noses to the wall a nicely, and instructivly humiliating, before their strapping! They'll soon be ready to demonstrate together what they have been taught.

      Of course then we'll need to decide what comes next for Natalie. She was quite uncooperative when I took her out earlier. Something about her uniform skirt begin too short and everyone seeing her knickers. Well they certainly all saw her knickers - and a good deal more - when I had her take then down before she went over my knee on that park bench! She's in the corner now awaiting a caning!

    39. That's disappointing but I have no idea why you allowed her knickers. In future, after a caning she won't forget in a hurry, she's to be walked naked and on a leash. A sign can be attached from her pierced nipples stating bitch on heat, of course it will get in the way and some of the park dog walkers may get the wrong idea but it's her own fault. I don't think she'll be uncooperative next time.
      As for Janine yes humiliation will be the key to that young sluts progress. As a starter curtseying and deportment training to the strictest standards with any mistakes earning Mummy a real striping with a nice whippy cane. I know, so unfair..

    40. Unfair? No - not in my book! The the daughter's failings can only be put down to the mother's failure to educate her properly! Im afraid the only solution is thrashing them both! Still im sure we'll soon have then sharing everything and their relationship on a proper footing. I plan to film them when they finally consummate their relationship - to show the world what they've been taught to be. Of course they'll both need quite a lot of hard training first.

      Ah well - it's a dirty they say.

      Now you say that about knickers but apart from the pleasantly enjoyable aesthetic of a panty clad bottom in a short, schoolgirl skirt I think it valuable for a girl to feel both the humiliation of being dressed as a slutty schoolgirl while also feeling the full benefit when she finally has to bare herself. Additionally I think it's better for her to have to take her own knickers off - in public whenever possible - before a spanking. It gives her an opportunity to demonstrate obedience and self-humiliation. After a while she will find herself quite wet and aroused by it.

      Still otherwise she has been a good little tart today and made herself an appointment to have her nipples pierced tomorrow! I shall reward her later with a long hard fuck - after she has had her afternoon wank over the lesbian porn she bought today of course!

      You know she's coming along quite well - if you'll excuse the pun. Not that she doesn't still need constant discipline of course!

    41. I have just made arrangements for Katrina and Janine and Natalie to make their porn debuts together. The movie will feature Katrina being caught while masturbating, by her three girlfriends, as she spies on Janine and Natalie having sex. All three will subsequently be spanked and punished before mother and daughter have sex together under the supervision of one of her friends and two of the other women share Natalie.

      It all sounds very exciting to me but the girls don't appear to be looking forward to it as much as I am. I can't understand why.

    42. And how will they share her? I very much one that she will be caned and spit roasted with two large strap-on. If they fails to satisfy her mistresses,or come a sufficient number of times herself, she should be taken to the park naked and thoroughly exercised. After this fastening her down in a doggy position and leaving her out there for the night for anybody or anything to amuse themselves with should see an improvement in her behaviour.

    43. Well the plot involves one of them whipping her while she goes down on the other one. The whipping continues until she comes. After I believe that she's going be double penetrated.

      Katrina and Janine will both be strapped before they 69.

    44. Good, and how will the level of humiliation, upset and despair be measured. I want this young lady to really suffer, I hope at this stage she is not fully converted to lesbianism and will be prepared to sign up to some desperate acts in an attempt to buy her freedom

    45. How do you think it should be measured? And what desperate acts might she undertake to convince us?

      Of course she will not convince us - only complete acceptance and abject commitment to her homosexuality will convince me that she is ready to be returned to her master.

      Unfortunately freedom is something she should never expect to enjoy again.

    46. It should be measured by her abject physical and psychological breaking. She should walk with her head down, her eyes staring bleakly into the middle distance, her voice quiet with a stutter and a lisp developing. She covers when others come towards her and often bursts into floods of tears for no reason. Her desperation will allow her to be persuaded to involve/blackmail her female friends into joining this world in an attempt to buy her freedom. I propose she is given a monthly target to achieve here.

    47. Maybe - I would prefer her, once broken, to be remade so that she can convince me of her enthusiasm for her new life. She should look after her appearance; her make-up and her jewellery - especially her intimate piercings. She should take pride in dressing herself as a slut - she should delight in low-cut, tight, see through tops, short skirts and lingerie. She should be keen to be bedded by many women - and should ask often to be given to her next lover; she should ask politely but passionately to be disciplined, to be displayed in public, to be permitted to demonstrate her skills at cunnilingus and to be fucked hard. And she should take pleasure in showing how her desire for her own sex has become fundamental for her.

      Of course I don't see why she would not then be quite happy - enthusiastic even - to persuade, blackmail or entrap her friends, sisters or mother. Though a monthly target - incentivised through the frequent application of hand and paddle and strap and cane - is an excellent plan.

    48. I think I prefer your post breaking approach. The monthly target should of course be impossible and result in a good hard striping. She should also be encouraged to maintain her fitness in the local gym, dressed as a slut and with several enhancements to the exercise equipment. Those friends she entraps she should also train and finally we should change her name, Natalie is too normal and adult. She should be called something more befitting her new status.

  3. That explains a lot thanks I look forward to "working" together on this site

  4. Yes - she should definitely become a regular in the gym. Dressed in a see through, thong leotard so her bottom, and her stripe marks are clearly exposed and the shape and moisture of her pussy can be seen as she works out.

    When she trains her recruits she should be assessed on their progress and disciplined accordingly.

    What do you think she should be called?

    1. Trixie or Fifi maybe, something juvenile and puppy like. When we've decided we should have it tattooed on her left breast and right buttock along with her owners details. It should also go on her collar. The gym should also have a sybian on which to give displays of multiple screaming orgasms.

    2. Perhaps something like Poppy-slut? Obviously it should be included in her tattoos.

      The Sybian should be used in conjunction with the cane - so that she demonstrates that she can still come whilst being thrashed.