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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Reform School Discipline 1

A marvellous Roué video in two parts.
2M/3f; time:  51 minutes
This may be the most simplistic and perfect British schoolgirl corporal discipline video we have seen. It has been difficult to find, possibly because its stark realism makes it uninteresting in comparison to high velocity CP films these days. The spanking ritual and ageplay are exquisite.
The setting is a barren classroom, institutionally painted, industrial check-pattern floor tile, a few pieces of furniture, more like the classrooms we remember than those of FIRMHAND or REDSTRIPE. We’re not in that situation where furniture was pushed aside to make a set. An average-looking brunette, ‘Susan,’ not a bubble-butt CP model, wearing perfect school kit, reports to a smarmy ageplay guy who should be past retirement age. She and a confederate are accused of something and will be punished for it. She is sent away, to return later.
The old man looks at the punishment book and observes that Susan is really not a bad girl. He checks a cabinet for the spanking implements. He tries to appear weary and burdened by all this, but this must be a principal reason he waived retirement. ‘Betty,’ the confederate, knocks and enters, another perfect little schoolgirl. After a scolding, she hears “12 strokes of the strap,” and she has been here before.
She moves slowly and kneels up on a chair. She tucks her own dress up and the teacher pulls her panties down, and he doesn’t hurry. He lays on 6 strap strokes from each side. Not hard, but good ritualistic fuss. Nice facials, closeups, and surprising marks.
Susan returns for the evening session. She has been at this (reform) school for three months and knows what to do. It is made clear, it will be the cane. He makes her say the word. She objects just briefly when she is ordered to remove her jumper and knickers. To clear the table, the teacher sends her out of the room with a floral display. Surely the director noticed too late that if her blouse had been an inch of two shorter, we would have enjoyed her walk. But the diversion produces tension, because the cane awaits.
The teacher adjusts the table, a demonic device whose specifications must have puzzled the carpenter. He drops a large centre leaf, which produces a ramp for Susan to lie over, her bottom highest. She will receive 18 strokes of the cane. The strokes are harder than the cane was, and the teacher, a practiced caner, is careful to move from side to side. Desperate gripping hands, facials, tears. Noticeable marks and some skin pops. Betty is brought back to witness the final few strokes. She had better not avert her eyes.
Continued in Part 2 of the film next week…
Part 1a:
Part 1b:


  1. Another excellent old Roue production. I very much enjoyed this one and look forward to seeing Part 2. The disciplinarian was really excellent, just the sort of strict, no nonsense 'old man', very strong on the verbal scolding etc, I like to see in charge of girls. "Discipline must be maintained," he says and, oh yes, I very much agree. It must be remembered that this is a 'reform school', a place were the very naughty girls were sent, and so the discipline and punishments would have been a lot more harsh and severe than in an ordinary school, and rightly so.

    The girls were great too. Both pretty enough but very natural and believable looking, could have both come straight from an old Ken Loach movie casting! 'Penny' (that was the name I heard, not 'Betty' as the notes above have it) was a more 'soft' nervous and innocent looking type (aah!) whilst 'Susan' was a bit more hard-faced and argumentative, always good to see the insolence being caned out of a girl like that.

    I enjoyed both of their knickers down punishments, the strap for Betty, the cane for Susan, with both girls really seeming to feel it and justifiably suffer for their crimes. The pretext was superb - a letter written on Susan's behalf (maybe the writing of it was Betty's crime, Susan perhaps being mostly illiterate?) and sent to who she thought was a friendly vicar who would help with her release from the 'institution'. Of course, the vicar turns out to be a friend of the chap in this movie and so the girls' fate is sealed.

    That table contraption thing which Susan was arranged over for her caning was terrific. Never seen a device quite like that before and making her put her feet within the crossbar below must have made her position a lot more uncomfortable.

    Any slight criticisms? Yes, as the notes above indicate, a great opportunity for us to get a nice view of Susan's pubic thatch (this being the old days before both horrible tattoos and bald pussies) was missed and we sadly don't get to see the pussies of either girl. It was a nice touch though bringing Penny back into the room topless and wearing only knickers to watch Susan's final five cane strokes. I also noticed that at one point the disciplinarian pulls Susan's blouse up her back a bit during punishment just as Alan Bell did to the girl in 'Caned After School'. Unfortunately whereas AB pulled the garment so that it was tightly rucked up beneath his victim's armpits and thus revealing a nice side on view of exposed bra and tit, this chap only pulls the blouse half way up the girl's back. Nudity and the humiliation of it, especially in full view of an elderly male tormentor or tormentors, is a very important part of girl training I think. Another opportunity missed I thought was when Penny pulled her knickers up without properly waiting for the order to do so. She was made to pull them down again whereupon I really thought she would be made to suffer a few harsh punitive bottom slaps but instead she was just allowed to pull them back up again. I also thought that Susan was a little too complaining during her punishment and should have received a couple more cane strokes for that. These are, however, all very minor gripes in what was overall a great movie (and looking forward to Part 2 as I've said).

    Just one final little observation. I really liked the moment when Susan couldn't being herself to say the word 'cane', could only say 'strokes'. Like the cane is such a fearful thing that a girl can't even bring herself to say the word, especially when she knows she's going to imminently feel it across her bare bum. What a wonderful thing the cane is!

    1. I agree with all your views. The full nudity of both girls is required as an integral part of their humiliation in punishment - which should involve derogatory remarks & unwanted sexual touching and intercourse. The fully bushed pubic regions should be addressed. The ‘strap’ girl has a particular discomfort & distress which just encourages hostility & the need to deal with her.

  2. Filmed in New Beckenham. Not sure of the actual venue. I worked around there at the time. It's one of the very best films produced by Alan Bell but tbf all of his stuff was art of the highest order and should be in show in the National Gallery for it is the best example of La Vice Anglais and therefore part of what makes up the British psyche.

  3. It's great to see Susan in a video because she, like Betty (Penny?), is a familiar face to me from Blushes magazine photosets. I assume that both girls may also have appeared in photosets for Roue too, but I'm not sure. Susan, in particular, always fascinated me as a young-looking girl with a slightly off-centre prettiness and a sheepishness which would draw middle-aged and elderly disciplinarians to her like bees to honey. There's one story for which she was photographed, 'Scarecrow' which is a favourite of mine, in which a retired colonel borrows her from a friend for a game of hide-and-seek around a manor house where she has to play naked and where the penalty for being found each time is a good smacked bottom. In the video, I'd have liked to have seen Susan get an over-the-knee spanking, though this being a Reform School I appreciate why they'd move to harsher punishments straight away.

    1. Good grief, yes. It never occurred to me that Susan is also the Scarecrow (Thursday, 26 January 2017) girl but you're right. That knowledge gives me extra enjoyment in seeing her caned here. I love the Scarecrow story too, not just the 'Hide and Seek' section but also the very idea of her being used as a scarecrow, an excellent and inventive punishment for girls with scruffy and slovenly ways. Of course, once a young lady is fixed against a post like that in ripped and torn clothing and with a cross bar running through her outstretched shirtsleeves, she can be felt, pawed and groped quite mercilessly, which is just what the Major and his friend Bungo (the Colonel) enthusiastically proceed to do. The colour rear view photo of 'the scarecrow' contained in the story's entry on this website is superb also. They did a very good job on that 'scarecrow'!

  4. Yes, Susan the Scarecrow certainly got a good mauling there, courtesy of the two retired servicemen.

  5. Good to see the naked breasts as part of the punishment. Just standing having to expose them while she stands against the wall - she thinks they are next for the strap.