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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Seat of the Matter

From Uniform Girls 30
‘Well Dora, I must say, you have brought it on yourself,’ the brunette told the fair-haired lovely sitting next to her in the car.
‘How was I to know that he was going to inspect our equipment this morning?’ Dora moaned.
‘You had ample time to clean it up last night,’ Laura told her friend. It was a bit unfair, Dora thought. She would have expected more sympathy from her very best and special friend. They had been together for five or six years now, they had shared each other’s friendship and just when she needed a little sympathy and understanding, that one outlet she needed was also against her. She could have burst into tears.
‘And you did know it was Inspection morning,’ Laura continued to show Dora that there was no sympathy on her part.
‘Yes, but I did not know he would inspect the equipment. I thought it was just a personal routine matter today,’ the fair-haired girl tried to gather some form of encouragement for her predicament.
‘What time do you have to report.’
‘Ten thirty tomorrow morning. Punishment Uniform,’ Dora went red and then paled.
‘Is that what he said,’ Laura was turned to sympathy now. She had been on punishment parade herself. She could recollect the time she had been inside the room on such a parade… and she had paraded more than the uniform! He had a penchant for bare bottoms did the senior instructor. Bared bottoms over his knees so that his well-practised hand could remind any young lady who tried to swing the lead what her bottom could be made to feel like after he had finished.
‘Oh lor,’ she moaned for Dora.
‘Exactly. You know what it means don’t you?’
‘Yes, believe me I know what it means. You’ll have to find a nice soft cushion to sit on for a while.’
Dora shuddered. She had never been on Punishment Parade before. She knew about it because other women had told in detailed orations how they had been in the Senior Instructor’s room… and how they had had their panties taken down and how their bottom, bared and defenceless, had been used to remind them of their naughty ways. There was no getting out of it; once he had made up his mind that a member under his instruction had earned a punishment, then she got it fully and thoroughly.
‘And of course he may make you do other things too,’ Laura added more acid to the blonde’s worry.
‘What other things?’ her face showed her fear.
‘Like taking your clothes off and parading before him… exercises and things like that.’
‘I… I don’t believe it,’ Dora said in a gasping tone that said that she really did believe it but would rather not thank you.
‘I don’t care. The second time I was in there, he made me strip after the spanking and then he gave me some exercises to do and after that I was stretched over the back of the chair, arms down the front of the chair and my ankles spread wide whilst he sat behind me just looking at me.’
‘He didn’t… well you know, he didn’t actually try anything did he?’ Dora was trembling slightly now.
‘Of course not silly,’ Laura smiled encouragement. ‘But I don’t suppose I would have been able to do if he had… I don’t think I could have stopped him.’
‘Oh shit… shit… what a mess,’ Dora was beside herself now with worry and helplessness.
‘He might have a little feel around though,’ Laura was not smiling.
‘Feel around?’ Dora’s eyes opened wide.
‘He might,’ Laura emphasised.
‘He can’t do that!!’ Dora was beside herself with indignation.
‘You going to stop him?’
‘Well… I think I might tell him that he is not allowed to have a feel around as you put it… it’s the height of humiliation… and anyway it constitutes a sexual attack on the person.’
‘Oh yes. You sound alright now spouting like a barrack room lawyer, but wait ‘til you are in there… I tell you it can be pretty hairy… and you find yourself telling him that you agree with having his fingers wherever he wants to put them… just so long as he keeps his palm from coming down again onto your bare arse.’
‘Thank you for all your help,’ Dora said sarcastically. ‘I wish I had not come to you now.’
‘Forewarned is forearmed,’ Laura quipped.
‘I just don’t believe it,’ Dora’s voice was hushed and it revealed that her mouth was saying she did not believe it but her mind certainly did.
‘Anyway. He may not decide to spank me,’ it came in a forlorn tone.
‘He might decide not to spank you as you say,’ Laura’s tone was now one of incredulous disbelief. ‘Can you imagine him having a first class excuse, and a first time opportunity of passing up such an occasion.
