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Monday, 6 May 2019

The Burtonwood College Chronicles

A trail feature from Roué 40 for a new series by Rebecca Walker and Charles Langford
Two of the most well informed and prolific writers of CP material — our very own Rebecca Walker and Charles Langford — have combined their considerable talents to produce The Burtonwood College Chronicles — a new serial, the first instalment of which appears in Roué 41.
This is meant not only as an announcement of what we hope will prove to be a popular addition to the magazine, but also by way of an invitation to you all to contribute to the series — be it in the form of stories, illustrations or whatever. You may wish to write about one of Burtonwood’s many and varied characters: one of its pupils or perhaps a member of staff. If drawing is your forte you might like to depict one of the college’s personalities.
If you have any comments, criticisms or requests, please do not hesitate to let us know of them. The Burtonwood College Chronicles is aimed with the serious school CP aficionado very much in mind. It is our intention to provide you, the reader, with just the kind of series you want — any suggestions, therefore, can only prove mutually advantageous.
To whet your appetite for this coming treat there follows an extract from the first instalment. Gail Montcrieff, the school’s Head Girl, is describing to us the Head’s punishment methods.
So, step with us now through the portals of this fine teaching establishment…
‘May the punishment fit the crime’ is not one of the Headmaster’s maxims — there is only one punishment for every crime — and that’s always carried out on the bottom. He does, however show some sympathy to pupils who come from a different part of the country or abroad. From Scotland comes an excuse to use the leather tawse; one American student from the ‘backwoods’ is sympathetically treated to a dose of a leather paddle and for Olga Smorgen, a Danish girl in my form, there’s always a speciality. The birch…
The Burtonwood College Chronicles — starting in next month’s Roué.


  1. That must be one of the shortest items ever. Did the Burtonwood College Chronicles take off then (sounds like a reboot of St Angela's)? I've never heard of them before. Oh well, I suppose we'll soon find out.

  2. The girl in the illustration looks like Traci Lords. I guess she must be the inspiration for the American girl mentioned in the text.