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Friday, 17 May 2019

Return to School

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.17
It is some sort of changing room. There is the sound of frantic gasping. Yelps intermingled with the rhythmic crack of a male hand striking a soft and bare young female bottom. A man is seated on a wooden bench with a blonde-haired girl in uniform: white blouse with red tie, grey skirt and white knee socks. The skirt has been pulled up and also her navy knickers are pulled down, to bare her ripely rounded bottom on which the man’s hand is cracking down with full force…
Yes, a schoolgirl getting her bottom spanked That would seem to be obvious. But she is not a schoolgirl. Although she could easily pass for one, especially in that uniform, the pretty blonde is in fact a young married woman. She is aged 20 and left school two years ago. Her name is Sally Mitcham.
‘Back to school!’ Ralph Mitcham chortled. ‘Back to school! I don’t believe it!’
Sally, his pretty blonde-haired wife flushed right red. ‘Shut up! Anyway it’s not really that.’
But it was. That was just exactly what it was. Sally had just reluctantly told Ralph the news. She and the two other girls Debbie Greenaway and Emma Baxter were to go back to St Monica’s which they had all left two years ago. All right it wasn’t regular term time but it was still going back to school. A month’s special tuition which had been arranged for them in the school’s summer vacation. Sally and Debbie’s boss at Turnbull Associates where they were both secretaries, had organised it. He said if they brushed up on their English they could take a course which would enable them to be promoted. And then Emma who worked as a secretary for another local firm was also roped in. Sally and Debbie’s boss, Mr Redpath, had got it all sorted out with Mr Negus at St Monica’s.
Mr Negus! Sally and Debbie had both blanched when his name was mentioned. Mr Negus was Head of English at St Monica’s of course.
That was what Ralph then asked. Well it was natural. Who was going to run the course?
Sally bit her lip, hating the answer she had to give. ‘I think… I think it’s Mr Negus.’
Ralph’s eyes widened. The name was familiar from back when Sally was still at school.
‘Negus? Didn’t you have some trouble with him? When you were in the Sixth Form.’
Sally shook her head, trying to hide her embarrassment. ‘Ah… not really. It wasn’t anything really.’
But it had been of course. She and Debbie and Emma had all had problems with Mr Negus. The three of them had been just about the best-looking girls in their year and he had homed in on them. Sally thought she would never forget those beady eyes behind the round spectacles. That scary bald head. And of course those hands. When he made you stand close at his side at his desk. The hand that would reach round and surreptitiously grope. Or pinch. A nasty vicious pinch to the full flesh of your bottom.
And of course the things he would say: ‘What you really need, Sally Simmonds, is a good smacked bottom. Your knickers taking down and a good hard spanking delivered to your bare posterior.’
Or: ‘Really I think a caning is the only proper answer, Miss. Pity it isn’t allowed.’
Yes Mr Negus. The girls had never told anyone what he did or those things he said, beyond saying that Mr Negus could be a bit awkward sometimes. Probably they’d been too embarrassed and so had just put up with it. But Henry Negus was still there as Head of English at St Monica’s, and he’d been persuaded to do this summer course for the three of them.
‘I don’t imagine he took a lot of persuading,’ Debbie said ruefully when she was told. ‘Oh Christ! What are we going to do?’
But what could they do? They couldn’t refuse what Mr Redpath had organised for them. It was a marvellous opportunity for promotion, that was what Mr Redpath said. But then he had no idea what Mr Negus could be like.
Debbie said, ‘If it means Mr Negus I’d rather forget promotion.’
But could you tell Mr Redpath that? No, was the answer. Mr Negus phoned Sally in the evening two days after it had all been arranged.
‘Hello. Is that Sally Simmonds? Or excuse me, I understand it’s Mrs Sally Mitcham now.’
She wanted to put the phone down but what good would that do? She managed to make some sort of reply. Fortunately Ralph had gone out.
Mr Negus was bright and cheerful. ‘It’s lovely to talk to you again, Sally. And I’m so pleased to be able to be of assistance in this business. And it will be so much better than when I had you before. I mean none of those silly constraints that we had then. You know what I mean?’
What did he mean? She didn’t want to think what he could mean. Sally could feel herself perspiring.
‘Anyway Sally, as you always were my special favourite I would like to have a preliminary meeting just with you. All by yourself. And the other thing is…’
The other thing was that he wanted Sally in her school uniform. He wanted her to meet him at the school the next morning, which was a Saturday, wearing her old school uniform.
Sally couldn’t believe her ears. Before she could make the obvious excuse that she no longer had her uniform Mr Negus added that if she didn’t still have it he could provide one.