‘Especially an arse as nice as yours,’ Laura added the compliment.
‘Oh Lord in heaven. What on earth am I going to do,’ Dora’s hands went to her skirt and rubbed the soft rounds of her backside as her imagination took over and already she was trying to find some comfort.
‘You could try to keep your equipment clean,’ Laura was speaking as though she was a first rate hygienist.
‘Alright. Alright. Sod it, all I can do is to wait until tomorrow,’ she seemed to surrender then to the inevitable.
She looked at the high steeple and the hands of the clock seemed to slow down as they reached the appointed hour of ten-thirty. This did not help her composure at all. She wanted to go in and get it over with. Her body was responding to the inner fear of natural responses to the thought that she might soon be stretching herself across the Senior Inspector’s knees, helplessly taking his spanking hand on the bare cheeks of her bottom and she could not take it in at all. She was more than twenty years of age, and certainly not in the era where she could expect that she could still be expected to take a spanking. It was impossible and positively degrading. Whatever it was, she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She felt that Laura had been pulling her leg about this ‘feeling around’ business. But Laura herself had sworn that after the spanking he had stripped her on the spot and made her do exercises. And what was that business of stretching herself over the chair, ankles wide, with him sitting behind her having not a ‘feel around’ but a good look around??
She looked down and gave herself the once over again, just as she had done many times this morning. Short pleated skirt. White socks. Sporty shoes neatly cleaned. The white knitted woollen top completed her dress for punishment parade. There were very distinct rules regarding attending this detail.
The clock set in the steeple gave a low monotone boong, and she pulled herself upright. Took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
‘It’s open. Come in.’ A voice thundered.
That voice. Full of authority… how could she pretend to Laura that she would take him to task if he tried any tomfoolery with her body. He’d only have to bark loudly and she would strip quicker than it takes to tell and then position herself anyway he told her too; wide-legged as well.
‘Good morning, sir,’ she did not know what to say, so gave him a statutory greeting.
‘Is it?’ he snarled. ‘I’m glad you think so because I am about to change your rosy outlook, young lady.’
Laura was right. He was going to spank her! That fleeting thought that she might get off was soon dismissed from her mind. Oh shit and shit again, I don’t want to be spanked.
All these thoughts went through her head as he wagged his finger in front of her to emphasise the points he was trying to make. All about property being kept to strict standards of cleanliness. She did not hear him because fear for her immediate future filled her mind with the picture of her body being placed over his lap and her bum waving about as stinging standards were applied.
She became aware of him again when he pulled her towards the occasional chair.
‘Oh please, sir,’ she moaned imploringly.
His eyes glared in anger.
‘Oh please sir,’ he sneered. ‘You will have plenty to please sir about in a few moments, my fine young, messy lady.’
‘Please don’t spank me… please. I’ll be very good in future… I promise I will always keep my equipment clean… truly,’ she choked.
‘Yes, you will be very good in the future. Yes, you will keep your equipment spotlessly clean… truly you will… because you know what I shall do if you don’t?… I’ll have the skin off your arse that’s what.’
‘Oh no… please… please…’ she was still jerking the words from her mouth as he pulled her across his knees.
She saw the floor inches from her face and her toes seemed to be stabbing into the hard wood on the other side of his lap… then he was lifting the short white skirt. Oh dear Lord… he’s exposing my panties… he’s actually exposing my briefs. Oh no… no… I did not believe her when she said it would be a bare arse spanking.
‘Please sir… please leave my panties on,’ she begged hopelessly.
The sheer degrading shame throbbed through her body. She could not stop him either… she certainly gripped the waistband clumsily but he snapped at her to get her fingers from her undergarment… she stretched her arms forward and then real ignominy almost had her bursting into tears. This was the first time she had ever been in such a position and then horror of horrors, her panties were pulled down to a point just below her knees… she closed her eyes as though this would somehow help to diminish the humiliation and shame… she felt his hand resting on her buttocks.
‘You probably think you are too big to have this shapely young bottom brought to the fullest pitch of retribution for your naughtiness,’ he snapped as she felt his hands feeling the pliancy of each cheek. He certainly seemed to be in no hurry to start the punishment!