He gave a leering little laugh. ‘I would be happy to help you change into it, my dear!’
Oh Christ! She bet he would! Sally found herself stuttering that she thought she still had her school skirt and tie. ‘And a pair of navy school knickers under the skirt,’ Mr Negus said. ‘That would be nice.’
Sally winced. Navy knickers only really had to be worn by the younger girls. Mr Negus then went on to say he would see her in the sports changing room. That was awful too. She had memories of the changing room, just as she had memories of having to stand close at his side at his desk. The changing room was one of Mr Negus’s favourite haunts. He liked to sidle in when girls were changing, and he would also take you there for some of his punishments.
He hadn’t been allowed to do those things he said he would like to do: spank a girl’s bottom or cane her, but he could do certain other punishments. He could for instance make you run on the spot until you were exhausted. And one awful occasion he had made Sally run like that for two minutes without her knickers on, holding her short sports skirt up round her waist. He had said if she didn’t want to do it he would keep her in detentions for a whole week. He had sat on the bench a couple of yards away, goggling at the jiggling motion of her bare bottom. And then when he said she could stop he had insisted on putting her knickers on himself. His hand under her skirt had felt her hot bare bottom. And then her pussy…
Now she was going to have to go back there. St Monica’s and the changing room. With Mr Negus now talking about no longer having constraints.
Oh Christ!!
It was like a bad dream, a nightmare. Crossing the school yard which was deserted of course but with the feeling that all the windows had eyes staring at her. She had put a light coat on to hide what she had on underneath: the St Monica’s grey skirt and red tie with a white blouse. She hadn’t told anyone about this meeting. Not even Debbie or Emma. Or Ralph. Certainly not Ralph. Oh Christ! Her legs were all trembly. She had had sex with Ralph this morning, had been quite desperate for it. A hard, desperate fuck. Ralph had been surprised at her ardour. ‘What’s got into you darling?’ But he’d been happy to oblige. No, he had no idea of the reason. Mr Negus…
The outer green door of the building wasn’t locked and Sally went in. Along the corridor and then with her heart in her mouth pushing open the door of the changing room. That familiar changing room smell met her: a dampness from the showers together with the lingering odour of sweaty discarded clothing. A number of abandoned or forgotten garments were as usual dangling from the hooks above the benches, a couple of things on the benches themselves. But Mr Negus wasn’t there.
Then, just as in those old days at school, he suddenly, silently entered.
‘Ah! Hello Sally dear!’
She was struck dumb at the sight of the familiar figure from her schooldays. The bald head. The shiny glasses. She stood still, her feet rooted to the floor.
Mr Negus came closer. ‘Ah Sally dear. Can it really be two years? You don’t look a day older than when I last had you in here. Take your coat off and let me have a proper look at you.’
For a moment she remained paralysed. Then she reluctantly began unbuttoning her coat. Mr Negus took it eagerly from her. In the process his hand fondled her tits through the thin white blouse. She flinched away.
The eyes behind the round spectacles glittered. ‘What’s this! Not shy are we? Now we’re Sally Mitcham, isn’t it? A young married lady who I expect gets a nice big stiff penis up her twice a night. Yes? That’s it, isn’t it! So we mustn’t be shy when our friendly old English master wants a little feel of our tits. Or our bottom…’
‘Don’t!’ Sally squirmed away as his hand reached behind her to grope the cheeks of her rear.
‘Ah! I can see we are going to need something. A little lesson. And I think one of those lessons which I would dearly love to have given you before, but because of the silly regulations couldn’t. Yes Sally dear. I’m going to take your knickers down and spank your pretty bottom.’
She yelped and tried to struggle away but he had a firm grip on her arms.
‘Your Mr Redpath wouldn’t like to think you weren’t cooperative,’ he hissed. ‘When he’s gone to all this trouble. Now get over here…’
He sat down on the bench and pulled her down. Sally was yelping and struggling but more tentatively now. It was unfortunately true what awful old Negus said. Mr Redpath wouldn’t be at all pleased if he got some adverse report. So she didn’t really have any choice. She had to let him…
He got her firmly across his lap. The short school skirt was peremptorily grabbed up. His hand groped at the tight seat of the navy knickers which Sally had hated having to put on. What was happening was dreadful — but she had half-guessed it was going to happen. A spanking over his lap. All those scary threats in the past. Now the awful reality…
His hand was dragging the knickers down. Baring her bottom. The shock of his hand on the intimate bare flesh. Fondling. romping. Christ! And then the first heavy smack.
She gave a gasping yelp at the stinging pain. Her bottom jerking. Seconds later the hand whacked down again.
As she gasped and spluttered the whacks continued:
A regular rhythm onto her jerking, writhing rear.
Mr Negus said he wanted to see all three of them the next afternoon which was Sunday. Sally was to tell the others. Three o’clock at the school for their first session together. And it was to be another special session, like the one he had just had with Sally.
‘A disciplinary session in fact,’ Mr Negus said. ‘So you all get off on the right track. OK Sally?’
Sally had just been allowed up off of his lap when he told her this. Red-faced, her trembling hands pulling her knickers back up. Her poor bottom felt red hot! She wasn’t crying but was very close to it. What he had just done was inconceivable. Unbelievable. Except… he had done it and she had had no choice but to allow it to happen.
And now… Mr Negus clearly intended to indulge in more of the same. The next day — with all three of them!
‘You heard what I said? You understand?’
Sally mumbled something. Backing away, fearful that he might decide to have another go at her there and then.
‘And I want you all in your school tennis kit. Right? Tell the others. T-tops and those wrap-around skirts with the pleats at the front. I always think those skirts are so charming. And white knee socks — charming too of course. OK? And underneath you can wear those little white tennis knickers but no bras. Nothing under the T-shirts. So I can see the shape of your tits.’
Mr Negus reached to squeeze Sally’s tits. ‘OK with all that? If any one of you is not wearing that precise outfit she’ll get ten strokes of the cane across her bare bottom, right away. Tell them that.’
Mr Negus let Sally go soon afterwards, after she pleaded that she had to get away as she had arranged to see her mother. ‘OK, till tomorrow then.’ He had a final grope at her tits and bum. ‘And don’t forget my instructions. It’ll be the cane if they’re not followed to the letter.’
Mr Negus said nothing about the English tutoring he was supposed to be doing. It was all a bit unbelievable. But maybe not so unbelievable remembering what he was like before.
Debbie and Emma were naturally aghast when Sally told them later that day. They met at Emma’s flat and Sally told them the whole thing: that Mr Negus had made her have this preliminary meeting and what he’d done, and of course what he wanted for Sunday. Both girls went white in the face.
‘Oh god!’ Debbie exclaimed. ‘Across his lap. With your knickers down! How could he! It’s unbelievable.’
‘The filthy old bugger!’ Emma said with feeling.
‘Yes, how dreadful for Sally. But he’s going to do the same to all of us,’ Debbie said. ‘Unless there’s some way we can get out of it.’
But really there seemed no way they could.
‘Maybe,’ Emma said, ‘when he’s, you know, had a go at all of us he’ll be satisfied. And that’ll be it and he’ll just get on with the tuition.’
But this was being ultra-optimistic, wasn’t it. The other two looked disbelieving. Emma didn’t believe it either. ‘Just a thought,’ she said.
Sally had already had to face Ralph following her meeting with Mr Negus and act as if nothing had happened. It had been awful, but what was she going to do about tomorrow? Ralph knew about the tuition, but she didn’t want him to know about the rest of it. It was just too dreadful. Oh Christ!
What they decided, once they had reluctantly agreed that they had no option but to follow Mr Negus’s wishes, was to meet at Emma’s flat and change there into the kit he was so keen on. Emma shared the flat with another girl but fortunately she was away. Sally was the only one of the three married. Debbie was engaged, to Carl, and Emma had a steady boyfriend Dave. Neither Carl nor Dave knew about the tuition, and Debbie and Emma planned to keep it that way. Sally wished she hadn’t told Ralph.
They made sure they were on time, scared of giving Mr Negus an excuse to be even more horrible, and went to the school side gate ten minutes before his specified time. They were wearing the tennis outfits under light coats. The place was quite deserted. Just this one awful man, with his bald head and glinty spectacles, waiting for them, like a shark that had tasted blood.
‘Oh Christ!’ Debbie whimpered. ‘I think I need to pee!’
Sally told her to control herself, there was no time for that now.
‘Oh God! What if I can’t control it. What if I it just starts when he’s got me over his lap, with my knickers down!’ She sounded a bit hysterical.
Emma said, ‘It would serve him right if you peed all over his trousers.’ She giggled, a bit hysterically too. ‘But I’m sure he’d really cane the daylights out of you for it. Oh God, isn’t this awful!’
Sally told them both to calm down and be sensible. They just had to take what was coming. If they did anything silly he would probably take it out on all of them.
Moments later, their hearts in their mouths, they were tiptoeing through the green door of the changing room building. In and along the corridor. Sally pushed open the door of the changing room and gave a little cough. They went in…
‘He’s not here,’ Emma whispered.
He wasn’t. Sally said, ‘we’d better take our coats off and sit down I suppose.’
‘Maybe we should stand,’ Debbie wondered. ‘Sort of at attention in a line.’