‘Yes sir… I mean no sir… oh please… I’m so confused,’ she choked as she lay there feeling the close attention of his hand fondling both smooth-skinned cheeks.
‘Have you heard from the others how I spank naughty young ladies?’
‘Yes, sir,’ she sobbed.
‘And how you will exercise afterwards.’
‘Yes, sir,’ her moans were deeper.
‘And how I expect you to remain in positions that I will direct you in?’
‘Yes, sir… please… please don’t spank me,’ she choked.
‘And how do you feel about the disciplinary treatment after I spank young ladies,’ he asked her unreasonably.
‘I… I don’t know sir.’
‘Do you think perhaps I shall treat you any differently.’
‘No sir,’ she said the two words in a dejected tone.
‘I’ll bet there will be no argument from you when I tell you to undress… will there?’
‘N… no, sir,’ she realised that what she had said to Laura was now evaporating from her mind.
She would be just like the others. He’d say undress, and like a well-oiled machine she would hastily obey. Hastily in case he got the idea that she was reluctant to do as she was told and then started this spanking business all over again. Humiliation in exposure is far better than shame through a spanked arse. And also when one is spanked there is quite a large quantity of unwanted pain!!
She was getting used to the feel of his caressing round and round the cheeks of her bottom although the shame of exploiting it was still with her in a deep pool of self-pity. She began to accept the rhythm of his caresses because she knew or subconsciously sensed when he would change from one nate to the other. He was a machine of precision. It was split timing that he automatically applied… several seconds on one cheek and then several seconds on the other one and after that, round and round stroking from cheek to cheek.
He obviously enjoyed feeling her bottom, she thought. Perhaps he was a ‘bum’ man… but from what Laura had told her, she hardly thought that his personal penchants were for just bottoms. It appeared that breasts, pussies and legs were all included as fair game for him to enjoy whenever he got the chance.
‘I want to hear you admit that it was a nasty practice to let your equipment get so untidy and dirty.’
‘It was, sir. It was,’ Dora heard her voice agreeing in that tone that was saying, if I agree then he may let me off.
‘And that you deserve a good spanking as punishment.’
Oh Lord, she did not want to say that. But if she didn’t then he would spank her even harder!
‘I deserve a good spanking as punishment,’ she moaned.
Dora soon made her mind up what to say and do! ‘And you deserve it on your bare bottom.’
‘Yes, sir. I deserve a good spanking on my bare bottom,’ she could not help herself now.
He was the director of this charade, she was the pawn that had let herself be careless enough to earn this terrible punishment. Well, it was terrible as far as she was concerned.
Spank! Spank! Spank!
Her eyes opened wide and her body went into a straight horizontal line as she felt the crisp stinging smacks, slap down onto each cheek alternately… Lord but that stung! And it was increasing all the time… her backside seemed to be growing very hot, very quickly.
Her ankles throbbed up and down, her bottom tried desperately to move away, but the Senior Inspector had a way with wriggling bottoms… he held Dora as easily as if she was no trouble at all and she started to cry so he renewed his efforts to change the colour of the writhing skin stretched so perfectly over his lap.
Not only from side to side but up and down in a jerking movement like a piston was driving her body… her mouth was a cacophony of emitting sounds now as lava heat seemed to erupt all over her backside… when he smacked her on the low crease at that juncture where the thighs meet the nates, she really did yell… there were lots of other ways she would rather have been punished!
She could not realise it but there were lots of other ways that he was going to make her take punishment… he was a stickler for regimental cleanliness was the Senior and once he got his mind set on doing a job, he always did it thoroughly. Very thoroughly. That is why Dora’s bottom stayed quite red for some days afterwards. Her face never failed to blush whenever she met him after that… he had made her do things like stretching stark naked and she had sworn that she would rather do that than take more punishment… and of course he had assured her that if he wanted to ‘feel around’, then she would be prepared to be co-operative and unprotest even as she stretched her undraped body to his directions.

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