But after a couple of minutes when he didn’t appear they sat on the benches. Mr Negus in fact was five minutes late. Debbie, who happened to be peering round the door at the time, saw him coming. She gave a frantic little yelp of alarm. Moments later he was there, closing the door behind him. Mr Negus had chosen to put on his academic gown for the occasion.
He strode to the end of the room as they nervously got to their feet.
‘Well, well. Here we are, girls. My three prize specimens. Who would have thought we would meet again like this. Life is full of its little surprises, pleasant and unpleasant. And I’m sure this is a very pleasant one, to see your old English teacher again. Isn’t that so, Emma?’
Emma shuffled her feet. ‘Uh, yes Mr Negus.’
‘Yes, three grown-up girls now. With Sally at least married and she tells me getting her husband’s stiff penis up her twice a night.’
‘I didn’t…’ Sally blurted, going red.
‘Arguing. Sally? Disrespect! Dear, dear. Anyway I expect all three of you are doing it pretty regularly. Fucking, to use the vernacular. Probably you also were two years ago when you were still pupils of this establishment, which no doubt was the cause of your poor concentration. I have always maintained that indulgence in sex is not good for a girl. What a teenage girl need is more discipline. And young women too. And so, well, let’s see to Sally first, shall we. Our argumentative one. Come here Sally.’
Feeling a bit sick, she stepped forward. Mr Negus told her to stand straight and with her hands behind her back.
‘That’s it, stick those tits out. Now then, a touch of the cane I think.’
‘No sir!’ she blurted. ‘I mean I haven’t done anything! And… And, well, you’re supposed to be doing English with us. And not… not this discipline.’
The words came tumbling out without Sally meaning to say them. She regretted it right away, because the worse thing with Mr Negus was to try and argue.
The glinting eyes bore into her. ‘We are badly disciplined, aren’t we? Worse than before it would seem. And the problem I am sure is too much sex. Too much cock, Miss, to put it crudely. Yes, it can give a girl all sorts of unfortunate ideas. And the answer is the cane. A well-caned bottom. That can always make an uppity girl think twice. Come on!’
He grabbed Sally by the arm and pulled her to the bench. The other two were curtly told to get out of the way.
‘Don’t struggle, Young woman! Bench…’
Debbie and Emma watched transfixed as Sally was hauled up onto the bench and then made to stretch her arms up to grip the upper beam. As she made frantic yelping sounds Mr Negus pushed her knees apart, sharply smacking the backs of her thighs to speed her cooperation. Her short skirt was jerked up over her back.
Moments later Mr Negus had produced a cane. He flicked it smartly across the backs of Sally’s thighs as he told her to stick her bottom out.
And then…
A frenzied yelp from Sally. There were frightened shudders from the other two girls. Mr Negus’s cane had whipped explosively in across the tight seat of Sally’s white knickers. Her bottom was jerking and writhing. Debbie screwed up her face. She really was going to have to pee…
The cane zipping in again. Then a third. And then Mr Negus was reaching to pull Sally’s knickers down. The globes of her bottom bared. Pale flesh decorated with the three angry red stripes.
The cane zipped in again. This time onto her flinching bare bottom.
Afterwards Mr Negus dealt with all three girls together. The three of them in line on the bench. each girl with her arms bent up behind her to grip the top beam. Their skirts off and their knickers down. A preliminary spanking. And then that horrendous cane. It was poor Sally’s second dose of it of course.
‘Well she does need it,’ Mr Negus observed. ‘I’m sure when she has time to consider the matter, she’ll thank me for it.’
That was the first session; the first of the girls’ month-long course with Mr Negus. After that first one he did get onto the English, and other things too. Physical exercise, he’d always been keen on that. He had them out running round the sports field, or hitting a tennis ball and running after it. Physical training was good for a girl, it helped her concentrate. But the thing which helped her concentrate most, in Henry Negus’s eyes, was corporal discipline. Bottom spanking and the cane. These practices were indulged in by Mr Negus at every session throughout the month-long course.
It seemed to Sally and Debbie and Emma that it went on for ever, it was never going to end. But finally it did. They could finally say goodbye to their old English master. It was over!
Except that Sally and Debbie found that it wasn’t. With their studies over, Mr Redpath, their boss at work, had them in his office. He was very pleased that they’d done the course of study. But there was something else. He grinned. Yes, he knew what else Henry Negus had been doing! The spanking, the caning!
‘I expect you’re both planning to keep that a tight secret!’
Red-faced, they said they were. Desperately.
James Redpath grinned again. Their secret would be safe with him. Only just occasionally he might like to…
Yes. He wanted a bit of the same. From time to time, he said. To spank their bottoms. And maybe a touch of the cane too.
And as with Mr Negus, Sally and Debbie didn’t see that they could refuse.


  1. The brunette nearest the camera in the final shot is one of my top ten Blushes girls. She has a defiance about her but also looks duly dealt with. I’m sure you all know her from many different issues of Blushes. My favourite is a full frontal pic in Blushes 11.

  2. Indeed.. BL 11 p 37 Linda full frontal is the epitome of female shame and defeat

  3. Exactly. Arms folded in the middle of her back, eyes downcast. The remaining skimpy piece of clothing only serving to frame her breasts. Her pubic bush fully exposed. She is the picture of how a girl looks when her punishment has knocked the defiance out of her.

  4. It should be added that to complete the defeat position she is kneeling in front of the man in charge who is standing. Albeit in this case she is on the sofa. The pajama top either side of her naked breasts highlights the shame. The pajama bottoms are nowhere to be seen. The picture we are referring to is repeated in Blushes 56 with lots and lots of other pictures of the girl - Fleas63 has kindly posted all these elsewhere in these blog pages. Thanks Fleas63 !

  5. The suffering of the bawling blonde in 'Return To School' excites me more. Part of this recycled the photoset accompanying the earlier story, 'Still Waters', but the reprise was welcome.

    1. She would have plenty to bawl about if I got hold of her. He's right she's a young lady who's had too much cocktail, four weeks staying with this guy having the living daylights belted out of her would make her think again. If she's still keen he could get half a dozen mates round

  6. I do enjoy a back to school story; a young wife sent back, in uniform, to their alma mata for a salutary course of strict discipline for some minor infraction or to teach her the correct submissively sensual compliance their spouse is entitled to expect of them.

  7. My old School Was Bramhall High School in the mid sixties One particular
    teacher who ran the Exclusion unit could think up great punishmets

  8. I like to imagine my old school girlfriend Jane Hill being sent back to school a year or two after we left and went our separate, university, ways.

    I had quite the crush on our history teacher Mrs Hall and frequently imagine her dealing secretly with a 21 year old Jane!

  9. One of the girls in my class cried for a full hour after visiting the exclusion unit !

    1. I assume whilst very obviously unable to sit down?